So apparently, Ichigo’s power basically surrounds him like his clothes as a “cloak of power”, both bankai and fullbring. That’s pretty cool, and Ichigo’s super fast power-ups probably save a lot of time too, but I don’t really like how he’s able to train so effortlessly. Without any instruction or practice he has suddenly mastered his new powers, including being able to manipulate the air and ground with fullbring. It just seems too convenient to give Ichigo all these powers, but it’s also good that we don’t have to go through training arcs, instead relying on past battle experience. He really is a genius, able to “get” things in a short amount of time. As a mediating factor though, he is not up to par to Tsukishima’s level yet, which obviously makes sense since he literally has had less than a day of experience using full-bring.

Of course Ichigo is hotheaded as always and attacks Tsukishima after he destroys the dollhouse, before he really knows what’s going on. His abilities are still rather unstable at the moment since he just gained them and both Chad and Ginjou intervene (with the former destroying the apartment wall), though apparently for different reasons. For now it looks like there will be some Ginjou vs. Tsukishima action and maybe they’ll show some more of their abilities aside from being able to transform objects into large swords. This is also the first time they have met since their betrayal, so some catching up between the two will be necessary too. The other fullbringers don’t seem to have that much reaction to Tsukishima’s sudden arrival however, and that could mean something. However I really can’t see fullbringers being that much stronger than shinigami, so I expect Ichigo to be able to deal with them easily in the future, whether they are good guys or bad.


  1. hmmm I’m assuming that eventually ichigo will be able to pull together his bankai, hollow mask AND fullbring (which is gonna be BADASS) but what I am kinda wondering about is what he’s gonna do with his all superior powers. Literally the ONLY thing I can think of that kubo may use to keep this going after tsukishima is to bring in the vaste lords (am I even spelling that right? I don’t remember..they were mentioned forever ago…) ahhh well at this point I’m only following it for the bishounen and the crazy ass nonsensical fights….ohhh the days when this made sense…..

    1. The vasta lordes as you say are the espada from 1 to 4…You may have noticed that their releases are much more human-like , rather than beast-like…Anyway it was a while ago , but what was the purpose of the espada anyway ? They all got killed (well,who knows), without even killing anybody in return , or achieving something …It’ll make sense someday , no wonder why japanese nickname bleach “endless”…
      As a side note , doesn’t anybody think that Ginjou bears some similarities with Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII ? The jacket , the cross pendant…

      Mr B
  2. Finally even though its not much of an improvement I consider this chapter to be quite better than those of the previous week. Serioulsy by this chapter alone we can percieve how much of a broken character ichigo is. He just got his new freaking power and he already mastered it?
    damn what else would there be room for?Him getting a million more power ups before this series end?

    1. Agreed, this is the first chapter, I think since the beginning of this arc, where I actually felt like something happened.
      Now, if only the same could ring true for the anime.

      1. On the contrary, to me, it felt like nothing really happened at all plot wise. Sure, we get some development with regards to Ichigo’s powers, but thats about it. The story barely progressed at all.

    1. I just feel like Kubo just hasn’t recovered from the disappointly cliche (though I’m sure he thought it was brilliant) Aizen ending, or rather sealing.
      The shikai and bankai, or release states for arrancar, were always kind of hit or miss (though I always thought they were mostly hits), but these fullbring powers have just been disappointing. Where’s the kubo that created powers which were in depth and that taught us about the intricacies of the character of its user. I really miss that. These powers just seem so one-dimensional. Oh well, hopefully it will get better. I haven’t completely lost faith in kubo yet.

  3. Now Kubo is talking. I am shocked that Tsukishima’s blade was stopped by Ginjou like that when it is supposed to cut anything. I guess Ginjou has the same power or the ability to nulify.

    Code Fanboy
  4. Does Chad read Bleach or something? How did he know about Ichigo`s outfit being part of his Bankai?

    Ichigo explained his outfit was part of his Bankai to Unohana when they were running through the Garganta to Karakura, so how did Chad know about this? He wasn’t event there when Ichigo explained it. 0.O

    Am I missing something?

    1. No, you are not missing anything. This is what we call a plot hole, like the many, MANY other plot holes that this arc is inducing!

      There was no chance for Ichigo to explain how his bankai works during the war, and after the war he has lost his powers, so there would be no reason to explain. No one except Unohana should know.

      Kubo is just desperately pulling at straws right now to keep the series from falling apart. Or should I say ass-pulling at straws.

      1. They haven’t even mentioned the left over plot holes from the LAST arc…

        What happened to Nell? Ichigo was ready to die to protect her and they all come back to the real world without a single mention of her like she never existed?

