Chad and Ginjou’s discussion had me nodding my head throughout. My guess would have been the same as his: memory erasure or Jedi suggestion powers. If Ginjou had knew about any such powers though, it is that he would have let them know (f he was telling the truth of course). The plot escalated pretty fast in this chapter too. Ichigo’s battle experience ingrained into brain stem comes back to him, fullbring going crazy with Getsuga-like reaitsu pouring out of it. Perhaps it’s the shinigami badge “remembering” Ichigo’s experiences and imitating it.

Ichigo really has gotten used to sudden power-ups though, completely ignoring Jackie’s warning that it’s dangerous to so fast. And just went things are going beserk, Tsukishima enters the roomand complicates things tenfold by cutting open the dollhouse, revealing a pretty cool-looking Ichigo with some sort of torn up shinigami clothing and blade. To hell though… Tsukishima had the exact same reaction Aizen would have had. Adding to that, when Ginjou said he might not “actually” be Tsukishima, the thought flashed across my mind “don’t tell me he’s actually Aizen in illusion”. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case though, and hopefully next time there’ll be a lot of action and less talking.


    1. ……….And you should be. The most exciting thing in Bleach is “What’s gonna happen?!” not “What is happening?!”

      But the anime’s gearing for a possibly decent arc. Without Kubo.

    1. Yes I feel the same, but why did they have to make this tsukishima guy look a hell of a lot like Aizen? Not just in appearances but hell even personality! Come one, it better not be as PROOOF suggests that it was Aizen’s illusion or someone related to Aizen like a relative or something cuz that’s just pushing it. I mean we all know that since the guy isnt dead and only sealed that he will eventually break through it and get released looking for vengeance again, but I really hope it is not too soon.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Another one of these “revealing shounen clichees”. First “Do you always talk to your enemy in a battle?”, then “Your human body is not invincible, god damn it!” and now “Don’t worry, my power-ups have always been like this, it’ll work out”.
        I really like this new style and I really hope Kubo continues adding stuff from earlier chapters and revealing things that haven’t been explained.

        I also think his new “shinigami powers” are something.
        I mean, just like you said, it looks like his fullbring immitates his shinigami powers, but this is a doubleedged sword. Being a shinigami is cool and all, but he now is a shinigami with a human body, wouldn’t that mean that he is just as vulnerable as Jackie said?

        Anyway, nice chapter with a faster pacing, Kubo, keep it up and don’t let us down with some random bullshit story.

      2. He was acting like an arse back there. I thought his power is really going berserk and turned him into half-hollow again, thus the shocked looks when the dollhouse was broken then.. BAM! Shinigami Ichigo is back….

  1. Right now, I’m kinda hoping that Ichigo is as strong as he used to be, it would suck he had to go back to NOOB vice-captain level. I can see he still has his Shikai. Judging from how Isshin got his power back, Zangetsu, name and power and all, should be the same. What’s surprising is that he is able to do this while in his body. This must be the same method when Shinji is able to use his power, while still in some body.

    code fanboy
  2. A glimpse of good writing there, having Chad give out the explainations that most readers would expect and having them shot down (if Ginjou is not lying) and throwing another possibility in the mix (along with hints of how old they are). Together with Ichigo pointing out the gulf in combat experience and utilising it to reduce the power gap last chapter, things are looking up for the manga’s storytelling style

    Zaku Fan
  3. The way I see it, either Ichigo got his shinigami powers back ALREADY and for little to no reason OR this is actually his fullbring ability, which resembles his shinigami uniform.

    Personally, I find both options disappointing. But then, I’ve gotten used to being disappointed by Bleach…

  4. I’m calling an unreliable story view, Aizen didn’t got locked up and everybody’s shit got messed up.Ichigo got severly wounded and everybody else is struggling trying to find a way to fight Aizen while he proceeds to destroy the world Kefka style.

  5. Two shinigami go round the outside
    Round the outside
    Round the outside

    Two shinigami go round the outside
    Round the outside
    Round the outside

    Guess who’s back, back again
    Aizen’s back; tell a friend
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Guess who’s back
    Na na nah…

    1. THIS. All i care about now is if he is going to get THAT or his SSJ3 hollow form back..
      also Aizen regenerated from a piece of his was separated during the final battle.. he is gonna get get back to the spirit world and recombine with the original and be 2x as powerful.. just as planned

  6. What more interesting was that he did not do anything to other fullbringers.

    The way he talked and what he did seemed more like bitterness. And Ginjou is obviously hiding stuff.

    Tsukishima being straight up badguy is way too obvious for Kubo. Its more and more likely that its not Tsukishima who betrayed them. its them who betrayed tsukishima for whatever reasons or agenda they had/have. Possibly they used him in similar way they might be planning on using Ichigo.

    Or Tsukishima and Ginjou are playing Good Cop/Bad Cop with Ichigo.

    Tsukishima wasn’t too invested on attacking.

    Ginjou is still hiding stuff and was awfully NOT rushing to stop the man who literally cut into conversation…His anger seemed to be more like “What the hell are you doing coming here, its outside of our plan”

    Notice how Ginjou did not go “omg you killed my comrades!”

    Instead it was “what are you doing here, tsukishima?”

  7. They are like sora and kilik. they know each other but don’t fight for some reason. With his final getsuga tenshou ichigo is the strongest shinigami, stronger than yamamoto. The only way to have his power back is to use fullbring. His power is not complete that’s why he looks like this at the end. He is like chad now human with power.

    1. yamamoto’s shikai could destroy a huge area including himself, its just that wonderweiss absorbed all of it.
      what could yamamoto’s bankai be? might be able to destroy a country.

  8. I kind hope it is Aizen actually. Last arc he was the everlooming threat that gave the series tension. Right now, there’s no real threat, so it’s harder to stay invested… but if he suddenly shows up might make things interesting again.

  9. What’s worse than Aizen coming back………….how about we go back when Ichigo used final getsuga tensho and it failed then Aizen used his bankai which placed everyone under his hypnosis expect Orihime.

  10. I thought maybe Inoue knows Tsukishima from back, like a childhood friend, and the attack might have triggered the memories. That could be, and also I’m not satisfied with Ginjou’s explanation. Once your fullbring powers are fully developed they don’t go any further is no good. You can’t possibly tell if your powers are really full developed nor know if you need a certain trigger to level up, in reality.
    Also, they could develop new powers for different objects right? Or a different beloved bookmark lets you release other effects.

  11. “Ichigo.. you were so naive…”
    “dont tell me–AIzen!”
    “Yes! Your power up, your victory, my imprisonment and even the fullbring power…All part of my illusion… and my plan.”
    “Youg got to be kidding me!”
    “It seems Kubo has haxed me far beyond his expectations… NOt even he can restrict my power!”

    I dont read bleach anymore but I do read reviews on RC in case something kool happens. NIce to see Ihcigo powers up are still haxed second only to Aizen.

    1. Honestly, it takes more time to read through an RC review of a Bleach chapter than to actually read the said chapter. Bleach chapters are so painfully short, devoid of any significant plot advancement and stuffed with large art panels of explosions

  12. Guys, When he can Cut everything with his Sword. Why is then Inoue, still “in one piece”? 🙂
    Perhaps this is the “trigger” for her “Mind distraction”… Well, i just want to give a push in some direction…


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