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OP: 「ハナノイロ」 (Hana no Iro) by nano.RIPE
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「復讐するは、まかないにあり」 (Fukushu Suru wa, Makanai ni Ari)
“Vengeance is a Staff Meal”

I never knew it was possible for a show to extract such a powerful emotional response from me in just the second episode. Somehow, someway, Ohana is turning into my favorite character, ever. I swear, it has to be that never give up attitude that keeps grabbing my attention.

I had the feeling that her mother was irresponsible, but I never expected her to have such a horrible impact on Ohana. Those feelings of trying to face things all by yourself are probably one of the loneliest things anyone can experience, but to accept that ideal and live by it is something that words probably can’t even describe. To make things even worse, I can’t even begin to fathom the pain of knowing that the closest person in one’s life, their parents, are the reason why they can no longer depend on the world. Watching Ohana recall the memories of being “that” kid, the one whose parents didn’t give a damn, really hit me straight in the heart.

While the opening sequence hinted at their friendship, I could finally see Ohana and Minko (Omigawa Chiaki) slowly becoming friends. However, I was still hoping Ohana would thrust her fist at Minko’s face for being such an arrogant bitch. Feelings can be misunderstood, situations can work against against your favor, but unrelentingly telling someone to die is something that just shouldn’t be said. I suppose Minko picturing Ohana actually dying might be the equivalent of getting a punch to the face, but it would have felt so much better to see a physical one.

All in all, it’s a little weird watching Ohana and Minko play out their roles. Both of them are trying their hardest to become the person they want to become, except they handle things so differently. It’s painfully obvious that Minko is the type of person who tries their best, but her attitude just makes her so unappealing. (I bet it’s not even how she normally acts either!) On the other hand, Ohana is also fighting to prove herself, but in such a different way. Watching her go out of her way to protect her new friends is something I can strongly agree with. But while it might feel like I don’t like Minko as a character, I believe that she’s also probably a good person inside. Probably.

With Okami (Sui) spouting a bunch of wisdom this week, I could feel the feelings flowing. While I could be totally wrong, watching her take small peeks at Ohana and even giving her a small compliment felt like she was giving her a mental hug. While the comments about careless effort only causing problems were spot on, it still stings to watch her be so tough with Ohana. Take note that I said tough and not cruel — I don’t think the comments were made without Ohana’s benefit in mind.

After feeling like I went through Ohana’s entire life in the span of half an hour, I’m really sad that I have to wait another week to get more of this show. At the rate we’re going, I get the feeling that some life changing moments are in store for us. Where’s my profound life changing answer?!


ED Sequence

ED: 「Hazy」 by スフィア (sphere)
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  1. I would be extremely disappointed if the grandmother doesn’t know by now that her tenant, that lazy, free-loading, arrogant, lying mother%^#$!& is playing her and everyone else for a fool. His works aren’t getting published and he has no money to stay elsewhere and thus concocted a pathetically shameful scheme to get free housing and food by blaming the staff for a supposedly “lost manuscript”. I called bull the moment he came trumpeting down the stairs.

    The customer isn’t right if their so full of it. Goodness knows the fire I would bring down on him, though I’m sure the grandmother will uncover it all but somehow make it so she isn’t on bad terms with her tenant. The cues are all there but still…that guy is an ass…same with that junior chef scolding Minko all the time. He’s too immature and idealistic to be teaching a younger generation.

    Small tirades aside, Ohana is very commendable in her self-reflection. She starting to figure out what’s right and wrong and how to act for herself. I found it eerily familiar how she tried to figure out what to say to hurt somebody she was angry with. Taking a complete double take and knowing it was wrong I found so refreshing in her character.

    For sure, as a slice of life series this one is doing one heck of a good job.

  2. I love this show! My favourite so far this season

    I think the Grandmother already has an idea Ohana is not anything like the daugther she disowned. I think she is beginning to like Ohana

  3. I’m loving everything about this series so far. They’re really making Ohana a sincere, believable character, and it’s hitting that same spot I always feel from the anime that puts out those lasting, memorable impressions. Completely looking forward to this. Great blog entry too, Takaii. I can tell you’re all about this show. Really nailing the coverage here.

  4. I have to disagree with you. I find Ohana to be a bit grating. She’s like a female version of Naruto… That being said Ohana is still a very likeable character and that scene with her forcing the girls to tell her what their least favorite food was very cute. I personally find Minko to be adorable but maybe I’m just wierd. Probably because it’s obvious she’s a good person and similar to Ohana in more ways than not.

