「静止限界のドグマ」 (Seishi Genkai no Doguma)
“Dogma of the Static Limit”

Fate is a cruel mistress, but does fate really exist in Steins;Gate’s world? Perhaps, or I may be confusing it with simply foreshadowing in the several dialogues that raised the death flag. It was made to seem as if the first scene in the hourglass seventy million years ago was seen by Okarin of the present, but I believe it’s a scene from the future. Regardless, Okarin’s finally cracked from being scared of the consequences, and despite the time leap machine being created, his mad scientist persona isn’t strong enough to overcome his worries of Mayuri and the experiments themselves. All I could think of at this point was that he shouldn’t have kept SERN’s text threats concealed.

Despite being such a shift in plot movement overall, much of this episode was still dedicated to more of the same goofball interactions between members. Okarin and Makise are getting alarmingly close that even Okarin’s blushing in their little flirts. It’s a weird feeling since I believe Suzuha’s correct on Makise eventually becoming a SERN spy, and that she’ll essentially be a loved character turned bad, but it would make her into such a great character. Actually, due to Moeka being revealed as the potential “lead” behind SERN’s actions, and that her orders were to take them in, I’m speculating that Makise may spy against her will (or maybe brainwashed).

Mayuri’s death was done well. It wasn’t just the screenplay or the sound engineering that was excellent in playing the strings of your emotions, but the almost eerie words of Mayuri beforehand basically proclaiming that she is no longer needed. In a series about time travel, and the subtle essence of what exactly details to be existent, Mayuri becomes an embodiment of the question, “am I of value when my purpose is gone?” What’s interesting is that it could be interpreted as a typical writing predicament. We don’t need Mayuri anymore, so let’s write her off the show kind of deal. But Mayuri is so much more, labeled as the pure with her unaffected view of the lab, and a great deal of background left only to be implied. She’s truly an enigma. Makise’s remarks about her pure view of the lab must not be taken at surface value. Her appearance in Okarin’s shift back in episode one, and the words she spoke in this episode’s first scene suggests she may be of a being even more above time than Okarin is. Even without the fact that the cast will be time traveling again to save Mayuri (because Okarin is nothing without his Tutturu’s), Mayuri’s death is still great because it’s isolated so well. The purposeless girl finally served her purpose. She’s the catalyst to propel Okarin to the ends of all time.

Of course, interpretations in this show, even Mayuri’s demise, is as fleeting as it comes. Moeka’s involvement with SERN wasn’t unexpected, but her decisions are obviously calculated (for FB). It all means something, and I can’t wait to find out what it is. The paradigm has shifted. It’s a whole new ballpark now. Just what I’ve been waiting for…



    1. Well, he has to. It is time travel series. Plus, there was no purpose in the beginning for his experiment. He merely did it out of boredom and fun. Now that Mayuri is dead, he is given a purpose to use his power and knowledge for a greater cause. SERN is going down…

      1. I dunno, unless SERN knows how much each has in their wallets, i don’t see what’s to prevent them from hailing a cab. At the very least, Kurisu should have sufficient money.

        To block off the taxi escape, they would also have to saturate the streets with taxis driven by SERN agents in case one of them decided to walk a few blocks further due to increased taxi frequency there or that road being a shorter and hence cheaper journey.

        Zaku Fan
    Never in my life had an anime evoked this much emotion and outrage from me. OMG WHY?!! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE HER?! SHE WAS INNOCENT! T^T

  2. Interesting. Not at all the reaction I was expecting from Kiiragi or even from others.

    Let us all not forget that one of the main characters died in episode 1. Who? Kurisu Makise! And yet, her she is still alive.

    Will Mayuri remain dead? Is Kurisu actually a spy, or will she be forced into it as Kiiragi excellently pointed out. Why did Suzuha run away, when she knew what was coming, instead of warn them? Did time actually stop in that last scene?

    Normally if a main character I liked dies in a series like this I am left with some sadness. But, because this is a show about time travel and parallel worlds I can’t help but think this will be rectified at some point. The question now is how will Okabe get to use the time machine in his current situation?

    1. If you recalled from Okarin’s flashback right as Mayuri was shot, you will realize that she was meant to die since the beginning. The scene of her in the cemetery was foreshadowing her inevitable death. I originally thought those were her parents, but after she state her parents are home waiting for her, it was a matter of time to put the pieces in place.

