Bleach suddenly has a whirlwind of new developments, and compounded with me reading two chapters in one sitting it was actually fairly exciting. I wasn’t expecting Ginjou to be so brutal cutting out Ichigo’s eyes and running him through with a sword, showing a completely different attitude towards him and even threatening Inoue and Chad. I don’t know how serious he was about killing them, but in the end it looks like it was another form of the trial by fire training that Ichigo tends to get from his trainers. Harsh methods, death threats, and strong emotions does seem to be the way to go to force out his powers in a short time, and plus there is always some plot trick pulled out to fast forward Ichigo’s power-ups. He’s so special he can do in three days what everyone else does in decades. Regardless, Ginjou’s move allowed Ichigo to see using reiatsu and regain some of his shinigami powers which apparently were never really completely gone. So much for that.

Ichigo does get a cool new set of armor that seems to be centered around his shinigami badge. Again it’s pretty much a complete makeover, making him look like a TV superhero, and even his sword has been radically changed into some sort of short blade. His completed full-bring form also seems to have hollow and shinigami elements fused in, like some kind of arrancar, and I get the feeling Ichigo is going to receive every type of power/being that’s shown in this series.

I’m a little disappointed that the HP aspect wasn’t really delved into, only that Yukio has pretty much complete control over what goes on in his game. Ichigo’s wounds are all magically gone too, so either Inoue healed him or Yukio just filled up his health points off screen. With the training pretty much completed in an hour, he gets a new form that “transcends the shinigami” (which I’m pretty sure Ichigo and Aizen had already done in the previous arc). Still though it will be cool to see his new powers in action.

For a final twist, Tsukishima has arrived at Ichigo’s house, with his sisters referring to him as a cousin, “Shuu-chan”. Obviously Ichigo only remembers him as a villain, but Inoue also accidentally referred to him as a friend after her encounter, so Ichigo’s sisters may have been attacked. Putting everything together so far, Tsukishima is either a long lost childhood friend that everyone had forgotten about, or more likely that his powers have to do with manipulating memories. Of course, it’s also possible that he really is related to Ichigo and maybe some of Isshin’s past will be revealed.


  1. I hate kubo, like with every other crappy shounen (there are good battle shounen like yu yu hakusho for example or hunter x hunter), after sometime the power comparison is completely out of proportion. for example, how much stronger can be Ichigo now, more than Aizen?, more than a captain?, where were this dudes when aizen attacked karakura town?, they were sleeping?, in another town and just conveniently appeared now?,I’m just tired of seeing new after new character with new powers and more disruptions to the power scale previously stated.

      1. Let’s not forget Grimmjow and Nelliel. Grimmjow was saved from a final blow from Nnoitra by Ichigo and that was the last we saw of him. And the last we saw of Nelliel was when Stark kidnaps Inoue.

        Kubo literally doesn’t give a shit about plot continuity anymore. He’s making a shit tonne of cash due to the overly large fanbase and so he literally doesn’t care.

    1. Ok first off Ichigo isnt even as strong as he was during the fight with Aizen. The reviewer said that “he gets a new form that “transcends the shinigami”” but he HASN’T obtained that yet. He wont until his shinigami powers have returned fully and they are combined with fullbring in his human body. Next, it stands to reason that the “fullbringers” noticed the town being moved someplace and avoided that. as far as I can tell, none of them are anywhere near Aizen or Getsuga Ichigo’s powers, including Ichigo. Unless something dramatically changes, this story will be entirely about the humans now and possibly rukia and Renji since they aren’t that powerful

    2. its either that or the series ended already, take your pick.

      it’s the age old power creep problem that things (comics, games, etc etc) that run a while face.
      you pretty much have to continue to escalate their power in order to keep things interesting because no one (you, anyone else) is going to care if Ichigo’s power peaked way back in the original Soul Society arc and he did nothing but the same thing from then on.

      not just the main characters power either.
      if they don’t escalate the next main villain, there’s no worthwhile draw to them.
      “great, he’s as powerful as the last guy Ichigo already beat”.

      but if the villain’s escalate, the heroes need to escalate, and so on.

  2. Even with Ginjou’s threats, which I believe were just a ruse, I don’t think he could take down Chad.

    Ichigo’s outfit would be fine except for the boots and garters connected to his shirt armor. I like the hollow elements on it though. I hope it doesn’t become inconsequencial once he gets his shinigami powers back. And what about the badge frisbee thing that he had before?

