Now it is pretty much confirmed that Tsukishima has been messing around with Ichigo’s friends with his powers. At first I thought it was possible that Ichigo had just forgotten, but considering their memories are not lining up it does seem that Tsukishima has the ability to make people believe that he’s a friend. He seems to have to gotten to pretty much everyone in Ichigo’s circle too, and everyone is acting completely normally and cheerfully around him. I guess there still is the lingering possibility that Ichigo (and Ginjou) are simply the odd ones out and that it’s their memories which have been changed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Either way, it’s a pretty bad situation. It does seem strange how he was able to stab everyone in such a short of period of time however, though it is possible that he had done it much earlier and had simply activated the powers now. I don’t know why he wouldn’t do the same to Ichigo and Ginjou though since that would probably make whatever his plan is much easier. Especially with Ichigo’s current state, Tsukishima easily kicked his ass and using his little mind control ability on him doesn’t seem like it would be particularly difficult. Now what is interesting though is that all Ichigo’s friends are now on Tsukishima’s side, so he will certainly have difficulty continuing his usual protect-his-friends mantra. Already, running away in shock and leaving everyone with Tsukishima was definitely not a good idea, and perhaps he should have just played along and tried to figure out exactly what’s going on.


  1. While unlikely it’s possible that everyone’s memories were modified to forget about Tsukishima and he merely “fixed” things by cutting the seal on their memories (or something liek that). It should be possible if his sword can cut through anything.

    Overall this seemed like a set-up chapter (a transition between the training arc and the next one), so hopefully next chapter will move the story along. Or at least provide some explanations, such as what is Isshin up to.

  2. Its interesting that Ichigo didn’t just kick his ass and hope their memories returned to normal. Anyway this arc feels like filler to me as it doesn’t really fit into the previous arcs.

    1. that’s what im saying, his running around town like some punk but if I were him, I’d tranform and kick some ass in front of everyone screaming “Ichigo why?!” “Stop Ichinii!” When did Karin start calling Ichigo, Ichinii anyway?

      Azul Flamed Samurai
  3. Actually, while I’ve recently disliked Bleach for it’s constant deux ex machina (during Aizen’s arc), I find that this recent turn of events may lead to Bleach becoming more interesting.

  4. sorry but Ichigo was a complete retard this chapter getting freaked out and running away like that. for someone who’s been in so many battles I would have hoped Ichigo would have learned some tactic, but with this chapter that completely went out of the door.

    I can understand he wanted to punch Tsukishima, but after realizing Tsukishima got everyone Ichigo should have played along with Tsukishima and asking him to step outside with Ichigo for a second, but noooooooooooooooo – 3 –

  5. This chapter was really thrilling somehow *w* Still no answers (of course not), but somehow I got the feeling that things are finally moving again.

    I was shocked though that Ichigo, the protector, left his friends alone with Shuu-Chan. i agree with you, Prooof, that it would’ve been smarter to play along a bit, but Ichigo never was that sort of smart guy to begin with.

    can’t wait for next weeks chapter, I hope it won’t be a total let-down Dx

  6. my thoughts exactly, but the problem is Ichigo is the too much of a cliche shounen hero to decide play along and keeping quiet instead of doing what he did this chapter.

    1. There is one major flaw to your hypothesis, “Absolute Hypnosis” only affects the five senses in the present, past memories will not be affected. In order to come under the effects of the hypnosis one has to see his shikai first so for him to have this much trust from Ichigo’s friends and relatives means he would have had to masquerade for years and not reveal himself to Ichigo.

  7. I’m doubting he’s really got Orihime and Chad. I think the phone call was a fake out. Still when Tsukishima was aone with him and his part time job boss, that would have been a good time to cut loose and fight it out.

    Alternatively since Tsukishima has some blood coming out from the corner of his mouth from Ichigo’s punch, he might have been going for the full facade and not resisting which is a grand time to one shot kill him. Who cares what the sisters and friends think since they can be cured (either when Tsukishima dies or Orihime activated her time reversal)

    Zaku Fan
    1. The fake out is highly possible, I think. However, it would serve to do us some good to remember that He had also stabbed Chad and Orihime before, so the possibility that the call was real is rather…well, real.

  8. This has been the first chapter for a while that really interested me and made me eager to know what happens next. It’s potentially turned Ichigo into the villain in front of his friends.
    I still have my doubts about who’s side Ginjou is really on, and whether he’s not planning something that isn’t in Ichigo’s best interests.

