「はい、まだ続きます」 (Hai, Mada Suzukimasu)
“Yes, There’s Still More”

The infamous beach/pool episode — who would have thought that something so simple could be done so skillfully? With the actual story finishing last episode, all I can say is that this final episode left on a really happy note.

So, you have the average run-of-the-mill pool episode where fan-service is running rampant. Then you have a this show’s pool episode, one where you get a handful of amazing fan-service shots but aren’t focused on the pool. The addition of an idol competition during a simple pool visit was so out there that for a show like Zombie, it almost felt normal. Sera and Saras could probably make it big in the idol business — with such well endowed bodies and their ability to utilize their ninja skills to change within seconds.

But the fun doesn’t end there, and not only does Haruna’s flamboyant attitude bring everything up another notch but even Yuu takes the chance to perform on stage! Idol concert — more like a crazy Idol Rock and Ballad concert! Watching Haruna wear such a ridiculous outfit and rock out on Mysteltainn was definitely interesting to say the least but it was a nice treat to see Yuu completely out of her armor. But, as things in Ayumu’s world never end well, I’d like to note that it’s painful to watch him act like such an airhead after his amazing performance last episode. But boy, imagine how fun the world would be if all the females got stuck wearing things like this. Let your imagination run rampant!


Final Impressions:

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve watched a show that’s been amazing in the beginning, slightly less amazing toward the end, and then manages to turn around and deliver an amazingly strong ending (even if it is full of plot holes). When the season started, I wasn’t sure what to make of another zombie show. With memories of High school of the Dead still fresh in my memories, I was hoping that “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?” would be something different — which it totally was. I never expected things like a main character whose voice actor changes week after week, a male Masou Shoujo, or even vampire-ninjas!

Watching the story change from feeling like a slice of life to a full blown battle was fun in its own right, but what probably had me coming back week after week was the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, usually over the top, humor. A bento full of eggs, ramen with the power to vanquish enemies, x-ray glasses, and climbing up walls with suction cups is just the tip of the iceberg. All these little jokes put here and there were used in such a perfect manner that even the silliest of things still had me laughing my head off. If watching Haruna get woken up by a pissed off chicken alarm clock or a wolf splashing tea all over himself didn’t get you laughing, I don’t know what will.

From a character standpoint, I don’t think we could have had an even better rounded cast. Starting in order of appearance for Ayumu’s harem, you have the silent cute one (Yuu), the flamboyant and violent one (Haruna), the ridiculously rude and blunt one (Sara), and the fairly normal one (Tomonori). Sure, there was Hiramatsu (girl from the ending voiced by Yamaguchi Rei) and Kyoko who mysteriously disappeared and never returned, but it’s nice to see each person in Ayumu’s harem feel different than the one next to them. Then you have Ayumu, the manliest protagonist of the season. The fact that he never had to rely on someone else to do the fighting for him puts him pretty up there — watching him amp his body up to over 1000% power is just awesome. But besides his manliness, I enjoyed watching him somehow reciprocate everyone’s feelings in a way that didn’t leave anyone out but at the same time made it clear who he really wanted.

All in all, I’m so happy that I decided to cover Zombie. Even with the plot holes surrounding Yuu’s voice and with Kyoko still missing, I think Zombie has been an awesome show. Based on the Takaii meter, an unknown list of things that I use before I recommend something, I would definitely recommend this show to anyone. Unlike High school of the Dead which was full of fan-service moments, I’d like to say that Zombie uses fan-service a bit more tastefully. There’s still boobs bouncing in certain places, and certain male pantsu shots I could live without, but I don’t think it’s pushing the boundaries too far. Before I end this post, I hope everyone watching this show laughs one more time — That’s not a kick!

P.S. Toward the end of the episode, did you notice this girl? Makes me wonder who she is.. Possibly a hint at a second season?!


  1. for the most part, this episode is a “dislike” in my book… not that I hate fan-service (who in the world can say in their right mind that they hate fan-service completely?!), but this episode for the most part doesn’t really add too much to the rather satisfying ending (even if it is full of plot holes…)
    Yuu singing was good though, I have to add.
    and that new girl is sure interesting, and I wouldn’t mind a season 2 of zombie 🙂
    ps. Takaii, thanks for blogging this show on a weekly basis!