    After seeing Ichigo fully armored I know want to see Chad go full form. Once they all get fullbring suits they’ll be a TV superhero squad.

  3. whoa whoa whoa why does ichigo has this full body armor fullbring while Chad still only has the arms. I really think this is messed up. If Chad’s powers are based on being a fullbring he needs the powerups not Ichigo. Kubo needs to just have Rukia and Renji come back with some method to restore Ichigo’s powers. I would have liked this more if the Fullbringers were giving their powers to Chad, he needs more time to shine. The next arc could delve into Inoue’s powers. I said it before and I’ll say it again the manga is called Bleach not Ichigo.

    1. All Shounen manga’s focus one main character. The main character is Ichigo, so Ichigo is the center of attention. What were you expecting when picking up Bleach!? If you don’t like it, then you probably shouldn’t be reading/watching Shounen.

    2. Just because Ichigo and that “dirty boots” chick have full armor, doesnt mean that all fullbringers do. Look at Ginjou, Riruka and the game kid. Given that Ginjou may not be showing his full power, but I doubt that Riruka or the game kid’s fullbrings would give armor even if what we’ve seen isnt the final versions. Inoue too for that matter, no armor there

  4. ” I hope it doesn’t become inconsequencial ”
    I think we should make a list of all the things that’ve turned inconsequencial in bleach, they’re just plot devices,like “here’s the new superpower to defeat the new enemy”, ad nauseam

    1. Nobody gives a shit.
      You can go punch that up your ass, right where it belongs.

      I know the most effective “fix” here. This manga would be two hundred percent more enjoyable if all of you hates would die, so this fucking hate would finally stop from spreading. Old boring clichés is shonen? You don’t like it? Go fuck yourself.

      The rage Kubo can cause is nothing compared to you assholes. Having to read this shit everywhere you go, from little shits like you who have account names resembling YouTube users.

      What the fuck is this shit, a raid from 4chan towards this fanbase?
      Go fuck a horse. And die from it.

      That’ll fix this manga right away.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that Ichigo kinda looks like Aizen fused with the Hogyoku??? =.=” I loved his Bankai form so much better! But Ichigo is getting his Shinigami powers back!

    When Yuzu said that an old friend has come for visit, I ALMOST THOUGHT IT WAS RUKIA!!! Sadly… But since Karin and Isshin were not at home, DOES THAT MEAN, the mysterious shinigami was Karin? XD Also, maybe that guy has stabbed Yuzu making her believe he is a friend?

    Also, wait :
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I just can’t wait for the next chapter…



      1. isnt it pretty obvious?
        ryuuken and isshin had already talked that isshin somehow recovered his shinigami powers, I also think urahara said the same thing.
        plus he did use a getsuga tensho against aizen, maybe their family have a special link that gives them similar powers.

  6. “I get the feeling Ichigo is going to receive every type of power/being that’s shown in this series.”

    So far he has, except Quincy. It is a little annoying, I suppose.

    There have been a ton of questions asked in this new arc. I wonder how far it will go.

    And Ichigo looks like Skeletor now.

  7. I like how the arc is going at the moment. I suppose the new outfit did make me chuckle a bit but in a good way. Im still curious on whether Chad has a new outfit/full-bring from his powers.(want to see that soon hopefully). side note: I guess we have to wait until next chapter. gosh so many holes are being displayed like who was ichigo’s grandfather?? was it on his mom or dads side same with the suppose COUSIN. I think the arc is doing well but i really want to see some old faces come in cough cough Rukia

    another side note: i guess it would be interesting to find out if he is ichigo’s cousin but its debatable because we dont know his powers exactly. Not to mention the dad hasnt shown up so we dont even know if he knows him as well. depends… ugh why do we have to wait!!!!

  8. was I the only idiot who didn’t laugh at Ichigo’s new armor?

    also, that fast forward function in the game must have some equivalent to what was seen in Bleach before…days turn into minutes? now that’s nuts.

  9. I’m not sure why i still read this. The manga lost so much quality…

    Ichigo’s new form is ridiculous, looks like a Power Ranger and since he was still in the game world, I had this Tron feeling.

    Just.. Kubo, plz stop.

  10. id really like kubo make that twist, that tsukishima is ichigo’s cousin.
    he was friends with everyone, but because of something dangerous or something, he made everyone forget about him and disappeared for a long time til now.

    it would be nice change….

    1. If that were the case… then who is the main antagonist? In a Shounen series you have to have a main villain the protagonist powers up to eventually defeat.

