OP14 Sequence

OP14: 「BLUE」 by ViViD
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「瀞霊廷に異変?!護廷十三隊侵軍篇!」 (Seireitei ni Ihen?! Gotei Juusan-tai Shingun-hen!)
“Unusual Incident in Seireitei?! Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc!”

After the battle over Karakura Town, things are peaceful in Soul Society, and Hitsugaya discusses some cleaning duties with Ukitake and Kyoraku. In the real world, Matsumoto and Ise finish cleaning up and enter the Senkaimon, but they encounter something strange. Back in Soul Society, Hitsugaya and Ukitake reports them missing, but are unable to confirm that they had gone through the Precipice World. However, the two suddenly arrive, acting as if nothing was wrong. The captains realize that there is a time discrepancy and a problem in the Precipice World, causing a gap in time between the real world and Soul Society. Mayuri Kurotsuchi and other captains investigate and Kenpachi is assigned to security. They enter the Precipice World, but communications are suddenly lost. Byakuya, Hitsugaya and Renji return to Soul Society, bringing an object of importance to Yamamoto. Elsewhere, Inaba begins his plans, as Kira and Ise stand by.

In Karakura, Ichigo and Rukia return home from school and they switch to their shinigami when they receive a hollow notification. Kon feels a strange presence and goes to investigate and finds a naked girl lying unconscious. Rukia determines that she had fell out of a Senkaimon, and they receive an order to go to Soul Society. Urahara cautions them against it, saying something may be wrong, but they insist on going. In the Precipice World, Rukia realizes there is no trace of spiritual pressure which is odd since Aizen destroyed the Cleaner. However, the Cleaner suddenly appears and Ichigo loses his substitute shinigami badge. He releases bankai and uses to speed to get them to safety, but he collapses afterwards and is arrested by Hitsugaya and several other shinigami.


ED27 Sequence

ED27: 「アオイトリ」 (Aoi Tori) by fumika
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Getting new openings and endings is usually refreshing, and these were no exception. They seem to be exclusive for the filler arc, and if the scenes shown are spoilers, then I think we may be in for some pretty good action. There are a lot of fast paced fights showing the shinigami fighting each other, and some interesting moments as well. The song by ViViD didn’t really catch my attention but it fits fine and is exciting enough. The ending features a somewhat quieter song, and seems to be Ishida-focused. This could hint that he will be showing up more in this arc, but then again the last ending featured Rukia and it didn’t really mean anything to the actual content.



I honestly wasn’t expecting to say this, but this looks promising. The setup of Soul Society entering into some crisis was actually interesting, and is of decent quality as well. It does seem like a good premise for a Bleach movie, and hopefully the filler arc doesn’t mess it up. I even found certain parts funny, such as seeing Kon the machoist, and also the interactions with the naked girl who’s looking to be the focus of the arc.

Technically the events here happen after the war against Aizen, with references to the battle, and Matsumoto still sad over Gin’s death. I guess they are delaying Ichigo’s loss of powers for now; as the characters explain it, Ichigo is able to retain his powers because Rukia’s presence has allowed him to conserve his spiritual energy. Not exactly canon, but not a direct contradiction either.

It would be nice if the writers didn’t hint that much at what is going to happen, as it’s pretty obvious 12th squad’s Inaba is up to no good, doing some time warp shenanigans. What was surprising was seeing Kira and Nanao with him, and Ichigo getting arrested by the Gotei 13 again. The opening sequence does support the hint that Soul Society is going to go through some infighting, and with Kurotsuchi and Kenpachi missing as well, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what happens.


  1. I haven’t seen the actual episode so I don’t know the exact nature of this time slip deal, but it seems like there’s some pre-Aizen-betrayal timeline stuff happening. I’m hoping that past-Aizen is going to show up and something big happens when present-Ichigo and company come into contact with him. Maybe they’ll pre-empt Aizen’s plans for the future and cause him to become a major villain this arc by making him reveal himself as a baddie despite his lower power levels compared to Butterfly Aizen. I feel like they could easily make this understandable by keeping many of the higher powered characters busy with their own infights while Ichigo (whose reiatsu is getting worse) might be forced to use FGT one more time, which takes down past-Aizen and finally gets rid of his shinigami powers, setting us back on track with canon material. (Maybe there’ll also be some Gin redemption in there as well? =D)

    I mean, the characteristics of shounen anime/manga generally have stronger and stronger enemies as the plot progresses, but even though our protagonist is actually getting weaker as of right now, I don’t think people would like this Inaba guy to be the final boss of the arc anyway, so why not throw some Aizen fun in there and make him still be the reason why Ichigo finally loses his powers (and not have it be due to a completely new filler character or because of “time running out”)?

