「形而下のネクローシス」 (Keijika no Nekurōshisu)
“Physical Necrosis”

A few words of preface before I assume the awesome task of taking over Steins;Gate from Kiiragi. I think it’s important to point out that I have no knowledge of the source material – not even a little. I’ve religiously tried to avoid any spoilage as much as I can. So nothing I say here in terms of speculation (and that’s certainly a big part of the fun with S;G) comes from foreknowledge – it’s all just guesswork. I’ll be flailing along with all the other newbies.

That said, one thing I’ve felt from the beginning is that this series has been exceptionally smart in the way it dishes out information. There’s always enough exposition every week to keep me from feeling completely at sea, but each bit of new information seems to raise two questions for every one it answers. For example – so Suzuha is, as speculated by many, John Titor. But what is her purpose in coming back in time 26 years? Who is Barrel Titor – could it be Daru, as some have speculated?

It took a while, but Okarin seems to have finally realized that his helpless flailing was getting him nowhere (I was screaming at the TV last week for him to stay as far the Hell away from Mayuri as possible, not that it apparently would have helped). Finally asking for help was the smartest thing he did, and Makise was likely the best person to ask. Her calm, common-sense analysis – jump back an extra two hours to before the memory machine was finished, the various possible causes for Mayuri’s continual deaths – brought a sense of relative calm to the proceedings that was much needed after the frantic pacing and Okarin’s emotional histrionics of the last two episodes. But really, even now she and Okarin are basically flying blind.

Blind, that is, until Suzuha steps in to take command. I see no reason to doubt that she’s Titor, and it certainly appears that she was in some way involved with the death of Makise and the satellite crash in episode 1. Her rope explanation makes sense – and indeed, her notion of saving Mayuri by creating a “B” timeline was suggested in this very space by Kiiragi last week. But what’s behind her initial hatred of Makise, and was she actually the instrument for her death? I think she’s one of the good guys, but there’s a lot she’s not telling us. “John Titor” clearly espoused the idea that Okarin could be a new Messiah with his ability to jump time lines, so it can be assumed that this is a goal of Suzuha’s – and perhaps, by extension, that Makise is an obstacle to that goal.

Other mysteries abound, too. Just who are the Rounders? And who is this “FB” organization that Moeka claims loyalty to? I get the sense that it’s somewhat if not totally separate from SERN. Why is she/they the one(s) to decide that Okarin and company must go down because they know too much? What’s the significance of the boy with the toy train, and the small differences in each playing out of the scene behind him? And perhaps most unsettling, is it possible that the only way Okarin can save Mayuri is to jump to a timeline where Makise dies? We know this has happened already, in the first episode, where we switched from an “A” line where Makise died to a “B” line where she lived – the “1%” barrier” was crossed. What if Mayuri survived in that other line?

This show was quite literally gotten darker as the tone has gotten grim, with scene after scene in dimly lit rooms full of grey shadows. S;G has proved itself an exciting, chilling series over the last few eps but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the humor from the first 11 or so. Really, S;G has some of the best dialogue around, and Makise’s “Screw you, future me!” was a gentle reminder of how sharp the comedy can be. I know it’s really hit the fan and we’re in for a long, dark ride but I hope that there will be a few comedic moments (and “Tutturu’s!”) scattered among the dark ones over the next couple of months.


      1. Correct. The idea here is that she longs for Western silverware after having spent years studying in the USA. She says that she wants a fork. She uses Engrish, which is a flaw in the dialogue and should actually be “a fork of my own.” There’s no hidden meaning.
        Can anyone explain to me why, for just a brief instant, Mayuri is shown as a jelly man? If you can’t do it without spoiling something, I’d prefer not to know. But, it definitely caught my eye.

      2. Hey you posted the same thing on kurogane’s…. 😀

        Probably because in one of the scenarios, the SERN rounders just capture Mayuri, but then use her as a guinea pig in another one of their black hole-time travel experiments, killing her.

      3. From what I understand, needing a fork basically implies that you suck at using chopsticks. So basically Makise was embarrassed that she isn’t really ingrained to Japanese customs, but she can’t admit it.