    Just a minor gripe but I think you should do a recap of the episode and work your thoughts and personal opinions into it that way (ie divine). I only say this because I feel like you left out many important things that happened in the episode in favor of expanding on a few things. Not a big deal and just my preference. I’m sure others may disagree.

    1. I’ve thought about trying to do a summary for an episode, and when it gets close to hitting about 1000 words, I’m sure no one will enjoy reading it. (Almost no one)

      That being said, the way I approach these posts is with the mindset that the reader has already watched the episode. I don’t think I’d have fun if I had to summarize the entire episode, while trying to form my own thoughts and opinions, and there are other sites that take care of summarizing entire episodes.

      While I can’t please everyone, remember that these are labeled “First Impressions” of an episode. I also don’t know how many people actually read what I write. However, I’ll take what you said into consideration.

      1. Loving your writing style, Takaii… simple and concise… gets the message across very well
        Definitely not a fan of very long posts

        I don’t think Divine summarizes, but his posts are usually a tad bit longer

        Ohana chan
      2. Maybe I was just worked up over this AMAZING series, but your writing pretty much expressed what I felt about this show. The only thing I felt you left out was the end with the writer potentially raping Ohana.

      3. I believe what’s missing in Takaii’s post is talk on some of the key things that happened, such as Nako’s timid behavior, Ohana almost getting Tooru and herself into a car accident, and of course failing novelist Tarou leeching free room and board while trying to be inspired by the events at Kissuisou. Most importantly, how Tarou seems to have developed some pedophiliac interest in Ohana, and whatever implications and repercussions that will come from it.

        Takaii’s impressions have generally been more reaction-like, since that’s how he watches and reflects on anime. Mine are typically more analytical in the areas of plot, character development (including support character names), production (cast, studio, staff), and overall progression, because I try to provide insight on a lot of things that I notice and feel that the general viewer may overlook completely. This includes tying in events from previous episodes and making readers more appreciative of something they didn’t think much of before.

        Ultimately, these differences in our impressions/insight probably come down to how we view anime. I’ve already spoken to Takaii about venturing out into the stuff I tend to talk about, but it’s not as simple as asking him to write more like me. It’s a matter of asking him to think like me as well, which just doesn’t work. That said, I think Takaii’s doing fine with his more “cheerful” impressions. People will quickly realize we provide very different types of insight and that’s just how it’ll be.

    2. I totally agree with you, actually.

      Naruto, in the hands of a really good writer, is an awesome character. Unfortunately, his creator isn’t exactly anywhere close, and so all Naruto’s potential is wasted.

      Thus why Ohana is becoming everyone’s favorite, as within two episodes we have seen more depth and complexity in character and situations than a 100-plus episode series.

  5. First off, another great episode. Seriously, I can’t get enough.
    I gotta give Ohana major props for being one of the most likable and relatable protagonists I’ve seen in a while. I really like the way she’s trying to prove everyone wrong and taking charge, especially with regards with those around her. It’s nice that she doesn’t just accept her treatment and states her beliefs, but I also like that she recognizes her own problems too. In real life, every decision, every day is a mix of good and bad, shifting between self-confidence and self-consciousness. Everyone wonders “am I doing the right thing?” To see Ohana deal with those wavering feelings so realistically adds a lot to her character and the show. The scene where Ohana owns up to all the criticism she’s been given and says “I will try to change, be more considerate, and trust others” is very mature.
    As for Minko, I have to say, this show has done well in not making her out to be a total bitch even though her behavior is less than friendly. I’m very interested to find out more about her, and I think Ohana is as well.
    Nako, however, I have less sympathy towards. I don’t know what’s causing her to bottle herself up like that, but I think it’s just as rude and it’s also pretty spineless. At least telling someone to die takes some balls. But since I don’t know much about her yet, I’ll forgive her and Minko for now.
    And as for Satsuki, I don’t defend her as a person and definitely not as a mother, but I don’t think that anybody in this series is designed to be truly evil. In reality, as we all know, a truly evil or truly good person doesn’t even exist, and this show may be a fictional anime, but it’s set in the real world. I look at Satsuki as a product of her own poor decisions, but quite possibly a victim to her own mother’s unheeding parenting as well. I expect this series will spend some time on that relationship to flesh out both “antagonists'” backgrounds and characters, and I can’t wait.
    Until next Sunday,
    “just die.”