  2. Thanks for the coverage, and yes the last character was a man in suit and then it was this girl in Mohou shopujo outfit? Hoping for a well maintained 2nd season but all in all a good serie.

  3. Certainly a fan service episode. But oh well. It is interesting how the lead idols Sara and Sera ended up as background dancers.

    The biggest disappointed probably was that Sara did not get to join Ayumu’s harem.

    Well, other than that Haruna rocked all the time. She was probably the only interesting thing that was consistent throughout the entire series.

    1. Oh, but Saras will join Ayumu’s Harem, if there’s a 2nd season, that is

      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. This episode: PLEASE BUY OUR CHARACTER CDs!

    But yea, this show is far from awesome for me. It was interesting in the begining, but the arc with the zombie dude was quite a snooze fest for me. Only part I liked in the last episode was hearing Yuu finally speak, but that’s like only 2 mins of the whole episode.

    Not to mention, the really bad pacing….yea it’s bad.

  5. Thanks Takaii, for blogging this show all the way through. I really enjoyed this this series, except for the recent episode. How dare they made Sera & Saras looked stupid doing that retard back-up dancing. I feel sorry for those two. Well, at least i got to see Yuki (my fave) in a daring outfit .. nice rack.

  6. My quote from the previous episode review, which I talk about this episode.

    Anyways, the last episode was very lulz, a lot of fanservice, but still a good finale for this unique anime show. I hope there’s a 2nd season in the future.

    A final note, which is that I wonder whatever happened to that crazy chick *Kyoko* (who killed our main hero)? lol, since the King of the Night asked to be let go and finally was put to rest in peace. If some of you recall, he took control over her, disappeared to nowhere and she just simply never came back (I guess Dai-sensei somehow rescued her/found out her whereabouts?). I guess I gotta do some research on the novels or someone enlighten me. 🙂


    This episode was mostly about sexy girls in bikinis, playing at the pool, music concert on the pool, sexy girls in rockstar outfits, terrible singing from Haruna, moe song from Yuu, more exquisite sexy bikinis, SEXY BOUNCING BOOBS!!, and we got ourselves at the end a really happy finale. A good fanservice episode and a somewhat good ending. ;_;

    2nd season please!!!

  7. Your review of this season mirrored my own. Started out strong with a bunch of crazy things that should never mix together but somehow worked great together (like pineapple and ham pizza), had a few weak episodes in the middle and then came back with a strong finish. I would recomend this series to anyone looking for a fun series to watch.

  8. Great series, extremely funny and still left quiet a few loose ends just for the possibility of a new season. I hope they do make one as this show is just great. This final ep was full of fan service and comedy.The best part about this episode? Aside from Yuu singing.. might have been Ayumu’s wish XD…… honestly who wouldnt wish that XD

  9. It’s kinda sad that this season is ending next week. I didn’t have that much expectations to this season and it wasn’t any anime’s I was looking forward to either. But boy this has been a good season. It has been so many good anime’s like Kora Wa Zombie Desu Ka?.

  10. My heart skipped a beat when Tomonori ran up to Ayumu at the pool. That was too cute O.o
    Might be one of my highlights in the show,along with the wolf splashing tea all over his face, the ‘lets headbutt the bowlingball because he has a harem’ scene, the one where… There were so many fun moments in the anime i couldn’t count them, and still it manages too tell a good touching story.
    I can’t wait for a second season. With Chris showing up in the ending, there has too be one. They just can’t leave us without a sequel.

  11. *Hoping for a second season… Hoping for a second season… HOPING FOR A SECOND FREAKIN’ SEASON!!!*

    That aside, this series was definitely my favorite this season and the one I always looked the most forward to. A great cast of characters and an awesome main character with guts, one who doesn’t mind losing those guts once in a while, at that, and of course, one who can be badass even though he’s wearing a freaking pink magical girl outfit.

    The series ended in a great and satisfying manner, but a second season would still be much appreciated!

  12. but what probably had me coming back week after week was the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, usually over the top, humor

    I think you forgot the best one Takaii…the completely absurd motorboating noise the Lobster Megalo makes the the very first episode. From that moment on, I knew I could enjoy this show. Thanks for blogging this, like many others I probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise! Hoping for a second season (mainly just to see some SeraXAyumu lovin.)

