OP13 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP13.mp4 512 288]

OP13: 「irony」 by ClariS

Sena’s outbursts are always entertaining with Ise Mariya behind them.

「俺の妹がこれで最終回なわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Kore de Saishuukai na Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way This is The Last Time for My Sister”

After two full episodes Kirino-free, the stage was more or less set for our bratty heroine to make a return in the finale. I imagine no one in their right mind was expecting this true route to be completely devoid of Kirino’s presence, regardless of how refreshing it’s been with Sena substituting in as another younger sister with a rampant fetish. Between homo-erotica and younger sister obsessions, it’s probably been a “lose and lose some more” predicament for Kuroneko, so much that even I was looking forward to seeing Kirino again just to mix things up. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy hearing Sena rage over how poorly received their game was, especially when she’s voiced by Ise Mariya. What would probably be downright annoying if it were a geeky male character blowing a gasket is remarkably enjoyable when we have a female one instead. Rotten girls are somehow cool whereas rotten guys are just… rotten. Thank you anime for all the double standards. What would I ever do without you.


I wonder if Saori’s brief reflection in the mirror is a way to sell more Blu-ray volumes. We may be able to make out her face in 1080p.

After being reminded of how this series kicked off, I’d love to see a spin-off series about Kouhei and Sena. Majima Junji can easily star in a comedy like this.

Kuroneko finally has a cleaning buddy. Hurray!

Kyousuke gets the news he’s been secretly hoping for: “I was adopted. -Kirino”
(No, not really.)

I almost want to say that Kyousuke receiving an e-mail from Kirino out of the blue — telling him to throw away her collection — was a cheap way to bring her back into the picture, but short of her returning to Japan all of a sudden, there weren’t many alternatives to generate some tension befitting of a finale. The immediate impact Kirino’s e-mail left was undeniable however, both for Kyousuke and myself, as it gave clear indication that something was up (i.e. she was all emo again). In any case, that sudden development led to some screen time for Ayase that I’m always for (no, not in a masochistic sense), and my favorite comedic moment of the entire episode — Kyousuke finally learning that Ayase had blocked his number (for over half a year now). His reaction? Priceless.

Cue in the always dependable yet somewhat plain childhood friend Manami to save the day, whose caring nature for Kyousuke and Kuroneko deserves more praise than it will ever get. Throughout the series, she’s been a constant reminder to never overlook the nice girls who don’t stand-out in the looks department, so it was nice to see her continue to do so here. I still can’t help but feel bad for her, given how hard she tries break free of Kyousuke’s “friend zone”, only for that blockhead to fail to notice her feelings because he constantly has Kirino on his mind. With Kuroneko taking the initiative as well, Manami really has her work cut out for her.


If this is what Kuroneko considers a curse, imagine what her good luck charm is.

Now this is what you call a smooth criminal. Emphasis is on the “criminal” part.

In retrospect, Kirino’s e-mail more or less stole Kuroneko’s thunder when the latter called Kyousuke out to thank him for looking out for her, but that thought didn’t really occur to me at the time with Kyousuke in his dismal state. I probably would’ve been more concerned about Kuroneko’s feeling if she wasn’t so good at being the better person, encouraging Kyousuke to go see Kirino without giving any sign that she’s depressed about doing so. Her composure’s pretty immaculate, which generally makes her true intentions hard to read, but thank you kisses on the cheek sure make it a lot easier. This is anime after all, where a big fuss is made over indirect kisses, so a surprise kiss on the cheek from behind may as well be considered third base in the land of the rising sun. First base would be um… getting her number. Second base: holding hands.


Best eyecatch to date?

It’s rare to see Daisuke and Kyousuke see eye-to-eye, but their Kirino complexes resonate strongly. To the land of the free!

“Hey, how’s it going? Let’s play eroge together!”

Stuffed animals in Kirino’s room to break the tension.

Can I call foul play when a 110% tsun heroine breaks down in tears? No? Darn it.
You win my sympathy this time Kirino.

A gripping outpouring by Kyousuke. Literally.

Due to the fairly lighthearted mood during the onset of the sibling reunion — largely from Kirino’s frustration over not being able to play eroge because she has a roommate — I was at a loss for words more than anything else at the sight of Kirino’s tears. There wasn’t much time to get caught up in the emotions once she revealed that she cut off ties with everyone in an attempt to cast aside her naivety and focus on her struggles in track and field, so what really left an emotional impact was Kyousuke’s earnest confession that he misses Kirino just prior. It pretty much warranted the “siscon” remark he received, yet didn’t come off that way the least bit. Quite the opposite in fact, as it really sweet in a very innocent sort of way.