    1. Nako is probably broken. Some major catastrophe has happened that made her like that. I’m guessing over the course of the series her past will come out and Nako and Ohana will become great friends (along with the shy girl).

    2. Wholeheartedly agree with you…
      It’s quite an accomplishment to make every single character seemed tolerable and not to mention, the show stands out on its own very well without having to rely on your very overused MOE, Tsundere etc archetypes

      This is a very good show and everyone should be watching this!

      Ohana chan
    3. Something else that I thought of was how much I loved Ohana challenging Minko about her insult choice. I see lots of anime that depicts unrealistic situations, for example violence that isn’t actually damaging, but funny, and insults that people put up with, like calling someone a dog or an idiot all the time. I think that anime fans (and creators) especially are so used to these extreme scenes that they fail to see how truly out of place they are in the real world, and in this case, how rude and shocking it is to tell someone to “die.”
      I didn’t actually think about it much at first, but it Ohana’s realistic reaction did something amazing and made me realize “hey, this isn’t just some extreme situation in an anime, she’s telling this girl to die! How would I react if it was me? Hey, wow, probably just like Ohana.” That’s exciting. That realism makes me respect the work more.

      One thing that is confusing me a bit though is what exactly Ohana’s intentions are in making their least favorite foods. I get that she’s mad, but there’s gotta be more to it. Anyone want to try to explain?

      1. I think it also has to do with Ohana seeing that the person knows that what they’re doing is wrong and accepting punishment when/if they eat the food. Like with Ohana’s mom, she could’ve not eaten the brocolli but she purposely did as she realized that Ohana was upset. Kind of like forcing them to show that they’re sorry in actions, if not in word.

  6. I love how this series surprises me with each episode. Ohana and the plot twists are so intriguing I start wishing the episode kept going until the series was over. So far this anime season this is the anime everyone should be watching (with an honorable mention to Tiger & Bunny lol).

  7. I hate all the people who keep saying that they hate this guy or dislike that girl.It’s pointless.

    In a slice of life…or to be more precise,in a drama like this,it is a given that all the characters have their flaws.It’s supposed to be a window into what the real world might be, so obviously, the characters were made with imperfections in mind.To err is human and their shortcomings bring them to life.Sadly,a number of people get annoyed by the fact that the heroine of the series isn’t the perfect girl they have in their heads.

    Guy1:Ohana is such a strong girl for standing up for herself.
    Guy2:Ohana is such a whiny bitch.
    Me: Who cares?I just wants to watch my animuz.

    1. “I hate all the people who keep saying that they hate this guy or dislike that girl.It’s pointless.” – I don’t think I need to point out how hypocritical that can sound as I _think_ I understand what you mean.

      The variation in how the viewers react to their entertainment also adds to their personal character ‘flavour’ and brings them to life so to speak. I personally don’t mind reading these stronger opinions and I can go on about how varying opinions are the point of the forum/comment section of sites.

      TL;DR “Me: Who cares?I just wants to watch my animuz.” I CARE ABOUT THEY”RE OPINIONS XD

      1. It’s fine to have an opinion but there not all of them have equal value.


        X is bad.So I hate X.
        If X was bad all along, there is no point to mention that unless you’re using it to say something more meaningful that adds to the discussion.It’s not exactly pleasant to see one-liners condemning a certain character without a reason.

        I’d rather have a character comparison discussion.Or speculate and discuss what would happen next given what just happened.How a character changed over time.Speech is meaningless without thought.But if you still insist on freedom of speech,then go ahead.

  8. Long title – “The One where Ohana tells Minko and Nako to Either Put Up or Shut Up with Her” Sort of, and she succeeded.

    What a way to start off a wonderful relationship. 🙂 That said, I very much like Toyosaki Aki playing an extreme shy girl for once with Nako.

    I wonder if it would be correct to give Minko the “tsundere” label? Or maybe she’s just very “territorial” and defensive of her “natural habitat”? First, she’s not happy Ohana is picking off her plants, then she barges in on her “quality time” with her senpai in the kitchen, and to add insult to injury, not only is Ohana the Okami’s granddaughter, she goes on to grab attention from the Okami by getting whacked more than Minko normally would receive in one sitting. Poor Minko. lol

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Yes i think territorial is it. I feel like she’s used to her life being a certain way she accepts it. And then in comes this Ohana person challenging to change it. I can understand a fearful defensiveness from that standpoint. Man i wonder about Minko’s senpai though. Creepy van ride……lol I had a level of satisfaction from seeing him put in his place by the head chef.