      It explained why Okarin was so connected and protective of Mayuri. As it would seem that both Mayuri and Okarin have knowledge that stretch beyond their knowledge of events that exist in the form of instant flashbacks or dream-like state. What the shadow of Mayuri stated 70 millions years ago may be true…

    2. Unlike Mayuri we didn’t actually see Kurise die, we saw her over a bath of blood without visible wounds and there was a scream before that happened, which was most likely Okabe (since kurise mentioned she met him before and the voice is just that similar).
      For all we know the one dead could be Okabe or Mayuri and the scream being okabe when he saw her yet again and Kurise was just unconscious over mayuri’s blood (showing future events? maybe the rest could be all attempts of how okabe tries to save mayuri but being unable to).

      1. hrmm….o.o… so if that’s true, and unless they introduce a new character… 0___0

        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I remember them as muscular men typical of soldiers…but heck its like SERN pulled some random bystanders, fitted them with masks, and equipped them with guns…and that’s it! Instant Rounder Paintball team. :\

    2. Come to think about it… those pro-looking dudes in the VN were kinda out of place. All SERN need is disposable underlings to do their dirty works… just like Moeka…

    3. Yeah, I am glad you point that out. They look like your typical bystanders. Does SERN recruit anybody as their agents now?

      I think that called 1-800-BAD-GUYS, but too cheap to afford the A-team of black suits guys and settle for the B-class average junkies.

      More ironically, I won’t be surprise you you re-watch a few episodes and realize those guys where in the background spying around this whole time…

  3. Instead of Kiryu is KILLYOU Moeka DX. Even when I love tsunderes, Mayushii was my favorite characters T_T. But, seriously, even with all that cryptic way of acting it was obvious Moeka was up to no good. And what is FB? Why does Suzuha believe Kurisu is a SERN spy? I can’t see her working with them after this, unless she spys SERN for revenge or is brainwashed. Now I’m having Madoka vibes from this. Here’s my speculation (may contain spoilers for Madoka) Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I didn’t notice till this episode that Mayuri and Shiro are voiced by the same person.

    That was definently a heart pounding episode for me. I knew from the way it began, something big was about to happen. Never would have expected that though, I was kinda hoping Suzuha would bust in and go all Rambo on them…


      1. Cybersteel: I have not watched Angel Beats yet, but I’ve been meaning to.

        Chaos: That’s not it, it’s just that her voice sounded so familiar it was bugging me. It took me a while to connect the two, In retrospect, it would have been faster to wiki…


      2. Funny thing about voice actors is that they…act. Making it almost impossible to identify unless they are actors like Ben Affleck, Ashton Kutcher, etc who never change their persona.

  5. i’ve played the VN and i got say you havn’t see anything yet this thing is soo fucking twisted but really addicting to everyone who play is it hmmm since there are 12 episodes now and this episode finished chapter 5 of the novel 5 of 12…. the next one will be fucking great and if they put the same BGM man i can die happy looking foward for the girls route thou…when the time comes you will understand ^^

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but Mayushii didn’t utter one tutturu this episode. :O

    Nice way to mark the first half of this series. Was a bit confused as to why Suzu decided to ditch everyone, though that should be explained later.

    1. If she is from the future then she probably realized what was coming and bounced before she got caught with them. She knew they were gonna bust a cap in her andf didn’t wanna be there.

      1. The running was justified, I suppose, if she thought that if she could somehow save them from somewhere else or already knew something about time travel, which could help them escape their predicament.

    1. I’m thinking that they’ll be forced into serving SERN, as Okabe, Kurisu, and Daru are useful in their own ways.

      Kurisu built a time machine and partly figured out why it works the way it does.

      Daru is an amazing hacker.

      Okabe knows far more than he should, and is one of the few people who could properly switch world lines, so he’d make a decent guinea pig.

  7. Jesus Christ… This god damn build up. This ep. This series.

    Gradually I’ve been losing interest on Iroha, T&B, and AnoHana. This, C, and Nichijou are my current favorites.

    Personally this is shaping up the best show of this season right when things get serious. Glad this show is 26 episodes!

  8. Wow, just wow. This whole series is so well done!

    If I’m right, but it’s just my speculations, I didn’t read this anywhere:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Technically, you’re right. It was hinted at the beginning scene by Kiiragi that both Okarin and Mayuri maybe time traveler. Remember the 70 millions years scene?

      As Mayrui stated, they have been traveling to many worlds yet to died in the end. However, their souls/thoughts carry on to the others Mayuri(s) and Okarin(s). It explained why both of them have some form of instinct about what will happen yet not the exact details. Kinda like a 6th sense where you can feel it coming, but aren’t aware of what exactly or when.

