The Iruka card didn’t work, but it seriously wouldn’t be Naruto without his rebellious stubbornness. Iruka ups the ante by pulling the “you’re like a little bro” card (I guess it’d be a bit weird if he said father), but the exchange between them didn’t really bring up any emotion for me (except maybe a retort of cliches). It may seem like this time Naruto actually has a reason, and is wise enough to go out there against everyone’s wishes rather than his typical headstrong “I will beat everyone up on my own,” but it’s EXACTLY the same reasoning he’s always used.

Since the Pain arc, Naruto was apparently “matured” deeply as a character, taking on the responsibilities from Nagato to bring peace to the land. Though it’s pretty hard to keep count, there have been a number of times where Naruto has been “wiser,” but I’m doubting this is one of them. It’s true, he does need to get out and do something, but I’m quite sure he doesn’t actually know what it takes to create peace, so he banks on his usual motto of self-sacrifice. It’s fine I suppose, since coming up with some complex balance to ensure peace would seem more likely to come from Shikamaru, and watching Naruto achieve whatever he wants simply by stamina and straightforwardness is one of the selling points of his character.

While that’s part of the matter on Naruto’s decision, the other thing is that this current war itself is entirely different than the war in the past between villages Nagato was fighting against. This war is everyone united versus someone that everyone hates. Madara has zero followers, almost everyone he works with has their own agenda, so there isn’t really a “perpetuating cycle of revenge” if he is to be killed. Peace might come naturally after Madara is killed, due to the villages working together and bonding, so Naruto’s job is relatively easy in that aspect, but an ideal of eternal peace is almost impossible (I don’t think the manga will care that far anyway). My point is, it’s kind of a mismatch when the story tries to connect the two plot threads.

So while it’s just Naruto being Naruto with a hollow sense of character development, and criticizing the writing feels moot, I can’t say I’m not curious to see what the kid who’s still wearing an orange jumpsuit will do. His stubbornness and stamina was amazing to watch since beating Gaara, and now that he’s locked and loaded with an incredible array of “powers,” it’s simply time to lay back and watch him kick ass.


    1. I believe he did, the way in which he finished it was by using sage mode. By using sage mode he is able to use Fuuton Rasenshuriken as a long distance attack, and with the def bonus that sage mode adds I doubt it still damages him while he uses it.

      1. That’s the completed rasenshuriken becuase it’s no more powerful, it’s just a ranged attack and if the rasenshuriken was only half way, then so is the ranged one, but with an added ability

  1. I honestly loved this chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Also Kiiragi I don’t believe peace will follow after this. The reason for this is because even though these ninja villages are working together they still don’t fully trust each other. Eventually someone will either kill or wait for someone from an opposing nation to die so they can drag their corpse away and pluck out their eyes/special powers and whatnot which will create more problems. However that’s just my take on it.

    1. This kinda reminds me of Code Geass and Leleouch’s idea about creating something that everyone hates and destroy it to severe the chains of revenge.

      Back to the chapter, I wonder why Bee didn’t even try to stop Naruto in the last chapter. Maybe he knows this is how it’s suppose to be?

    2. @BabyChocho: Honestly, I believed Lelouche was dead until the new manga series when you see a Lelouche-look-alike sending nightmares to slaughter the ninja villages and CC saying that “he is getting serious if he’s sending out nightmares” with a flashback on the long haired look-alike and his geass eyes.

  2. Technically since sage mode collects chakra around the environment. If naruto creates several shadow clones that go into sage mode as batteries, then have another group to create shadow clones as soldiers (and uses the “battery clones” to collect chakra so they dont run out) he could create an exponential amount of undying shadow clones. Since hes already almost godlike compared to average jounin, he could essentially create a dictatorship ruled by his own shadowclones and bring peace to the ninja world.

    Technically he could just beat Madara that way by zerging him with shadow clones from across the globe this way with a almost infinite supply. Well until his sage clones consume all the chakra on the planet. >.>

    Though I doubt the author will have that as an ending lol.