        Her line was hilarious though, “Screw you, Future me!”

      4. I mean no disrespect to anyone I’m just making a personal observation…

        Chopsticks are inefficient compared to a fork or a spoon. Especially with rice and other small things of that nature which is why asian folks hold the bowl up to their mouth and shovel it in (picking up rice with chopsticks is a bitch). Asian people appear to be reluctant to give up things that are part of their past culture and chopsticks are one of them.

      5. I know not all asians use chopsticks. Was concerned some japanese folks might find my comment offensive so I used the generic term “asians”. Was trying to be PC about it.

      6. Actually using chopsticks for rice isn’t difficult. Since cooked rice clumps together, you just pick them up. Alternatively compress the rice with the chopsticks and pick it up. The only time you have a problem is with soupy rice (not porriage which uses a spoon), in which case you will see people simply drink the entire thing (the spooning action mentioned above).

        Rather than implying blind subservience to tradition, it should be noted that chopsticks only require a single instrument rather than a fork/spoon set.

        Zaku Fan
      7. I’d vote for chopsticks against the spoon/fork when you talk about “efficiency”.
        I have the theory, dunno if any one shares the same.. Anyway, –
        it is that chopsticks are most efficient in keeping you healthy – by naturally slowing down your food consumption speed when you are hungry. This leads to reaching the feeling of satisfaction with the far less amount of food, better chewed and mixed with more saliva which is a key for proper digestion. Though, I admit, the satisfaction is reached after about the same time after you’ve start eating either in spork or chopstix mode.

      8. chopsticks are easier for eating sushi though
        and various other small irregular items that you’d have to stab with a fork or try scoop with a spoon, perhaps ruining the presentation and cleanliness

    1. It is a metaphor for saying Makise feeling that while she is part of the group yet not entirely. With the addition of a fork, she can finally feel at home in the lab. She brought her own spoon into the lab to eat her pudding that Okarin ate and pretend that it was the brand of the pudding and not a property of Makise.

      As for the chopstick discussion, I like example more than arguments. If you are lost in the woods and just killed an animal to eat, what is the fastest and easiest utensil you can created? I can break two branches off a tree and it’s a chopstick. Good luck craving a spoon and fork while I eat portion and YOURS…(Of course, the best utensil is to simply grab a stick and stab it in to the foods. GET-ER-Done!)

      1. Conversely if you are in a forest and you have just killed an animal to eat you should be making a fire out of those wood pieces and should just use your hands for simplicity.

  1. I have my pet theory about FB…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    So John Titor shows up finally, and – as many have suspected it – it is Suzuha-san, part time shopkeeper and full time guerilla commando. Loved her line grappling technique!
    Kurisu(tina) was sharp as always, noticing that Okarin has probably sent back his memories, and fully realising gravity of the situation when he called her by real name. Her mad scientist act was pale shadow of Okarin, but enough to have him back on track.
    I’ve always loved shows that fed us hints – one of best was the unforgettable Higurashi NNKN.
    @ Airas… do you suggest the anime itself travelled back in time full year? 😛

  2. Hola FM

    I found this blog months ago, but this is my first time writing here, I don’t use to write a lot but when something like S:G make my emotions going like a thousand miles per hour I need to express all of them. And S:G is getting more interesting with every chapter, I haven’t think about the idea of Suzuha being Titor, I was like: what?! and then another week of waiting for more.

    Sorry if my English is not that good, I haven’t finished learning it XD

    My regards to everyone.

  3. Makise has to be one my favorite Tsunderes now, right up there with Rin Tohsaka. The way she just handled everything was sweet and intelligent. And how she was able to calm Okabe again was just amazing.

    Anway more wild guessing for me, but I think the timeline Beta that Suzuha was referring to may be all the way back at the beginning (episode 1) when it all began. If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean Makise will die on that timeline? Because now I think Okabe will have too chose between Makise or Mayuri.

