「Drifters of the DEAD」

If you’re reading this, you have failed the test. There were two reasons I initially had to blog this. One was because Divine asked me to, and two was because I blogged HOTD in the past, so I figured hey, this could be a little nostalgic, despite finding the series mediocre. Then I watched the sixteen minute OVA. Nostalgia was instantly gone, so now my personal reason for posting this became the same reason why this OVA was made. To give you raging hard-ons (and garner an embarrassingly high amount of views). So what was the test for? To see if you like tits and ass more than your hatred for this series. Of course, if you’re a hypocrite, you’d come in here anyways. Or you didn’t watch the series, and came in for obvious reasons. Or you actually like the series and all that encompasses it. You’re the only ones that pass with flying colors, because nothing can affect the impervious opinion of “I like this.”

Being bundled with the 7th volume of the manga, it’s obviously something made to boost sales, to have some tiny connection with the actual series, and to let you see your “favorite” characters spend an afternoon pretending they were in porn (which is also for boosting sales). I’m surprised they even cared to uphold the different “personalities” each character had, however transparent. Really, I’m just shocked how far they went with the whole thing. Suddenly we’re using hentai trade secrets with substances that leave women helplessly gasping for sex, which of course, naturally leads to lesbians (cue rolling eyes). Then a more explicitly implied sexual encounter with Saeko because we obviously didn’t have enough in the series. Throw in some breast groping that seemed to have more budget shoved into it than the entire episode and call it a day. Also, implying Saya has some mommy complex and likes to compare breast sizes with said mom was slightly disturbing. And Takashi somehow holding off several female zombies while unconscious? Damn, they jumped the shark here too. Standard fare for ecchi OVA’s really.

But hey, when you don’t really care for the series, what’s to get mad at? Ya’ll can thank Madhouse for providing this “service” because porn is never an oversaturated industry, and for giving viewers hope for a second season (sigh).
As for me? Show Spoiler ▼

List of spreads for whatever convenience you need: 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 46, Secret


ED13 Sequence

ED13: 「Best friends」 by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
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      1. I agree with you Kiiragi, also PEOPLE STOP YOUR COMPLAINING!!! Did you expect anything less from the creators that actually makes hentai on the side as well. If you didn’t know you are excused, but I find HOTD enjoyable.

  1. I’m happy to fail the test. I didn’t really hate the show anyway. HotD was always more about fan service than…whatever else it had…guns? I was really quite surprised that there were absolutely NO nipple slips at all. Yea, just surprised…not disappointed at all…

      1. I like the manga, it was really good but the anime was shit. Heck, I didn’t even notice that the manga also had such a focus on breasts until someone pointed it out in comparison to the anime. I read it for the zombies and gore but the anime was so drugged with jiggling that I stopped halfway in the FIRST episode:| I really like boobs, but not when it moves so much it’s like a freaking tongue with a mind of its own(ಥ益ಥ) Well…I admit that I also failed your test XD Saeko with braids as well as the yuri pic in the preview was too much to resist>< Although I'm still not watching it, thanks for the full-body pics, damn they're hot:D

      2. Yes, HotD manga has nice story with nice zombie chopping scene to go along with the service. The anime version should just be called Boobs of the Dead instead. I had very high hope for it at first but after 2 episodes, I kind of dropped it =/

      3. The series had a good storyline. What would happen if one day zombies took over the world? What would you do? Well this group of kids and a teacher did this….

        When the anime was made they put too much effort into fan service and not enough into the story and thats all anyone will remember HOTD for… fan service.

  2. Lol this episode was…pretty funny and disturbing at the same time. Still wish there was something on par with the “bullet flying through jiggling breasts” scene.

  3. In the words of Charlie Sheen… WINNING!!!

    This OVA was simply a break from the zombies and having the characters tripping balls on some narcotic hallucinogens. Come on, you’re gonna sit there and tell me you’ve never partook in some questionable chemicals and woke up the next day in questionable clothing while holding on to a person of questionable origin and don’t remember the alleged actions of the prior evening?

    I can’t be the only one… right?

    Anyway, this OVA was put out there to show off the characters in swimsuits and that’s exactly what they delivered… though I could’ve done with Komuro’s speedo. o.0

  4. I’m more amazed that with all the fanservice there was no nudity in the episode. When I saw that they were going to create an OVA I kinda figured they would have nudity in it due to the lack of nudity in the main TV season, and as a way to sell DVDs as this show was basically competing with Seikon, Queen’s blade, and Samurai Girls.

  5. What if I came in just to see Kiiragi bash it?

    Still, I spent about 5min watching this OVA, skipping scenes as I went along (*obviously* aiming for the more “interesting” ones)

  6. I refute that the “I like this series” was the only way to not pass the test. I saw the screen caps from the post preview (haven’t seen the OVA but those 6 pics were enough to figure it out) and I saw who made the post (the same guy who likes well thought out stories with more depth to them than what anime on average serves). I entered just to see what you were going to say. And I am disappointed in you. I didn’t get enough laughs at you raging.

  7. Can’t not blog a big fish like this one, eh? I’ll be keeping a close watch on the exponential rise in views as people pour in out of “random curiosity”.