  9. This might just be a great prequel on how Uiharu and Saten know each other lol (jk). Kinda have to stick with this show given how ecchi every other shows are this season, but hopefully Ohana’s mom will be portrayed in a more positive light and then this show will be perfect.

    1. Already she is slowly being portrayed slightly more positively.

      By quietly munching away the “I hate mom” omelet rice her daughter made her, she is acknowledging her daughter’s accusation that she’s being a crap mother and she has no complaints about it.

      That said, this is not a condoning of how she dumped Ohana to the countryside, mind you. She’s still an irresponsible parent, but at least she’s conscious about her irresponsibility rather than ignorantly irresponsible, if you know what I mean.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. Yeah, I actually think most of the characters are slowly being portrayed more positively (Minko, grandma, Ohana’s mom). Looks like this anime is going to show how characters and relationships slowly change instead of scenarios like “enemies –> incident –> friends”.

  10. The scene where Ohana was writing “I hate you mommy” in school and on the food, I was like damn.

    Ohana is a very interesting person.It takes a lot of character to not punch Minko dead in her mouth.She even set Nako straight or at least told her about herself.

    If I were to make a prediction I’d say Ohana’s mom will eventually come back to try to take her away and I’m secretly hoping for Okami’s Archie Slap :D.

    I kinda expected Okami’s Archie Slap in this episode after the Wave Room Incident, but I guess since Okami knew the writer guy wasn’t really a valuable customer she let it go.

  11. She’s reminding me more and more of Taiga Aisaka for some reason…
    https://randomc.net/image/Hanasaku%20Iroha/Hanasaku%20Iroha%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2026.jpg vs https://randomc.net/image/Toradora!/Toradora!%20-%2018%20-%20Large%2014.jpg

    There are some similarity between them that their parents (well in Taiga’s case, her dad) pretty much neglected them and ditched them as they got older. Both characters tried their best to continue on with their lives. Despite Tagia being my favourite all time character, Ohana’s accepting that she will have to change her attitude so early in the series has really caught my interest and she’s fast climbing up the rankings of my favourite characters. Not to mention that having a non-Tsundere lead is very refreshing for a change! (after Oreimo, IS etc)

      1. Lol apart from their background they are very different aren’t they? I guess the difference is that Taiga needed Ryuji. At this stage, Ohara seems to be strong enough to not require someone to support her. I think she just need someone to be friends with. Part of the awesomeness of Ohara I supposed is that she can take care of herself and is spunky enough to do whatever she wants to get her point across (i.e. giving her mum the omelet rice with lots of broccoli and the words “I hate you” on it is pure genius).

      2. Even though they both had neglecting parents, Taiga chose to rely on Ryuuji (even though she thought she was being independent) while Ohana chose not to rely on anyone. I don’t think they’re really similar.

        I added Ohana to my favorite character list immediately after watching the first episode 😀 If one thing’s for sure, both Ohana and Taiga are awesome.

    1. She resembles much more to Fuu from samurai champloo. Even thought Ohanas’ motivations are very different, their ways of being are quite similar. I don’t see Taiga’s resemblance anywehere, Ohana and Taiga are like day and night, at least externally.

      1. Lol it’s the young versions of themselves which I thought looked similar (see links I had provided earlier). The older versions look very different and act very different.

        Hard to say atm whether Minko is Tsundere haha. So far I’ve seen only Tsun and not the dere. Will see later on 😉

      1. Everyone keeps saying that, and I wouldn’t be opposed if it was true, but I see no dere yet. I don’t see someone overly flustered, but rather someone who is just pissed off at the world. Rightly or wrongly.

  12. I really want to like this show, but it just seems to be missing something… can’t put my finger on it.
    Will continue watching, though.

    Yondemasu-yo Azazel-san is the current best for this current season as of right now.

  13. Ohana’s character design is probably something that I need a little bit more time getting used to, she’s very similar to Taiga and my best description to her is the high schooler trapped in a 12 year old body type, moe and vulnerable. I’m wishing for a maturer and taller looking female lead, but oh well, this is what we get – I just have to get used to it but I will be needing a couple more episodes for that. I’m still in the stage of picking up the series I plan on watching in a weekly basis and this series being most probably one of those.