The true siscon moment would’ve been when he laid it all out and said he’s going to take her back to Japan because he’s “deathly” lonely without her. After their back and forth bickering over how Kirino should just come home if she’s unhappy in America, I didn’t rule out the possibility that Kyousuke poured his heart out for Kirino’s sake, under the guise that it’s really for himself. Even if that were the case, it’s probably fair to say there’s more than a little truth behind his words though. It’s pretty hard to shake the notion that his concern for his little sister far exceeds “normal” levels, considering that those who have always gotten along with their siblings don’t even go to these lengths. For that reason, that scene played out somewhat awkwardly, to the point that I was hoping Kyousuke was simply sacrificing his self-image for Kirino’s sake yet again. I just like the idea that he’s a good brother and not a desperately dependent brother, which is unsettling for obvious reasons.


Look who’s back.

It’s the Kirino we all hate love.

It’s only natural to expect some arguably “sappier” moments in a finale; however, busting out the opening theme for Kirino’s return to Japan did provide an uplifting feeling that I really liked. With Kuroneko running to greet her and refraining from dishing out any insults (until later on), followed by another live Meruru event that Saori joins them for, there was a sense that things were back to their normal, happier ways.

Compared to the good ending shown at the end of the television broadcast, this true ending didn’t conclude too differently for the most part. Kyousuke was definitely more “forceful” about how he feels about Kirino, which he came to realize after spending a fair bit of time away from her, but he still hasn’t given clear indication of exactly how deep his sister complex runs. As far as the anime goes, I’m quite content that they left it at that, even though the light novels probably tread pretty close to that incestuous grey area. These extra episodes gave more screen time to Kuroneko and added Sena into the mix, which ultimately made the whole true route a treat.

P.S. If you’re looking for final impressions, please refer to my post on episode twelve of the good ending.

P.P.S. I highly recommend watching the animated character commentary episodes included on the Blu-ray releases if you haven’t already. They’re completely scripted and done in character, and serve as additional, comedic, side story that doesn’t directly affect the main story.


Meruru The Movie 1st. They just had to make it even more obvious that it’s a parody of Nanoha.

ED13 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED13.mp4 512 288]

ED13: 「keep on runnin’」 by 竹達彩菜 (Taketatsu Ayana)

Female otaku unite!


  1. Is it me or are the animators trying to reference Clannad in this

    Seems like it will be a good episode, hopefully it does well so that there is another season to continue it…. 😀

    1. I was thinking of Botan when I saw that boar plushie.

      Plus Kyousuke is voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi, the guy behind Tomoya, after all, and the Clannad references grow.

      Kinny Riddle
    2. lol yea I think so too. That reminded me how ridiculously big Botan got around Clannad After Stories. Ahh, I wish there was another anime like Clannad to come around.

  2. I don’t know if I should punch Kirino in the tit for going back to being a snappy bixh again or if I should punch Kyouske in the nuts for not noticing Kuroneko’s feelings and such. Either way, I wanna punch someone. But the whole episode overall was quite good.

    I guess Ayase and Kyouske will never patch things up… too bad. And you’re right about the animated commentary, it’s awesome stuff.

  3. Driving towards Kuroneko route… aand off the cliff. All of the buildup, and then not much happens, and then Kirino pops out of nowhere and it ends. Feels like there needs to be another episode after it.

    1. I’m glad to see I wasn’t alone in my sentiment of this episode.

      I feel completely robbed. But, I have learned not to get my hopes up on season finales too often… because they rarely end well.

  4. A final ep with not much Kirino……………………….GREAT!!!!!!!
    “I still can’t help but feel bad for her, given how hard she tries break free of Kyousuke’s “friend zone””..ahhh, anime’s “crutch” but that is where the DOUJINS SHINE!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. i hate where the LN’s going. TT___TT it’s going to be sh*t as fck if kyo ends up with that fcking kirino b1tch!! man, my kirino hate is into infinity. i need to calm down and realize this is only a fictional story.

    *calms down*

    seriously, i want kuroneko to win! this LN can never be this shitty!

      1. @Anna and Neko-tail.