      (I didn’t read the manga or play the game. Just observations)

  9. No one has commented on Mayuri holding a lightsaber?

    Anyway, I was thinking, like how Moeka keeps says FB, maybe Suzuha only knows that a lab member with the initials of MK is a SERN spy. She thought that MK stands for Makise Kurisu, but when it really means Moeka Kiryu. After all, I don’t think the two of them every interacted, so Suzuha never suspected her.

    1. That is a good point though whoever/whatever told her about it should have used the full name rather than initials unless whoever told her wanted her to have a mistaken impression or was using codenames.

      Zaku Fan
      1. Possible though the hints have been of her being an actual physical time traveller from the future dystopia where she was a warrior. That would mean all this was ancient history to her and there should not have been a need for D-mails and such.

        They could conceivably pull a “Suzuha is delusional” but that doesn’t fit the series and her combat pose does look good enough to be professional

        Zaku Fan
      1. @Sidious: Mayuri is a very cute dark force which I will gladly join anytime that to be with the lameass dark vader or luke.

        In any case,as what Kiiragi pointed out, it could still be possible for Makise Kurisu (Christina, Celeb-7, etc) to be brainwashed and be turned into a SERN spy, why? Cuz she can be easily exploited because she is an emotional wreck from her relationship with her father and the only thing that is making it all better is Okarin, now if Okarin completely focuses on Mayuri and no longer shows her the attention that she desperately needs (take in mind our Celeb-7 is a tsundere lol), SERN might just easily brainwash her to make her turn from a tsundere into a yandere (i can totally see it in her character!).

        I am half-joking btw, only half cuz it might still be possible, yet i personally dont want it to happen. I want them as a team (except Moeka) to save Mayuri and burn down SERN together with Moeka (brainwashed or not, what she did to Mayuri was just horrible and she deserves an equal treatment).

  10. “If you’re still planning on watching this series, avoid this post and reading the recent comments on the sidebar for the next few days. Heavy spoilers ahoy.”

    Please switch the wording series into episode. I thought you dropped the series and was going to spoil the ending.

      1. SAME HERE chaos! I never did like her cuz I always thought she was the most suspicious character (the next one was Suzu, but during her revelation of finding her father I started to like her), but never Moeka. Cuz she was always hiding her intentions or goals (heck even our part time soldier and timetraveler Suzu revealed hers) and she always persists to know what the lab group was doing and forces her way into them (unlike Suzu whom was more natural about it). I was right on my suspicions that Moeka was the SERN spy, and I really hope that me and Kiiragi are wrong about Christina still potentially becoming a SERN spy in the future by brainwashing or something (IMO could be exploiting her emotions like her discord with her father and her improving relationship with Okarin but due to Okarin focusing on Mayuri, she might feel abandoned or something and could potentially be brainwashed) I sure hope not!

  11. Something is wrong with those guys, why the hell do they use AK47 ??
    That’s a cheap weapon for terrorist and unofficial groups. Couldn’t SERN afford something better? why would they bother wearing masks? Could it be that they are just a small SERN’s faction under FB’s direct orders?

    Now I want to see Suzuha come through the windows and Mr.Braun from behind then and kick their asses off, so Okarin can send a Dmail !!
    But I guess they will rather be taken to SERN’s base in Japan and interrogated T_T.

    1. Indeed they aren’t official… they are just mercenaries, hired dogs.

      And you are expecting Tennoji Mr.Braun to come for the rescue? フッフッフッフッフ… oops!

      1. Nothing is meaningless in this show!
        So Mr.Braun’s muscles MUST serve some purpose!!
        Let’s say Nae forgot something at the shop so Braun had to come back this late and then he met Suzuha who required his help (although I don’t think she would involve others).

    2. Don’t you guys think it was excessive?!

      I mean, Moeka meet everybody and should have known they were harmless. Hell, all they needed were batons, no, just their fists and the gang would have come nicely. I doubt anybody in Okarin’s labs would even put up a fight.

      They ran in with masks and guns. Not just regular guns: fully-automated assaulted rifles. It was all too excessive. A few guys in black suits saying “come with us” would have been more than enough. It is like bring a bomb into a fist fight…totally uncalled for.

      1. Ugh I know! What’s worst is how the hell could she kill Mayuri just cuz she is not needed! WTF! leave her alone! Mayuri is not even a threat at all! I doubt that she would even call the cops for Moeka cuz she considers Moeka as a friend and knowing our cute Tuturu she would probably wait patiently in the lab for them all to gather again and resolve the understanding, Ugh I was really feeling it after Mayuri just said she doesnt like fighting at all, and to get her to be shot like that was completely uncalled for. Now I just dont want Okarin to go back and save Mayuri, but to go all out on ensuring her safety, how? Kill Moeka, and destroy SERN in ALL WORLD LINES. If he really claims to be a mad scientist, I think Mayuri’s death is enough to turn him into a real one, and go back into many world lines and protect all the Mayuris, by completely obliterating SERN and Moeka all across the world lines.