      1. Yeap, you read that right, a maturer looking and taller looking character. Her personality is ok, but in terms of female lead, I hoped for the likes of that from True Tears, Myself Yourself. But again, I’m already adjusting to her character design and I expect myself to get a hang with it in the next couple of episodes.

    1. i don’t see her as really small like taiga. so i’m fine with her, especially her personality is not the usual kuudere and tsundere. XDD (i’m talking about taiga and tenshi)

      I so agree with you about taller and more mature-looking female leads though. XDD

  14. This show really dwelled into the hardship of growing up and getting along with people… And the art for the ED is just wow… Very curious where this show will be heading to…

  15. Wow, chances that this’ll be my favorite show of the season, and one of my favorite shows ever, are increasing exponentially! Ohana also has the potential to become one of my favorite characters. Great second episode, my expectations are rising!

  16. If the shy girl in this show stays the same way from the begining to the end, why you guys hate her for it? because as in every anime all characters have to grow and change inorder for them to be likeable as well as have a deep flaw for us the viewers to relate to them right.

  17. Brilliant episode this week, really interesting dynamics are beginning to show themselves.
    The more i see Nako the shy girl the more i start to dislike her, that ooh im so scared of everything shyness is really hit or miss for me so i hope she blossoms into something more as the episodes go by.
    That ending though.. what’s up with that writer?

  18. I had to pause a couple of times during the drama. I seem to get embarrassed when I watch dramatic scenes in the anime that I have to pause, switch to other tabs, then go back.

    that being said, this series has nice drama that isnt too much for me. I might find some lesyay but im doubtful there will be unless I really look hard. I personally dont really find anyone to hate but I sometimes find some of their actions irritating.

  19. For a slice of life show this anime is pretty interesting. I didn’t expect to actually be interested in this anime. I like the style and the characters. Its pretty well done.

  20. The problem Minko have with Ohana is, probably, because she’s this huge pollyanna character, or at least makes herself out to be.

    Now I know a lot of people, irl and otherwise, like this sort of character but just as many find them unimaginably annoying and just want to slap the shit out of them.

    I can appreciate Ohana’s state of mind and all but her tendency to go off half cocked and NEVER try to get the full picture before running off does not endear me in the least.

    If you ever worked with someone like that you’ll understand how disruptive and annoying that is.

  21. I really like Ohana’s determination. I was really happy seeing her push both Minko and Nako to try to get them to tell her their favorite food! And I couldn’t agree more with you Takaii about Ohana. She really is a great character. And I can’t wait for next weeks episode, really a cliffhanger at the end

  22. I like that Hanasaku Iroha is setting all the characters up for a good amount of development. The only thing I’m worried about is that their development is going to be too obvious or predictable (ie Ohana begins to rely on others, Minko stops being such a bitch, Nako stops being so shy, but we’ll see.

    Ohana’s unrelenting nosiness is still seriously annoying, though.

  23. I can actually tell where Minko is coming from. I mean, first off, she’s the manager’s granddaughter, who ignorantly plucks out the plants you’re growing. You automatically feel a little insecure if not inferior. She tells your boss how to treat you. You get punished for something she’s done. She outplays you with her cooking skills. Even the best intentions can have negative effects. Minko does not know Ohana, so it’s easy to misinterpret her actions. And once the stress piles up, you just want to tell her off. I admit “die” is not a nice word, but some ppl just aren’t good with words. She’s friends with Nako, so I think she’s actually easy to get along with, she and Ohana just had a rough start.

    BTW, does anyone know what Minko’s writing in her bed at the end of the episode?

  24. I know they are not that alike, but Ohana reminds me of Noe from Trues Tears. Maybe the little song she did to Ko in the first episode.

    I adore the cast of characters. There is not a single one I dislike. I took a quick liking to Minko, and I so hope she has feelings for Tohru lol.
    Ohana is a GREAT lead.

    1. I’m with you 100%. As ‘cold’ as a few of the characters are made out to be, I find it hard to hate anyone and I think in time we’ll start to understand how each of them tick.

      Also, I’m glad someone else wants to see Minko x Tohru lol. I don’t know why, but it just feels like she has a crush on him. It’s all speculation of course and I may be wrong, but a man can dream!!!

      Baby ChuChu
  25. Every major character in this show has MAJOR attitude problems…

    A jerk, a bad tempered recluse, a nervous wreck, a stickler- what will be next?
    This obviously does make for some interesting character interactions- but it is a double-edged sword- quirky character traits are one things; they are useful for keeping things interesting, but when everyone just happens to be a jerk, you can’t help but feel as annoyed as you are interested- and that to me is not a good thing.

