「日常2」 (Nichijou 2)
“My Ordinary Life 2”

Nichijou — the show that does all the things you want to do in real life, but never would normally do because everyone would hate you for it. While I’m not going to comment on Mai’s (Togashi Misuzu) brilliant tactic to win at a rock-paper-scissors game, I was laughing pretty hard during most of the episode.

The amount of planning that went into sabotaging Mio’s alarm clock, the mask, all the way to the golden fish coming out of Mio’s older sister’s bag — pure genius. It’s these kinds of things that we all would love to do to someone, but don’t have the patience or the enthusiasm to do so — probably because no one wants to end up on the end of a Corkscrew Punch. During times like these, it makes me feel lucky to be the oldest in my immediate family since I’d probably pull a Nano sized explosion if someone tried that on me.

But with Mio and Yuuko, I just die from watching the comedy that builds from them just being near each other. It’s great watching Mio lose that cool and confident face of hers when stress starts falling on her. I’m sure if she had just calmly asked for her notebook back, Yuuko wouldn’t have activated that death grip of hers. But boy, that second epic chase scene was great. After watching Mio give her horribly awkward excuses, I would have been surprised if Yuuko hadn’t dashed off. I mean, wouldn’t you be a little curious about what was actually in the notebook that the person who just lent to you, was ready to pay you to get it back?

On the other side of things, Hakase and Nano make one of the cutest character combos ever. While I can’t blame Hakase for her irresponsible behavior since she’s still a little kid, I don’t understand how Nano can put up with all of it. The key on her back is bad enough, but having a roll cake come out of her arm and pastries shooting out of her head? While it makes for some funny situations, I really feel bad for how much she puts up with. That said, it felt so rewarding to watch her stand her ground when put against Hakase’s insanely cute pouty face. One day Nano, you will become a real girl! One Day!

With the introduction of Sasahara (Kawahara Yoshihisa) and Tachibana (Horikawa Chika) and their constant fighting over the smallest things, I wasn’t sure just what their relationship with each other was. But with how the episode ended, it would seem that Mio has some competition on her hands. I can only imagine that Tachibana and her gun-slinging skills are a personification of violent feelings girls feel toward guys they like — or the amount of frustration she feels with him. Then again I wouldn’t mind blowing up Sasahara a few times myself. I knew that he was an eccentric person, but having someone pull up his pants and button them for him, WHILE WALKING? That’s a bit too much for me to accept.



    1. He’s not even that wealthy lol. He’s the oldest son of a farming family (as mentioned in the previous episode) XD It’s the whole “I’m the oldest son of my family” that has gotten to his head lol.

  1. It was when Sasahara did his little LAUGH when reading manga that I really had a O_o face.
    Keeping his pinky up while doing everything = gentlemanly apparently
    & his choice of the VR32 was SUBLIME.

    Really good episode though.

  2. That was amazingly funny. I said this last week, too, but I was a little worried after the OVA was all OC… These first two episodes have blown me away. It does deviate from the manga, but it does so in such a way that it enhances the humor rather than detracting from it like anime original content usually does.

  3. The best second episodes should always blow the first one out of the water and I was blown away by this episode. I mean I laughed a lot but I just likes LOOKING at it all. Like, I could not make my eyes look away from how good it looks. The animation just keeps my eyes glued to the screen and the jokes keep me achingly anticipating the next episodes. Also, still love Yuuko.

    Also, Tachibana’s gunslinging pic made my gangsta friends want to watch this show. Not kidding. These people aren’t wannabe’s. They’ve grown up around real cholos and are hardcore people and they want to watch this anime (because of that shot but still). It’s a good feeling converting others to a show.

  4. Wow for some reason this show is one of the better show this season.
    And I m not sayting its bad its hilarious XD
    I like the total randomness of everyday life in this show an I am hoping that this
    series will be something like Azumanga Daiho
    ~BTW Is it just me or does that one girl sound like Kotomi from Clannad

  5. This sho is fun to watch, I especially like the Professor and Nano. I so hope that poor Nano gets some real improvements. She wants so bad to be a real human (or at least look like one). Can’t do that with an enormous key sticking out of your back.