        No mention of his father or the past regarding Soul Society and his father. Again its like it never existed.

      2. It’s not too big of a plot hole. Chad should of said Inoue explained how Ichigo’s outfit forms because Ichigo did explain to Unohana that Inoue told him that she couldn’t fully heal his clothes because it would take longer to replenish reiasu. You can look it up on chapter 382.

      3. I am sorry but how is that a plothole?

        Chad knows Ichigo THE BEST, if not better than Rukia. He is not a fool, I would not be surprised on if he figured it out by himself.

        Oh wow! Unexplained things in an ONGOING manga! Such a travesty! Such a heresy!

        Oh and funny how you bring up his father “being forgotten”, when entire introduction of this arc and everything in xcution is based around supposed knowledge GInjou has about Isshin 🙂

        Nitpickers are annoying.

  5. For once I’ll just be a nice person and perhaps view how Ichigo progressed so well with his Fullbring:

    Shinigami skills are based on manipulation of spirit particles, and Fullbring powers are somewhat similar in that they manipulate spirit particles. By extrapolating the first set of skills, he could adapt them into the Fullbring set.

    Its like knowing how to fire guns and then start learning Nerf guns.

    But nah, nice person mode ran out.

    To hell with you Kubo! Your plot holes are big enough for Yakamo Yukari to drive trains through!

    1. seriously I don’t get how anyone can defend bleach when It is basically made of Ass pulls that latter turn into plot holes or just get forgotten for the sake of it.

  6. This chapter just confirms that Ichigo is in fact, power-hungry. He sees himself cloaked in power, COVERED in his own strength. Later we’ll see Ichigo COMPLETELY break down under his own unknown lust for power. ;D
    Just you wait~ ♥

  7. Ichigo has always been a prodigy. He has fought beings far above his own power, he has died, he has defeated one of strongest shinigami to exist and also WAS one of strongest.

    He mastered shikai in few months, bankai in less than few weeks, hollow mask in few days and then learned everything that takes thousand years for shinigami to learn about his sword in less than month.

    He has intelligence, he has aptitude at learning and figuring things out. Its why he survives. Ichigo is not an usual typical shounen hero as in Ichigo actually has and uses his brains.

    That and he still has all the experience he learned. And fullrbing responds to psychological things, so its not that strange that he can do all these things.

    Upon reread, I just noticed something really interesting about Tsukishima this chapter:

    Its as if he was “teaching” Ichigo things. Why?

    1. He did not attack others. He did not even attack chad when chad blew up the place.
    2. He makes no effort to actually hurt Ichigo (and Ichigo is human, its a whole different thing than Shinigami, in spirit form you loose an arm or two and you are ok as long as you have will and power to contain your form, in human form, as shown with Ishida, you get a realistic injury and you are out, because thats how human body works)
    3. He actually points out the weaknesses Of Ichigo’s current form.

    Now my thinking is that Ginjou wants to use Ichigo to take out Tsukishima and Tsukishima is actually a good guy. GInjou an “xcution” most likely have different plans. Notice how Ginjou interrupted the fight the moment he figured out Ichigo is still not “at his full” and how he said about “not letting tsukishima and Ichigo fight for now”.

    IMO, There might be a few possibilities:
    1. Tsukishima is hoping that Ichigo will realize that Ginjou is using it. So we most likely will get TsukishimaVSIchigo fight latter on which ends with Tsukishima making him realize that Ginjou is evil bad man who planned this and Ginjou is putting his plans in motion by then. Tsukishima COULD be some more neutral, benevolent character, who does not want to hurt his former comrades but stands in the way of whatever Ginjou wants to achieve. Having him fight Ichigo and then using Ichigo to do whatever GInjou wants seems logical for Ginjou. It would explain on why Tsukishima hurt Ishida, also(since Ishida was following him and most likely tried to confront him) and why he did no damage at all to Orihime(possibly he is someone she knew). If we look at it this way, Tsukishima seems like a tragic character, screwed over by his comrades and treading on the line of neutrality, not able to actually bring the hurt to his comrades.

    2. Tsukishima is actually working for Ginjou (Tsukishima’s strange “you should have told me about it” line sounds as if it was directed to ginjou) They are playing bad cop/good cop routine to manipulate Ichigo towards something.

