Initially, I was rather annoyed at Ichigo in this chapter. I know he’s a strong-willed, hotheaded type who cares a lot about his friends, but what he’s doing now borders on stupidity and bravado. He knows he’s in no position to fight and will probably end up hurting himself more. Adding the fact that Ginjou is already fighting him, his behavior really just runs down to wanting personal vengeance. In every situation he wants to be the one doing the fighting, as if he’s always thinking “step back I’ll handle this” even when he isn’t up to par. It’s nice that Chad tried to reason with him and hold him back, but Ichigo really needs to cool off before he makes things worse for both himself and his friends.

He tries to attack Tsukishima anyway, who easily stops him again. Luckily for Ichigo he manages to power up on the spot (as he always does), with the same intense cloud of black reiatsu surrounding him somewhat like his bankai. Interestingly, Ichigo’s constant upgrades is reminding me of Aizen and his hougyoku. Clearly though, the fullbringers don’t want anyone messing with Ichigo before his evolution is complete and they seem to be delaying Tsukishima for as long as possible. Unlike what I had thought last time, Tsukishima and Ginjou didn’t talk much at all and attack each other right away, though no interesting abilities are really shown until the end when Yukio the video game kid with the archaic clothing steps up and takes Ichigo out of the picture (into a save file?). Even with the new developments however this chapter felt too short, especially with all the crap in the beginning with Shigawara that seems completely irrelevant.


  1. Yeah, I kinda don’t understand what’s the point of this whole arc…there seems to be a lost sense of direction. Kubo could have just left Ichigo with his powers when he fought Aizen. Even Ishida didn’t get this much attention when he lost his powers lol. Ichigo better be learning something important now or else this may be just a filler a manga format.

    1. Remember that Tsukishima once destroyed were Ichigo was held for the training, no doubt that he can do the same with the… save file? And the sword suddenly reminded me of Cloud does the sword also separates like FF VII AC?

  2. Obviously, Kubo has something in mind for switching Ichigo over to full-time human body, and separating from the Shinigami way of doing things. The entire Aizen story was about breaking past the limits of the Shinigami side, so I’d say that aspect of the story is pretty much exhausted. It feels nice to have a fresh cast of characters, and what will inevitably segue into more information about Inoue and Chad’s powers, as well as what the deal is with Urahara and Isshin, and the Fullbring cast is helping the story get there. Deviate a little to expose a lot over the long run: not filler.

    1. I think you are right about developing inside his human body.

      But I don’t agree about the new characters. Bleach already has a plethora of characters that still have no back story or development. There are just too many unanswered questions and mysteries about characters who have been around since the beginning. I could make a list, but it would be huge. Adding more characters without explaining what you already have is a little annoying.

      And… I do not approve of Aizen 2.0!

  3. Ichigo and his attitude is really starting to get on my nerves. He has completely stopped listening to reason.

    Chad should be putting his Left Arm of the Devil in his face.

  4. I actually quite liked this chapter mainly cause Ginjou is in action. Also Yukio finally revealing his power made me happy. I was always curious about him and Yukio and Ginjou definitely had potential to become my favorite character in the series so it was a good chapter for me.

    I’m just slightly annoyed with Ichigo now. I know he is doing this out of desperation and annoyance of his friends protecting him but I sometimes wonder if he thinks of the people who will suffer if he gets seriously injured or killed. Especially Ishida and Inoue since Ichigo is doing it for them right now.

  5. “especially with all the crap in the beginning with Shigawara that seems completely irrelevant.”

    Hahahaha you said crap!

    We know Ichigo is that kind of hero but somehow he got on my nerves too, maybe because Ginjou is the best option right now and Ichigo just can’t let anyone take the spotlight?

    Ha, Mr. Otaku_Brawler and Mr. BROOKLYN otaku wrote funny comments and both of them share the “otaku” in their nicknames. Fate! I call it! Well, it amuses me more than the chapter.

    Lectro Volpi
  6. Yukio obviously has a fullbring that can bring games into reality, much like Shunsui. But to a much GREATER extent, which is really cool. I mean, what can he bring to life: Mortal Combat, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros, what game would you want Yukio to play. Though I got to say, I agree with what you say “archaic clothing.” For someone who likes to play games, he is a little behind in the fashion sense. Maybe it’s cosplay, and the game he is playing is likely some Dracula game, seeing how his clothes fit that sort of stuff.

    code fanboy
  7. Interestingly, Ichigo’s constant upgrades is reminding me of Aizen and his hougyoku.
    Yes, that’s a very interesting thought. Somehow that’s the only thing that would make bleach iteresting for me again. I’m getting bored of the new characters, they don’t seem to have much background, no enchanting bonds among each other -sighs-

  8. Kubo does not seem to be evolving as an artist. Every arc feels pretty much the same as the last arc just with different characters and the situations but yet it still feels like reruns. Then at the end of the arc plotlines get dropped that he didn’t remember to address and we move onto a new arc.

    Ichigo is a teenager and doesn’t even remotely think of girls? He has a gorgeous girl in his posse (Inoue) and he doesn’t make any attempt to notice how pretty she is or that he has any interest in her? Even Naruto has a slow moving minor romance storyline with Sakura and Hinata.

    I know its a action series and they aren’t known for anything other then action or adventure but cmon all the characters have nothing to them.

  9. I hope theres a really good and interesting reason why ichigo gets stronger quickly and its not just for the plot to move. otherwise, bleach would go much lower in my views.

    1. Don’t mention Ichigo’s dad. That plotline from last arc got dropped and still hasn’t been addressed. Bet we don’t see any mention of it til sometime next year.

  10. One guy making big explosions while the other uses just his sword and technique. Was I the only one who was reminded of that boring fight between ichigo and gin a while back?

  11. I find it increasingly difficult to enjoy Bleach on a per-chapter basis. It feels very segemented and very little occurs in each chapter.

    I personally wouldn’t mind if Bleach becomes a monthly serialization. Maybe less plot advancement overall (based on time), but at least each chapter might be more fufilling, less filler, and more impressionable art.

    The character designs right now are just vapid and uninspired. (Yukio looks exactly like Ichigo with a different hairstyle and clothes)

  12. Bah! Bleach, I am still expecting to see some hidden prophecy that Ichigo is the chosen one, Inoue is his sister who was seperated from him at birth for some funky reason, his mom is also a royal princess of some sort, and the bad guy is actually kon, who well, for some funky reason is … bad.

  13. True, Ichigo does seem a little irritating right now, though you think we would have gotten used to his major hero complex by now.

    Think on it – If you have been protecting others and always having that mindset, how would YOU react when you suddenly lose it the ability to do so? Besides, he usually flies into a rage when he knows that his friends were attacked, and Chad’s comment about Orihime probably made him snap when he puts two (Ishida getting hurt) and two together. Coupled with his hot and hard-headed personality, his actions are rather reasonable – if no less irritating – if you ask me.

  14. this fullbring mess was unnecessary X10. If Kubo wanted a Power Restoration Arc he should have at least used the Vizards since they abided in Karakura Town..wait what happened to them anyway? Urahara also restored his powers when Byakuya sealed them way by in the first arc. The fullbring arc should focus on powering up Chad since he’s one of them. I mean the manga is called Bleach not Ichigo. It can focus on other characters which would be interesting to me.


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