  9. Play along, and get stabbed? I don’t think so.

    This Fullbring arc is getting pretty interesting and in a sense, satisfying. It irks me a little to see people complaining about Bleach being the ‘same old thing all over again’ just because they can’t look deeper into things and try to enjoy it rather than read for the sake of reading.

    In defense of Ichigo, Tsukishima did his homework pretty well by hitting the Achilles’ Heel – or rather, the one thing that would affect him the most – His friends and family. True that he had battle experience and perhaps he could have acted more calmly, but this is in the mind, mind (no pun intended) you. What would YOU have done when someone hits you hard there? Stay calm? I highly doubt it. Running away was pretty reasonable.

    While short, it was interesting to see how the situation slowly closes in on Ichigo with Tsukishima supposedly isolating him bit by bit. From his sisters to close friends, then comrades (Chad and Orihime), then what would seem like the last two sanctuaries safe from Tsukishima. I’m waiting to see how Isshin, Urahara and Mysterious Shinigami will feature here. One key question I have is how come Tsukishima can get to the other so quickly.

  10. guys, I think that Ginjou is a bad guy, though it’s just a wild thought
    but all we know about Tsukishima is from Ginjou.. and now Ginjou came to Ichigo (how the hell he found Ichigo ? ) telling “Tsukishima got everyone”
    my question is: when did it happen? while Ichigo was on his way home? or when he was running around?
    why is Ginjo telling the truth by default? I doubt Ginjou even more…
    2nd ver. : all is palyed by Ginjou and Tukishima to awaken real Ichigo…

    1. I’m keeping the “Ginjou is the villain” idea in my mind just to be on the safe side. Tsukishima may even be the shinigami who hasn’t been revealed yet. Maybe Ichigo’s memory of him really was erased. Maybe something really did happen and Ginjou is the bad guy.

      My only issue with this theory is that Ginjou helped train Ichigo to maximize his Fullbring… why?

  11. Pussy…that’s all I could think when I saw Ichigo run off like a pussy. This whole chapter just COMPLETELY destroyed Ichigo’s character up till now IMO.
    “Oh noes, my family and friends are all friendly with this enemy. I’m going to just run away even though the said enemy is DIRECTLY in front of me and I have an all new Super Saiyan form.” This totally runs contrary to the Bleach format of kick ass and ask questions later. Normal Ichigo would’ve been disconcerted, get mad and start beating on Tsukishima. Who cares if your relations are yelling at you? At least their not attacking you. Kill Tsukishima first and fix your family later, or by deus ex machina, your family will probably get fixed right after Tsukishima dies.
    Ugh…sooooo disappointing.

    1. IMHO, it would have bee pretty OOC of him to not run like that… we know that he can be easily influenced by things, like when Yammy defeated him and his nakamas(pre-damsel in distress arc). As for playing along, he is not so patient, is he? The only objection I had was to leave your sisters with that guy? But that was soon dissolved by the fact that they had lunch together. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      Maybe the author is planning to bring Soul Reapers back soon.

  12. ichigo finally discovers the delusional insanity that has gripped his mind over the past few years.

    next chapter – one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

    ichigo wakes up in a mental asylum…

  13. I agree with some people in this. I was like “What the fuck…” after reading this chapter. What the hell was that. In the first chapter of bleach, Ichigo battled against a hollow without a weapon, just a chair to save his sister, he battled soul society to save rukia, hueco mundo to find inoue, grimmjow, ulquiora…

    That’s why I hate these hero who put their emotions before common sense.
    You can fight now, use your fullbring and take this fucker away from your family, beat him and then order him to fix this shit. I can understand ginjou, his friends are fullbringer too.
    This chapter was really bad. This is bleach for christ’s sake. Ichigo never ran away like this, damn it.

    1. Are people stupid? Ichigo ran because he was in a situation where his friends AND family were willing to protect Tsukishima upon Ichigo getting physical. Ichigo couldn’t fight him without getting everyone else involved.

      Ichigo’s behavior is something that all of us with a brain would do when you realize, like Ichigo, what Tsukishima had setup. He basically put Ichigo in a situation where he can no longer trust his friends or family members… something that Ginjou had warn him about at the start of this arc.


      Mania Lyssa
      1. Shounen characters DON’T use their brains. It’s all courage and heart and kick-ass-ery. So what if his family starts yelling at him. Ichigo knows Tsukishima is the cause so why does he not just lay down the kick-ass on him.

      2. @xcswmboy

        I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone complaining that a shonen hero ISN’T stupid enough. Seriously?