    Not to mention that Tsukishima’s and Ginjou’s names relate and Tsukishma’s name relates to Ichigo. Tsukishima is “(holy) moon island” and Ginjou is “Silver Castle”

    Now some might say that I am looking too deep, but, IMO, Kubo’s strength is in details(you know those little blink and miss things like Urahara using Maggots Nest Prisoners to create Hogyoku, Ukitake recognizing Ichigo’s reiatsu or the simple difference between human body and spiritual body that was only hinted upon but makes complete sense when we look at wounds Ishida survived in HM and wounds that took him down in physical world)

    EDIT: Anyone else waits for revelation that Ginjou’s blade is named X-calibur? :3

    1. If it’s X-calibur then Ginjou’s a good guy :P.
      Calibur was a sword that only those with justice in their heart could use. That’s why it broke when it was misused and then reforged as Excalibur. It’s a Holy Sword that only cuts evil!

      1. And would it really be a first time the symbolism is inverted?

        Ichigo, a “demon in black” fought against a 6 winged cherubim angel(Aizen) and Aizen was the badguy at the time.

        And I know excalubur description, but “eradicating evil” is very vague thing. Aizen also sought to get rid of the injustice in the world and destroy soul king, who is implied to be a very bad…”it”. but his method involved sacrificing entire town.

        Ginjou might have good intentions or some “noble” goal, just like every major villain did, but he still can be a bad guy 🙂

    2. I will not dispute the fact that Kubo did put a lot of detail into this series. But that does not justify a lot of the ass-pulls that he has been doing lately.

      Chad’s powers developed because of his pride in his own skin color.


      You cannot honestly believe that Kubo had the Fullbring abilities planned back when Chad first got his right arm. Even Chad himself said that his powers were closer to a Hollow, hence why it upgraded in Hueco Mundo. Does that imply that all Fullbringers have powers related to hollows? Do hollows have the ability to put people in boxes? Or control time limits? NO, THEY DO NOT!

      When Chad first got his powers, he was defending Ichigo’s sister. Aizen himself said that this came about because of the will of the Hogyoku. That was Chad’s desire at the time, to be able to protect those around him, and the Hogyoku responded. The same was with Orihime. So what? Is Orihime a Fullbringer too? Next thing we know, we are going to group the Quincy together with the Fullbringer.

      I do not mind Kubo trying to introduce a new group. But completely ignoring and retconning what has been established before, and trying to pass it off as foreshadowing is NOT GOOD WRITING!

      1. Fullbring manifests through person’s personality and psychological factors. Its not surprising that for chat it took something related to something he values and takes pride in. Ichigo’s fullbring does exactly same afterall.

        And yes, Fullbringers are related to Hollows, or did you miss the whole deal that they have their powers because their mothers were attacked by hollows while pregnant and survived? They are literally Human/hollow hybrids to go to extremes.

        Hollows have various abilities, ranging with power. But the main thing they do is devour souls. And Fullbring is all about souls.

        Yes. Let me recap for you:
        – Chad has latent passive power.
        – Chad was able to hit a SPIRITUAL being, a hollow, with a telephone pole- something that theoretically should not do big damage. But he hurt it. Now I doubt kubo knew how to call that power, but the concept was there.
        – Ichigo’s spiritual pressure awakens Chad spiritually and powers hogyoku.
        – Hogyoku manifest’s chad’s latent powers due to his desire to protect. (Remember, hogyoku does NOT create, its a rabbit’s foot a thing of possibilities, maximizing certain possibility if it was already there)

        Oh and Quincies are in sense, similar. Except that they are not related to hollows. “Quincy”is a teaching and not a race. IT is something that can be taught to spiritually aware humans and it IS similar to fullbring in that quincies manipulate spirit particles in the environment.

        Orihime might be a fullbringer or something entirelly else. Nothing is known, but it would make sense for her to be FB too.

        And retconing? So far I see no retcons in this.

      2. “Even Chad himself said that his powers were closer to a Hollow, hence why it upgraded in Hueco Mundo.”

        Kubo puts like 4 lines of dialogue a chapter, could you follow it at least a little.
        The head fullbring guy says that their fullbring powers were caused by them being infused with hollow energy while in their mother’s womb, so yes,”that imply that all Fullbringers have powers related to hollows”.

  8. If fullbrings contains powers from the users previous experiences.. doesn’t that mean Ichigo’s shinigami-fullbring form is only half of its power? since Ichigo’s original powers were half-shinigami and half-hollow.. then his fullbring must also have a hollow form or something. It might even have the getsuga tenshou form..

    1. And you apparantly failed to notice that Shirosaki is part of zangetsu and vice-versa. Ichigo’s “hollow powers” are part of his overall power. He united them to attain FGT, remember?


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