「10%の雨予報」 (10% no Ameyohou)
“10% Chance of Rain”

This episode was full of so many cute moments that I’m not sure where to start. The most notable one would have to be the flashbacks to all of Keima’s previous captures. I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I’m glad that the show took the time to show how much Keima actually cares about each of the girls he saved. He may go on and on about how real girls are no match for 2d ones, but his actions are far louder then his words. Keima deserves to shine like this!

Ayumi’s sudden reappearance was the most well planned event thus far in the series. The whole notion that she felt uncomfortable while Chihiro was badmouthing Keima was like God’s orchestra playing the fanfare from Final Fantasy inside my brain. The idea that a combination of Keima’s time and feelings were able to leave such a lasting effect on Ayumi’s heart that she’d still feel those same feelings even without her memories made my heart tingle. And not even giving my heart a moment to regain it’s composure, Elsie’s words range the clearest when she said, “[Memories] get erased, but that doesn’t mean the person returns to how they used to be.”

If you didn’t notice it, Keima was blushing more during this single episode then the past season combined. It was probably his earnest feelings that were able to win over Chihiro’s trust. That look on his face when he was recalling all of his previous captures was so pure that it’d be surprising if Chihiro didn’t fall for it. In retrospective, it makes perfect sense that with a girl who’s trying to win a guy; it’d be the game of getting the girl with the guy and not trying to get the girl. If you take a second to think about it, if you replaced Keima’s words with slightly less game-intensive terms he’d be pretty close to the Japanese Hitch. As soon as Keima figured this out, it was strange thinking about how he didn’t have to be the one who was kissing the girl. I thought he’d be leaping at the thought that he personally wouldn’t have to do the deed ever again. But after taking a closer look at all the work he went through to help Chihiro, it’s pretty clear which method is easier.

So as I’ve predicted, it must be really hard to really like a guy who you can’t talk to by yourself. If you have a male friend trying to get you together with the guy you like, wouldn’t it make more sense to pick the guy who’s putting in all the effort into helping you? Not only that but if you’re not being yourself with the guy you like, what happens when they find out? Keima usually isn’t the one with perception problems, but it felt like Chihiro was starting to fall for him hard toward the end. The attempt at a real conversation, blankly staring at his face, that look of sadness in her eyes when Keima announced that she’d be confessing the next day — it all seems to be pointing to an ending where Keima is the actual winner.




  1. But after taking a closer look at all the work he went through to help Chihiro, it’s pretty clear which method is easier Manly.

    Chihiro mahou’d her way to ultimate cuteness in my book. I wasn’t a big fan of her but curse these writers for having her score so many points in one go! The intimacy between her and Keima in the classroom.. They went from this to THIS! SNEEKY!! Why can’t they just bless us with a double feature for episodes like this?

    Oh and before I forget.

      1. if you have enough knowledge about this kinds of stuff. like knowing the things to do and not to do, it will work. you also have to factor in your personality to fit the girl, like what keima does for each girl he captures. change if its not the right personality.

        do all of these and you can get a girl/boy. it just might not last long…

      2. “If you have enough knowledge about this kinds of stuff. Like knowing the things to do and not to do, it will work.”

        Intimate relationships are not about “doing the right thing”, like following some eroge walkthrough.

        “You also have to factor in your personality to fit the girl, like what keima does for each girl he captures. change if its not the right personality.”

        No no no, you cant be a chameleon, that kind of thinking wont work at all or will end at very bad results (you being depressed). Sex is not worth the mask. Being alone is 1000 times better than being into a bad relationship where you cant even be yourself.

      3. who’s to say you cant be yourself? even if keima is not acting like himself, most of what he does run true to his nature(like about the library being peaceful and nice for him to play since its quiet). heck, keima has pretty much shown some parts of himself and does care for the girls even after their capture.

        plus it has still to be done right. you cant just enter a relationship without making good steps for it to happen. like giving the girl attention, helping her in something, listening to her, being nice to her, etc.
        being a jerkass to a girl usually wont achieve a good relationship unless the girl knows that you’re really a good guy. keima shows that even while he’s a jerk, he helps the girls out with their respective problems.
        the eroge walkthrough is not completely untrue to reality you know.