        Personally, I absolutely loved this chapter. I thought that Ichigo’s actions made perfect sense in context and considering his basic personality, as Mania Lyssa explained, and I loved the way the chapter was able to so skillfully and creepily increase the tension while displaying Ichigo’s escalating sense of paranoia and panic. Great stuff, and probably the best story-telling I’ve seen from Kubo in a very long time.

      3. No, but apparently you’re pretty fucking stupid.

        He didn’t run because he was worrying about collateral damage. Ichigo ran because he was scared shitless. The expression on his face says so.

        “You can’t be sure about that mister TOP2NE1. That’s just conjecture!”

        You’re right, it would be if it weren’t for his succeeding actions. Ichigo doesn’t really care about the lives of his friends and family. If he did, he wouldn’t have gotten in the car with Ikumi. This isn’t the “I’ll fight for my friends” Ichigo. This is the “Omg, omg, omg someone please save me” Ichigo.

        “But he’s never faced a situation like this before! What would you do if your family did that?”

        Ichigo’s reaction would work if this were come comic about some average joe leading and average life, but it’s not. Memory erasal, illusions, and loads of other varied and fantastical powers pervade the series. Also, he’s already irrationally attacked Tsukishima, and the last few chapters were dedicated to training. Not to mention both his and his family’s/friends’ lives have been endangered before. Running away is a stupid and backwards decision no matter which way you slice it.

        And lol at the “real human characterization” shit. If you want that, read something like Nausicaa or Real. Even more specifically, HxH did a situation similar to this and handled it a hundred times better.

  14. My theory so far is that Tsukishima is fullbringer with shinigami powers, just like Ichigo, and he got that mind-manipulating power from some other fullbringer. That way they can make him super overpowered like a certain defeated arch-enemy…
    As for why is he targeting Ichigo… Maybe he wants all of the fullbringers’ powers to himself… Well, that wouldn’t be so Bleach-like so probably not. Most likely he had a complex past with bullies and bad parents and now he only want some friend…

  15. Something has been puzzling about this whole ‘full bring’ arc. During the Azien arc I could’ve sworn Azien said that Chad’s and Inoue’s powers developed due to the hogyoku and their feelings, so how does someone, who had no contact with them at all, have the same abilities?

    I’m 99% sure he said something like that at least, or someone did, but if I’m wrong then I must’ve been imagining additional parts of the story 😛

    Invalid Data
    1. Retcon is awesome, isn’t it? I remember reading at some point an explanation for Orihime and Sado’s powers were because of their proximity to Ichigo. He was “rubbing off” on them.

      The Fullbring arc is weird, indeed.

      I wish instead of this goofiness they went on to Zero Squad or something, and maybe even a level beyond Bankai.

      1. You’re right, first was the offshoot from Ichigo, then the Hougyoku, then their moms were attacked by hollows. Most people may not remember all this, and Bleach fans will deny this, but if two of us remember it…

        High five, bud.

      2. High five back at ya.

        Now, I need to go and find out where this was all said. I know for a fact it was said. I just can’t remember what chapters.

        Also, props for using the correct contraction “you’re” and not the more common, incorrect, and lazy usage of “your”. Though, I often make the mistake myself. And no, I don’t point out bad grammar like a Youtube troll, only good!

        Now, to search for the proof. Or is it Prooof…? Get it? No? I crack me up! I’ll be back…

      3. Okay, I found the proof. Chapter 44… Urahara explains to Orihime and Sado that their powers are natural, and were pulled out by contact with Ichigo’s enormous spiritual pressure.

        Way later, in chapter 401, it is then retconned that the Hōgyoku felt the hearts of Orihime and Sado to not be weak, and gave them their power.

        Now, we are led to believe through another retcon that Sado’s powers are actually a Fullbring… Though, I don’t believe it has been stated if Orihime’s power is a Fullbring or not yet. Also, why would Sado’s skin be a Fullbring and not his grandpa’s coin?

        So yeah, Retcon is more powerful than Dragonballs.

  16. @ MANIA LYSSA, ichigo_fire.
    You say his familly was in danger. So why did he leave them behind? Can you tell me?
    When ichigo appeared in front of aizen to save his friend after his training, what did he do? huh?
    He took aizen far away to fight him? So what you’re saying doesn’t work at all. He hits tsukishima so he could cut him down and jump on a roof or somewhere else. I don’t care where, but he could do it. Even inoue would try something.
    so what if tsukishima decides to fight ichigo with his friend around him, each time? Run away again and hope that he made a mistake. For christ ‘s sake he always put his life on the line to protect his friend.

