Well damn, this chapter was quite the emotional rollercoaster. Oda’s done great in portraying the Tenryuubito’s because I really really hate the dudes. They’re pretty much whiny brats except with the permission to act that way. The fact that they thought they could waltz in an entire civilization of the same species, demand slaves back, and actually expect them to come along as if they would enjoy the idea really speaks for itself. So I was like, “yeah, kill the bastard.” Then Otohime comes along and covers him, and suddenly, “oh shit, is this how she dies?! That’s terrible!” But no, the bullet grazed, and she points out that the children are watching. So I’m like, “oh shit, now she’s gonna get it because she helped him. Too good for her own doing.” But suddenly, Shirahoshi lets out some kind of wail that calls Sea Kings. “Damn son! Was that actually haki?” Considering the fishmen have no idea what Haki is, it could be, or it could be just an isolated power mermaids apparently have. Now we know why Decken wants Shirahoshi, so he’s not much of a pedophile after all.

Otohime’s got some serious balls to accompany the guy who just tried to kill her, having escaped death twice now in the same chapter. Over the span of a page, I was quite anxious, but she actually returns with a signed paper. That is pretty amazing. She convinced the Tenryuubito? Seriously? I’m having such a hard time believing it that I know this paper must be a lie. A trick to get back at the fishmen. Tenryuubito don’t forget how to hold a grudge you know.

My attempt at literal impressions. /halfjoking


  1. Okay… here I go: PrincesswilljointhecrewbecauseshehasanabnormalabilitythatwillhelptheSHinarandomyetdiresituation.

    Man! this chapter almost gave me a heart attack: She is going to die by the shoot! no, by the Tenryuubito! no? she left the island with him, they are gong to execute her on land! huh!? she came victoriously with a signed paper!? Oda you damn troll! it is horrible because I know she is going to die but how it will be!?

    Ha,ha! Decken tried to save his decency with: “Ah right, she is too young.”

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Luffy needs at least one more member and that person must be female. If Shirahoshi can bring herself down to human size then it’s possible but I think she will be left at home.

  2. Finding is hard to root for Otohime when she’s just sooooo hotheaded
    I don’t think it’s solid parenting to put yourself in danger like that when you have toddlers at home

  3. when i first read this the first thing that came to mind is that they must have branded her somewhere, in that she sacrificed herself for the good of the whole and she came back only to be killed i guess

  4. now it make sense why VDD so much want marry the princess
    at first,i thought he just a pervert pedhophile who only want marry the princess just because she cute

    so the princess has power to command the sea kings with her cry hmmmmm interesting maybe she also has disposition king

    Crowds and me
  5. All the mermaids can talk to fish; most fishmen are too violent to talk to fish, so Jinbei is special in that regard. What makes Shirahoshi special is that she can “command” sea kings rather than just regular fish. I don’t think it’s because of haki, but who really knows. Doubt she’d be a good crewmember though (she wouldn’t fit in their ship, which is still on the tiny side, as ships go)

    I’m guessing that Otohime leads a group of mermaids and fishmen to the surface, where they’re summarily killed or enslaved. I wouldn’t trust the Tenryuubito for a second (since I hate them too)

  6. Nice chapter thought I must say Otohime’s personalty annoys me for some reason.

    I don’t think the straw hats will get a new nakama from this ark its just too soon after a 2 year separation.

  7. I doubt that it’s haki. All merpeople can speak to fish, as well as Jinbe, but it seems only Shirahoshi can speak to Sea Kings, which is what makes her special. Also, it’s not that all fishmen and merpeople are ignorant of haki, it’s just that most people in general are ignorant of its existence.

  8. Man Otohime really annoyed me this chapter. Should’ve killed the damn Tenryuubito, I hate them just as much as anyone else. They are pretty much super exaggerated form of upper class nobility from back in the days who treats lower class like crap.

    But then we always HAVE to have an idealist to ruin everything, and even though she SOMEHOW escaped death this chapter, she’ll probably die some lame way due to her naivete later. This makes it really hard for me to sympathize with her when shes so idealisticly naive, a trait I really hate in real life. Yeah im a realist.

    1. You aren’t a fucking realist. The pragmatic person would consider the ramifications of killing a Celestial Dragon, seeing how the World Government takes any offense against them. You’re on the side that places violence and vengeance over consequence, both short and long term.

      Let me ask you, would you align yourself with Martin Delaney, John Brown, and Malcolm X, or with Frederick Douglass and MLK? Which path is more practical? I’ll give you a hint! (It’s the path that won out.)

      You’re the complete opposite of a realist. You sound like some comically archetypal southerner who believes he’s a step ahead of his other, more stupid friends because he went out and voted on some backwards-ass policy.

    1. No!! Don’t try to run from it! Don’t show fear! The children are watching…!! I can feel the pain from the cries of your heart. It must have been agony…!! I know the hate you have for those witches…The bitterness… The resentment!! But don’t pass that fear on to the children!!

  9. Yeah this chapter was a roller coaster ride, which means I was so scared at the peak where it counts. But when the ride keeps going down and around… it was fun for a while. The story at this point has some excitement/action with the “You die now!” plot and it gave me uncertain chills. How should I say this…my interest in this has its peaks too and it’s on the last ride to hold out if something good doesn’t happen when the next chapter comes out.

  10. Well, I can tell why Van Dreken is partly obsessed with killing the princess. If the princess does become the husband of someone else, especially someone like Luffy, then ……..I can’t think of the possibilities.

    code fanboy
  11. i find One Piece is having trouble keeping things focused with its increasing mass of casts and overly complex plot lines…

    the plot is getting waaaay too complicated than necessary. And how many chps is Oda planning to spend on flashback?!!

  12. this is good flashback and I do not mind if OP gets “too complicated.” I don’t want OP to be rushed. If a flashback needs 50 chapters, it needs 50 chapters.
    I just hope OP finishes before I die


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