「友千鳥」 (Tomochidori)
“Flock of Plovers”

There were many things that stirred Kiiragi’s relatively cold heart, and the superbly complex process of friend making was one of them. An ostensibly easy job to others, but a journey for the socially inferior. Not only being backed up by the soft lovable voice of Hanazawa Kana, Shiemi was such a person Kii found sympathy within, never failing to wince at her attempts at friendship. Kii snarled at her idiocy for not asking Rin what he meant by his words, and was conflicted at her naivete in what being a friend meant, even though Kii had an inkling Shiemi knew she was being used.

As Shiemi’s problems were put aside, the story continued to explore the depths of the Exorcist world, introducing, surprisingly, only five different “classes” to choose from. Kii was instantly reminded of Team Fortress 2 given the way they were portrayed, but figured it was more traditional to relate them as classical rpg elements. But of course, it was much cooler when you are able to dual class like in some MMO’s, similar to what Suguro was doing. Thanks to having a structure, Kii looks forward to not having confusion on what kinds of powers are available when watching fights from now on. Rin’s meister choice should have been obvious since the classes were introduced, and Kii thought the title of “Knight” was pretty bad-ass. As such, the episode only proceeded to formally introduce Tamers, “coincidentally” relating Izumo and Shiemi, the latter of whom was able to summon a Green Man spirit. Now having the common connection, thus began the spiral downwards of Shiemi’s pitiful submission.

Izumo, having a back story to get her some sympathy, made Kii realize what a gigantic hypocrite she was in treating Shiemi similar to the way she was treated. However, Kii was surprised that the show didn’t mention this hypocrisy, which was much like the episode with the brother’s arguments in kind of avoiding what felt obvious. Instead, her noticeably small-eyed friend lectured on her dishonesty, and proceeds to quit cram school because small-eyed plain-faced designed characters have that sort of sad destiny. Izumi then fails to prove her prowess, which isn’t mockable, because she herself is a bag of insecurity, despite being so cocky with only one friend. To add salt to the wound, Shiemi busts in to save the day, with the Green Man having the cool ability to sprout apparently any plant he wants. He even knew Shiemi’s nicknames for them. Kii has a feeling Shiemi’s going to be a Medic too, using her Tamer skill to complement, while also possibly possessing an offensive familiar as well. In short, she will be bad-ass too.

Kii liked that the monster had relations with a bigger enemy and the over-arching plot for a sense of purpose. Kii also liked that the monster decided to lurk in the girl’s changing room, and made his presence known after one of them had her clothes off. “That wasn’t just drool because he’s a monster,” Kii slyly remarks with a dirty grin on his face. He also admired Rin’s handling of Izumo’s waterworks, giving only the slightest sympathy, which moreso leaned on pity. Unsure of who the eyepatched human was Surprised at his ineptitude, Kii realized from the comments that the eyepatch dude was the Tamer teacher from earlier! Still, Kii turns his interest to Shiemi’s new situation. Her friend count is still zero, but so is Izumo’s. Kii rubs his chin as he wonders how many episodes it will take for Shiemi to finally win her over, and realize that Rin does consider her as a friend. Kii’s moved heart will hope for her.




  1. Click thought that the techno track which played during the first summoning sequence was actually surprisingly sick. Click talks to himself in the third person like Kii does.

      1. Rin took off his shirt to give it to the crying girl. But he usually keeps his tail tucked underneath his shirt because he can’t show it to people; they can’t know he’s a demon. So he’s standing with his back to everyone so they can’t see his tail.

    1. lmao just look at the screenshots you can clearly see they are the same person! I can’t believe he didn’t catch that.. The exorcist teacher obviously doesn’t like the son of Satan so he tried to kill him with his summoned demon.

  2. Nhelraios likes how they explained the AnE system, Nhelraios is getting MMORPG vibes in this episode. Nhelraios wonders why Rin was fully naked in that last pic.

    1. TehJawknee is pretty sure he’s been referring to Kii as Kii for a while now… at least in IRC.

      As for the post, Jawk was surprised at the Kii’s unusual lack of observation this time. Kiiragi is usually quite vigilant of minor details, which is why Jawk was baffled as to why questioning the summoning teacher AND the creature he summoned.

      TehJawknee is displeased.

  3. i really enjoyed this post Kii also i thought the same thing about plain faced girl before she even announced she was gonna quit i told my sister that she had too plain a face and probably wont end up a main character XD lol

    And that monster looked bad ass XD

  4. The best part of this episode was the summoned monster talking to Rin, calling him “young master” and saying sorry. It reinforced the belief that most demons realize who he is (son of satan) just by looking at him. They are even sure to give him the proper respect while complying with orders against their will.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Azul Flamed Samurai is confused with the third person dialog. Azul Flamed Samurai thought this episode needed more “epic friendship speech” from Rin. Azul Flamed Samurai loves irony but Izumo’s irony made Azul Flamed Samurai mad at her. Azul Flamed Samurai agrees witn Kii’s statement “proceeds to quit cram school because small-eyed plain-faced designed characters have that sort of sad destiny.”

    lol Azul Flamed Samurai still doesn’t get it

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  6. I wanted to punch Izumo. I like tsunderes but she’s too arrogant. Shiemi is also a bit annoying with being the classical shy helpless girl but I loved when she summoned the green beast and Izumo took that as “Hoho, look I’m more awesome!” xD. I personally don’t like too much either of them but I’m more partial to Shiemi because of Kana Hanazawa and because I want her to end up with Rin, screw Yukio. Nah, I actually support Okumuracest too, but let’s say Rin x Shiemi is my straight OTP.

    PD: haitechan loved your way to write. haitechan hopes Kii keeps writing like this.

  7. I got a big laugh out of the fact that a in show which reminds me SOOOO much of soul eater, the main character, whom i believe hugely resembles soul, had to ask what a Meister was.

    So much love for this season, it’s been a great time for anime.

  8. ahahaha, loved the third person thing ;P( felt a lill slow for a while thinking maybe a was like a character i might have forgotten at first -_-” )
    loving this season thus far XD


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