    Understandably, this’ll cause the alternate timeline to go out of whack, but the way things seem to be going, we won’t become emotionally attached to this other world so meh…

    Also, imagine the possibilities if past-Ichigo and them show up during this arc and lead to some doppelganger business along with all this confusion. I mean, this arc needs to last quite a while to allow the manga some breathing room so why not make it more complicated?

    It’s all speculation of course, but there’s a quite a bit of potential in this arc. Hopefully, it won’t go to waste.

    1. If it had anything to do with pre-SS arc stuff, Hitsugaya wouldn’t even know who Ichigo was, let alone what he looked like. I doubt the time lapses will get as complicated as travelling back in time.

  2. The reason for the Rukia ending was the Show Spoiler ▼

    scene in the manga, so it was important. It only became meaningless for the animebecause they delayed that scene due to fillers.
    Anyway, looks like Soul Society experienced a timeskip. I bet it was Ichigo’s badge that Byakuya found in the principe world (even before Ichigo lost it (messing with time is always cool)) and that’s why they are “arresting” him, they probably think he was around when Kenpachi/Mayuri went missing/became evil/whatever.

    By the way, that Kira and Nanao were probably clones, just like the green haired girl. The main baddie this arc seems to be a gigai maker, so it wouldn’t be too surprising.
    I also think the arc will focus on Kons relationship to Ichigo.

    Looks promising.

  3. I agree with virox. Rukia ending had a lot to do with the actual content 🙂 There was a reason why they focused on Rukia and too bad this long filler ruined it.

    Anyways, i was surprised at the Ishida ending. I was totally expecting this filler girl ending but I guess not.

    When Hitsugaya said he will arrest Ichigo it was like Fade to Black all over again, as well as Ichigo’s saying “Have you seen Rukia?”

  4. Kenpachi’s practically always excluded, it’s like his job is to make a cameo and kill some jerk before disappearing. Also the episode sounds like they took Fade to Black and mixed it with the Amagai arc.

      1. Many people have speculated over the years that the spirit of his sword is Kusajika Yachiru the pink haired girl that is always with him. Where she came from has always been a mystery (other then him finding her as a baby) and seeing as he can’t do Bankai the theory is plausable.

      2. That does seem true, but it looks like Kenpachi will be a force in this arc. As for the Yachiru being his Zanpaktou hypothesis… it is decent, but she has her own Zanpatou. It would be an interesting twist for sure.

  5. no, what they probably found in the precipice world was something left over from when Ichin slowed the passage of time there so Ichigo could train… wow, ppl have such lousy short-term memory… Ichin most likely caused whatever the current problem is, so thats why theyre arresting Ichigo, to go after his dad…

  6. The opening fighting scenes actually look interesting and seem very well choreographed.

    Also, with this concept of time, it provides an EXCEEDINGLY convienent plot device for the writers to mess around with the plot, and not worry about any contradictions with canon. Afterall, they can simply make it as though this filler arc never happened.

    -afterthought- characters might actually die in this filler arc (of course not permanently, but its as close as its ever gonna get)

    The OP shows promise, and might tempt me back into watching this Bleach arc, seeing as how I stopped watching it 200+ episodes ago

  7. Well, this is rather interesting. It seems that Kon, instead of Ichigo, is going to become the new prince. Usually it is Ichigo meeting the girl first, but now it’s different. I have a good feeling that Kon is going to have a chance to shine in this Arc.

    code fanboy
  8. IF only this show could maintain the HIGH QUALITY levels that are occasionally shown like in this ep, all “well, most of it” would be Forgiven..get ready for the tremendous drop in quality next ep ……btw- ichigo fighting former Allys…HAVEN’T WE DONE THIS ALREADY!?!? HEAD CAPTAIN I WANNA SEE YOUR MISSING ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW ME DA STUMP!!!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. Anyone else notice how post-Aizen Bleach has absolutely no differences other than INCREDIBLY SLIGHT focus on Ichigo’s diminishing powers, which he’s already guaranteed to get back.

    And poor Kon. The ONE time he isn’t about to sexually harass someone is the time he gets called on it.

