「恋次VSルキア?!仲間との戦い! 」 (Renji VS Rukia?! Nakama to no Tatakai!)
“Renji vs. Rukia?! Battle With Comrades!”

Kon wakes up and finds the green haired girl awake. She calls him a pervert and refuses to tell him anything. Several shinigami arrive to pick her up, revealing her name to be Nozomi Kujo, a shinigami, but she escapes. However, Inaba catches up and immobilizes her and Kon, and Ishida shows up to save them.

In Soul Society, Ichigo has been arrested because his shinigami badge was found in the Precipice World. Rukia sneaks into where he’s held and breaks him out, and they attempt to escape. The shinigami have mobilized for an emergency and Ikkaku and Renji intercept them. Yourichi arrives and seals them however, and they are able to get away. She tells them that the people they fought were not the real Ikkaku and Renji, but rather actually Reigai, which retain the powers and personalities as the original. She says someone in 12th squad was probably involved. Ichigo and Rukia sneak into the R&D development to check on the records, and find that Nozomi Kujohad had passed through.




As some people suspected last week, a lot of the shinigami are actually fakes, “Reigais”, which brings up the question where the real ones are. Kira and Nana were probably Reigai’s as well, and it’s pretty clear that Inaba is the villain, though whether or not he’s the big mastermind controlling everything is yet to be revealed. Whatever the master plan is, it also includes taking out Ichigo, as usual. Of course, there’s also the question of who Nozomi is and why she’s wanted by the bad guys, though I honestly would not have guessed she’s a shinigami. While she does seem to possess decent skill even without a zanpakutou, it’s very likely that she’ll be requiring a lot more saving in the future, which is unfortunate since I would have liked to see more kickass characters. And indeed, Ishida has to come save the day in the end, hinting that the ED isn’t just for show and maybe he’ll be able to shine a bit in this arc. I’m also happy to see Yourichi back and in action, and I’m holding my breath for some cool fights soon.


  1. My guess is that everyone who passed the Precipe World are now the bad guys. That is, Mastumoto, Nana, Byakuya, Renji, Ikkaku, Kenpachi, Yachiru, SQUAD 12, and others. Or maybe Byakuya is under cover like last time. I wonder which squad Nozomi is from. I think squad 6 if it has links to the Royal families and Byakuya has to step in to intervene and such. It was funny how Kon denies he’s a pervert when he is one.

  2. I’m willing to bet just about all the characters that passed through the precipice world have been abducted with the obvious exceptions of Ichigo and Rukia, they’re gonna need a lot of reigais if we’re gonna get as massive a battle as the OP suggests.

    Definitely looking forward to some sweet new Ishida and Yoruichi fights.

  3. i just wonder why Bleach don’t ending after Aizen defeat can’t they like Gintama ending in midlle story then continue it after one year.
    Watching the filler arc for years is sickening

    Athrun XALA
  4. I haven’t even bothered with Bleach since after the SS arc(aside from the occasional synopsis here and there), but damn, I love his drawing style. The green hair girl is HOT =0-3! Screencaps 2 and 7 are full of sexual suggestions (>.>)…

  5. I like lasagna. But after I have eaten leftovers of it for so many days in a row I don’t look forward to it. I do like the new arc even tho I have the feeling we are eating leftovers for the 4th or 5th time. The same thing every arc more or less. Its like Kubo makes an arc the same way and just changes the names of the characters. You can be sure the 12th squad guy is probably NOT the big boss.

    More importantly Madoka 11/12 are out and boy is there gonna be an uproar.

  6. Well, the fact the Reigai “retain the powers and personalities as the original” allows for potentially interesting fights. It also allows the writers more freedom, since killing a Reigai will have no impact on continuity problems.

    I don’t think the plot will be amazing, but if some fights are animated and choreographed really well, then this arc is definitely worth watching.

  7. I was interested how Nozomi was able to do those super jumps and use Hakudous when Rukia said Nozomi had 0 spirit power. Maybe Nozomi recovered, but otherwise it felt to be somewhat of a plot hole…

  8. I know this is not the right spot… but Madoka 11/12 were breathtaking…
    The animation, the sound, the symbolism, the emotional connection…

    Let’s just say what became of Madoka was lined up perfectly with Easter Friday.

    P.S. Funny how we’re all hijacking the comment page of another series

  9. It actually happened. I didn’t think it would, but it happened! I FINALLY FINALLY INTENTIONALLY SKIPPED A BLEACH EPISODE!

    I… am just not interested in it anymore!

    I finally cracked. Oh my goodness…

    Cute Nozomi is cute. Thanks for covering the episodes anyway so I can see what the show’s up to anyway. The artwork looks to be a lot more detailed this season that usual, which is nice. And I see you’re covering the omakes now! *thumbs up*

  10. HOLY SH!T!!!!! did my prayer to da ANIME gods get answered!?!? have the producers decided to make every ep HIGH QUALITY!!???!!?? one can only dream..but as long as this keeps up i’m soooo goodie

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. This filler is actually interesting. Ichigo being rash and scolded by Rukia followed by Rukia not doing her own advice is good. Brings back more of their old character.

    Shunsui is made to again show his fast thinking, maintaining his “i look like a bum but actually am a genius” style. Normally anyone would agree to match the reihatsu signature with Ichigo but since squad 12 was compromised, exposing the fact he suspected something by asking for a test would be counter productive. Not telling Byakuya anything seemed silly at first until the expose by Yoruichi. Then Shunsui’s reason for reluctance became apparent.

    Zaku Fan
  12. Ichigo should have stayed imprisoned and had a brief save Ichigo Arc to switch it up. He is always the one going to save everyone, flip the script for a change. Let Ishida, Orihime, Chad and Rukia shine.

  13. Wow the pacing and drawing style is 1000 times better than Bleach has been in quite a long time. It seems much more movie like and the styling seems to fit the tone of the action better.

    This might be the best filler Bleach has ever seen cause in my opinion it is better than the bount arc and most of the Heucto Mundo arc mith neil and pinchi.

    so far so good


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