  17. Okay, first post. Originally, contact with Ichigo’s reiatsu leached into his friends to give them their powers. His reiatsu was sealed until his contact with Kuchiki Rukia, who had the Hougyoku sealed within her soul, combined with his intense desire to fight to protect his family. Ichigo’s mother was attacked by a hollow as well, and he was exposed as a young child to hollow reiatsu, so that reiatsu also had an effect on him. His own reiatsu is hollow-like, and the more he hangs out with them, the more power they are exposed to. What is being ignored in this thread so far, is that ALL of these things, and all the previous explanations, ARE in fact congruent. They are just explaining things in a way that they can be understood at each stage of understanding, while allowing for new facets in this dynamic world Kubo Tite has engineered. The hougyoku has the ability to give force to the desires of the heart, but those powers are inherent within each persons’ soul. Aizen in fact, COULD have achieved those powers on his own if he had been pushed to do so as Ichigo was, sans the two extra hollow holes that were indicative of the hougyoku’s hollow soul (each soul having the dynamic potential of plus and hollow), added to the Hougyoku of Urahara’s that Aizen fed his own Hougyoku.

    Now, With the fullbring arc, So far, I have the idea that it’s possible for Tsukishima’s bookmark fullbring to “copy” the books of people’s lives, and rewrite chapters as he sees fit. Basically, a soul editing software like “SoulPerfect 5.1,” if you don’t mind my being a little silly. I believe it’s a newer ability for him, as evidenced by his annoyance with his original subordinate, he has learned the folly of being “carelessly over-indulgent,” with his rewriting of memories. I personally think that Ginjou is also under the control of Tsukishima, and all of this has been to force Ichigo not only back into his shinigami powers, but also to maximize his powers as a whole so that he will be more of a “meal” when it comes time to leach his powers away.

    Then again, with Urahara and Isshin working towards the goal of sealing Ichigo’s powers away again, ALL of the fullbringers may in fact be trying to force him into the role he was born into. They are obviously aware, and yet outcast from the mainstream hollow fighting sects, much like the Vaizard, Bounto, and Quincy were. In fact, all supernatural beings besides the Shinigami have been under a seriously prejudicial quarantine due to what I would assume is a biased and possibly insane or just detached… or even quite dead… Soul King.

    The Soul King is obviously a being that encompasses all aspects of a soul in it’s balanced and complete form unleashed to it’s greatest potential. Ichigo himself is a rare kind of soul that puts the continuation of others above and beyond his own. He is prime material for being successor to the Soul King himself in my opinion. But I digress. As far as this chapter being “filler material,” I would personally choose to consider it as a necessary evolution in the main storyline. QUITE UNLIKE the current cartoon filler regarding the “gradual declination of powers” that they are using for filler material until they get back to the storyline. Either way, I am bored, and these are some of my thoughts. Enjoy.

    Maddjack Napier
  18. Its easy, he is taking Ichigos “I fight for protecting my Friends!” Battle power. Friends that not see the enemy as a enemy, but you. What will you protect for? for yourself? Confusing state!!!

    The Writer turn the “Hunters” to “being hunted!”. Very nice change. Do not tell me, that Bleach actually “filler” episode Story twist, gone to the Manga

  19. If Tsukishima’s power is to alter people’s memories, isn’t that similar to Aizen’s illusion technique? It alters their perception of what is the truth.

    At any rate, he’s just like Aizen who manipulates people into thinking/seeing what they want them to believe. Only difference now is that it’s all the people Ichigo knows that is under the influence of the Aizen-like powers.

    While I am interested in seeing what’s going to happen next, I feel like it’s Aizen 2.0 that’s being dealt with here.

    Exciting but frustrating that it feels as though I’ve seen it already. I mean it’s like Hitsugaya having to fight Momo because Momo believed Aizen to be an ally.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ichigo has to fight one of his own friends or family members in the future if this is the case.

  20. I think I have a grasp on what Tsukishima’s fullbring is. It appears that the powers of the fullbring are somewhat related to the object it manifests from. Tsukishima’s fullbring is a bookmark that turns into a sword. I believe it still works as a soul bookmark, by keeping his place in people. He doesn’t rewrite their memories but more along the lines of “inserting” himself in their memories, keeping his place in their mind and heart.

    But anyway Ichigo shouldn’t have ran because it looks like he’s strong enough to take on Tsukishima since his fullbring is complete.


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