Finally, a Bleach chapter that actually has a good amount of content. A lot of information and a good amount of concepts were introduced. The dialogue really sucked, but the progression was decent, with the previous fight wrapped up, and the next battle training for Ichigo is set up as well. It’s nice that the nagging question about why Yukio didn’t just trap Tsukishima was answered right away, in fact by Yukio himself. As for his powers, they seem very similar to Riruka’s dollhouse, since both of them have ability to teleport people inside small objects, though he is hinted to be quite strong. His actions defused the fight too, since Tsukishima couldn’t do anything about getting Ichigo out of the game.

There also actually seems to be some more intelligence in this episode as the Fullbringers work together against Tsukishima, then later try to figure out what he’s after. They conclude that he really is mainly interested in Ichigo — as have most villains so far. I can’t blame them either though, since Ichigo’s powers are both unique and fast-developing, and perhaps a little too fast. It’s cool that Ginjou will be fighting Ichigo next, and Orihime will be participating as well, though I’m not expecting too much. Also, this is the first time that the police/fire department was brought into play with all the damage the fights are causing. I suppose it shows the contrast between shinigami, and full-bringers who are regular humans with special powers.

For the cliffhanger, something is hinted to be wrong with Ishida. My guess would be that he’s like Ichigo and is just mad that Inoue was attacked. However, we still know almost nothing about his encounter with Tsukishima, and from what’s shown it looks like he just got cut down by Tsukishima’s sword, instead of whatever happened to Inoue. He’s probably hiding something.


  1. yeah, this chapter was really interesting.
    maybe tsukishima does have more special abilities other than cutting as shown with inoue and possible ishida. maybe he’ll control or something.

  2. Perhaps, Tsukishima was successful in implanting this “i am your best Friend!. So tell me sekrets!!” in Ishida.
    And i bet, that Inoue and Sado will get a “surprise visit”.

  3. I hope Ishida will play a large part in this Tsukishima mystery surrounding Inoue. That panel above seems to suggests that he will indeed.

    And Yukio is very cute. He is acting like an adult but is still a child! I laughed when he said he was tired.

  4. Didn’t Ishida meantion that the enemy’s ability seemed different , so couldn’t it be that Tsukishima didn’t attack him and i could have been someone like Ginjou. I don’t Ishida has seen Ginjou or Tsukishima (although I might have just forgot)so could say who it was until he saw either of them. As for last bit about Ishida might be that he knows or suspect something , but i’m probably wrong about that (i hope not though as that could get interesting).

  5. I think this is the first time we’ve actually seen the police/fire department brought into play rather than the actual first time it happened, since the previous arcs didn’t actually take place in Karakura Town anyway.

    And finally, we get to see what Ginjou’s Fullbring does. Or was it already revealed and I got lost?

  6. Why are the villains always interested in Ichigo? All he does is swing around his sword with energy blasts, and it’s not even a special effect energy blast. His powers are so straightforward it’s not much better than some of the other side characters.

  7. Odd, most people seemed to have enjoyed this chapter. I hold reservations. Tsukishima is too much of an Aizen clone… I find it irritating. Orihime is getting too much screen time. Never a good thing.

    About the only thing I like is that Ichigo is recovering at a high speed. It took him a LOOOONG time to get the powers he had only to have them all washed away. It would be vexatious for him to take the same amount of time to get strong again. I liken it to the knowledge of bike riding. You never forget, right? Say you break your leg, can’t ride a bike for a long time, then all of the sudden you see one. Remembering the weeks of childhood with training wheels it took to learn to ride said bike, you think it will require are start over. You hope on and within minutes you surprisingly get the hang of it again.

    That’s how I see it at least. Ichigo knows what power feels like and how to wield it. It isn’t inconceivable that he would be able to relearn so quickly.

    1. Also it was quite interesting bits in dialogue:

      Ishida talking about “disturbing” changes in Ichigo’s new reiatsu. Could FB powers actually have some sort of corrupting effect on the user?

      Tsukishima’s dialogue with Yukio. Tsukishima is hiding from someone? Why do I feel that there’s a third badguy side in this story? We know that someone “told” tsukishima about Ichigo and what Ginjou’s FBs want with him. WE know that both tsukishima and his sidekick AND the bag-thief-guy(who apparently worked for Ginjou) AND the gang that searched for Ichigo at school attend the SAME private school.

      Then we have Ikumi who I still wonder how will fit into picture AND we have Isshin and Urahara doing shady deals.

      This arc of bleach looks more like a big puzzle, slowly assembling itself, instead of straight-fighting that was Arrancar Saga. I like that and I am really interested in finding out on what is happening and on if my hunch that all two(three?) sides introduced are baguys.


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