The mystery about Urahara and Isshin is tightening up finally, and their “true” motives (if any) may finally be revealed. I seriously doubt they’ll really be the new antagonists, but it’s quite possible that their goals conflict with the full-bringers. Of course it’s also possible that the full-bringers have malicious intent, but there’s nothing that indicates that yet. I’m guessing that their goals for Ichigo may simply differ. It is possible that Isshin doesn’t want Ichigo to get his powers back, and just wants him to lead a normal life (“take away his future” as a shinigami), or it could be the other way around too. Even this far into the series though we know very little about Isshin and Urahara, so any conjecture now could be far off. There’s also some mystery shinigami in the end, though there’s absolutely nothing to indicate who he or she might be, besides that it’s probably not a captain. Ichigo himself of course has no idea what’s going on since no one tells him anything, and he just continues his training as usual. With Yukio’s PSP hooked up and ready to go, this upcoming battle looks to be interesting with the health points and other video game elements, e.g. Inoue the unfortunate designated health power-up.

Additional Notes
– “Invaders Must Die”: Space Invaders reference maybe? complete with the bad graphics; as some people pointed out, it’s also a song by Prodigy.
– Yukio can control the people in the game; I wonder if he can delete characters too
– Riruka is going to be jealous of Inoue


  1. I think Yukio’d be able to delete people assuming he’s sufficiently stronger than them. Last chapter he said something like he didn’t have enough battery power to “save” Tsukishima, so his powers don’t affect everyone the same. If you are strong enough you can resist it, I guess

  2. The next chapter probably won’t even address the cliffhanger at the end of this episode. And the “mysterious” shinigami is probably someone we already know. IMO, Bleach cliffhangers don’t really have that much of a “hook” to it anymore.

    I keep thinking of the actual real-life Bleach games, not that I have actually played any of them.

  3. now we’ll get to see how much inoue has improved(if there is any left to improve except faster in healing).
    I hope she manages to get more matured and gain more people to accept her.

  4. I don’t think Riruka was jealous of Inoue but other than that, Bleach feels like it’s finally moving.

    I’m so curious as to who that Shinigami is. I don’t think it’s Rukia yet. I have a feeling Kubo is “saving the BEST till last”. Maybe a new character related to the Royal family??????

    1. It wouldn’t be far off as to say “filler manga” and “canon anime”, given how the plot is moving in the manga right now. The anime arc right now isn’t the best, but it definitely feels more like canon than the manga

  5. Ugh… no more new characters pl0x!

    Please develop the plethora of characters already introduced! How many Captain and Visored Bankais do will still know nothing about?

    I hope the shinigami is Rukia… she feels left out as of late. For goodness sake, she is the first character created! (That, and she is my favorite!)

    As far as Riruka’s opinion of Orihime… I agree with Prooof. I think she is jealous. Though, usually the cliche in anime from a small chested girl to a large chested girl is to angrily point out how big they are… that surprisingly didn’t happen.

  6. I thought this chapter was definitely interesting. I feel that the new shinigami might be someone from previous chapters. I think its to far into the manga already to introduce a new character as it is. Does anyone think it is possible that the new shinigami could be a copy of himself or one of his family members such as his sister? On my part thats just a hunch. I’m hoping all these mysteries will be answered soon.

  7. Gee, another chapter of Bleach where nothing really happens. What a surprise. I’m always amazed that Kubo somehow manages to draw about 18 pages where in the end nothing really happens. Let’s see, in this chapter we learn that the kid loves his PSP (fullbringers’ powers are based on objects they’re attached to, right?) and Riruka is confirmed to have a crush on Ichigo, and…that’s it. Maybe it’s because his frames are too big or dedicated to pointless things like someone’s hat? Anyway, that bit at the end was taken out of context, so it could mean anything. Given Bleach’s past chapters and story-telling, it’s more likely than not that the last bit won’t end up being special in any way.

    Yet somehow I keep coming back each week…

    1. Maybe within the game she will be used like a potion or something. Just a guess.

      Interestingly her “rejection of events” along with her other abilities don’t appear to be a Fullbring. I don’t believe it has ever been stated yet either.

      Sado’s skin Fullbring is a huge retcon to me… it’s so… lame… His coin should have been his Fullbring if anything. But that’s just me being nitpicky.

  8. I think you might be right solarguardion! It might be a possibility but since they said at the end of the chapter it would change ichigos life then maybe they don’t want to change karins as well. It would be a good story line for karin to become a shinigami since she has been previous talked about in other chapters with powers and able to see spirits.

      1. It’s speculation, based on things we’ve known for maybe hundreds of chapters. I don’t see the point of a spoiler tag for something that isn’t even remotely a spoiler.

      2. Why would you need a spoiler tag in a manga topic anyway? I can understand anime topics when people already know what is going to happen because they read/play the manga/book/game. But in the manga forum, this is it. This is as far as our knowledge goes. Nobody has knowledge of what is going to happen next. Everything is speculation.

        Speculation ≠ Facts

        None of us know what is going to happen. Speculating is just fun… I guess…

        I “suppose” the only thing people might get mad at is they didn’t put two and two together and want to figure things out on their own. “Maybe” then it would be a pseudo-spoiler… but you probably shouldn’t be reading in here, then, since it is a discussion of current chapters.