        EEEWWW!!! YUCK!! seriously, i’d rather have kyousuke end up with a guy(man, i hate yaoi)rather than him ending up with that faqed up kirino! sheesh..

        if ever this gets a second season, with the LN ending in a kirino-route, i’d be certain to not watch it. (this is like the repeat of the AsuCaga ship in GSD for me TT__TT)


      2. I didn’t say that I wanted them to be together. Did I? I was just saying that Kirino’s totally awesome. And an idol for all little sisters! I LOVE HER!!! I M NOT INTERESTED IN INCEST, ITS JUST THAT HER AND KYOUSUKE’S RELATIONSHIP(AS SIBLINGS) IS REALLY NICE, AND REALISTIC, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SHE’S TSUNDERE. :3

  6. This episode made me wanna smack Kyousuke so bad seriously.

    “I wonder if Saori’s brief reflection in the mirror is a way to sell more Blu-ray volumes. We may be able to make out her face in 1080p.”

    Ugh I wanna see Saori’s face so bad, damn AIC for teasing us with those shots.(looking from afar I thought the butler was headless D:)

  7. I know that is really disturbing, but I really hope to see an end with truly incest between Kyousuke and Kirino. In my case, if Kyousuke was my friend, I hit him with a bat and drop him for the stairs, stand up him and repeat the same all the building; and in the end, maybe I ‘ll be crying. But, love is really strange.

    Personally I don’t encourage my friends if they say that: he will marry with a girl 20 years younger, or he will be pairing with another men, I don’t believe that it was the better decision in his life, but I will be helping my friends.

    I don’t support lascivious feeling about “little sisters” but, in this world happen serious bizarre events.

  8. Yay Kirino is finally back~ 😀 I wonder if they’re going to make a Season 2 since its all set up for one now.

    And yeah that last jump was really lame.

    *goes to read volume 8*

    1. This episode marks the end of the 5th Volume in the LN.

      Vol 8 came out a couple of months ago and it feels like, unless it drags the readers with comedic arcs, Vol 9 might be final.

  9. this episode followed the the light novels.

    for the current happenings,

    kirino Show Spoiler ▼

    while kuroneko Show Spoiler ▼

    as for saori, Show Spoiler ▼

    ayase & kyosuke Show Spoiler ▼

  10. “I wonder if Saori’s brief reflection in the mirror is a way to sell more Blu-ray volumes. We may be able to make out her face in 1080p.”

    They’ll probably troll us by adding glare from the light to block out her face in 1080p.

  11. The “not really” level of siscon was the reason I didn’t ditch the series in the first place. Don’t like the turn of events and it seems like I won’t like the light novel too 🙁


    Kirino, how can people hate her? She’s one of the best characters, and so realistic(or maybe only to me, because she seems like a Carbon Copy of me, personality, looks, the way she troubles her elder brother, everything!)! I love her! The ED was GREAT! The ending was great, Meruru is great!

    I m so in love with it! I want more episodes!!!

    Sorry for getting so hyper, guys, I loved it!

    1. Agreee!!! Loved it! best!! best!! Up-lifting, warm, sweet, pleasant, refreshing, nice ending!! I was at times annoyed by Kirino in previous episodes but after watching this episode I cannot help but love her too along with other main characters. (Kirino’s plight was quite empathizable) My favorite was Kuroneko (and still is) but now I love all..
      Loved this episode!!!! >o< 🙂

      1. I was never annoyed, since how can I be, with a splitting image of me? XD

        But the episode was totally as you described!

        Also, Kirino, was facing some troubles which I come across quite often. But the way Kyousuke consulted her was great! I wish my brother was somewhat like him! She’s a lucky girl, Kirino…

  13. DIVINE-CHAN I so miss you for this past few months,where have you been all this time?I had just started to forget your name two days ago
    hurry return soon so i can read your another cool impression^^

    Gerald Vii Heractia
  14. Second that the animated commentaries are a must watch. In some ways at this point watching the actual episodes is just so I can fully enjoy the insanity that is the commentaries. This was a good episode and all but those commentaries are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

    Also this ‘thank you kiss sneak attack’ after the apocalypse-threat-level ‘nii-chan’ from back in the maid episode? Smooth criminal or not Kyousuke needs to get his head out of his ass and realize the godsend that is Kuroneko. (though technically I don’t think it would be criminal since isn’t he 17 while she’s 14? but I could be wrong with those ages)

  15. A most impressive wrap up point for the “True Route”. Though that’s not the end of it as the novels simply get better.

    Amidst all the brilliant scenes, there’s something worth noting for fellow novel readers:

    In the scene leading up to Kuroneko’s “kiss of death” on Kyousuke, there was a brief glimpse of slight disappointment in Kuroneko’s expression when she found out Kyousuke wasn’t in the mood for their rendezvous due to Kirino’s sudden emo email.

    I would conjecture that she was actually planning to confess her feelings to Kyousuke right there and then, but decided to postpone it for her friend’s sake and settle for a “kiss of death” instead for now.