      Does Aizen break out of prison and reassert himself as the series main villain?

      Or, is it actually Ginjou in some perverted way?

      I really hope they do something with Zero squad and flesh out the remaining captains’ bankais… and finally fill in the 3rd, 5th, and 9th vacant captain seats.

      But, I guess watching Ichigo dress up for Halloween will have to do.

      1. Well once Ichigo gains his shinigami powers back and fuses them with his fullbring and possibly hollow powers, I doubt Tsukishima would stand any chance, so there may be a hidden player behind the scenes. There must be reason why Ichigo’s dad doesnt want his shinigami powers to return aswell

      2. Now that you said that I’m scared: What if Kubo recylces the whole Vizard plot and labels Ginjo’s group the old Squad Zero……. shudders T_T I hope not

        Azul Flamed Samurai
  11. What happened to the basic premise of “shinigami with swords in kimonos” that made Bleach so popular? All the new character design seem lacklustre and poorly thought out.
    IMO, the new outfit looks rather ridiculous. I find it hard to take someone in that outfit too seriously.

  12. his new form look like a hybrid of his evil hollow form an bankia mode, wondering if as he get stronger could he lose himself again an go evil hollow. a nice twist would be he become the main bad guy next arc as this one just build up of power too fight random villain

  13. I liked Ginjou a lot after chapter 451

    “What happened to Inoue?”
    “Why don’t you go and see for yourself?”

    harharhar, oh how I wish Ginjou was a bad guy, it suits him so much better xDD

    You’re one of the first people to call this new armour of Ichigo “cool” xD I must quite honestly say that I’d rather see him in Shinigami-clothes again ;w; When he powered up to bankai-mode it was just epic. I also loved the Ichigo with his slightly longer hair, shortly before he activated the final Getsuga Tenshou. But this new outfit looks… so uncool Dx also the way he gained it was so unspecial. I just hope the mysterious!shinigami, Isshin and Urahara give him back his real Shinigami Powers.

    It’s most probably Tsukishima’s ability, but it would be truly wonderful is he had some connection to them all and turned out to be the good guy while Ginjou turns out to be a villain. Though I don’t think that’ll happen -sighs-

  14. For some reason I feel this is not Ichigo’s final full-bring form. Just like Tsukishima, Ichigo’s full-bring may have one more minor upgrade to it before it is complete. Hopefully he will stop looking like a power ranger when that happens. lol

  15. Come on guys this is obviously not his final form. Did you see how short his sword was!? Do you really think Kudo will let his main character swing around that thing for long?

    I’m taking bets that he evolves a new form during the next major battle.

    1. I hope not, any transform after that would be hideous. Right now his “hollow armor” is sleek and simple, and what’s wrong with short swords? (ahem, don’t read into that any other way)

      Some are comparing it to how Arrancars dressed, but I disagree. Arrancars wore robes/cloth, his new look is clearly armor. All the characters in this series always wear cloth, so it’s interesting to see some actual armor and a sword that doesn’t look oriental.

  16. I like Ichigo’s new look, though I admit when I first saw it the power rangers theme played in my head. I also love the new sword, a huge change from the original Zangetsu. I always thought that Ichigo would eventually use a ressurection and gain a hollow battle form, but maybe Kubo decided to do this instead. Once Ichigo gains his old powers back and combines them with is fullbring he will gain a power, probably, greater than the final getsuga tenshou.
    I’m fine with this since we still have to see the king of soul society so whatever threat arrises to threaten him, Ichigo is going to need all the power he can get. I thought maybe he’d find a shinigami level beyond bankai, but maybe thats what some of the captains will do to remain relavent.
    I don’t know what everyones problem is. This is a good Ol’ power up manga. Best since DBZ. Say what you want about DBZ, but Super Saiyan is still the bench mark for power and the most recognizable thing in the last 30 or so years of anime

    1. “Good Ol’ power up manga” is not synonymous with terrible as fucking writing.

      “Best since DB.” No it’s not. DB was among the first of its kind, and set the staple for other comics to follow but it still fucked up in plenty of areas.

      -The powerhouses of the world are established early on, always there in the distance and don’t just come out of nowhere. No new “biggest threat ever that’s 10x stronger than the last!” out of nowhere.
      -Side characters keep growing and improving.
      -Minor characters are remembered.
      -No training arcs.
      -Actual goal in mind along with the exploration and progression of the story.

