Inoue was pretty cute in this chapter, and her interactions with Riruka made me laugh out loud several times. Her brashness and Inoue’s dopeyness make some amusing situations, for example their different attitudes in asking for a chair from Yukio. What takes the cake though (or in this case, the doughnut), was the interaction Inoue and Riruka’s box of “beauty snacks.” I’m not sure why girls’ get so mesmerized by sweets, but Inoue’s reaction had the complete package with huge sparkling eyes and copious amounts of drool, all the while bawling her face off in happiness. Not even Riruka, prickly tsundere exterior can withstand the moe. She’s cleary pretty soft deep down inside and can’t stand Inoue’s sob story, even if Inoue herself has long since gotten over her brother’s death. However, storming off was still a pretty poor reaction on Riruka’s part though, and luckily for her Inoue is nice to pretty much everyone no matter what.

Nearby, Ichigo’s fight with Ginjou continues, though it isn’t particularly exciting. The main implication was that Ichigo is suddenly questioning his trust in Ginjou, because he couldn’t feel anything through their blades as he usually can. Ginjou seems to have sensed his thoughts somewhat, since he accuses Ichigo of thinking too much, and steps up his aggression. Normally, that’s not a problem, but because of the distrust just mentioned, it suddenly seems very suspicious. I may be thinking too much about hidden motives, but his goals almost certainly conflict at least to a degree with Urahara and Isshin’s aims. The full-bringers’ status as good guys is slowly being chipped away.


      1. ^ LOL

        Just watch, Ichigo’s going to use his ears/spirit ribbons/reiatsu to find his opponent, then he’ll be able to feel something from Ginjou’s blade. Just watch, just watch.

    1. Well, Ichigo is human right now.

      Shinigami can get a torso blown off and shrug it off because his BODY IS MADE OF SPIRITUAL PRESSURE(as is everyone’s who enters SS). Shinigami can shrug off ANY injury as long as he has enough reiatsu to hold himself together. The only surefire way of killing shinigami is blowing his head off.

      Human in non-spiritual world gets a deep cut in the arm and he passes out(example: Ishida).

      Getting his arm cut off, Ichigo would most likely fall down and pass out, if not die outright.

      Remember: the main point in this arc is that they are NOT in spiritual bodies – falling from heights, getting stabbed, etc, can get you killed.

  1. I totally forgot how sad Inoue’s back story was. It was a good move by Kubo to rekindle some Inoue love after her angsty-ness in the Aizen arc lost some fans.

    Ichigo is so useless when training. I with they just stop the slow training development and Hyperbolic Time Chamber time-skip his power levels back up to normal levels in the next fight. Then again, the game system is on fast forward so I think it already is a Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

  2. Yeah I think it’s now safe to say the fullbringers are the bad guys or at least they aren’t the good guys. I didn’t want to believe it, but I think it’s pretty clear that’s what will be revealed in the coming weeks. I’m still betting Urahara’s intentions aren’t 100% pure either, but at least we know he isn’t the only suspicious one now. I’m betting it’s going to be a 3 way fight with Ichigo in the middle and the Fullbringers and the Shinigami on their respective sides.

    Ginjou’s actions were suspicious all on their own, but Riruka sealed the deal for me after Orihime called her nice and she looked guilty. If anime has taught me anything, it’s that whenever someone looks sad/guilty that you called them a good person, that person is really evil…

    …and will probably side with you during/after the arc is over.

    1. Yeah, that guilty look was a dead giveaway. I wasn’t sure if it was because she did something already, or if she is going to do something later.

      Ichigo getting that slash to the eyes was a bit unexpected. But, I am really growing tired of these “training” schemes every arc.

      One thing I don’t like about this arc is that Ichigo already knows how to fight. He beat freaking Aizen for goodness sake. I know the training is for him to develop his Fullbring, but it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like swordsmanship training… and that is just ludicrous.

      1. I won’t say that Riruko looked guilty. I thought that she was somehow relating herself to Inoue. So, she felt sad. Its obvious she must have a hidden story,but she isn’t necessarily guilty!

      2. Actually, it’s probably because of the fact that she’s in love with Ichigo and feels that she can’t measure up to the experiences and just plain sweet moral fiber that makes up the amazing Orime…. She probably has this angsty backstory of her own like “I hated my parents even though they gave me everything” some inane shit that will be laid bare in forthcoming chapters.