      4. Its ok to like the anime/manga series and all but in the end, it’s just fantasy man. You cant apply anime rules to the real world just like that. It just doesn’t work that way.

      5. then being helpful to the girls wont earn you points?

        kami nomi is even more realistic than the usual shoujo mangas in romance.
        keima not only makes moves to the girls, he helps them with their problem. some of the things that happen in the real world is like that.

        some girls love bad boys, some nice guys, some like smart guys, etc.
        keima applies the right type of guy for the job and it still works.
        it may not last long but you never know. besides, keima is not making a long lasting relationship in the first place.

        while this is fiction, it also relies on reality. its not like the girls fall quickly for keima. its realistic.
        for example, are you saying you wont get attached to someone who is helping you very seriously, not asking for anything at all? in chihiro’s case, keima’s possibly the first and only guy who is helping her without asking for anything in return. keima’s giving her real attention instead of the guys she confessed.

        you can still try to say it wont work but I recently won a debate about this so lets see how far you’ll last.

      6. “then being helpful to the girls wont earn you points?”

        No, life is not an eroge.

        “kami nomi is even more realistic”

        No, TWGOK is not realistic. 5 centimeters per second is realistic (watch it).

        As this is my last post on the matter. I’ll just use spoilers for the rest of the answer.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      7. I said it was possible.
        if I said it will in my comment, then I may have mistyped what I meant to say.
        there might be a girl who is like that. of course its shown in kami nomi, that that technique doesnt always work. keima does things differently for each girl and they’re never the same.

        and I meant more “realistic” than the usual shoujo manga. make sure you really read my comment.

        im not interested in any relationship yet. I feel like I wanna see others fall in love rather than try to get my love.
        I used to have a crush but never tried to pursue it. I got over it and I currently dont have a crush. find some girls attractive, yes, but not interested right now.

      8. Overall Richard wins this argument.
        The difference between Keima and normal guys is that Keima views “conquests” as a game, as some riddle for him to solve. Even if he cares for the girls, it’s not like he loves them or anything, he just likes them as aquintences and appreciates them for the kind of challenge\eroge character they represent. Us normal people don’t yearn to solve a human puzzle, we are attrected to the person and want thier genuine affection.
        But the difference is not only in the motive, because of this difference Keima dosen’t suffer from sexual yearnings or about expressing himself. He just does what is needed to win the girl’s affection without minding “killing his self”, because you know, it’s not like his relationship with them will last long anyway what with memory-wipes and stuff and he also generaly dosen’t care. IRL, killing yourself, living a lie as Richard said, will just eliminate the entire point as it isn’t genuine affection and youre living a lie and generally am bound by some role play personality that you simply arn’t.

        So in a way, yes, Kami Nomi is realistic at protreying it’s characters and situations; but the characters themselves… Or well, just Keima arn’t realistic in the first place. (a guy with no sexual desires whatsoever? yeah right)
        And most of Keimas tricks and knowledge would probably work, but like, it’d be horrible to get in a relationship with a girl you think so differently from and generally don’t have anything in common with. It’s really the same as sucking up to people so that they become your friends. Seriously if you want sex that badly just work for a month and go to a wh0r3 or something.

        (In case you still don’t get my point, try imagining yourself hitting on a hot blonde girl, and it’s kinda easy because she’s extremely dumb, but half-way through the conversation you start hating her because you feel like she’s giving you brain cancer. And yeah Im stereotypical lol)

        See Key
      9. ps. im sort of like keima.
        I recently have glasses now. not interested in getting girls(for now), busy with anime/manga, still get embarrassed, stoic, loner. I just dont rage about the real world like keima does.

      10. Well, this argument is long over, but imho I think amado’s right. I find a lot of thing’s in this anime to be pretty accurate. “The importance of the first encounter so that you are noticed”…”how negative feelings can be turned into positve feelings”…most importantly “Spending time with that person”. A great part of love is physical presence – The memories of being together. That’s why statistically long distance relationships don’t usually work out.

        Sure, long lasting relationships are more complicated, but this show has nothing really to do with that. And obviously you can’t follow this like a “walkthrough”, but I don’t see why you couldn’t take some advice from this show. You’ll be surprised what you can learn from film (and anime) if you use common sense.