    1. >>>it just makes me go “wtf is this shit” literally… need new Gintama episode 🙁
      It is Gintama that makes me go “wtf is this shit” literally. Oh Satan, i pray Gintama fanboys all die in a fire or something…

  6. Can someone tell me what’s up with all the south east Asian references in these first two episodes? “Selamat pagi” in the first, and then sepak takraw in this one… Did the author live in that region of the world for several years or something?

  7. Last week I found this show amusing and perhaps a little too odd, but this week I was laughing my butt off the entire episode. The notebook scene was amazing and insanely hilarious. And all of the little details and jokes throughout the episode are really making this anime shine.

  8. DAT BUDGET!! Really KyoAni… That chase scene is something which I’ll probably see in a Gainax show.

    This episode delivers. I lol’d at the BREAD-ROM tray. The awkwardness was just hilarious. Again the short skits stole the show. For some reason I was still caught off guard by Nano’s bread roll. Not to mention the pure what the f*ck(in a good way) of the jump rope skit.

    On a sidenote, I think it’s odd enough that I got a chuckle out of the fifty-fifty scene. I guess I just enjoy awkward silences with out of place music.

    Alas gundere antics are cute.

    I’ll be looking foward for a certain chapter to be adapted.

    Lastly.. I can’t wait for April 27! OP single will be out!

  9. I didn’t think anyone was going to upstage the “aww” of Hakase, but the last part between Kawahara and Tachibana was just great! So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the show, though the one scene by the river they kept using to denote passage of time was kinda grating at times.

  10. I applaud KyoAni for that awesome animation.

    The last skit was the most entertaining for me. Gotta love that tsundere pulling those firearms out of nowhere.

    Also, the one speaking in the preview sounds so familiar. I can’t exactly pinpoint who though.

    1. Episode 0 does not give a good idea of what is going on in this show. It was slow, cute, and sort of boring. Episodes 1 and 2 have been comedy and random….very random. Cute as well. But nothing like Episode 0. It was a fake out, almost. Lull us into low expectations for what we actually got…A seriously random comedy show with good animation.

      1. A pilot, I guess. It was shipped with the Sixth Volume of the manga so it was crafted to people that would already buy that manga to get them interested in seeing an anime. For everyone else, start at Episode 1, it is the beginning.

  11. cool! its like a fluffy gag manga byori with consistent characters and bigger budget, i would definitely install a roll cake dispenser in my arm “if it came with a replenishing function”

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. Why do I get the feeling that either Arawi Keiichi or Kyo-Ani has been to SE Asia a lot prior to making this anime? First the Selamat Pagi greeting, and now Sepak Takraw. lol

    Poor Nano, having Hakase install all sorts of useless mods on her. Wonder when Hakase will enroll her in Yuko and Mai’s school so she can start experiencing life as a real girl?

    Now that is one very old Game Boy model. Used to play on that a lot when I was younger.

    While I get Mai’s sister wearing that mask as a prank, why is Tachibana wearing that as well near the end? Her way of trying to win Sasahara’s affection?

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Best. Response. Ever.

        To all you haters, you are of course free to moan and bitch about why you hate this show, but if you’re gonna hate, at least come up with something better than one-worded trolling remarks.

        Kinny Riddle
  13. “Then again I wouldn’t mind blowing up Sasahara a few times myself. I knew that he was an eccentric person, but having someone pull up his pants and button them for him, WHILE WALKING? That’s a bit too much for me to accept. ”

    Nope Actually its a stroke of synchronised genius!!! must of taken years to learn :p

  14. I haven’t laugh like this since the times of Azumanga Daioh. Certainly Nichijou has been able to put the finesse in comedy that was lacking a lot lately. Professor and Nano might be tagged as weapons of mass destruction.

    Apart from that, Misato’s a real gun freak! Among her heavy punchers, she has a GAU-8/A Avenger Gatling-type cannon. Only the A-10 can carry that thing! Does she have stocks in the black market or something?

  15. for those who didn’t get the bear jokes
    what mio’s sister said is Show Spoiler ▼

    yes this is indonesian joke

  16. Takaii! Could you by any chance tell me the name of the gaming console Mai was playing? xD
    It was so nostalgic when I that, I used to play it when I was a kid but I never got to find out the name xD

  17. I have started to watch this, and a lot of Episode 0 turned me off, but starting from 1 to 2, where I’m at now, it’s gotten better material.I’m still at the beginning of Episode 2 as I type this, but that .hack reference at the beginning was hilarious and I’m surprised no one else got that.


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