Admittedly, I have a little trouble discerning what exactly is going on in the Bleach battles. Half the panels are closeup shots of the combatants, and the other half are action lines and explosions. I especially couldn’t really tell what happened in the end, but I guess we’ll find out next time. It’s still not really clear what Jackie’s fullbring is either; because her kicks get stronger as her boots get dirtier, I would guess that her shoes are the object that she’s manipulating the soul of. Her clothes change too when she uses her power however, and she refused to reveal her exact fullbring ability to Ichigo. But fullbringers can also manipulate the souls of any object if I recall correctly, and so far I haven’t seen any of that.

Also, what happened to getting back Ichigo’s shinigami powers? Ginjou had explained they needed a person that was both shinigami and human to transfer their powers to, but so far Ichigo has just been training his own fullbring. It’s starting to feel like just another training arc where Ichigo is trying to power up to fight a villain. I would prefer to see more development in the story, but the plot just seems rather discontinuous and I tend to forget what’s happened even just a few weeks ago. Perhaps it’s some consolation that Chad has met with Ginjou again which is a great idea on his part, asking Ginjou directly what Tsukishima’s power was all about. It’s such an obvious move that I didn’t even think about it, but now they should be able to deal with whatever Tsukishima did to Inoue. These fullbringer are normal humans with the added ability to manipulate objects, so Ichigo should be close to even footing against them at least, since they don’t have the hundreds of years of experience and training that shinigami would have.


  1. I liked this chapter but only because Ichigo said “In terms of experience, I have more than even you.” Why do I love that? It means that Kubo actually does remember his own continuity sometimes.

    1. …And yet, he still forgets the basics of Fullbring:

      1) They can manipulate objects. Ginjou first gives examples of asphalt (to jump high) and water (to float into his mouth, haha).
      2) A few chapters later, Ginjou further explains that they can manipulate things that are close to them, like his pendant. That must mean he really loves water and asphalt. ASPHALT!?
      3) Riruka says they can manipulate things they find adorable. She finds a dollhouse (still believable) and a tank of water (kinda believable).
      4) The King Bradley knockoff says he can manipulate time. He loves his time… WAIT IT’S AN OBJECT? FULLBRING AFFECTS OBJECTS!! wtf
      5) The girl with dirty boots manipulates one of two things, or both. She either loves her boots or loves getting dirty.
      6) Tsukishima is close to his bookmark, so he can manipulate it in an extremely original way. It’s not like we saw the same thing a few chapters before.

      1. no you don’t understand fullbring they can mnuiplate anything with soul they have objects that are close to them that gives that main power to use

        Giriko’s fullbring is for his pocket watch, Chad is his Skin, Riuka is her doll house, Ginjou has his pendant and Jackie her boots

        they each give them a main power while lesser things like water and the ground they can also control but get no real powers from them Ichigo used the one with the ground in this chapter in order to get behind Jackie

      2. Luxorcist does have a point. One probable explanation to the manipulation of objects other than those close to them (fullbringers) is that the objects close to them will allow them a greater degree of control, as seen from the transformation of a pendant to a sword. Whereas the more basic alterations like asphalt being bouncy? or water floating around do not require as much closeness. However, I cannot view the manipulation of time as linked to closeness to a watch, as no matter how much control of a watch you have, time does not depend on the watch? Hopefully the mechanics of fullbring and the fullbringer’s abilities will be brought to light in coming chapters.

      3. I meant my comment as Kubo remembers that Ichigo has more experience in fights than all these Fullbringers put together. (I mean how many fights could they possibly have been in? Ichigo has had an incredible amount of experience behind him is what I was getting at.)

        As for the Bradley lookalike I thought his fullbring was like a timed mechanism? He didn’t manipulate time per se, just that his object’s effect would activate once it hits a certain time or time ran out. I could be wrong though.

      4. Luxorcist does not have a point. The extents of Fullbring are explained and set quite well, and there were no contradictions for anyone with above-shit reading comprehension.

        – They can manipulate objects.
        – They can manipulate objects that they have an emotional contact to far better (change their shape, gain special powers from them, etc).

        Btw, that water tank has an eye and a mouth painted over it’s side.
        I think that’s kinda cute (for Riruka).

  2. Let me just ask a simple question. When was the last time anything important happened in Bleach?

    Even Ishida getting attacked was treated as such a minor event, no more significant than the last time he was attacked by hollows after losing his powers.

    Okay, so there is some guy around that is attacking people with powers. SO WHAT! That is on the scale of a normal everyday mugging. Compared to Aizen and his elaborate plans, this guy is no threat to anyone else. The only reason the story is even continuing is that the main cast is involved. Otherwise, this guy is doing even less damage than a normal hollow attack.

    That is right! We are regressing further back than to the beginning of the series in terms of threat level.

    Normal hollows > This guy

    1. yes, very much likely Yuyu Hakusho all over again (Bounto Arc ‘cept it’s anime only)

      Yusuke introduced to demon world > Yusuke ranked as noob
      Ichigo’s newfound power > Ichigo’s rank: Noob

      1. BUt that’s because yusuke entered a whole new world where his CURRENT power was just okay.
        Here, its okay, now you start back from episode one…. but we gotta hax your training ofcorse with fights because…. THat’s how it works.

