Episode 325

「信ずるものの為に!白哉vs日番谷!」 (Shinzuru mono no tame ni! Byakuya vs Hitsugaya!)
“For the Sake of the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya!”

The reigai Unohana and Isane show up, and the two Unohanas battle it out with kido for a while before the real one slips away. Elsewhere, the fake Kyouraku and Ukitake continue to struggle against Yamamoto. They state that they follow what they believe, but refuse to reveal what that is just yet. Yamamoto sees that they were fighting for a draw since they knew they couldn’t win. The reigai Unohana finally arrives and heals them both, and they continue fighting.

Byakuya runs into the reigai Hitsugaya and they fight. Hitsugaya says that he follows Inaba because there is something he must protect, something that the real one also wants. Byakuya draws his bankai but all the resulting powdered ice allow Hitsugaya to trap him. He manages to use Senbonzakura in time and break the prison and defeat the reigai.

In Karakura Town, Urahara reveals he’s monitoring the situation in Soul Society. Ichigo asks him to send him to Soul Society as well, but Kon and the others tells him to stay. After Nozomi helps him restore some of his reiatsu however, Ichigo insists on going, letting the others protect her.


Episode 326

「ふたりの雛森、日番谷の覚悟」 (Futari no Hinamori, Hitsugaya no kakugo)
“The Two Hinamoris, Hitsugaya’s Resolution”

Kenpachi and Yachiru run into the fake Soifon and members of the fourth squad as well, but he easily dispatches the low level assassins. Soifon attacks him, and Komamura interferes telling Kenpachi that he’ll handle the fight.

After Byakuya defeats the reigai Hitsugaya, he runs into his fake and is forced to fight again. The revitalized reigai Kyouraku and Ukitake also continue to battle Yamamoto, but he retains the upper hand.

Elsewhere, Hitsugaya sees reigai Hinamori who attacks him. She exploits past events and catches him off guard and unable to counter attack. Another fake Hinamori shows up as well and they severely injure him, saying that they did not do it out of choice. Before they can kill him though, Yoruichi comes and finishes off both of them.

Back in the real world, Ishida questions Kon as he tries to figure out what Kageroza wants with Nozomi but is unable to figure out anything. Inaba sees Ichigo passing through the Precipice World and intercepts him just as he exits, telling him that he will erase his existence. He sends him back the Precipice World and his reiatsu completely disappears.



With so many things happening at once, the action is pretty much nonstop. Last time I said Unohana wasn’t likely to fight, but it looks like we do get a short battle between the two Unohanas at least, though featuring very high level kido instead of zanpakutou. Most of the other captains are in engaged in combat too, and they seem to keep running into battle after battle, RPG-style. Yamamoto’s fight is especially interesting and I’m seriously getting Star Wars vibes with the whole master vs student showdown (complete with lots of fire). Most of the other battles are also fairly exciting, though there’s nothing that really breaks the norm. The fights are fast paced and fairly evenly matched for the most part (exception Zaraki vs 4th squad), but the plot in general is just uninspired. I can’t really bring myself to care about the reigai’s motives, code of honors, wills, etc. , perhaps because everything is going to be close to completely inconsequential. There’s no real mystery in how the rest of arc will play out, so for me the only thing that this arc has going for itself is the fights.


  1. You’d think with so many fights between popular characters that this filler arc would be more exciting to watch, however the writers are just coming up with an extremely clichéd and predictable plot, it leaves the action scenes feeling as if you’ve already watched them before.

    Slightly off-topic, but RIP Tomoko Kawakami, Soi Fon’s voice actress.

    1. Really!? wow… yeah, of course its predictable “nobody’s gonna die, big plot change etc etc” but i feel that i haven’t enjoyed bleach this much in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME!! byakuya vs. byakuya ,SWEET!!! kenpachi vs ninja squad only to get replaced by slow powerful komomura vs, quick stealth soi fon ,NICE!!!!!!!!! * BTW- RIP- how old was dat voice actress anyway??* then we got da Captain Ice kid Vs that mousy chick BUT with a twist i didn’t see coming. AND all the while we got a brawl “that i can watch FOREVER” between the Corsican brothers and Old man Yama-ji, AND get this! they got a white witch with them so they got instant HAX mode……And PROOOF say’s “so for me the only thing that this arc has going for itself is the fights.”…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! but in reality, thats the only thing this series EVER had going for it lol!

      BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Kinda sucks how half the fights can not reach their full potential (since canon has not revealed their powers yet), and the other half are all made of attacks we’ve seen spammed countless times.

    IMO, they should go back to the basics, and animate actual sword-fighting, with a side helping of power attacks, not just button-mashing-skill-spamming we’re seeing right now. It gets repetitive and boring to see Toshiro’s ice attacks do more damage to clothing than to the actual adversary.

  3. Pardon for the off-topicness below.

    Took you long enough for a Bleach update, Proof. For I had wanted to use that opportunity to give my tributes to Kawakami Tomoko, Soi Fon’s original seiyuu, who sadly passed away due to ovary cancer last week.

    Kuwashima Houko has been taking over her role as Soi Fon (as well as Fuyuki in Keroro Gunso) since she started taking an extended sick leave, in the hope that she would return, but it was not to be.

    Which leads me to the question: Why did RC take down the shoutbox for such non-series related chat? Had the shoutbox been up, I would have sent my tributes rightaway.

    Anyway, RIP Kawakami-san. Your memorable role as Misuzu in AIR will always be remembered. Who would’ve thought real life mirroring fiction, with both you and Misuzu reaching their “Goal”?

    Kinny Riddle
  4. Is it the same writer who writes the entire arc? Because this episode was so holey that gods would be awestruck by it. The first 2-3 episodes were tight and set up well logically, then it started being “same old same old” and now its facepalm time.

    2 hinamoris? So where’s the army of 10,000 kenpachis? Hey Yamamoto, how would you hold up to having that many kenpachis chopping you? Or maybe 10,000 senbonzakura’s bankaied?

    Really this is so bad, the only reason i can think of is that the regular anime writer got pissed about being overshadowed by the guy who started the arc and now is taking over, going back to “facepalm time”. The only thing good about it was that they explained why there isn’t 10,000 ichigo’s running around.

    Zaku Fan
      1. Given Inaba’s vaunted intellect, the obvious thing to do then would have been to incapacitate one of the captains or Ikkaku (once reigai Ikkaku shows he can bankai).

        From there, he could make as many as he wanted by taking as much reishei as he wanted. Time would not be a factor because he could make them in the Precipice World where he controls the time flow.

        With 10,0000 captains or vice captain regais, the only worry Inaba would have would be that something like kenpachi’s reiatsu armor because other than invulnerability, nothing could stand against such overwhelming numbers especially since the reigais had higher power levels than the originals

        If they stuck with 1 hinamori, this would not have occured because it would have been easy to assume that somehow the entire process is limited to 1 clone. I’m still very much blaming the writer for the logic mess that happened to the arc due to this one episode

        Zaku Fan
      2. >He can make 2 of an extremely weak character, so I will extrapolate and bitch that it means he should be able to to make 1000 of top power captains.
        What is it like being a retard?

      3. Its always a lot of lulz to see backpedalling especially of trolls who like to add hyperbole to help show their stupidity more clearly.

        Please do name all the 10 vice captains that ichigo supposedly soloed in that scene.

        I could add some more rope by pointing out the increased power levels of reigais but you’re commiting troll suicide extremely well by yourself!

        Zaku Fan
      4. Dude, I’m not the one that typed up an esay complaining about a anime filler plot point that they might just explained later on.
        You are either the troll, or retarded. I honestly don’t care which.
        I was just giving one of the possible explanations by saying She was a weaker Vc.

      5. Oh dear! Can’t name the 10 vice captains Ichigo supposedly soloed? Surely you must have known what happen in that episode and who was involved before you spouted off? Especially since it was so recent!

        Here’s a tip. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen because the cook will not be kind to trolls.

        Zaku Fan

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