  8. Did anyone else think that it was that the tunnel stuff was a load of total bs? ._. But then again, it’s not like this is a series to take seriously (which I mean in the best way possible).

  9. I agree with click, the tunnel thing totally ruined the episode. It made it seem like the whole episode was a joke with on plot development… wait a minute, it doesn’t have a plot.
    That said, it was a good episode for people who liked the anime while it was airing, though I can’t say I’m too hooked on Hirano humping a broom.
    Anyways, check out my blog where I review a lot of anime and lots more!

  10. I liked the series, maybe because I have not read the manga. Anyway, even though this was pointless, it was not a waste of time, oh no:P will there be a second season? cause I can’t find the info anywhere… Anyone?

  11. Honestly I like HOTD, unfortunately, in the later half they focused too much on the bullet-time dodging Boobs it’s a really turnoff. But it doesn’t stop me from finishing and enjoying it. I just hope they continue with the story and decrease that bullet-time dodging Boobs.

  12. Well, all fanservice aside, I never thought a guy could look badass in a female “school swimsuit” (sukumizu is it?). But for one glorious still, Hirano pulled it off.

  13. I’m huge HOTD fan 😀 This OVA episode is really exalted 😀 I like Takashi’s half-naked body 😀 And the zombie girls 😀 So I guess the most appropriate word to describe it –> LOL.

  14. I liked the series… but I just wasn’t ready for this LoL

    fi there’s something positive to say… at least the only ACTUAL tits were seen only before the opening… LOL²

  15. Kiiragi, I’d like to hear your thoughts outside of individual episode reviews. A series of posts on the general state of anime or other such topics could be a good feature to add to the site. Or even something like a debate between the different writers at randomc could work really well.

    1. I could probably just pull the chat logs I have with Kiiragi. There’s tons of dialogue about the perception of anime and blogging it too.

      I don’t really plan to formalize that stuff and make it into a post. He’s welcome to give you his insight on anime as a whole though.

  16. I hated the show, but loved the OVA.

    Because at least they stopped trying to be what they are not. This is pure, but HONEST fan service. Not something to take seriously, but neither was the whole anime in the first place.

    At least this time I knew what I was watching.

    some name
  17. I have to admit that this was definitely not what I was hoping for when I watched it. No mention of the double standards in blaming Takashi for no food when the girls didn’t even bother to try looking for any?

  18. I clicked on this because I was curious what the phrase “This is a test,” entailed. That, and the fact that I’m supposed to review it in the future…. Damn, I hate this series. I wouldn’t hate it so much if it wasn’t for the fact that the first couple episodes tricked me into thinking it might be good. I was actually most of the way through the first season before it occurred to me, “Damn… I hate this show.”

  19. Lots of hate-ons for this show, but you know you all clicked on it for the tits, dont lie ;p

    LOL, thanks for reviewing the OVA. I liked the show and found the OVA amusing, but there did need to be some actual zombies (besides Takashi’s ‘admirers’ at the end), and since the Blu-Ray version added in some nipples to the main series already, there’s no reason not to have those tiny bikinis slip to one side. Maybe they wanted to see how much breast flesh they could show without needing to go for areola *shrugs*

    It was comedic fanservice with hallucinogenic drugs, what’s not to love 😀 Is there in fact going to be a Season 2? I look forward to seeing Hirano go nuts in a shopping mall. Maybe there’ll even be a new nerd-girl so Hirano can get laid (I know, he’s gotta bear a torch for Saya-chan, but it’d be nice …)

  20. Let’s see…

    – Maybe I read the review because… I wanted to know what your thoughts were? Just sayin’
    – The series was very vanilla compared to to the manga… and to this.
    – I stopped having shame on the internet a long time ago. In Real Life the bar is set a lot higher, but I still have no problems declaring my tastes when asked.
    – I never really hated the anime… Even for the manga, I never felt so strongly attached to it that would warrant me getting mad over a poor adaptation. Ok, I may have really enjoyed the first few chapters, before they got used to killing zombies.
    – I actually welcome the over the top stuff… It’s not that easy to get me to laugh.

  21. I stopped being bothered by fan-service long ago. I just learned not to share fan-service series with anyone. Whatever, I try not to watch something that will just make me angry (stopped watching Bleach and stuff like that).

    Ah! secret shoot my ass! I will remember this Mr. Kiiragi!

    Lectro Volpi
    1. That’s what makes me sad about this series. HotD is great. The manga is fantastic and the anime could’ve been the same if not better. But then they decided to take the uber-fanservice route and that’s all people are going to think when they see this series. I mean, yeah there was fanservice in the manga, but they really took it up to 11 for the anime.

      1. You twisted my words with your serious issues. Never liked you because of that, just serious business with you.

        “I am not bothered by fan-service” Bossun: Lectro Volpi thinks HOTD is 100% fan-service.

        “I just learned not to share fan-service series with anyone” Bossun: HOTD is like Girls Bravo for Lectro Volpi.

        They are talking about fan-service and I spoke a general idea of what I think about it. Use some sense.