      2. @X, now if he got Mr. Braun’s body, Okarin will be set. According to you, he will become the next Punisher, punishing eveil SERN for killing his loved Mayuri.

        @Kratos, Mayruri didn’t know anything. She question everything they did and when they try to explain it, she still didn’t get it. She is a simple girl, won’t hurt a fly. She does possess a unaffected view of the truth, which was to never mess with time in the first place.

    3. If you want to hide the fact you are professional soldiers working for SERN wouldn’t it be a good idea to attack and capture the lab using cheap masks and old weapons amd appear to be a run of the mill terrorist cell?

      1. It could end up like that I mean that time, someone else had an influence on the flow of time causing Okarin to shift world lines to one where she was still alive, it might happen again you never know.

    1. That is the only path Okarin will take…

      In fact, he has to. If you think about it, it was ALL HIS FAULTS.

      Mayuri join the lab because of him.
      Moeka become a lab member because of him.
      Moeka knows everything because he told her.
      Mayuri died because he failed to warned them of SERN messages.
      And it was him to decide to experiment with time while Mayuri was against it from the start.

      So I figure he will place all the blame on himself and finally snapped. His purposes from this point on are to saved Mayuri and destroy SERN!

  12. Well that would have been fubar if this wasn’t a time travel series. The first scene was really a wtf+death flag scene. I was expecting a sniper from the roof top at first but when part-timer ran off, and poor Mayuri’s watch stopped, it was the countdown.

    Okarin really should have told everyone about the threats. It was understandable but selfish of him to conceal the threats just because he was afraid everyone would run off. Now the consequences of his decision made him lose his oldest friend.

    Moeka looks brainwashed there, while the thugs did not. It looks like her controllers decided to let Okarin do all the work and only took action when he decided to jump ship and announce the time leap machine.

    Money is on part time warrior coming back and showing why she told Okarin she was a warrior and a reveal on who and what exactly is Moeka. The terrorist actions may have some link to the plot. Maybe to cover up SERN’s actions?

    It was nice to see that they covered the loose plot point of why Mayuri was a “hostage”. It was probably Okarin’s little fantasy talk to get her to join his “lab” when he started it up, even before Daru joined.

    Zaku Fan
  13. F*ck!

    Most of all, f*ck you, b*tch! I hope you burn in hell for what you did!!!

    Mayuri didn’t do anything to deserve that. If she wasn’t needed, then knocked her out and take the others. But, no you had to killed her. Worst of all, you SHOT her between the EYES! I will laugh my ass off when I see that you get what you deserve, Trigger Finger. GODDAMN B*tch. I didn’t like you before, now I HATE you. I am so angry and sad right now… Tutu-waaaa TT.TT

    I am voting Trigger Finger for most hated character this year…and Mayuri for best death character/scene.

    1. I dont know… Moeka eyes always seemed empty to me. Maybe she is/was/will be (damn that time travel stuff!) brainwashed? Still my first reaction was siilar. But I hate more the hand that wields than the sword that strikes. Who/what is FB?
      Part time warrior is certainly knowing more than she says, but for the reasons unknown(avoiding time paradox?) she refuses to spill the beans. I hope she can organise some diversion to help our heroes escape the SERN goons.
      I loved the interaction between Makise and Okarin, those 2 seem like perfect mutual tsundere pair.

    2. In her defense she didn’t look like she wanted to kill Mayuri either. The way she kept chanting “for FB” sounded like she was hesitant. Someone also suggested that if she was the ones sending the threatening texts, it may be because she was trying to protect them.

  14. I loved. LOVED the Makise x Okabe scene.

    Okabe: “You are my precious nakama.”
    Makise: “Th… thank you.”
    Okabe: “…OH SH*T, spoiled the beans there ohgod ohgod whatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo ……!!!!! “DO YOU HAVE A FEVER” MANEUVEER
    *runs all the way to where Makise is standing*

    Words cannot express how I’m gonna miss the comic relief in this series. I just hope the payoff is worth it.

  15. Suzuha, the soldier from the future…

    Soldier my ass! She ran out of there faster than Forest Gump. I guess soldiers in the future prefer to run with their tales between their legs. I lost all respect that I have for Suzuha. She knew everything that was to happen yet she ran for it.

