「たんじょうび – Allow Me」 (Tanjyoubi)
“Birthday – Allow Me”

Back in High School, I remember that all my friends were a grade higher than me. In an Azusa-like situation, I can’t help but feel really bad for Tooru as she tries to figure out just exactly how to control those emotions of hers. But even as much as I don’t want to compare A-Channel with K-On, wouldn’t Tooru be what you’d get if you combined Azusa and Ui? At the same time, even with a spunky attitude like Azusa and an insane amount of love for someone like Ui, it’s still nice that she doesn’t feel like either of them. And for you K-ON fans, did you get flashbacks of Azusa helping Yui with the guitar when Tooru was teaching Run?

In an unexpected turn, who would have thought that Run’s mom would be such a fiery character? With all the side characters thus far, it’s impressive just how unimpressive they haven’t been (double negative!). That instant change that her mom had when she heard Run had Tooru’s future in her hands was just too funny. Especially when it came down to figuring out how to bribe Run into actually studying — remember that forcing someone like this to study is really hard, so why not just cater to their wants? Especially when they end up doing exactly what you want them to do and more!

I can’t believe that even before Run had met Yuuko she was already causing her some sort of pain. But now that the show has made some references to it, I wonder how Run actually became friends with Yuuko and Nagi. With a personality that normally only a best friend like Tooru could deal with, it still amazes me what Yuuko and Nagi are still standing beside her. All I’m going say is that if I got a cake full of wasabi, I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

As the episode came to a close, I was really feeling something inside of my chest. With the idea of having friends older then you already planted inside of my head from earlier, it felt like they had just instantly sprouted into tree and exploded out of my head. It really is a bit sad when you take a second to think about it. The thought of losing all of your friends and going through school alone (in Tooru’s case alone, again) just isn’t fun. I’m really doubtful on whether this topic will be explored further with the season just about to end, but I’m glad that what was shown was done well. On that note, it looks like Miho and Yutaka will finally be appearing for more then three seconds next week!

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  1. Actually, Yui had a situation where if she didn’t pass her exams she would have been barred from after school clubs and they had to get her to pass or the club would have been disbanded for lack of four members (this was before Azusa)

    Yuuko is very shy and from out of town. Run was the first girl to act friendly towards her (after attacking her ;)) so I can see why she became friends with her. Nagi?

    What I want to know is how Run and Tooru met and became friends in the first place. Tooru is definitely head over heels in love and there must have been an interesting event when they first got together.

    Run’s mom was awesome. Talk about a parent understanding her child and even her best friend.

    Hopefully she’ll open up to Miho and Yutaka a little more after the girls leave. You wonder how she dealt with her last year of middle school.

  2. I have to say that the voice actress who is acting Tooru has done an awesome job. Tooru is such a complex personality and unique. Tomboyish with a feminine complex. Mature yet childish. Silent but active.

  3. I loved this episode but I got really sick and tired of the splitting up metaphors at the end. But all in all it was a really good episode. I had to stop the episode when Tooru said what present she wanted from Yukko. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Run’s mom is awesome.

    I don’t for a second think Tooru’s love for Run is anything sexual. I bet Tooru is an only child and she latched on to Run at a very early age (possibly preschool) because Run was kind to her and they have been best friends ever since.

    Just like Azusa had to find her own friends for after the girls graduated (Ui and the other girl who’s name I forget) Tooru will end up friends with Miho and Yutaka.

      1. Yeah, that screencap is when Run starts telling a story about Tooru always following her as a baby….but then Tooru says “what are you talking about?” and Run says it was in a dream she had the other night. And then floating text appears that says they met in elementary school

  5. lol

    Watching the graduation of your best friends is a great thing. But the year without them is indeed pretty lonely. I keep hoping that for some reason, she’ll skip a grade due to her impeccable knowledge. *fingers crossed*

    Run’s friendship with Yuuko was probably somehow trauma related. Nagi on the other hand, can be anything. Nagi has such a down-to-earth personality. (like, Tooru. <3) I'd gamble on it being weather related or perhaps a situation involving Nagi's hairstyle when it wasn't tied up into pigtails.

  6. Poor Tohru.

    Perhaps it is just as well Run, Yuuko and Nagi are still in their 2nd year, that’ll create even more character development, so as to better build up for the eventual tearful Azu-nyan style bawling ending as Tohru watches her beloved seniors graduate once season 2 does get made.

    Kinny Riddle

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