  9. Excited to see Orihime back in the action again. I like how she has matured so much and has a near unshakeable will when it comes to Ichigo.

    Additionally, the new Shinigami interests me. Could possibly be a new character, or even an old one. It may feel like nothing has ‘happened’ here, but I feel it’s more of a gradual build-up. No idea where this is heading, but it does look promising.

    1. Excited to see Orihime back in the action again. I like how she has matured so much and has a near unshakeable will when it comes to Ichigo.

      Seeing her declaring she can heal everthing made me happy and mad at the same time. Yes, I’m happy to see that she matured and seems to be so strong-willed, too. But there are certain things that even she can not heal. I’m not used to such a conceited Orihime.

      And please, please, PLEASE let it be an old character, Kubo. Enough with new characters already! Dx

      1. Conceit? I don’t see any conceit in her. Is there some part of her speech and interaction with Riruka that give you the idea?

        From what I see there’s just determination and Orihime making a strong and firm stand after all that has happened.

      2. People, I man the SOUL. She can’t heal his soul. Just look at the state he’s in, mentally. She’ll never be able to heal those wounds which might be even worse than the physical pain.

        And it is conceited to think you can surpass all limits. Inoue was always a very humble and modest character. Like I said, I love her new determination, but it’S just… strange und unused to see her like that.

    1. I think it’s Rukia too… I mean, she’s a really popular character, Kubo can’t just send her away… And I’ve also always thought of her as the main female character even though Kubo’s been neglecting her ever since the Soul Society arc… 🙁

      And I can’t stand Orihime, she seemed extra annoying this chapter too. Though I’m pleased Riruka didn’t get all nasty and attack her for having huge boobs or freak out over her being pretty.

      Magical Poof
  10. I can’t decide how I feel about Riruka…

    Like should I pity her or be afraid? On one hand, it feels like she’s afraid because Inoue showed up and she knows there’s no way she could compete. On the other hand, it feels like she genuinely hates Inoue because she feels threatened and well…I hate anyone who hates Inoue.

    In any case, I got a million bucks that says the guy at the end is Renji. Keep in mind, I’m literally basing this on nothing and it’s an absolute guess. But I’m a betting man and I think it’s going to be someone we don’t expect.

    Also, if they don’t reveal who the shinigami is in the next chapter, I’m going to bash my head into wall. I’m sick and tired of this manga drawing everything out as far as possible. At a certain point it crosses the line into just being annoying instead of a fun mystery for the viewer to look forward to.

      1. Lol, don’t get me wrong. I’ve always liked her. I was joking about ‘hating’ her. I’m just saying in this particular instance, she feels out of character. That whole scene felt somewhat tense except for that one small bit of comedy in the middle. She obviously doesn’t like Inoue, but I can’t tell if it’s because she wants to be as close to Ichigo as Inoue is or she doesn’t want to see Ichigo get hurt and doesn’t understand why Inoue would willingly ‘help’ put him in danger. Heck, it may even be both.

        I don’t really know how to word my thoughts exactly. She just felt ‘off’ in this issue. I can see if it was more of a comical scene, but because it was so serious it just made me think.

  11. – Invaders Must Die is both reference to Space invaders and to famous Prodigy song of the same name(not surprising since Kubo has excelent taste in music,

    – It seems like Riruka is being set to eventually desert Ginjou and join Ichigo’s group. Its quite clear that she is feeling conflicted about something.

    – The mystery shinigami is either Unagya(eel shop lady), Ukitake(due to him being the ONLY one who knows what the badge is actually for and his obvious ulterior motives towards Ichigo) or Aizen.

      1. You have not been reading this manga then.

        Its plenty chock full of references to songs and bands.There are constant references to KISS, various rock bands and he even named that huge hollow that helped Aizen escape SS as “Superchunk(y). Hell, the whole name of this manga is the same as Nirvana album and we constantly get music references of his favorite bands in chapter titles(like “Panic at the Dollhouse“)

    1. Haven’t seen or read enough about him to glean more than what he has shown currently. It feels like he exudes quite some confidence and calm when it comes to his Fullbring. Without it…I don’t know. Reserving judgment for now.

  12. What kind of future are they talking about? When ichigo was an shinigami he could be both shinigami and human. But he lost his power so his future is obvious now.
    But if they are doing all this, maybe they are trying to seal off his power for good.
    As for the shinigami I think it’s rukia, because she doesn’t want to see him fight again and gets hurt.

  13. I feel like the shinigami is Ichigo(his spirit energy in the form of him) or Zangetsu. I know its far out there so its probably wrong but usually fillers of an anime tend to bring up current manga issues(Clones vs yea).

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  14. I think that if Urahara was so careful in proceeding with the “thing” he and Isshin were doing, was maybe

    1) Transferring Karin’s power to Ichigo.
    2) Doing something to get his powers back, which also involves considerable danger. ]
    3) If Ichigo had a weird reiatsu, they may also trying to conceal his “fullbring” abilities.
    4) But, one of his friends had already asked him about his career. Tite may be hinting something.
    5) Already mentioned, seal Ichigo’s reiatsu so he may never gain spiritual power again. Thats why Rukia may have been saying, “What? Ichigo?” and the badge may have been alerting Ichigo that his abilities are in trouble.

    That shinigami…
    I have a feeling that it may be Karin, Byakuya or Rukia.
    Rukia because he heard her inside the substitute shinigami badge.

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