    1. Even special forces know better than to fight a direct battle where no information other than the enemy being numerous is available. Why let the opponent choose the place and type of combat when you can take them out from behind? If part timer has fought as long as she hints, she would be doing this.

      Zaku Fan
    2. you guys got a point, I know that Suzu probably did the most logical approach (like a contractor would in Darker than black) and that it would take a LONG TIME to convince everyone of the threat and explain how she knows and then she would not be able to escape and would probably die (since she herself is not needed). Since she has no weapons (at least not that we know of) she would not be able to fight them off. So it was the most logical thing to do. HOWEVER, chaos has a got point, I was pissed off that she didnt at least tell them to run away or hide or something before she up and left! Instead she just says sorry, she could have just yelled run away cuz SERN will kill them (it would take the exact same time instead she only said sorry and i gotta go), which is really really lame of her. Someone pointed out that it could be because she doesnt want to create a time paradox, i think it is not the reason cuz she being a timetraveler should know that there is no such thing cuz of the world lines (many worlds interpretation). I think she did it only to escape and fight another day, but still im pissed she didnt do anything at all to warn them. Remember the future lab gadget that did a smokescreen in the previous episode? (the one that rukako unleashed that looks like a claymore) Okarin should have used it.

      1. I came to the same point, she thank logicaly and chose the best solution. She can’t let her be captured or killed has she might still have a mission and that way she will still be able to save them.

        speculations based on the preview: Show Spoiler ▼

  16. I figure one of two things is gonna happen:

    1) Suzuha jump into to rescue the group and take the microwave to perform the time leap so Okarin can travel in time to save Mayuri


    2) The gang is bought to SERN Headquarter where they find a way to escape and use the LHC to perform a real time travel back in time to save Mayuri

    1. I know! Facebook is evil! It is literally brainwashing people! Seriously look at so many millions of people so hooked into facebook that they need it like food! I am one of the rare humans that have broadband internet access yet DOES NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and I’m damn proud not to have one and not be dependent on one.

      1. I have a 1,000 friends on facebook, but I don’t use it anymore because everybody is on it now. Overcrowded, like it better when it was just us college kids. I would shutdown my account, but how else am I going to spy on my EXs and laugh at their pains? I hope those b*tches burn in hell for what they did to me like Moeka did to Mayuri minus the death part.

  17. Carp…Lost my post.

    Oh well, here goes. I’m watching this show and still loving it. If this keeps up, I won’t hesitate to consider this THE hit of this season. Well, considering there aren’t many serious contenders…

    That aside, I like how they played up the atmospheric effects by using lighting and tell-tale signs of Mayuri’s impending death. The first scene, the light saber she was holding (red glow and ominous lighting casted on her face) and the talk about her being the only one with a clear view as well as her ability to stop fights in an instant. It clicks with the notion that when you want everything to go to hell for our protagonist, take out the one that binds them together.

    My hunch about Moeka was right (for once XD), though I would have liked to see more of a backstory. There’s also Ruka…Did SERN do away with her too? More importantly, I’m wondering at the significance of Suzu running away. Possibly to look for other solutions to this little problem, or the run away and fight another day? She’s yet another character who knows more than she lets on.

    And the scene of the week – The little flirting between Okabe and Kurisu. I’m kinda miffed by the notion that she could become (or made) a spy for SERN, but nothing takes away the fun from that scene.

    From here on out, will things be getting deadly (no pun intended) serious, or will we see more comic relief here and there?

  18. It seems that things are not exactly as simple as “time travel”. It is more like “switching bodies” between parallel universes.

    The first hint has to do with memory. Everytime a D-mail is sent and the past is changed, Okarin has no memory of what happened on the new universe he travels to. For example, when he mailed himself to stop Suzuha from leaving the town; he did not know how he stopped Suzuha and had to ask her the specifics. So he switches places with the Okarin on a parallel universe where the Okarin in that universe stops Suzuha.

    Next hint has to do with the first “time travel” or “body switching” he had knowledge of. The first time it happened was when Kurisu was supposed to be dead but all of the sudden he switched bodies with an Okarin somewhere else.

    The third hint has to do with Mayuri’s speech on this episode. Mayuri spoke of Okarins and lab members in plural including the “originals” as if there was more than one for each of them.

    This means “time travel” or universe traveling is not always a beautiful thing because while one Okabe managed to save Mayuri in a parallel universe, another one is dead in a different universe. Also, it means that while one Okabe is living happily; someone else switched with him to a terrible place.