    Novel readers know what happens afterwards…

    BTW, Divine, we miss your commentary style, come back soon please.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. I’m surprised at how genre-savvily self-aware Kuroneko is, she mouthed off all of the events that gave Kyousuke points towards her. Spoilers for the galge, I guess :p

    Geno DCLXVI
  17. Oh, oh, and I also love how KyoAni sidesteps the problem of finding someone to speak English by conveniently placing Kirino’s roommate outside the room (or the house for that matter).

    Kirino’s still a bitch, and Kuroneko just lost some charm points by joining in that lame jump at the end of the show <.<

    Geno DCLXVI
    1. Erm, I know Kyo-Ani makes a lot of great anime (or great “moeshit” anime for its detractors), but I’m pretty sure OreImo isn’t one of them. 🙂

      FYI, the studio producing this series is AIC, whose credentials include Nyan Koi, Strike Witches 2, and SoraOto.

      Kinny Riddle
  18. I didn’t expect him to start crying, but i guess this is a good ending despite that last scene. It’s pretty amazing how fast Divine finished this post. Does anybody know if a second season is even possible.

  19. I want more Sena. When I see her I remember the days when I was a full-fledged fujoshi (I read yaoi now and then but have moved into other genres). Of course, no 3D shipping or muscular guys but the rest was so similar it’s scary. About Kirino, I wasn’t expecting her come back but well, she wasn’t that bitchy this time. And loled at the confirmation of Nanoha = Meruru. Now we need to confirm that the Maschera guy is Lelouch xD.

  20. Another worthy development would be Ayase, her attitude towards Kyousuke has softened considerably since falling out with him in episode 5, and we have Manami to thank for that.

    I think after many conversations with Manami and Kirino, Ayase probably knows deep down that Kyousuke isn’t the sick pervert that she thought he was, realizing that he was merely faking that image in order for her and Kirino to make up together again.

    But Ayase’s too stuck up for her own good, she’s probably trying to find a chance where she can forgive Kyousuke without swallowing her pride, but to no avail so far. Otherwise, she’d be a serious rival to Kuroneko.

    Kinny Riddle
  21. Damn that Kirino, enduring her shenanigans again. Maybe I should compliment her, she is the ONLY tsundere character I can’t stand. Kyosuke being that lame for her does not help at all! hahaha~

    The jump was depressing only because Kuroneko joined it.

    Lectro Volpi
  22. From this true end, it actually links very well into the start of the Oreimo Portable on PSP. The conclusion seems very loose because it joins right into the game itself. So if you wan to see the continuation of the story, you best bet is to play the PSP game.

  23. “Stuffed animals in Kirino’s room to break the tension.”

    Made me lol’ed.

    But I absolutely love the second half of this episode, why ? KIRINO !!! <333333333 I'm sooo happy she's back into the spot light and I absolutely love the confirmation of Kyosuke's feelings as well ~ I mean he literally say "I will die without you"~~ Gah with this episode and the developments in the novel, I just can't see Kyosuke going any other route 😛 Kirino ftw~

  24. What can I say? Pretty good end to a pretty good series. For me, it’s Kuroneko all the way, but it looks like Kyosuke seems to adore his sister, which I find weird. But that’s probably because I don’t have an actual sister to experience said sibling bonding.

    I freaking love how Meruru parallels Nanoha, from her voice actress to ‘The Movie 1st’.

  25. OMG, I love kuroneko but i have to say Kirino was the one i was rooting for in this episode NOW I HAVE TO BUY EVERYTHING POSSIBLE RELATED TO THIS AS I ALWAYS DO WITH ANIMES I LOVE.

  26. The TV series ended abruptly and these Imouto specials ended abruptly again in my opinion. I mean, the resolution came by very quickly then it ended. I hope the producers made an OVA or season 2 or something. At least for the meantime, Kirino is back, and that’s all what matters most! I’m glad it didn’t ended into incest/wincest or something, at least not yet, hopefully never 🙂

    Personal Rating:

    Story: 8 – it is interesting, seriously
    Animation: 9 – love the art, character designs are gorgeous, backgrounds are lively and detailed
    Sound: 8 – OP and ED themes are catchy, soundtracks are quite memorable
    Character: 7 – enjoyable, some may look annoying at the surface but inside actually has some depth
    Enjoyment: 8 – it made me laugh a couple of times, lots of memorable scenes, the long wait between episodes doesn’t decreased my excitement for the show, however ended very abrupt again, but still gives a very good impression, I’m looking forward for more Imouto 🙂

    Overall: 8 – A good score for an anime that introduced me to the world where imouto power-level is simple overwhelming.

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