    I like what I see so far, mainly because the interactions between the diverse members of the cast are quite well-written, but the over-the-top melodrama due to the fact that everybody is a total jerk is annoying me just as much. This show could’ve been amazing, but now it’s just pretty good…

  26. Eh, everyone in the show thinks Ohana is a jerk or has an attitude problem, but I think she’s one of the nicest on the show. She’s pretty considerate of others so far, as she took the bullet for Nako there. She also took responsibility for episode one, but I guess everyone is too much of a jerk/into themselves to realize what a jewel Ohana really is. Its sad to see that shes getting no sympathy from anyone, even when all her mistakes are done by good intentions. Blah this is a great show.

    1. My point exactly. When I said everyone’s a jerk, I meant everyone BUT the main (Ohana)- as far as I’m concerned, she’s the only sensible person in the lot of them. Basically every other character’s treating her like crap- and it’s gonna take A LOT to redeem them for me. Just suddenly “turning nice” because she “proves herself” or something isn’t gonna cut it for me. I’m talking like traumatic back stories, abuse, neglect and whatnot- NOBODY develops such deplorable personality traits without a messed up past of some kind… Speaking of trauma, there’s no wonder Ohana’s mom’s as messed up as she is- I mean with a parent like that, who wouldn’t be?

      Or maybe it’s just because I downright hate melodrama- sure, it evokes emotion, but always leaves me with a sort of artificial feeling…don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the show; it’s really quite good, but the melodrama is taking things down a notch, an “A” to a B+ or a B perhaps?

      1. Well put. Honestly, I felt like punching all the jerks’ heads off for treating Ohana like crap. There is no excuse (including grandma).

        This episode is interesting and thought-provoking but gave me rather uneasy feeling. Not sure if I like this show or any of the characters much yet. But I liked the parts that Ohana acted creatively and truthfully for what she wanted. (like jumping off the car, and especially cooking the least favorite food for mom, and getting her point across etc.)

  27. So far this spring, Iroha is the only new series worth watching. Great settings and believable characters (although a wee bit caricatured). I have now only two shows…this and Gosick (what happened to the last two eps of Madoko?).

  28. Awww Ohana! Super tackle attack for the win! I see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.
    And Nako really pissed me off. Just putting that out there.
    *cries at lack of shoutbox*

    1. Well Drama means most of the time that characters will have problems and misunderstandings with each other
      which will be solved later on in a way that will make feel like you are ( as a watcher ) partly involved in the actuel mixup.
      Hopefully this will help you understand the concept of drama :).

      For this show I think drama will play a big role but not in a way that we are mostly used to in this slice of life anime which is often a naggy, messy kind of drama in this show I think it will actually resemble real life some more.
      I personally think this is a great show and maybe the best show of the season considerd it has Ohana in it a fresh and wonderfull heroine !

      p.s. sorry if this is to long 8)

      Girl from the sky
      1. Thanks a lot!! Now I won’t get confused reading all these posts. =D

        I love this show too. Me + Ohana = love at first sight.
        I mean, just when I thought anime girls are all stereotyped to be weak and constantly need to rely on somebody else, which always leaves me frustrated at them, there comes Ohana! I love her strong-willedness (lol is this a legitimate word) and she’s a character I can relate to. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone like her before, she’s so refreshing.

        p.s. I just stumbled onto this site a while ago, and I’m already in love with it. Love the articles, the writers, the community, the screenshots, everything!

      2. Just to expand a small bit, it’s also supposed to bring out emotion in the viewer. (I guess, the “become partly involved in the mix up” bit was what you meant though I just wanted to make it clear.)

  29. Surprisingly good. Can anyone tell me how similar this is to K-ON? No sarcasm here. I never watched it.

    I guess this episode served to get everyone, both within and outside the fourth wall, settled in to the fact that she’s at the inn to stay. For me this could go two ways: inn becomes a second home to her, she befriends everyone and the grandma warms up to her and all that; or, the inn becomes sort of like a prison that Ohana is hoping to be rescued from by some Prince Charming. I’m leaning towards the first option as being likely to happen, but a mix of the two with a little more of the first is plausible, with the whole second path being highly unlikely. Still.

