「自分同士の対決、一角VS一角!」 (Jibun doushi no taiketsu, Ikkaku VS Ikkaku! )
“Showdown of Mutual Self, Ikkaku vs. Ikkaku!”

Kyouraku meets with Ukitake in private and discuss what has happened so far. After the fake Mayuri and Kenpachi returned, they had reported that Ichigo interfered in the Precipice World, and produced Ichigo’s shinigami badge as evidence. Yamamoto orders his capture, sending a team to the real world. Kyouraku and Ukitake investigate the Precipice World records, but members of the 2nd squad arrive to arrest them on suspicion of modifying the records.

In Karakura Town, Nozomi runs off again and the shinigami look for her. Suddenly they feel the arrival of the fake captains. Meanwhile, Inaba enters a prison cell with an unconscious person, and tells Nozomi that she can’t run. Kon finds Nozomi in the forest, but she runs off when the reigai shinigami arrive.

Several of the reigai lieutenants discuss their mission, and the originals arrive. Omaeda fights a modified version of himself, and Yumichika, Ikkaku, and Shuuhei each fight their counterparts. Shuuhei and Omaeda are overpowered by their reigai’s aggression and flee into a tunnel. By working together however they are able to defeat the fakes. Ikkaku and Shuuhei are defeated by their reigai counterparts, and after Ishida arrives they leave to look for Nozomi.




We finally see some more clone vs shinigami action, though I wasn’t particularly impressed. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from fillers, but the whole thing could be much deeper. When I first saw this guy, I thought it was Isshin dressed as Omaeda, but then he just turned out to be a douche version of Omaeda with an even more obnoxious personality than the original. I’ll admit the more violent reigai do spice up the fights, such as the bloodthirsty narcissist version of Yumichika, but it just wasn’t that exciting on a whole. In addition, I’m also not too impressed with how Soul Society was so eager to hunt down Ichigo again, after suspicious accusations from the fake captains. Only Kyouraku and Ukitake saw something wrong, and I assume the rest were either replaced by reigai or fooled. Next week is Rukia vs. Rukia though, and I definitely am curious to see that. Of course there’s also the mystery with Nozomi and what seems to be a male version of her, and it’s hard to make out the relationship just yet.


    1. I’m guessing thats the real Nozami (a male) in the prison cell and his soul is in the female Nozami in the real world. Perhaps he is the bad guys son or younger brother.

  1. I like how the weaker characters like Shuuhei and Omaeda actually won due to using their head, especially taking into account the bigger size of Omaeda’s clone’s weapon while the 2 combat characters just charged and smashed their heads against a steel wall.

    Zaku Fan
  2. Though I was initially disappointed when I found out this arc was about clones instead of a civil war, it’s grown on me a but more.

    The fact that the clones are more aggressive then their real life personas, I am curious as to how much more blood thirsty the Kenpachi copy will be…

  3. I thought it was still pretty funny/interesting that the clone Omaeda completely missed the obfuscating stupidity aspect of Omaeda’s character, especially considering how the other reigai knew so much about the originals. It probably has to do with the fact that he didn’t actually take on Omaeda’s form. So basically his ploy of looking like an idiot even though he’s a pretty competent member of the special ops squad worked in his favor even against a clone of himself. I’m curious to see though whether or not the clones actually successfully escaped although they probably did, they probably don’t want the clones to be too outnumbered since they already have to contend with all of the originals + everyone who hasn’t been cloned.

    It felt like they went with a total cop out on the other fight though, we basically didn’t get to see any of it and as soon as Ishida shows up and it looks like the real fight scene is about to start next episode they just run away. Although it still served to give the clones some more characterization with the blood crazed Yumichikawa.

  4. Arresting a character without even bothering to investigate while the real villain carries out their plan, how unusual. Counting canon material, filler seasons and movies how many times has Soul Society done this? Seriously? I’m starting to think the real reason Yoruichi left SS is that she realized her ‘intelligence’ division really doesn’t live up to its name.

  5. Its not surprising SS did that. Despite all those friendly captains, SS in its main thing is a feudal dictatorship based on feudal japan. Those who do not agree with Yamamoto are either “retired” into maggot’s nest or sentenced to death.

    Ichigo is alive not because they “like” him. They tolerate him and see him as useful. Heck some might RESPECT him, but thats as far as it goes. The moment he stops being useful(he already did) they will only tolerate him. And thats till he slips up. A government based on fear and authority has no need for rebellious liberal people like Ichigo.

    In the end the only person who is REALLY on Ichigo’s side there is Rukia. Ukitake takes interest in Ichigo for entirely unknown reasons, Zaraki counts him as worthy opponent, Byakuya might respect him and so on, but he is not a “friend”. He is just a mere outsider that factored in into the whole Aizen situation. Not to mention that except for those few, for ENTIRETY of dozens upon dozens upon dozens of shinigami in ss, Ichigo is NOTHING.

    So yeah, I would not be surprised on if SS jumps Ichigo at the first time they get reason to, be it manga canon or anime fillers.

    1. Except that they so far they have showed no interest going after him. And you would think that any sane organization would stop to ask the fairly obvious question of ‘why would this person who hasn’t had much reason to oppose us suddenly start doing so?’

      1. Standing from Yamamoto’s view, i don’t have a problem with him going after Ichigo. Its all just procedure to him. Arrest, gather evidence, see result. Sure, he may have suspicions, but that’s what gathering evidence is for. He has always seemed to be a “by the book” person.

        Kyouraku and Ukitake are less concerned with procedure than finding the truth much like during Rukia’s execution

        Zaku Fan

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