        Sorry, I shouldn’t comment, I hadnt read a chapter since Ichigo met the guy. I think im done.

      1. actually renji also knows that. he even made some sort of back up or something to compensate it when he’s open.

        as for his power, im guessing its just like his old move, getsuga tensho, except its black and shaped like a shuriken, or a pinwheel as you said.

  3. “Let’s get dirty”
    “Half the panels are closeup shots”
    “because her kicks get stronger as her boobs get dirtier”

    C’mon, I know I’m not the only one with a dirty mind here (>.>)..

  4. You’re not the only one who couldn’t keep up with that battle. Fullbring continues to be one of the most overcomplicated abilities in manga (and that’s saying something).

    I agree that Chad asking Ginjou about Tsukishima’s ability was probably the smartest thing anyone did in this chapter, if not the entire arc. Instead of dancing around the subject or trusting a suspicious stranger who tells you not to trust your father or mentor (ICHIGO!), Chad cuts through the BS and demands to know what’s up.

  5. I’m pretty sure the last panel is ichigo’s fullbring evolving. It just seems like Kubo wants us to think something bad is happening when actually something good will happen.

    1. Well, when you think about it, that is true. PowerLESS Ichigo is pretty lame. It makes me wish that Ichigo just goes back being a simple Yankee making money out of people tears. This new arc was interesting at first, with Ichigo being a bussiness man and all, but then it just went downhill.

      code fanboy
  6. Well this is funny cuz this is feeling stretched out and gives me the anime original arc vibe. I know its canon but I mean this is along the lines of story telling that we usually expect from an anime filler episode. Don’t know if that makes sense

  7. For some reason, I can’t help but think that Tsukishima’s ability is the same as Aizen. He already said Orihime is “taken care of” when she’s still alive. Something is definatly off.

    I am surprised that Ichigo was able to use Fullbring on his feet. Ichigo had zero talent when in came to developing new techniques. The reason why I think like that is because he failed to use something like Cero, while being awake, when using his mask, and he fails to use anything like Kido. I guess using his feet is the only thing he has tallent for.

    Oh yeah, an Ichigo kick. Haven’t seen that been used in combat for who knows how long. He mostly relied on his blade or powers during battle, so using a kick almost seems really new, since it is being used in a supernatural combat.

    code fanboy
  8. Ichigo = Human + Shinigami + Hollow + Fullbringer

    It is obvious that the author want to make the protagonist the best possible breed but he focussed too much in the fight scenes sometimes that he forget about explaining the unanswered questions.

    Oh well, A Fullbrought Hollowed Shinigami-Human.

    1. More like Human + Shinigami + Zanpaktu + Hollow (at least that was his final stage when he fought Aizen.)
      And now, it’s Human + Hollow = Fullbringer.

      I think the concept of “Dirty Boots” is quiet interesting, if done well. Jackie said herself, that even blood can make her stronger. Just imagine what it will be like in fight when she hits her enemy and his blood spills over her boots and makes her even stronger, or maybe her own blood does that.
      The only question I have is why she doesn’t carry bucket of mud around all the time.
      I guess there are some things that makes her fullbring even stronger than mud or blood.

  9. ten more years….crap|
    soon the shinigami captains and lieutenants will be fusing swords and a release beyond bankai will be discoved as well as the shinigami protecting the king of soul society will revealed and Orihime actually fighting with murderous intent….against her allies. Also watch out for a Bleach x DBZ crossover, don’t think Toriko wants to eat a pig hollow and Luffy needs more power ups to beat down Ichigo.

    1. dont worry, ten years is pretty fast for bleach. It is already around half a year since bleach has entered this arc and yet nothing major happen. We still haven’t truly know who is the real enemy currently. Tsukishima only “looks” like he is the antagonist and kubo always likes to turn things around. who knows maybe ginjou’s group is the real enemy. the whole aizen arc took more than 5 or 6 years if my memory didnt fail me.

  10. I am not someone who would try to confuse/lie to myself with something like:

    “Oh! this is sooo interesting! fullbring is an amazing ability! can’t wait till next chapter!”

    BUT, with my heart in my hand… better not, I’ll die and that will hurt a lot just to prove my point.

    Whatever, I actually liked when Jackie told Ichigo that he is right now flesh and bones, not like before: Getting yourself blown in half/lost an arm then fixed with some Prit and a little bit of Reiatsu. Adiós Halcyon days.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Well, this “after three attacks there is the biggest opening” is something he learned from Urahara and first used against Renji in SS. I’m proud of Kubo for remembering that and using it here.
      Ichigo knew that Jackie would attack him after his third attack ans he got behind her very fast with a yet unrevealed fullbring evolution, as Jackie said, the sparkling indicates that his fullbring is evolving.
      So it was most likely some kind of Sonído/Hohō equivalent for fullbringers that Ichigo used (probably subconciously)

  11. so what happened of any significance since the last chapter?
    not much :\

    i stopped watching Bleach aeons ago, and i might just quit the manga too unless the pacing picks up. reading each new chapter every week seems to be becoming a waste of 40 seconds =P

  12. Couldn’t understand what happened at the end either. It seems even though Ichigo counterattacked he still got hit while attacking by her or he used too much fullbring that caused his body not to be able to endure. Perhaps like a limit when he would wear a hollow mask.


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