While Iruka reminscing with Naruto last week didn’t do much for me, Bee’s praise for Iruka actually got me a little sentimental, probably because of how true it is. Naruto’s brought up Iruka more than enough times during his struggle with himself throughout the story, and like a parent raising a child, you never really know what your child will think of you until you’re on your deathbed. Quite sad really. We should all tell our parents how much we appreciate them. Unless they abandoned you. Then never mind.

It strikes me odd that the war suddenly starts winding down, at least with the small skirmishes we’ve been reading for the past half dozen or so chapters, and apparently it’s all thanks to Naruto and Bee breaking out. It makes sense I suppose, but it was admittedly completely unexpected. Still, I don’t really mind, as the story finally feels like it’s moving on, and to even have Madara join the fray? Boy, I thought we weren’t going to see this for at least another 50 chapters. And how else to enter the battlefield without a gigantic controlled “monster”? I’m curious on why exactly or how exactly he got that thing to move, or if it’s even smart to move it, since he only has seven beasts trapped within that thing. Could it always move? Seeing the chained hands, I guess it could, but in Naruto’s world, anything’s possible. I’m guessing it’s for efficiency, since if Naruto and Bee won’t go to Madara, he’ll just bring the tailed beast sucker right to them, as if it wasn’t another example of his unparalleled “hax” powers. Regardless, there’s still a bunch of other characters risen from the dead roaming around, so I’m not sure if those will be given attention to; however, with Madara on the move, I expect some game-changing twists.


    1. I was wondering wtf that was about myself.I know he’s been locked in their training and stuff, but was he seriously that hungry?It’s not like there was valuable information for the enemies in that letter.

      1. Or a (cheesy) plot device whereby the sheet of paper is infused with chakra, and it will somehow get Naruto out of a pinch in later fight. (Chakra can do anything, remember)

        Although I think SpacyRicochet is right about the ‘Your words live inside him.’ metaphor

  1. “We should all tell our parents how much we appreciate them. Unless they abandoned you. Then never mind.”

    A-ah, careful there, sounds like personal experience. humh~

    I got a little giggle at this: “Feudal lords worth shit and the Raikage knows it… still, let us get them for the lulz”

    Poor Kakuzu, not to special anymore.

    Lectro Volpi
  2. Methinks the statue was the same one Nagato summons when he’s ambushed by the Hidden Rain, so I don’t think it should be surprising that it moves (especially since Madara’s stolen the Rinnengan). I might be wrong though.

  3. The translation I read at mangareader.net had Bee saying the F**K word a few times in his raps. Anyone else read that as well in their subbed version or did the subber add that himself?

    1. VIZ translates those portions as “Fools! You fools!” In terms of vulgarity, it’s probably somewhere in between “fools” and “motherfuckers.” So the translator exactly add it in, per se, but translated it in their own way

  4. yeah the plot really kicked back in to high drive. was not expecting Madara to go all in!! i thought there was going to be a few more chapters of Shikimaru’s dad’s battle plan playing out. and also a showdown with all those undead Kage’s first.
    But Who is complaining? LETS GO!!!

  5. Hope I’m wrong.. but I could sense Bee coming close to his deathzone. I don’t think he’d be as lucky as Gaara was, and I don’t think he’d get away from Madara twice. Bee wouldn’t let Naruto get captured, so when Madara gets to them, it warrants that Bee would come first. Madara getting one of the last two Jinjuriki creates a huge conflict and excitement in the story, so I do feel it would happen. I just hope Naruto could save him when that time comes.. -_-

  6. At least Kishi didn’t overlook JUST saying the fan used up A LOT of chakra by having Tenten completely exhausted to almost dying, lol.

    When I first heard Madara saying he needed a “substitute”, I first thought he meant he’d use himself as a Jinchuriki for one of the Bijuu already contained in the Gedo Statue. But it seems he’s simply using the Gedo Statue himself similar to when Nagato used it against Hanzo all those years back. Perhaps it’ll rampage around and use the abilities of the already-sealed Bijuu within or something.

    At least something interesting is looking to happen.

  7. I guess it was only a *war* in name since madara is powerful and everything but he isnt a nation and dostn hold any territory to conquer so its more like a duel to the death Madara Vs Everyone. Fun enough diversion but now its back to good ol protagonist.

    PS. Anima is back!! The greatest summon beast to ever be thought up has made his comeback in Naruto.

  8. LOL that is awesome how anime came to me in my head just now. Love the story and how it is developing nicely, even in the anime too (there’s still a bit too much talking but no complaints). There’s one thing I would also like (though just a small spec of hope) that they add more of the Naruto and Hinata pairing, or at least have her get a small kiss in.

    GO HINATA!!! 🙂

    Jon Garcia

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