    1. And that’s where Okabe gets all frustrated again. I have a feeling, though, that somehow things will work out some way, albeit with a sacrifice of some sorts, i.e. perhaps his power to remember across world lines and time leaps.

    2. Timeline beta is just an example to distinguish it timeline alpha. You can alternatively called it timeline #2 and timeline #1.

      I am noty certain on choosing between Mayuri or Makise. That would be a problem Okarin will have to face and I am pretty sure it is a possibility. I also know that there is definitely a timeline where both Makise and Mayuri can be alive as well as SERN being defeated. It is called 1% Divergence Timeline. It is the goal of Suzuha…

  4. I love the detail of this show that some might forget.
    Just a little example: When Okabe when looking for Suzuha back in episode 10 (I might be wrong), the satelite time-machine was gone. Something not very informative back then. But now it all makes sense.

    1. You apparently missed out theory that Suzuha was from the future, the satelite was her time machine, and she was John Titor. We figure it out on episode 10 and just looking for confirmation, which this episode finally revealed…

      You should read more of our predictions below…most turn out to be true.

  5. For those of you who can understand Japanese should play the game. I went ahead and spoiled myself with the game and it was amazing. Due to the anime being 24 episodes, they are changing and rushing a lots of stuff. For example, in this episode, i could not feel the tension of Mayuri’s death. On the game you could feel it almost like it was happening right next to you. And not to say that even Okarin is voiced in the game too.

    1. Just to give you guys some differences between the anime and the game:
      Okabe did not meet Moeka under a bridge but on the roof of the time travel machine building. Okabe did not get knocked out immediately. Instead a person approached him from behind, pointed a gun on him and told him not to move. Okabe even yelled at Moeka for breaking the not keeping the promise of meeting alone. Meaning that the man was there from the beginning and Moeka did not call for reinforcements with the cellphone like in this episode. Okabe has always been cooler in the game than the anime (which explains why i hated Okabe in the anime even before playing the game).

      Suzuha did not tell them straight ahead that she was from the future. Suzuha happened to walk by while they had the conversation and Okabe spotted her running away and followed her. Rather than Suzuha confessing on being a time traveler, Okabe guessed it and made her admit it. Also, Suzuha did not suddenly get overly familiar with Kurisu like in this episode. They had a conversation first on why Suzuha hated Kurisu and then made up afterwards.

      1. You should put those in spoiler tags, friend. =3

        In any case, though I understand the reasoning behind why you dislike this Okabe, I want to disagree a little on that. Granted, I’ve never played the game (though would like to), but I think without a comparison to the game, the anime Okabe is pretty good too. The VA brought out plenty of emotions from him without any overly-dramatic music in the background. Maybe in terms of the script he isn’t as good, but that’s what you call an adaptation, I suppose…There’s gotta be some differences.

      2. If you came to the topic related to this episode you should be ready to get spoilers about it. It is not like i spoiled anything about future episodes. I compared only stuff between this episode and the game.

  6. The last few episodes reminded me of that one episode in Supernatural season 3 (the tv series, not the anime) where Dean dies repeated, and no matter what Sam does, Dean will die before the day is over.

    1. Different eye color, hair color, and it wouldn’t make too much sense imo.

      Suzuha came from the year 2036 and Nae appears to be about 10 years old. It’s 2010, so Suzuha would’ve had to be at least 35 years of age. Suzuhua doesn’t even look over age 30.

    2. I highly doubt that Suzuha is Nae. I speculated that she is the daughter of Daru (aka Barrel Titor). Suzuha is 18 implying she is yet to be born (facts) and Daru is not even marry yet (speculation).

      I am waiting next week for Suzuha to revealed Daru is her father and her mission to the past was to find a way to destroy SERN. That way happen to be with Okarin, he possess a special ability and knowledge to defeat SERN. It explained why she look out for him, warns him, and protect him whenever she can…

  7. Perhaps the show answered this already and I missed it but…when someone uses the Time Leap, what happens to their body in the “present”? Does life continue as normal in those world lines or does the person instantly die or go into a coma or something like that? Because, I mean, if you’re really just sending your memories back and everything in the “present” stays the same, each Okabe would still have to deal with his actions in each of the world lines he created. It’s possible that “present” Okabe wouldn’t even know it worked because nothing would change for him, unless that’s part of his Steins;Gate power, too

    1. I think the world line just rewinds itself, with Okabe being the only one with retained memories. Otherwise, Okabe just creates another world line in doing so, and that world line still exists on the rope where Mayuri is fated to die.