        Lectro Volpi
      2. -___- I didn’t twist your words at all.
        “I just learned not to share fan-service series with anyone.” – This is the same mind-set many people have, which, like I said, makes me sad because that means many people won’t share Highschool of the Dead even though it’s still a good series.

        “They are talking about fan-service and I spoke a general idea of what I think about it.” Forgive me for thinking you were talking about HotD in the comment section of a HotD post…

        Only serious business with me? That’s funny. True, I like to keep my comments relevant but if you ever interact with me outside of simply reading comments, you’d see I’m a pretty jocular person. I mean, my name is Bossun. Sket Dance is the opposite of serious business.

      3. Let all of my statement apply to HOTD then:

        HOTD has fan-service and I am not bothered by it. Nothing here.

        HOTD is just but one show, with fan-service series I was talking about: Girls Bravo, Ladies vs Butlers, Goshūshō-sama Ninomiya-kun, Kanokon. If you say fan-service those will pop up before HOTD (I doubt people will ever mention it, I put it with “zombies”. Yosuga no Sora had nudes and sex but I put them on “Dorama”). I jumped to a more general field after the first sentence but I understand the confusion.

        I won’t watch HOTD with anyone. I won’t play Bayonetta with anyone near me. I feel uneasy about such things but most likely that’s just me, I can’t talk for others here.

        I have a better opinion of you now.

        Lectro Volpi
      4. Ah, okay. That makes a lot more sense now. And I felt the same way about Bayonetta. I always worried my roommate would walk in and think I’m playing some torture porn game or something. >_>

  22. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many anonymous commenters… Am I the only one who’s here because they actually liked HotD? On a related note, does anyone know how well the blu-rays/dvds have been selling? Good enough to warrant a second season?

  23. So sad. I remember watching the first episode and thinking “hmm, this series might be on to something!”. Now, even if someone gives me the manga for free and swears on his mother that it’s nothing like the horrible anime adaptation, I won’t read it until enough years lay between me and this disappointment. I believe that’s what they call ‘backlash’.

  24. I came in here because Kiiragi blogged it. I haven’t watched the OVA. I do actually like the series, both the manga and anime. Fan service isn’t really something I care about(exception is Seikon no Qwaser because I simply could not stop laughing at how overly normal the exposure is portrayed…and I don’t think it was intended to be a comedy :X) as long as there’s plot. Grant did mention it has plot..? Well, I’ll be watching it, I guess..

  25. *cries*
    I’m sorry!
    *wipes tears*
    The boobies were too powerful!
    *cries more*
    Oh god the anime was so bad
    *cries more heavily*
    I’m not going to watch this I swear!

    *downloads OVA*


  26. You may bash however you like- yet you’ve the courtesy to provide full-body caps aplenty.

    Sense I a twinkling of guilty pleasure, Kiiragi?

    Anyways- this OVA shouldn’t come as any surprise, given the standards of the fanservice during the regular broadcast (heh- broad cast)- there is also the fact that the artist of the series specializes in such NSFW areas.

    Plus- if one really, REALLY tried- you could probably argue that there was some character development here. (REALLY, REALLY TRIED).

      1. Well, dang.

        Never really paid much heed to that line. In my defense- it’s not exactly eye-catching, sandwiched between the title and the preview pics, written in faint gray.

  27. O__o i think this is the best ova i’ve seen this year. (wait, k-on’s is the best. XD)

    give you raging hard-ons (and garner an embarrassingly high amount of views).


  28. As someone who’s only watched the anime, I just figured that’s just what the show was about, zombie gore and fanservice. I haven’t watched the OVA yet, but I’ll make my comments once I have.

  29. Okay, I’m kind of blinded by that much T & A, but at the same time I’m getting used to it thanks to watching HOTD’s TV run, so I can still appreciate the hilarious-yet-over-the-top-badass plot.

    Also, a part of me is gleeful at more Saeko x Takashi shipping.

  30. I don’t hate the series at all, in fact Highschool of the Dead was my #1 favorite show from Summer 2010. I went into the OVA expecting hilarity and character interaction funtimez, and that’s exactly what I got. I see nothing to complain about here!

    Sorry you had to blog about a show you hated, though, man. 🙁

  31. Honestly thanks for the warning, I’ll avoid watching the OVA. On a brighter note, the 7th volume is out and I cant wait to find out what happens next, along with enduring the euphoria and lust intrinsic in harem shows…. =/

  32. I click in as I didn’t know there was an OVA and wanted to know whether it was worth watching. Didn’t even know what NSFW means.
    So is it a pass or fail. think its a didn’t even take the test.

  33. Why do some people even bother trying to think or expect some side story in OVA’s, it costs more to produce it and its not gonna be a gamebreaker either. If they really wanted some long term sales, any side story or whatever would be included in a second season if there was one. OVAs are all meant to be fan service, if not then the story must be good enough for the producers to rack in a consistent income from the thing anyway.

  34. this ova is totally a fail for me. actually, the whole ecchi thing just turned me off from watching the anime further. i liked the plot because it’s about killing zombies… then ecchi came along and i thought, “fuck this. i’m no longer continuing this shit.” fan service? more like “watch-the-characters-relieve-their-sexual-frustrations”.


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