    1. I just need to get as far as Keima does. I mean, he’s doing just fine!

      Then again, I wonder if all of this will catch up with him. I can’t imagine the toll this takes on his heart.
      (Perhaps they will address this later.)

  2. Yeah, the scene where Chihiro looks sad when Keima completely ignores her conversation attempt and tells her the confession next day is AWESOME. I think this scene in the anime outshines the manga in conveying Chihiro’s growing feelings for Keima instead.

    1. still prefer manga. some of the more comedic aspects disappeared.
      drama sometimes feels forced, at least during haqua’s arc.

      the anime’s still good. I liked that lunch box “cake” ep from last season.

    2. Drama is better in the anime. Mainly thanks to the music.

      Comedy is better in the manga: There’s more of it, but nothing they can do about it in 12 episodes.

      I think TWGOK has more to show in the drama department rather than the comedic one anyway.

      1. I think just the opposite: I read the manga 97% for the laughs. However, this was the very first episode of the anime that actually got me with the drama: it felt strong without being forced, and didn’t sacrifice the comedy atmosphere.

        Maybe that was because I watched it in the middle of an Angel Beats! marathon…

    1. Elsee saw a fire truck passing by, when it’s raining… Don’t you guys think that it’s weird? Firetrucks all of a sudden.

      By the way pls. visit my blog its: Just messing with you divine…

  3. ^ Elsie is very fond of fire engines :3

    This episode was the best one ever. Might just change Kami nomi in my favourite series this season. This one was so pure. Funny that the conquest of this girl isnt so fake at all because its all very realistic. I like it.

  4. I lol’d when Elsie saw the fire engine, haha. 😀

    Anyways, The World Only God Knows is a great example of a good romance anime. It manages to do things differently, and that’s why I love it. And above all else, I was shocked that I started to sympathize for Chihiro. I initially hated her guts since she badmouthed Keima, but at the end I started to root for her getting what she really wants. It’s strange. Did anybody else feel that shift in emotions? And isn’t it probable that Keima will get Chihiro, and not that Yuta guy?

    On another note, I would be deeply thankful to any of you who drop by my blog and drop a comment or two. Thank you. http://aniphiles.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/the-world-only-god-knows-ii-6-chihiro-cuteness/

    1. It’s funny how some people are desperately trying to sway readers from here elsewhere. I don’t remember how exactly I got here years ago, but it sure as hell wasn’t Omni and Divine pimping their site on other people’s blogs.

      1. I remember finding this site when I was looking for the best anime of year 2008 around 3 yrs ago.
        then I was a lurker until Divine created the new random curiosity.

        also, he could be advertising her since randomC is like one of the biggest anime blog. also has LOTS of comments when compared to other kinds of anime blog sites. randomC can averagely have 20 comments in a single ep while others have around 10, and some of that is the bloggers response to comments.
        this just shows randomC is really great.

        but yeah, its kinda getting annoying… I think edit his posts if he keeps it up for another week.

  5. I never looked forward watching Chihiro’s arc, but I’m very suprised how good this turned out to be. And it was fun watching Ayumi again, she’s always been one of my favorite girls in this anime with Kanon. So I hope we get more glimps of Ayumi in the future

      1. It’s halfway through S2 and we’re only at volume 4 of the manga. Imagine if they continued, we’d have 5 to 6 12-ep seasons – and I won’t be complaining.

  6. Chihiro is probably tied with Ayumi as second favorite girl. Behind Shiori, naturally.

    Her arc was one of my favorites, since as Keima said the two of them are somewhat on the same level. Can’t wait to see it finish in animated quality. I love how much work this series has been receiving compared to other series that just eventually decay in quality.

  7. This is so much better than the first season, no mean feat which is really hard to pull off. And Elsie is just…my god, I can’t get enough of her. 2D girls rule after all:P LOL:D

    1. I’d say this particular arc is the best in the anime series.

      Kusonoki’s arc was rather predictable and easy to read. The Haqua arc was okay, though from what I’ve heard, people don’t like the anime Haqua, since she deviates from her manga counterpart in a negative way. Chihiro’s arc provides something completely different from the past 5 conquests, and of them all, has some of the best drama.

