I had a talk the other day about Japan and their government hiding their past histories from the public and changing textbooks, and I remarked that conservatives in power will eventually die out as the decades pass, but that if people keep talking about it and passing it on, then racial tension will never go away. But as I said this, I knew it was easy because I personally wasn’t involved in such matters, whereas people that were, had much more difficulty letting go. This is why Fisher Tiger is a boss. Not because it’s revealed that he actually didn’t want blood from humans, but because he was the slave, and while he doesn’t hold the capacity to forgive, he can admit that a continuing cycle of hatred is not the way to go. I’m not too sure if I can forgive and forget when a day comes that calls for it, but one can only hope to be as level-headed as Tiger. And so, I dedicate this paragraph in honor of Fisher Tiger. This is going to be so good when animated…

Man, I called Fisher Tiger getting owned on the island several chapters ago. I think I’m starting to see Oda’s formula for sympathetic deaths: having someone of opposite groups help each other and find camaraderie, they enjoy their lives for a while, then when it’s time to part, have one of the sides betray the other. While his current storytelling is varied with twists thrown at you every once in a while, this flashback still feels old and busted, with the exception of Fisher Tiger’s monologue. I’ve never really had this problem before, but I hope he comes up with more “fresh” conflicts to drive characters.

I have an inkling that Arlong meeting Kizaru is somehow going to strike a deal with Jinbe trying to retrieve him. As for Koala… I wonder if she’ll ever find out.


  1. just what make you taking so long kiira-chan i so dead to see this thread
    with FT dead this also move the plot to Otohime
    FT just like WB he refused to die until he lying in proper place and proper time

    Portgas Truth
    1. dats da magic of O.P! nobody dies until they’ve said what needed to be said, and they’re damn well ready to!……..but at least they die. kinda glad kiza-rooo stopped arlong. plus I like that whole Rage/Hate/pride speech by fisher at the end, that was real! woulda been mad generic and corny if he died all Mohandas.G style.

      BROOKLYN otaku
  2. When you mentioned that formula, I thought there might be a little truth there. But as I skimmed through the story arcs really quickly, only the Jaya/Skypiea arc had that, unless I missed something or you were thinking of some marine and pirate relationships. Really, who else got betrayed by friends? Robin? CP9?

    And it might not be so much formula as a common scenario that he just happened to use this time.

      1. I liked the fact that the people of the village at least sold him out for Koala’s sake and not just their own. One Piece can be deliciously gray morality at times like this.

  3. I’m with Luxorcist the forumula you mentioned was only used in one flashback before. Norland’s flashback and it can’t even be considered a betrayal.

    Also in regards to pirate marine relations most other pirate series delving into this subject tend to put betrayal in pirate/marine relations. Except this betrayal didn’t have anything to do with the marines. It was Koala’s village who betrayed Fisher Tiger to save Koala. One Piece tends to not use betrayal all that often in Pirate/Marine relations.

  4. My God, this slave-trade is incredibly twisted, even Garp gives a shit about it! (he was just worried about facing Rayleigh). They are not like: “This is tough, but I can’t do anything about it.. damn, damn it!!!” no, they are: “Slaves? yeah, what is the problem?”. We need Dragon to put a new order here.

    Fisher Tiger showed Nagato how to deal with pain.

    Screwed? that was cruel Mr. Kiiragi.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Watched One Piece 496 and Ace won me with his: “I don’t care if the bastards in the world don’t recognize me or how much they hate me. I´ll become a great pirate and I´ll see them face to face!”

      Much better than the low self-esteem: “I want everyone to recognize me! bohooo~”

      Lectro Volpi
  5. Sorry,Kiiragi. I don’t think this formula is overuse. If you say this formula is overuse, please give us more example like who, when and in which chapter. As far as i recall, i don’t think there is a lot of this kind of betrayal,

  6. Why is anyone still reading this manga after 623 chapters? The author is obviously just grubbing for money by dragging the story out as long as possible, which is an insult to his readers. I say boycott the bastard.

    1. Shut It! OK.

      I don’t read it anymore but this thread is a place for those who likes One Piece.
      See if you like people defending One Piece on a thread that bashes the series.
      In fact, make one now and they’ll be a lot of people who will go up against you.

      Your statements may be valid, but you don’t have to be an a*s about it.
      Be civil when giving opinions.

      Anime>Sleep Otaku
    2. Why is anyone still reading [insert manga name here] after [insert number here] chapters? The author is obviously just grubbing for money by dragging the story out as long as possible, which is an insult to his readers. I say boycott the bastard.

      Hey look at me I can copy paste this into any other manga series and troll without a legid reason to back it up too!

      1. I might be able to reply to your statement if I knew the meaning of “legid.” Unfortunately, according to the Oxford English dictionary you have just written a nonsense phrase. Moreover, while my opinions about Japanese comic books may not be supported by a large amount of empirical evidence, at least I know enough to not use the preposition “too” to end my sentences.

        The next time you want to criticize someone else, you should begin by researching basic spelling and grammar conventions.

  7. i really hope Koala finds out the truth… she has the potential to become a much bigger character. A person who was saved by Tiger and carries the sun pirate tatto on her back, and who could get some serious character development if she finds out. Plus, besides her strangely thin neck, her design was really cute, and i loved how she held tigers hand while walking to the village.

  8. I really hope Koala returns as a character in the present timeline. I feel like she should be a very integral part of the current arc with the whole fishman island tidbiz. I hope she finds out the truth too, its complete BS what her village did to Fisher Tiger.


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