    2. To put it simply and logically, each time Okarin used the Time Leap, it copy his existence, short term memory and send it to his past self.

      So the “present” Okarin who sent the time leap would continue life as it was. It is like putting a headset on and then taking it off. Nothing changes for the present Okarin. The “past” Okarin who receive the time leap get memory added to his existing memory. So it doesn’t over write anything as much as it add new memory from the future.

      So what happen to the “present” Okarin and his timeline? It doesn’t exist thereafter because it get reset to the past. It doesn’t mean it’s over or the world disappear, it is fixed and everything continue to happen as it would meaning fate cannot be change. Only minor events change. Timeline in this world is infinite, forward and backward.

  8. Amazing stuff. Moe Kurisu most certainly helped the episode in its appeal too. “Screw you, future me.” XD

    I like the way how Miyano Mamoru voiced Okabe…could almost taste the desperation he was feeling as he cried after his countless attempts to save Mayuri. As expected, this episode pointed to another method of saving Mayuri, though possibly at the expense of Kurisu (Alpha and Beta lines, as mentioned by fragb85). Suzuha’s identity didn’t surprise me too much though, since it was already hinted in the episode where Daru was supposed to go to an online meeting but missed it.

    One gripe though…SERN should really start hiring professionals. Their agents (with the exception of Moeka) suck big time.

    1. The jelly Mayuri is one of her many deaths. Maybe Okarin try to save Mayuri life by using the microwave and squeezing Mayuri into it and having it send to the LHC to handle larger matter…

  9. Kurisu with that evil laugh imitation was cute but the way she posed was super awesome and funny haha. I respect her even more when she said “Damn future me” LOL

    Jason Isenberg
  10. “And perhaps most unsettling, is it possible that the only way Okarin can save Mayuri is to jump to a timeline where Makise dies?”

    I hate you, Enzo, for bringing up this possibility. -_-

    1. I can also add to Enzo’s speculation by saying Okarin can enter in a timeline where both Mayuri and Makise are alive next. And finally, the final timeline where SERN is defeated and Mayuri and Makise lived happily ever after with Okarin…

      Feel better, AzarelHikaru?

    2. I disagree that the other time line has a dead makise. Look at what one dmail can do, change a whole city and everyone’s life and that was still less than 1%divergence. yet mayuri requires more than 1%?? i guess mayuri is a bigger factor than a whole town when it comes to time displacement. perhaps she would be a key factor in future time travel inventions. Makise on the other hand might not have such a strong influence on the future and maybe her cause of death is a simple thing which does not need to travel a to b timeline

  11. If Suzuha is really John Titor then she must has goes back to 1975 to retrieve the IBM 5100 computer but as state in the manga (not know if that apply to the anime)
    the time machine cannot return back in the future. So she must have pass this life to this time line. Suppose she’s age is 16 when she goes back to 1975 , therefore in 2010 she must be around the 31 years but she still look so young IN THE ANIME.


    1. Is it not possible because you are wrong…

      Suzuha is 18. It is a fact not a specualtion (check episode #2 during her interview with Mr. Braun). I don’t know much about the manga, but in the anime, John Titor only travel back to the year 2000. He disappear after Okarin changes the timeline by saving Makise. Thus, John Titor travel to the year 2010 instead.

      You did however point out any important fact most people failed to understand. That is a time traveler can never “return” to his original timeline considering Steins;Gate is based off of the many world theory. It is a one way ticket. The time trvaeler will have to settle for a better world or one closest to his original world instead.

      1. Yes he can!, Titor’s mission was indeed to bring back the IBM right? to do so he must go back to 2036. From what our Titor said, it wasn’t a problem to tell us so many things about future, because it would change anything in his world. No matter what he changed, he will return to the exact time line he left, if that’s what you are talking about.