      Also, I noticed Keima blushing throughout half this episode too. Good to know he’s conscious about previous events.

  8. “Keima usually isn’t the one with perception problems…”

    He’s letting his emotions get the better of him with Chihiro. This entire arc has actually been about Keima’s emotional response to everything thus far. Just goes to show that all this is affecting him quite a bit also.

  9. Hmmm
    What will happen to tsukiyo?(see my site for the youtube vid. of diff. capture of keima)
    But can’t see her on the OP and ED 🙁
    Oh well I cant wait for the next episode
    and *I’m still hoping for season 3* :p

    1. When planning the show, the studio probably thought they’d be able to squeeze her in but when writing up the whole outline for both seasons they probably thought it better to remove her to give the other girls more room.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. I’m not sure if I really like Keima being like this… this soon. I mean I do like Keima regardless and the faces he makes are cute and whatnot but… It makes what happens later on kind of less significant in the characterization department. Thought the anime completely succeeds in making Chihiro cute. She was cute in the manga later on and that’s when she won me over but she’s already winning me over this arc, which makes me feel kind of sad when they had a slightly different character design for her last season.

    It’s been lightly touched upon in a comment before but I really love how the drama was handled in this episode. For the record, I watch the anime for the drama and cute girls. I read the manga for comedy and cute girls.

  11. It was really cute of how Chihiro is falling for Keima bit by bit even if it was not Keima’s intentions. The anime looks a lot darker with the raining weather going on… excessively dark for Kami Nomi? But I must say that scenes here to amazing 😀

  12. “…wouldn’t it make more sense to pick the guy who’s putting in all the effort into helping you?”

    That depends on the situation. From experience i’ve evaded that from happening, 1. if i like the girl but she likes another guy, and i want to help her, i jump directly to the little brother side, 2. if its a friend, i keep it that way, unless i smell something fishy, which makes me jump to the little brother boat 3. if the previous two fail, become a lovely smartass (which turns them down on you, but doesn’t ruin the relationship between both).

    I envy how easy Keima sees it, though it can be pretty realistic if all reactions add up. Other than that, its always fun to pair up people. A challenge i say 😀

  13. I am usually hesitant to come in here for fear of Manga spoilers… but after this episode I just had to say something.

    I don’t think in all the 13 years I have been watching anime I have ever flipped so quickly on my opinion of a character. For instance Sasuke in Naruto… 8 years and I still hate that emo bastard. Last episode I couldn’t stand Chihiro and couldn’t wait for this arc to be over, but after this episode I nearly felt sorry for her and consider this one of the better arcs. Though, I must admit it isn’t hard to be better than that terrible library girl. >_<

    1. WHAT!? How can you dislike the librarian!? O.o She’s so magnificially cute and awesome!
      Although I agree with the previous statement about Sasuke. Although, I hate Sakura more for beeing in love with the bastard. Like, what has he ever done for her except make life miserable? *sigh*

  14. In an earlier episode, it was mentioned that there were many thousands of lost souls that needed eviction proceedings. It seemed that Keima was doomed to spend the rest of his days with Elsie, especially given the productivity that other demons such as Haqua had displayed thus far.

    But mid-way through this episode, I couldn’t help but feel that he needs the void in his own heart filled. And that might be the key to fulfilling his end of the contract with Elsie and her demon boss (and finding love and happiness and all that stuff). Of course, I don’t remember the exact terms of the deal so maybe it’s already been defined.

  15. I’m kinda looking forward to this arch being over. It’s not that i don’t find the Chihiro character interesting, but going from the spunky, dojo fighting master, with a gender crisis (Kusunoki). To a laid back, average, hopeless romantic (Chihiro). Doesn’t transition well. I think they tried to amend this a bit by introducing Haqua between the arcs, but it didn’t help much.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Lets hope the other arch transition a little more smoothly then this one did.

  16. Wonderful episode! I have a question… After the capture of a loose soul, does the girl forget only the event of the capture (the kiss and the convo before it) i.e. a few minutes or so.. OR the ENTIRE buildup of the capture?

  17. I haven’t checked in right here for some time because I believed it absolutely was becoming tedious, however the last several posts are seriously great top quality so I guess I will include you back again to my everyday bloglist. You should have it my companion. 🙂

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