「影狼佐を倒せ!死神、総力戦! 」 (Kageroza o taose! Shinigami, souryokusen! )
“Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, All-Out War!”

Hitsugaya and Kenpachi finds Inaba’s hideout, where he tells them they have no chance of winning. He releases his zanpakutou, Raiku, but the captains are unable to sense his spiritual pressure. He reveals that his zanpakutou manipulates space and can open portals to the Dangai to manipulate both people and attacks. Hitsugaya and Kenpachi work together to battle him, but his ability to recreate attacks proves to be highly effective.

Soifon and Yourichi then both arrive on the scene, along with Byakuya, Kyouraku, and Ukitake. Byakuya reveals that after using his bankai, he was able to defeat his reigai. Inaba states that they will not be able to defeat him however, and the remaining reigai captains also arrive. They battle it out, and by reversing his shikai the captains seemingly kill Kagezora, but he revives and cuts them all down. Kurotsuchi then suddenly stabs Kageroza from behind, revealing that he had switched places with his reigai.

Meanwhile Ichigo is still trapped in limbo inside the Dangai after being sent there by Kageroza. Urahara and Ichigo’s friends worry about him, as his reiatsu has completely disappeared. However, he suddenly shows up on the radar again, and Urahara asks the others to come with him.



It was obvious Kageroza wouldn’t be defeated so easily, since the main villain always pulls out various tricks and hidden abilities to give the good guys trouble before he goes down. The craziest cheat yet was definitely his sudden respawn after getting one-upped, and that part wasn’t explained. Once again though, I gripe about the idiots explaining all their tactics to their enemies, especially Hitsugaya who always seems to give out the details of exactly what he’s thinking during a fight. Either his ego is too big or he doesn’t realize that by keeping his opponents in his dark, they are less likely to be able to counter his moves.

The rest of the episode was pretty good though as the climax quickly approaches. It really is all-out battle now with all the surviving captains battling Inaba and the reigai. That crazy bastard Mayuri is pretty awesome too, and who’d would have thought he would take the place of his reigai and backstab Kageroza. From the looks of the preview, it seems that won’t be enough unfortunately, and Ichigo will probably still have to show up at the last moment to save the day. There’s also some hinting that Kageroza was at odds with the Central 46 over that male Nozomi, which is probably why he turned against Soul Society; his motives will probably be revealed soon. Seriously though, that Central 46 seems to do more harm than good.


  1. Mayuri FTW!

    My gripe about this episode is how out of character they made Kenpachi out to be. He NEVER uses teamwork and ALWAYS fights alone.

    Other than that, the fighting was awesome. And I agree with Prooof about spelling out knowledge of the opponents attacks to said opponent is annoying…

    And one more time, Mayuri FTW! I love how diabolically genius he is.

  2. How does a guy work in SS for so long (that we have never seen before)up to now as a lackey and hold off 2 of the most powerful Captains at the same time? How can we go back to ever thinking of them as great badass Captains? I swear whoever makes Bleach does not think thru the things they animate.

  3. Partially it’s the ‘Viewers are Morons’ idea and partially the need to pad things out that leads to idiotic exposition about powers. As for Central 46, I’d say the problem is that they can’t do anything with Aizen or the new villains because that’s stepping on the manga and they can’t just make an entirely new faction with no relation to the others. So their only resort is to keep coming up with terrible things Soul Society did in the past (that in no way ever impinge on the current characters) which has the incidental effect of making us wonder if the villains actually have the right idea.

  4. I hope Nozomi isn’t falling for Ichigo, unless she is really a guy then that would be so very funny…and squicky…….I prefer if she is as she appears to be and gives Kon some love.

  5. As much as I liked the entire set-up for mayuri’s grand appearance, my gripe with the fight is right after the reigai break out of byakura’s barrier and immobilize four of the captains, where the hell were the real shunsui and ukitake? Heck, even byakuya was still there and made a lunge, so it’s like the prodigal duo captains vaporized or something.

    1. They don’t even show us how they got out of Yamamoto’s fire trap (or what happened to Yammy as well).

      We finally got to see the 4th Captain in action but all she did was swing her sword. Everyone is afraid of her and treats her with so much respect (even Kenpachi) I always assumed she must be some badass fighter.

      1. It’s what TvTropes would call an ‘informed ability’. We’re told that a character has some great ability but we’re never actually shown it. So you commonly see women who are supposed to be strong, but you’ll notice they never win a fight.

        *Or if they do, it’s against another woman. You will almost never see a woman win against a male character and even more rarely will a ‘good’ female character beat a man.

  6. I LOVED when Mayuri stopped him in the end (him being my favourite character and reason for my name). I always appreciate anytime he gets to shine and now that he has stabbed him he’s got a major advantage considering his paralysing-type ability he has.

    1. Isn’t Mayuri a murdering sociopath who happily reminisces about arranging for the deaths of the last Quincy and torturing their souls? This after he arranged for Shinigami in his division to be turned into living (sorta) bombs?

  7. Byakuya won, defeating 2 captains, yet he was able to use Bankai again!!! GOSH, I LOVE HIM!!!!!!
    For the first time, I liked Mayuri!

    Isn’t it irritating that if Ichigo is not involved, the Gotei 13 never wins?

  8. Im actually suprised Kageroza used portals instead of mass time pauses when he fought Hitsugaya and Kenpachi..also next episode is probably when ichigo pops outta nowhere to rape.

  9. I’m honestly surprised we had such an awesome fight and that there is so much going on in the arc. Noizumi and Guyzumi are still a mystery (maybe Ishida can actually get her stupid ass to talk?), the people in the real world still have to get involved (probably gonna go save and join up with Ichigo), and there’s still a few wild cards out there like the captain commander, maybe some of the other lieutenants will get involved, could have some weird stuff with the precipice world or the other worlds, etc….

  10. Ok so regai Byakuya basically commited suicide from what he hinted in there being one head of the family. Kenpachi was out of character in being so cooperative and seems to be unwilling to remove his eyepatch. Mayuri had a good showing and very much in character for him to use any and all methods than laugh at his opponent.

    Zaku Fan
  11. I think original Byakuya is just stronger than his regai double. Awesome twist in the end; I’ll admit I didn’t see it coming. But then again it would be predictable since he pulled that kind of trickery with the Espada guy. Great action in this episode.

  12. Mayuri is so evil. only he would come up with switching places with his Reigai.

    but seriously will Central 46 never learn. The things they do only causes chaos in the future. Look what happend in the bount, Amagai, and this arc for example.

    side note: Soifon is SO HOT!!! =D


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