「護れ一護!望実の決意」 (Mamore Ichigo! Nozomi no ketsui)
“Protect Ichigo! Nozomi’s Determination”

Ichigo goes to look for Nozomi, and Chad and Inoue go to investigate what happened to Rukia, Matsumoto, and Nemu. They find their bodies, but the reigai Renji intercepts them and attacks Sado while Inoue goes to heal the others. He releases his bankai, but the real Renji shows up as well. Working together, they are able to kill the imposter

Kon takes Nozomi to the mountain, but she still refuses to answer any questions, though she finally says that there is an unknown Senkaimon in the area. They find a shrine and she opens up the gate, which she explains is a naturally occurring Senkaimon. Kon asks her not to leave, but she states that it must be done to stop Inaba. The reigai show up and capture her before she can leave. Luckily, Ichigo comes in time and fights all of them at once, but his reiatsu runs low. He defeats all of them using Getsuga Tenshou, then convinces Nozomi to stay.

In Soul Society, the fake Ukitake and Kyouraku go to meet Yamamoto, but he senses their killing intention and draws his sword. Elsewhere, Unohana and Isane investigate the Precipice World records and suspect that they were altered. Unohana had gone to Daireisho Archive, and found that Kageroza Inaba had been heavily involved in research of the Precipice World, along with other abnormalities in the records. Inaba then reveals himself, and Unohana deduces that he had found methods to transcend space and time.




I didn’t think Rukia, Matsumoto, and Nemu would just float to the shore and line up nicely after getting so badly defeated, so I suspected a trap. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case since all the reigai were off looking for Nozomi. However that side of the problem has largely been solved as most of the reigai lieutenants were defeated. I didn’t really expect one Getsuga Tenshou to be enough enough to take out six lieutenant level opponents, especially with Ichigo’s weak state. However it goes in line with the supposed ultimate attack status of the bankai (with the exception of Renji’s), and also the fact that Ichigo is simply far stronger than the lieutenants. Nevertheless, that fight felt rather anti-climatic. The drama was kind of cheesy too, with the usual themes of protecting friends and protecting the weak, and Nozomi finally accepts it too after many weeks of trying to solve the problem on her own. Honestly, she’s probably one of the quietest characters in Bleach.

There are still a couple of the other captains to deal with, but Unohana will probably not fight to avoid messing the canon. The Captain-Commander won’t have that problem though, and his battle should be quite exciting. Yamamato’s experience and sheer attack power really make him an incredibly strong fighter, but it’s too bad he’s not that cunning and is generally useless in dealing with complex plots and conspiracies. Along with his fight with fake Ukitake and Kyouraku, it looks like the long anticipated Zaraki vs. Zaraki is coming up too, so hopefully there will be some good action soon.


  1. I assumed that Orihime fell for a trap, Sado’s fight was the most interesting, he didn’t get OHKO’ed again and looks like somehow Yamamoto is going to lose. Whenever Renji uses Hitotsu Taiho it sounds better in english.

    1. If Yamamoto was getting beaten, I think his clothe would be more cut up. I think it’s just the bad artwork and rain and the fact that he only has one arm now that give the feeling that Yama is losing.

    1. I think that may be the reason some of us are even watching it. Kenpachi seems to be fairly popular among us Western anime watchers. Similar to how Vegeta was always so popular. The bad-good guy who is crazy strong, not all weak-kneed or a Goody Two-Shoes.

      I have skipped ever long filler since the horrendous Bounto arc. I did go back and marathon the Zanpaktou Rebellion after a friend said it was decent, which it was. I decided to give this one a try because the manga is currently ‘meh’ and seeing the new intro hoping we would get some sort of civil war.

      So now all I care about is a Kenpachi fight, and then I might throw Bleach to the wasteside for a few months.

      Fillers are touch and go. As Prooof pointed out with the probable lack of an Unohana fight, you can’t mess with canon… so fillers don’t have much meat to bite into.

  2. But what happened to Yoruichi? She helped Ichigo and Rukia out, right? But then fought with Byakuya’s reigai…

    When Precipice World closes, the next time it opens in another world, thats what Nozomi said, if I get it right. But Senkaimon is used so many times right? It does close. And how could Nozomi had stay in that “forever”? There are some currents which need to be blocked, right? >.<

  3. I also thought the 3 on the shore were reigai especially since Matsumoto’s wrist was obscured. Looks like its really those 3.

    Chad finally had a good showing against a powered up bankai renji. At least he no longer seems useless.

    Ichigo being strong enough to off the reigai even when overnumbered would be fine except for Ikkaku who has bankai and is a powered up version. They should at least show ichigo taking him out rather than leaving Rukia as the last one. the entire thing smelt heavily of cost cutting or laziness

    Other than chad’s fight, not a good episode compared with the previous ones

    Zaku Fan
    1. >Ichigo pwned 3 lieutenants with just his fists at the end of SS arc.
      I’m not even sure it was 1 getsuga that killed them. I think it skipped a over the fight, adn just showed the final attack.

  4. With the regai’s overly aggressive nature, you would think Yumichika would release his real Shikai and basically OHKO everyone. Its not like he has any reasons for hiding his true shikai, unlike the the real Yumichika.

    Kenpachi vs Kenpachi is something to look forward to. how much more killing lust can the reigai version have over the real guy?

  5. Not only was Ichigo able to take them all down with 1 Tetsuga Tenshou but reigai Rukia had her shinkai out. What does she do with it though? No ranged ice attacks or anything, instead she decides to start trying to whack at Ichigo with her sword

  6. I gotta give it to them.. i really didn’t see that betrayal slash coming ,from the last ep. KUBO..YOU FAIL “that is unless ur the dude behind these filler episodes!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. Kenpachi vs Kenpachi. For some reason, that doesn’t feel too epic. Now if it was fake Byakuya vs Kenpachi and fake Kenpachi vs Byakuya, that may have been more interesting.


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