  19. I’m surprised that with more than 100 comments, nobody pointed out what happened to the time in that room!
    Why did the hour glass and mayuri’s watch stoped?
    Is that some kind of time stop weapon that SERN put together? if that the case how comes that peaple can still move around and TV work? Selective time stop? what criteria?

    From what we have seen so far nothing is meaningless in this show, she bomb alert must have something to do with that
    – SERN needed to borrow extra power supply so it stoped the train (one of the mens broke the TV so the lab member would not think about this possibility)
    – Was it to prepare they scape? those lines were in the way.
    – Have the time stop machine limited perimeter that the trains would have crossed

    1. I think time frozen serve as an emphasis on Okarin due to Mayuri’s death. The final domino needed to push Okarin forward into destroying SERN. I don’t think it has any other real relevance other than how it would affected Okarin. I think the show is trying to say how Okarin’s life was frozen at that point, that he will never be able to move forward in time ever again.

      I remember other shows and movies how the main character kept an old watch, but it stop working. It is although the person live in the past and never in the present or future. Like the watch, time has indeed stop for them.

      Of course, in the end, the watch start ticking again serving to show hoe the main character resolve his problem and overcome in order to move on with like…

      1. I think see what you mean, time stops while the main character thinks, but how could a hour glass stop, it works on gravity there no way it could stop half way. Plus Mayuri is the one who states about her watch, it mean it stopped working for everyone, not only Okarin.

        After rewatching it, it seems that lines stopped are those in akiba.
        – It could also be to prevent them to escape by train

      2. im guessing the train stopping will play a major part if kyouma does try and go back in time since its because the trains stopped that quite a few of the members stayed at the lab especially mayuri she stayed at the lab because she couldnt go home

        you can totally tell that hes gonna go back in time.

        Also moeka didnt seem brainwashed and the dissapearence of the IBN could indicate that SERN has it? which im guessing allowed SERN to tell that the lab was hacking into their system

  20. If people are this distraught by Mayushi’s death, you’re in for some good ‘ol soul crushing.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. gaaaah I actually know the whole plot and thought this would have less impact but NO! this episode and Mayuri’s death was well done! T^T

    anyway, to those who know the VN, just a thought about Daru…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  22. WOW, i was waiting for the blog to be up last night. When i check the blog again already over 100++ comment, damn. Anyway what a cliffhanger, now we know what will trigger okarin to become REAL mad scientist.
    Why do a mad scientist cross the road (of world line)?
    To get back his Tutturu.

  23. Indeed Kiiragi, the purposeless girl serve her purpose. This would make the story more interesting for the boring Okabe.

    I’m guessing that the past is hard to change even though you try to change it the way you like it to be. I’ve been seeing some movies(although i vaguely remeber) where in people tries to change the past many times. It also may lead to Mayuri not going to be alive again even though Okabe tries to change it.

    1. Mayuri wasn’t purposeless. You are only saying that because she didn’t possess a special ability that either help the storyline or enhance it.

      I doubt Mayuri’s main purpose was to used as a sacrificial lamb. That is a fate too cruel for sweet Mayuri…

      Mayuri seem to be the voice of reason that stretch beyond the reach of time and space. They say you never appreciate something until it is gone…

  24. Hmmm… thinking that Okarin did not get his powers when he was a kid but instead first experienced them as a kid.
    okarin is now 18 years old and the year is 2008.
    okarin got his fever when he was a ten year old kid, eight years ago.
    John Titor first came online at year 2000, which is eight years ago.
    His power did not activate in the past but was used.

    1. From this episode, FB means F*$king B*tch for what Moeka did to Mayuri…

      It could also means, F$%king Bullsh*t. That is what I think for SERN and their gang of terrorists.

      After 2 days, I am still angry and sad… TT.TT

  25. I’m gonna finish the whole series then play / read the VN.

    Its like the present Mayuri knew she was gonna go.

    This shows that the disappearance of the IBN 5100 was due to Shining Fingers d-mail.
    And yes, F Shining Finger, F !!!

  26. Okay, after 2 days of cooling off and emotions aside, let get back on topic…

    While I hate Suzuha for running out of there, she has her reasons. The main one being you can’t alter important events in the past, especially if Okarin will become the leader of the rebel force against SERN. Then Mayuri’s death serve its purpose. Another reason could be she wasn’t prepare for that many guys with guns. Being unarmed and outnumbered, she was going to lose in either case.