  13. @Takaii,
    I thought the girl at the end was that one that ‘killed’ the MC, back in the first arch. Though, after reading the other posts. I don’t think that is the case.

    All in all, not a bad series. Could have used a bit more insight on some of the aspects of the story. Like something more about the vampire-Ninjas or Masō-Shōjo. Rather then those slice of life episodes they through in there.

    Still not a bad series and ‘if’ another one is produced. I’ll probably watch it too.

  14. When I read the premise, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but once I picked up the first episode, I was hooked. Zombie has been one of the better shows this season and wouldn’t be surprised if it got nominated for best comedy of 2011.

  15. This episode was really fun. It was a nice way to relief all the tension lol or so little of it that built up. I actually would have liked a more meaningful ending with some more emotion, but the complete insanity of this episode is a close second.

    Thanks for covering this crazy anime Takaii. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts for this anime. I like how pointed out the flaws in the story line, but still made sure to keep in mind that this anime was meant to be chaotic and crazy. You made sure to emphasize how epic each episode was.

  16. I had fun reading your Kore wa Zombie entries, thanks for blogging this. Looking back, its actually thanks to the first impression and other convincing retorts that got me into this show.

    That’s not a kick!

    Haha. Im so gonna miss this line that had me totally laughing the first time I heard it.

  17. There’s still the OVA (i.e. episode 13) which could feature the pink haired girl, Chris. If not, then hopefully they’ll make a 2nd season.

    For me the ending was a bit of an anticlimax, but overall, this was one of the better shows of the season.

  18. mostly fanservice ep but had some heartwarming scenes in it.

    well this show is still fine for me. it had some crazy funny slice of life scenes along with action and bit of drama. though it does sometimes get pretty messy with the drama combined with comedy, its still an alright series.

  19. I thought that girl was Yuu for a second that got into the idol buisness due to the almost matching eye colors. Hopefully this show gets a second season. It’d totally be on my watch list. Also Ayumu is pretty lucky to have a girl dedicated to be his wife that has such a fine figure. Jealous? Yes I am. Love how they put in an idol competition, laughing almost the entire time with Sera and Haruna showing up along with the fans looking like they did. Again, hopefully this show gets a second season to fill in some plot holes. (Haha, get it. “Plot holes” not pot holes… yeah not that funny is it.)

  20. i like this series and just as you said it got a lil tad weak at the end but managed to turn it around with a bang! i really hope theres a second season and thx for blogging this series

  21. This was a pretty entertaining series overall, and definitely worth the time to watch. Out of curiousity, I did some research into this franchise, and what I found was quite interesting.

    For starters, there is not only the light novel, but also at least one, maybe more, manga adaptations. From what I have seen here, it looks like this particular adaptation is a kind of streamlined, alternate continuity of the novel, since it appears that both information and events have been rearranged or dropped altogether.

    A good case in point is the character Kyoko, the Masou Shoujo turned serial killer. In the light novels, she takes up the King of the Night’s offer, and the same appears to be the case in the manga adaptation that I’ve seen. This is hinted at in the anime as well, though it is a bit subtle.

    If you go back to episode 4 where the dog megalo explains to Aikawa about what has happened in the serial killings, some important information is revealed. The Megalo explains that the souls of the victims were sacrificed in order to gain great power, and the one who would take the souls and grant the power was the King of the Night. In episode 5, when Ayumu is fighting Kyoko, she explains that she was gathering souls, and when Ayumu demands to know why she killed so many people, she answers that she did it to become immortal.

    Though easily missed, this means that Kyoko entered into a contract with the King of the Night, where she would kill people and sacrifice their souls to him, and he would in turn grant her tremendous magical power and the ability to gain extra lives. This means that she wasn’t possessed by him, and did what she did by her own free will.

    As for why she didn’t reappear or any mention of her fate isn’t made, it was probably something they simply forgot to address. As for the light novels, she does reappear after her defeat at Ayumu’s hands, and makes a repeated nuisance out of herself.

    Piano of Concrete
  22. Thank you very much for the images!!! I was looking for the best moments of the episode, and finally I found them here.
    I totally agree with you in the developing of the series, and I praise you Takaii to continue with your observations.

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