    1. Naruto found that he could only have around 4 shadow clones total in Sage Mode, or else they would disturb his concentration. Or something. So he only used two as chakra batteries, and he would use two more in order to make a rasenshuriken.

  3. “Naruto, I am your brother!”

    Joking aside, the first half of the chapter was really painful to read. I know Naruto is an idiot, but that was a piss poor excuse they made, with surveying animals and all. There has got to be a better way to lie to Naruto. Did everyone just get smacked by a stick of frozen STUPID or what?

    The second half did not make much logical sense if you consider what Naruto is ultimately doing. Rushing in will not solve anything, and he cannot justify it by saying that he is going to end the cycle of hatred this way.

  4. The coolest moment ever in Naruto (and there are many) had to be when Pain destroyed the village and Naruto appeared all bad ass with a giant scroll on his back and 2 toads by his side. I think soon we are gonna be seeing something that eclipses that moment.

  5. Kind of expected something like that will happen. Thats the Naruto we all know and love. Maybe we’ll see Bee join Naruto to help Naruto and probably also to piss off his brother Raikage and showoff.

  6. I enjoy this chapter, I read it twice.
    I follow few mangas and amines,I normally check this site many times at day after or before work and before or after school even during school. I normally don’t start watching new anime unless there are few episodes available then When I have a day off or I suppose to be studying is when I will begin with new series.
    I began the read the manga because the anime that is how I normally get interested in mangas or light novels however, I don’t watch filings and how bleach is at this time I don’t really think I will be watching anytime soon unless something amazing happen which I don’t see in the stars,anyway was a nice read hopefully next week is somehow equally nice, but I just hate that Saske at some point have to show up again and ruin the fun.

  7. Interesting. I would postulate most people are not happy with the current events of the manga based on comments, what with Naruto forcing his way into the battle against everyone’s wishes.

    I, for one, am actually gleeful of what has transpired. The last time we got to see Naruto fight seriously was his battle against Pain. Before that it was his fight against Kakuzu. He is now exponentially more powerful now than he was in those fights.

    Though he is Madara’s target, he is also the Ninja World’s greatest weapon. I liken it to having a gun, but you are to afraid to pull it out and use it because you don’t want your opponent to take the bullets and use them against you. No, I would use the gun. Your best bet is to use the greatest weapon you have at your disposal when the stakes are life and death.

    The only part of this war I do not like is the streak of victories for the Allies. I don’t believe they have lost a single battle. That is mildly unrealistic. At least the current Fairy Tail arc has some good losses, but no deaths.

    1. Just because sasuke and madara are from the same clan doesn’t mean sasuke would want to avenge him. In fact, I don’t think Sasuke likes Madara very much. Sasuke got his Eternal Mangekyou from him, what else does he need?

      1. He needs a father figure and Madara fits into the role very well… haha
        Plus, he’s an avenger and Kishi can milk that theme for a very long time… Does Sasuke needs a credible reason to kill everyone? Probably not

  8. Well, this chapter was indeed more interesting than the other war parts before.
    I thinkthe “coolest” part was when Naruto told Iruka that he is now stronger than he ever was and just breaks through the barrier of Chuunin Iruka, Shika-family’s shadowbinding and Shino-family’s destruction bugs. The last time they showed us how much stronger than the average Ninja he is now was during the Pain fight, after that it became ridiculous, so I really enjoyed the chapter in this regard.
    Well, Naruto breaking free and charging straightheaded into the battlefield is very Naruto-like, but is it really that smart? He didn’t even finish his Kyuubi-chakra training.
    But just like you said – let’s lay back and see Naruto making his awesome appearance, like he always did, let’s see how everyone is shocked and relieved when he arrives, let’s see how he deals with most of the enemies in badass-Pain-style and let’s just hope Sasuke doesn’t make an appearance just now.