      DB instead, was good because it was innovative. It also have plenty of fun and quirky characters to boot and the battles were entertaining.

      Good authors, Oda and Miura for example, learned from these mistakes and made pretty good series.

      Kubo absolutely fucking failed on all of those points.

      1. but thats also your opinion, I like the story of Bleach and so do alot of others apparently or else it wouldn’t be one of the “Big 3” I think half the people who bash Bleach are just jumping on the wagon like with Nickelback. Most of the people I ask who hate Nickelback, never heard any of there songs, but hating them trended. Also, you want to talk random bullshit out of nowhere, let’s talk One Piece. Now I’m not bashing One Piece, but that is one of the most random mangas Ive ever read.

        “The powerhouses of the world are established early on, always there in the distance and don’t just come out of nowhere. No new “biggest threat ever that’s 10x stronger than the last!” out of nowhere.
        -Side characters keep growing and improving.
        -Minor characters are remembered.
        -No training arcs.
        -Actual goal in mind along with the exploration and progression of the story.”

        Any decent villain, who’s not some sort of emperor, should be hidden in the shadows.
        Ok admittedly there is no side character developement, but I have hopes in this ark
        There are actually very few “minor characters” just a different outfit of main characters in each arc.
        Until this arc, there has been one solid story. Remember Aizen has been in the forefront as the bad guy since the soul society arc and behind the scenes since back when Shinji was a captain. Only thing about Bleach is, you cant beat the bad guys without a fight, because Aizen, the main bad guy the whole time, wanted more power and created a group of mostly people who wanted power.

      2. “but that’s just your opinion”

        And liking it is yours. Where does that get us? Nowhere.

        Also it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, popularity is only indicative of popularity. It says absolutely nothing about the work itself. For example, take two of the best manga of all time, Nausicaa and Lone Wolf and Cub, and look at their sales. But if you do want to use the popularity card, you’ll be sad to learn that Bleach has been steadily dropping in it’s WSJ ToC ranking. It is now near the bottom in rankings. “The big 3” was coined to refer to WSJ’s most popular titles. Now that Bleach has dropped and Toriko has shot up, does that make Toriko the new 3rd? I dunno.

        What about OP or Berserk is “random bullshit out of nowhere”. OP knew how strong its characters should be from the start and even put out characters like Mihawk early in the story. Same with Berserk and the God Hand. It’s not about being random or hiding the villain. It’s about setting your ceiling early on and planning ahead, which Kubo stated he doesn’t do.

        Aizen’s gone, so what big bad could Kubo conjure up next? Kubo doesn’t know so he ham fistedly refuses Bleach its euthanasia and continues along anyway making sure to make his work as flashy and cool-looking as he can. Because without the looks, he has nothing.

      3. Bleach was popular in the beginning when it was an interesting read. But now you look at it and most people would feel there is something wrong and off with it, and hesitate to read it but still read it because they’ve been with it since the beginning.

        Suppa Tenko
  17. Why so less Peoples, care about this “Uncle” thing. Did his Father hide him from the rest of Family? Did not Inoue “Brother” took her and run away from Home, because She was in Danger? Something similar? Coincidence?

  18. the final get…tensho outfit was cooler than this new skeletonman form is, sigh. I was hoping he’d look like it as his final fullbring. hopefully when he gets his powers back this will all be a bad memory

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  19. I don’t why everyone is so hung up on Ichigo’s new form, I like it I guess, but meh lets admit its only temporary. Also why is everyone also going whaa Ichigo is way overpowered now. Sure has gained a new power when he gets his shinagami powers back I reckon he will be at Captin level nothing as powerful as his final form. As he is now, not even vice-captain level due to his human body.

    This arc actually helps to reset the crazy level from last time (there is a chance Ichigo has lost his hollow powers) but this arc makes the human characters viable again, I don’t think we’ll see the introduction of shingami either Tsukishima is defeated or we get more of Ichigo’s dad backstory. Otherwise there’d be nothing stopping Renji or somebody coming in and cleaning up, they seem beneath Soul society’s attention at the moment

  20. wa…first ulquiorra and yammy like Vegeta and his companion, then the travel to hueco mundo much alike the travel to Namecc, then the final form of getsuga tensho like when Goku transformed into SS3, with longer hairs and so on, and now this plot twist like when Son Gohan trained with kaioshin and gained a power greater than transforming into super saiyan. However shortly later he was abandoned from the main plot and the series ended.

    duk3 fleed

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