    As far as she coming back to saved them, maybe. She boast about being a soldier yet I highly doubt she was even trained properly. Since she left in episode 10 after not finding her father, I doubt she is here originally to save and protect Okarin. She may be a simple time travel here to observe time, not change it.

  27. As for Moeka, we know now she is a spy and a brainwashed one for that matter…

    Her actions are unforgetable and I still hope she burn in hell (at least in one of the timeline). She did mention she did it for FB. From earlier, she stated FB told her what the IBN 5100 was. So FB is the one giving her information as well as a support beam for her hope.

    I wouldn’t say FB is her husband or her child, but I can’t say it is her boss as well. It might be an organization or an Utopia. It could be an operation codename or a person.

    If I have to guess, I say FB is a person. To be more specific, it maybe Okarin…

    1. Sadly there is no Moeka route in the original VN. =( If any1 wants to take a deeper look into this character, you can read the drama CD gamma “Hyde of the dark dimension” after you have finished the series, in which Okabe IS an agent for SERN in that timeline, and Moeka is the only one he can trust. An IF sidestory anyway.

      Sum1 has already spoiled FB’s identity in a previous post. A MAJOR spoiler I would say, so please, jus please dun see it.

      1. I can see why. Not many people want to play Moeka is she keep shooting people between the eyes. By killing Mayuri, she ranked up in the most hated list and least playable character…

      2. Killing people doesn’t nessesary mean ur evil in the core. The Okabe in “Hyde of the dark dimension” has killed two CIAs(in the timeframe of the drama CD), and is the mastermind behind SERN in that dark future, causing all the torments. Now thats one mofo. But it’s only one of the infinite possibilities. If sum1 has to be blamed, it’s the world itself. And partly Obake’s fault to mess with the past.

  28. As much as I love Mayuri and this is a time travel series, I don’t see her returning. I mean think about it. If Mayuri is the catalyst for Okarin rise to destroy SERN, then what is the point in getting her back? Wouldn’t it defeat the purpose of overthrowing SERN?

    I believe it has a greater impact if she remain dead. Of course, involving time travel, we might see Mayuri dies more time than we can imagine. That would be sad for Okarin, knowing whatever he will do will not change Mayuri’s fate or get her back.

    In the end, after SERN is defeated, it would be nice to see Mayuri back…

      1. Twin paradox is based on speed rather than time travel. I remember learning about it in school. I believe it is about two twin: one living on Earth while the other travel through space on a rocket. Say it take 20 years to travel to Mars and back. The traveling twin return home to find that his twin brother has aged 20 years while he only aged 1 year.

        Not the case here. A time traveler move through time. No, he move above time, at a dimension beyond time. So the question is: if he is above time, does he aged?

        Logically, he shouldn’t because he is above time. He can only aged whenever he exist within the realm of time itself. Outside of it, he is basically a mini version of God. Of course with the power to turn back time, you are basically God-like. It farther question on: how one would EXIST outside of time? (Considering basically human needs like air, foods, and water)

      2. Well, seeing as there is no scientific way to say how much a physical time traveler would age – as physical time travel isn’t possible without some kind of device we can not build without matter we have yet to discover (Space Strings, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Wormholes) this is just sci-fi speculation.
        But yes, time travelers probably would age if they relocate physically. If they go back a year when they are 23, they will be 23 in the year they went to. If they then stay in that timeline for a year their body will be 24 (while at the same time it would have been 23 at the time if they stayed). They do not age THROUGH time travel, they just relocate the state of their bodies. Travel itself would be near instantaneous, as it’s only possible at the speed of light anyway.

        The Twin paradox depends on Einstein’s theory of relativity – which does enable time travel to the future in a way, although that is not real time travel, it’s rather trivial. It says that an object travelling at a higher speed has a different perception of time, as this speed approaches the speed of light, this becomes significant. But it’s still no time travel per se.

        So yeah, it’s all sci-fi, but no human can totally exist “out of time” when we look at it scientifically. The body still ages when it perceives time. It doesn’t age WHILE time traveling, as no time is perceived in the act.

        But actually, just watch the rest of the show. Depending on what material they use, this question will be more or less answered if I remember correctly. Just not in the way you imagine 😉

      3. Well, it is not instant time travel like in back to the future, but still it IS time travel as you travel through the future. It is a way of traveling that takes time.
        If you travel at 0.9 of speed of light for one year, you will travel 3 years into the future.
        This is time travel.

  29. When I say “Time Travel”, everybody automatically reply with “traveling to the past”…

    Why?! Doesn’t anybody here want to travel to the future?