    Also, who else wants to bet that NONE of the fights seen in the opening will actually happen?

  10. I dont if its just me but, i hate that everytime u can see a potentially huge battle coming they ALWAYSSS hide kenpashi somewhere -_-.Hes simply too tank thats all lol. But it does get annoying…in the middle of the battle u get some random yellow reitsu and let the havoc begin. However this filler does seem like it may actually be of interest do 🙂

  11. HOLY CRAP! Is this really Bleach? The animation, the tight writing, everything is…unreal.

    What the heck is going on? This episode was incredible, no two ways about it. There’s no way the next episodes can be even remotely this good, that’s for sure.

    Playing around with time? Actually adding to the continuum? Plus the newly introduced elements (Ichigo’s imminent power loss, Kon’s purpose, new lead chick) have a huge amount of potential I know this show will never realize. But why does it tantalize me with such an episode?

  12. Expected formula for this arc:

    -misunderstandings and stuff get cleared up within 5 episodes, maybe one or two captain fights, but not even half of those seen in the opening.
    -green hair is mod soul, starts pairing with Kon. Dies just before or just after finale.
    -villain has grudge against random captain or some miserable past that gets little to no focus. He dies after releasing the real big bad, who he was working for the entire time. (alternately, green hair is turned into monster by big bad, who gets eaten or something)
    -Orihime and Chad are pretty much useless. Uryu is slightly more useful, unless ed is a troll.
    -Ichigo ends up having to use new hollow mask, super hollow form, and Mugetsu against real big bad. Loses powers “for real” shortly after.
    -farewell, timeskip, back to manga.
    -estimated number of episodes: 24-26

    Prove me wrong, Pierrot. God dammit, prove me wrong.

  13. @Da5id:

    What’s wrong with that formula? Except for the first point, they seem doable, provided there is compelling execution. It’s a nice buffer (padding) into the loss of his powers “for real” like you say.

    The problem is (mostly) not with the formula, but with how that formula is brought to life. With all of the other elements in place (the time-warp plot points and such), JUSTICE could be DONE. In the right hands, that is…

    1. You could’ve just replyed to the comment, you know…

      A better buffer (in my opinion anyway) would be him actually losing his powers like he was supposed to, and having an arc that DIDN’T focus on the main character for once, so it actually seems like he lost them for a little while instead of throwing us straight from him losing them into him getting them back. Uryu got a whole arc wait to get his powers back, but Ichigo just gets a time card saying “ONE YEAR LATER”, and some guy telling “hey we can get your powers back because you’ve apparently been waiting so long for that”.

      And actually, yes the problem is the formula, because it has been done to death with every Bleach filler arc since 2008, when they started that Kasumioji arc. And they’re never in different hands, so there’s no chance it will get any better or worse. Filler characters are introduced, disappear as quickly as they came, hero’s new power is trivialized by being used more than is necessary just to show it off one more time. “When you use Mugetsu, you will lose all of your Soul Reaper powers. OH WAIT YOU CAN USE IT TWICE BECAUSE YOU’RE THE MAIN CHARACTER.”

  14. Stopped watching during the random one-shots (as I’m sure many did), but word of an arc that could actually be rather decent has lured me back. Besides, it’s got Kon in it, and hopefully we’ll get to find out more about what’s really going on with him (why he’s the only rebellious, even self-aware mod soul in existence when the rest are all retarded like Chappy).
    I remember the Zanpakutou arc started out promising as well, so I won’t hold my breath, but even Ichigo busting out Bankai to save Rukia seemed more dramatic than usual. A long, slow fade from the heights of power will be painful for Ichigo but interesting to see. Since he’ll probably be far weaker by the end of the arc than he is even at this point, what’re the odds another character will finish off the final bad guy instead? Byakuya got to kill his great-great-granddaddy after all.

  15. i think tht green haired girl is a soul (like the normal people in soul society)and this guy at the end with the gloves is taking the girl and wants to take the soul out of her body and modificate it but she escapes and got through the senkaimon . then kon founds her and takes her home and ichigo and rukia are going through the senkaimo, while they got through this time rip or smthing like this and they encounter hitsugaya and byakuya which got catched from this guy and their souls got modificated. when the green haired get up she goes to the soul society and ichigo needs to protect her ( maybe she got a special power and the bad guy wants it)

    thats my oppinion what will happen at the beginning


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