  9. I would be surprise if Naruto happens to run into anyone he’s familiar with, or people that he should really meet. One is Granny Chiyo, 2 is the Bone Kekkei Genkai dude, and the rest of the Hosts that were killed by the Akatsuki. I would be shocked if Naruto was somehow seduced during battle, the 7-tail host looks cute enough to seduce him

    code fanboy
  10. naruto still needs to make peace with the demon fox or the fox is gonna keep sucking his chakra. Naruto just keeps making his rasengans bigger and bigger…i reckon in the fight with sasuke thats to follow on he’s going to make one the size of the moon and drop it on sasuke DBZ style

  11. good chapter…
    but I think Madara will own Naruto. And He’ll get the tailed beast and eventually summon the 10 tails. Which will be stopped by a joint effort of Naruto and Sasuke. After beating it the two duels and the screen fades….
    ~Just a small prediction using the usual shonen manga patterns.

  12. Here’s what Naruto gonna do when he reaches the battlefield

    When Naruto shows up,
    He’s gonna show up with kunais

    We ain’t gonna do nothin’
    but show up with our kunais

    Then they gonna start attackin’.
    Then we gonna start attackin’!

    That’s right, Madara!

    I’m tellin’ you, every last
    one of them’s gonna get attacked!

    That’s right.

    Then all of us
    is gonna get attacked!

    And all of us
    is gonna die together!

    Let’s make it happen!

    Ninja power!

    Ninja power!

    Ninja power! Yeah!

    Ninja power!
    That’s us! Ninja power!

    Power to the our Ninjas!

    Shit, man, them fools crazy.

    And Sasuke leaves to fight Naruto alone.

  13. Naruto is sooo retarded!!! Sooo stupid!!!! Its a shame, I love the world of Naruto but Naruto sucks, Kishimoto is a Uchiha lover, Minato, the best character died in the first chapter, and for Naruto… Minato’s legacy my ass!!! He is so stupid that can’t use the age mode and the power of kyubi properly! Even Sakura is more ninja than him! (the filler character in Naruto ever) No genjutsu, poor taijutsu, minimal ninjutsu, and for being a Jiraiya’s student and Minato’s son Naruto have zero fuinjutsu (no brains for study fuinjutsu) What a waste!!!

    P.D: Sorry for my poor english, it’s not my language.

  14. So, what happens to killer bee now that naruto has departed the island? I bet, that Madara will probably show up and capture him sometime in the next few chapters making Naruto the last of the tail beast.

  15. It’s interesting to see that the power of sage+Kyuubi chakras combined can overcome basically any jutsus out there from the Kagamane to kikaichÅ«
    I don’t think even genjutsus works on Naruto anymore so I’m interested to see what kind of overpowered techniques Sasuke would come up with to counter him

  16. Finally seems like naruto is getting back on track. And he still didnt complete his new tech, which it seems like he was working on for 20 chapters or so. Just hope we get to see him punish madara then fight with sasuke in a legendary match!!

  17. IMO, the Rasenshuriken, much less the Rasengan, will not be considered “mastered” until…

    1.) He can do it WITHOUT Kage Bunshin at all.

    2.) He can do it WITHOUT Sage Mode.

    3.) Stemming from #1, he can do it FAST (like Jiraiya and Minato could).

    4.) He can make it WITHOUT the huge backlash of slashing his chakra coils at cellular level (which they apparently completely threw out with Sage Mode).

    …and I hope there’s some kind of big backlash for this (wishful thinking ~_~) because with Naruto recklessly and selfishly going out there just to do everything himself (just like Sasuke. I thought the premise was supposed to be teamwork), he’s risking everything that so many people have already suffered and died for all the way back to when Kyuubi was sealed pretty much.

  18. It just occurred to me, if Nnaruto now has sage mode AND kyuubi mode (somewhat mastered), what will Sasuke have in regards to new jutsu? As far as I know he only hides behind his giant-ass human shield that is purple with glowing yellow eyes and him giving you the evil stare without almost lifting a finger.

    Jon Garcia

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