    I mean, sure you can change great things by changing even a small fraction event in the past due to the butterfly effect. But if you consider time as one instead of many worlds theory, imagine the havoc you can do to the future. Technically, the future doesn’t exist…yet. So for example I can travel to the future 5 minutes from now and kill myself. Hell, I can kill everybody and travel back to undo it like it never happen. It is like play a video game and if I don’t like it, I can hit the reset button. Unlike the past where if I kill myself (or anybody else), I ease to exist. But I can kill my future self without any regrets like the movie “GroundHog Day”. +1 for future, 0 for past…

    I love the future so much more than the past. If somebody invented a time machine, I say “f*ck the past, let go to the future…”

    1. wow glad to see someone with the same idea:D what fun would it be to go to the past? its like freaking minefield with 99.99999999999999999999% of the place a bomb that will trigger every other bombs! I suppose observing can be fun too, that is if you have some special equipment/ability that will let you see things like a flashback(which means you know you won’t change anything). But if you just wanna mess around, the future all the way! Like you said, jump to the future for any duration more than 2 seconds then you can do whatever you like(just don’t die) and come back 1 second after you left! assuming your not moving across world lines, no “2 yous” paradox since you went to a future that you left from and returned to the present where you already left, and can change the “future” you screwed over without anything to worry!:D since it’s only a short jump, there won’t be any super advanced robots hunting your ass XD

  30. I personally think that shining finger is part of the resistance movement in the dystopian future and that she knows that in order to change the future she needed to motivate Okarin to use his time machine instead of giving it up (prob how SERN gets a working time machine). Moeka goes back in time and kills mayushi because she knows that Okarin can save her and change the past. It would also piss Okarin off enough to make him directly opposed to SERN and make him go out for blood. It would also explain the crappy mercenary gear since having a crappy underground resistance with crappy gear would make sense. Moeka always came off as a victim since she kept trying to patch together her memories since she prob time traveled. Though it could be her trying to remember stuff after brainwashing =/. Hell you never know how this could go. Mayushi might know more than you think and could have orchestrated her own death in order to motivate okarin as well. If she really does have collective consciousness with her other world line selves, it would def be in her character to sacrifice herself for her friends (mostly okarin). Hell she already works a part time job to get food for poor ass lab members lol…what’s a few days without tuturu’s?

    1. I’ve been thinking that Moeka was a 3rd party(the other 2 are SERN and Okarin labmems) and the texts were her warning not as SERN but simply as someone who knows the risks. She’s practically a suspicion magnet that I think the story is using reverse psychology and making it out that she’s a bad guy. BUT *************************************************** WHY DID SHE KILL MAYURI?!!!!!!! With her names’ phonetics I should seen it coming! Kiryuu…KILL YOU! The only thing that will redeem her if she was brainwashed or like you said, Mayuri planned this, but otherwise, RAGE!!!!(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ
      also, does anyone know why steins;sub and commie are coming out so late? or is that my source is just late in posting them? just got this ep tonight:(

      1. No, they come out pretty fast. I got this episode 12 hours after it was release in Japan. So basically I get new eps around 4:00 PM Tuesday. I watch mine at watchanimeon.com. They seem to be very fast at posting new eps.

        Speaking of which, the final OVA of Black Lagoon is out. Just waiting for the sub version now. LOL

  31. It’s funny how easy people who read the VN but try not to spoil anything can be identified in these comments.

    Really, next episode will be awesome. As will the whole next arc. Depending on Show Spoiler ▼

  32. Do not read the spoiler if you really do know what to do what will happen to the ENTIRE story. Forgive my spelling and grammar and what not. LAST WARNING! NO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE ENTIRE STORYLINE!!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. @Yupp you forgot the main twist, which is the motto of the series: “最初のお前を騙せ。世界を、騙せ”
      That is the climax of Steins;Gate, I tell you, when the corrupted video received on the first chapter is finally revealed, Show Spoiler ▼

  33. Show Spoiler ▼

    This is going a bit fast but overall sticking to the VN, that’s good.
    Moeka was destined to be the bitch since its the worst character of the story. That’s why there’s no ending for her. Also IMO the whole FB thing is a serious fail of the plot but well…

  34. Just a thought, moeka warned okarin earlier on the street a few days before or so. I think she has some slither of humanity left in her; she hesitated to kill mayuri. I think in the long run even she may end up being in danger. If not she is still hot either way XD; oh and anyone take note of the second John titor aka suzuha? Thats been bugging me like hell. One said they went to year 2000 the other said they didnt and didnt have any intention of going. Time Paradox or one suzuha failed and was killed? what do you think?

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