    1. Can’t really be compared to K-On. Though both are slice-of-life, K-On is much more about moe/cuteness, while Hanasaku Iroha falls closer under the drama genre.

      First few episodes and the premise itself don’t really suggest that Ohana views the inn as a “prison”. If anything, she viewed her time living with her mother as a prison, since she never received proper parenting. The one thing that stuck with her was the “you can’t trust anyone” speech, which ironically, came from someone she could no longer trust. Being at the inn opens up a gate for her, allowing her to rely on others again.

  30. Wow there was a long time that i didnt enjoy an anime like now, i really like the show until now all of the characters are very likeable even the grandmother , really let me excited for what’s going to happen next.

    I love the op I watched over an over again this somehow reminds me of the movie of chihiro .

    I read some comments about the way takaii is writing and I have to say love reading takaiis post cause I don’t have the time to watch the anime that I want, so I have to limited my choices and pick one or two as much per season frequently I base my choices in the post and comments of here so I wont waste time seeing an anime that doesn’t really get me so I really appreciated the takaii post I really appreciate her effort and opinion and trust her putting my limited selection in her hands If takaii say that is a must watch i would have to see it no matter what.

    I don’t ask for a summary that would be too long like takaii say, but it would be the cherry of the pay if not only impressions but give us opinion about happenings or what do you think about character development or something that really caught your attention in this or that episode that I would probably have missed and make me seeing it more carefully next time , so Ill really like that.

    But is just a suggestion took it or leave it im not a writer either so I don’t know. I love your post thank you very much and Im going to keep reading it until forever.

  31. Ohana is one of the most likeable and relateable characters I’ve seen to date and I’m a HUGE fan of character development. In just 2 episodes I got to see and understand so much about Ohana, where other series would take many more episodes to accomplish the same attachment, emotion-wise. Its slice-of-life with in-your-face grit, hardship, relationship issues (having trouble with Minko and Manager-Baasan) and admirable spirit from the main character. I got hooked real deep from episode one. Will be eagerly awaiting the next episode! Feels like your korean-drama/taiwan-drama etc crossed into anime with all the bonuses of both worlds!

  32. i like this episode. XD i got to see more of minko’s cruelty (w/c i find cute XDD). It’s prolly just me who likes minko though. XDD

    anyway, i do actually do like ohana’s personality. I see her as another tsukushi makino (my favorite female character amongst all shojo series female leads). she’s so strong-willed and never gives up. She’s definitely an admirable lead character in series like this. XD

    I’m liking how friendship in this story is blooming. i look forward to it!! XD very good chapter btw. XD

  33. Another great emotional episode. Seeing Ohana trying her best yet people are still so tough on her stings. I knew her mother was really careless and unresponsible, but like Takaii said I didn’t think there would be such a big change in her personality and the way she lived her life because of it. I really liked the part where Ohana confronted those two girls and said what was on her mind. If she didn’t do that, I think I would be kinda irritated at their behavior towards Ohana. Ohana’s personality is really realistic and likeable. Can’t forget to mention the art is wonderful, I can’t really find any bad thing to say about this anime.

    I found it really interesting that her way of feeling better is to cook people’s least favorite food. I know it is because of her harsh childhood, but I find it really unique. I hope it becomes some sort of recurrence in the show, like she thanks people or shows she cares for people by cooking their least favorite food 😛

  34. ok i stand corrected. I thought the ending last week, was sort of montage of Ohana learning the ropes of working at the inn. Leading to ‘next step’. However i was wrong, it ended up just being ‘of this to come’ sort of thing. In any-case, this was a nice episode.

  35. Did anyone think that Ohana’s situation is a little similar to Cinderella’s? Ohana is Cinderella, going to live with her grandmother, who (so far) has been quite harsh on her like Cinderella’s stepmother, and Minko takes the part of Cinderella’s step-sister. Of course, it’s only been the first two eps, so I’m sure there will be more character developments to come and this comparison will soon fall out of place…

  36. You got to admit, Ohana is one of the best female leads out there. When is the last time we had such an interesting female lead? I’m sick and tired of tsunderes (though i still love them) or whiny girls who do nothing more than whine about how much they love one stupid frigging guy (get over it). And just when I’m about to give up, here comes Ohana, an excellent example of a female lead. She’s refreshing, check, she’s capable, check, she takes things into her own stride and does it.

    And Minko…that girl, that keeps asking her to die. I think people should be able to understnad her feelings. I mean come on, Ohana already demonstrated it in this episode.


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