  3. Totally boring chapter. Nothing new besides more emphasis on Inoue’s back-story which we already knew.

    The only interesting thing was, Riruka looked guilty of something and Ichigo getting blind.

  4. Also worth the note is that Riruka gets A LOT of focus and most of focus seems to show her being conflicted and having doubts about something.

    My bet is that once FB intentions are revealed, riruka will eventually side with Ichigo.

    My bet is that either Tsukishima is the good guy who did not agree with FB intentions and thats why he left the group(and possibly had to kill the previous shinigami to stop whatever FBs were trying to do with him).

    Or both Tsukishima and Ginjou’s groups are badguys at war with each other.

    Let’s not forget that there are still mentions of that mysterious private school Tsukishima was teacher at. A lot of new characters connect to that place and we still have implication that Tsukishima is hiding from someone and does not want to draw attention to himself – so there might even be a THIRD group involved.

  5. seriously what a waste of paper and ink. So many page with inoue and riruka, for what reason?
    It’s obious ginjo wants something else. Who, in their right mind, would give up these power? Ginjo can’t beat “aizen son” and want ichigo to beat him.
    Ichigo is still the same, always thinking about useless shit. Trust who? Did he trust aizen? or the hollows? Fight, become strong, then ask your questions? Dammit I had to wait one week for this.

  6. maybe when they give their powers to a substitute shinigami(if thats really their intention), the shinigami dies, goes crazy, mutates, or something like that.
    on the other hand, thats not gonna be a problem since inoue is there.

  7. Orihime was really cute this chapter. I literally laughed out loud with her expressions over the donuts.

    As for Riruka…Was that guilt on her face? To me it might be some other emotion, though I’d admit guilt seems most likely given the suspicion over the ‘goodness’ of Ginjo and co. Right now their intents are shrouded in mystery, hopefully a mystery that will turn out to be more interesting, since predictions and opinions are pretty much one-sided at this point.

  8. Now blind he will fight the fight of his life like Usui from Ruroken!

    Weird, this time it was tough reading Bleach. I tend not to care but this time I read fast and without paying attention.

    Your comments… always with such quality and wits, you guys move me!

    Lectro Volpi
  9. I was least interested in this chapter,or al leat what Inoue was doing. I don’t like her, and her silliness made me mad. What is Kubo-sensei trying to do? My last dregs of respect for Orihime were squashed by her so called confession, and I don’t think I’ll ever regain them. DX So, showing her now would be a total waste of time. What I need is Urahara’s mysterious Shinigami and Ichigo’s Shinigami powers developing. Not a Filler like chapter!!!

  10. orihime had me dying!! this chp. lmaoo
    the faces were just priceless i must say. And yeah thats ’bout the only that really made me like this chp. really 😛
    …and ive given on anticipating who this dawm shinigami is …, at this point its not even exiting anymore but just pissy -_-

  11. Anyone else get the feeling that Ginjo CAN’T really fully be trusted? I don’t trust him since he hasn’t shown me any reason just yet to trust him. For all we know, like Shinji likely wanted originally, he is just using Ichigo to get what he wants.

    1. Well, its a deal right? Ginjou will train Ichigo and give all his powers to him. He will lead a free life, where as Ichigo will get his powers back! That makes them having a Nakama. Not really friends…

      1. Yeah, but he also has a Substitute Soul Reaper badge, so part of his story doesn’t add up yet. :/ Considering it meanbs he could be a rogue Soul Reaper just out for something else…

    2. Their parents were attacked by hollows, remember? So, how can they be Soul Reapers… beside if Chad is like them, they can’t be Shinigami right? I do think they will be a big part of the story now! XD

  12. All I know is they made me really have an urge to have a doughnut during this chapter D: I miss that Krispy Kreme isn’t really around too much in Canada anymore.

  13. I feel like most of the “character development” stuff could be used as filler material in the show not the manga. As cute as Orihime was…………… save it for the anime and stop stalling the manga

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  14. Bleach it self, for me, has become a huge filler anime/manga while you’re waiting for a new release or episode of your other favorite anime/manga..
    Which is too bad, as this serie does have some interesting characters and back-story.

  15. Inaba Kageroza arc the most exciting.
    “Goten 13 Invading Army arc”
    All Kageroza full Gotei 13 copied, is called Reigai.
    Red soul capsule, which surpasses the capacity of the entire Gotei 13.


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