      2. @Kratos, from how the many world theory explain it: every point in the past means you will be entering an alternative timeline. Even if that timeline change, your original timeline will not. If that statement is true, then we can assume any point in time regardless of the past, present, or future will send you to an alternate timeline. SO how can you “return” to your original timeline?

        There is no way of returning to your original world based on the many-world theory. Even if Suzuha try to return to the year 2036, it will be an alternate 2036 which is difference then the 2036 in which she originally came from. Thus, I stated that time travel based on the many-world theory is a one-way ticket with no hope of returning. If that sounds crazy and illogical, it is because the many-world theory is wrong. However, you CAN return to your original time if you assume a single-world timeline theory (I firmly believe in this theory rather than the crazy many-world theory).

  12. Makise was nearly literally a life line when she held her hand out to Okarin. I like how Okarin’s VA managed to convey his fustration and helplessness without going into total overkill. Interestingly, when Okarin was captured, the scenerio was still the same with Suzuha turning on the 42 inch (or he would fail at the time leap).

    Suzuha should be working for future Okarin since she has the meter though exposing her time machine to Makise (does she trust her now?) seems risky.

    One problem with the divergence meter. Since it measures the difference between current line and previous line, doesn’t that mean the divergence will total up more than 1%? You’re diverging from a line that aready diveraged and probably you came from a previous divergent line x N times. The problem is that there is no single “core” line, thus no measurement will work absolutely accurately (at the core, the same as relativity).

    It also seems to point that you cannot change the fate of the world other than at certain points in time, which should not be true because once time travel was possible (2010), all points in time would be open to large scale changes due to the butterfly effect

    Zaku Fan
    1. I love the way they slow motion their hand getting closer and closer together. At one point, I thought he was going to pull away, then finally leap forward to connect to her hand. It probably go to show that he finally trust her, putting his doubt and frustration behind.

      As for the divergence meter, it DOES based off of the original timeline. By original, it is probably referring from Okarin’s perspective from where it all started and when it started changing. Each time the timeline changes, the number get smaller display its divergence from the original timeline. As Suzuha stated, it measures the amount of changes from the original world as well as identify the ID number for this world.

      The number doesn’t “add” up to 1%, it bring it closer to 1% or 0.01. It is currently 0.33. Of course, Okarin can go beyond 0.01, but apparently 1% is enough to defeat SERN.

      What lies beyond 1%? Infinite possibility. A world where Okarin is rich and powerful with both Makise and Mayuri alive to a zombie infected world to total annihilation (nothingness).

      1. I believe the 1% is the ability to switch from a rope to another, the time line beta. And it would only be possible at some major events, important enough to split the world.
        This means, if you can’t jump to the beta line by any means(Dmail or leap), you have to enter it from it’s beginning, the split.
        As Suzuha stated, one of them is in 2010 when the time machine is completed. If Okarin wants to go the beta to avoid Mayuri’s fate, he will have to return to moment the time machine is completed, this may lead to the first episode.

  13. maybe the first when okarin switched time line, was when susuha first arrived, and it looks like the satalite crush, seems to be susuha’s time machine, so , someone already knew of that travel and hide the true

  14. the idea of cern, or whoever those people are, letting someone with a time machine getting away again and again and again is plain silly. unless thats what they want, of course 😉

    im really glad the fate-thingy is off the table. it has no place in an anime about timetraveling. thanks for the strings, baito.

    1. also i cant help but notice that the day the parttimer came back in time (lame..) is the day kurisu (who is thought of as a spy) dies in the “original” timeline :3

      1. I’m guessing that’s because when Okarin sends the first D-mail it results in saving Kurisu. In the world where she’s dead, Suzuha comes back in time to the year 2000, but in the world where she lives and goes on to (supposedly) work for CERN, Suzuha has reason to instead go to 2010. No idea on what these reasons could be, but they’ll definitely come up.

    1. Man, somebody always comment on FB being Facebook….

      I think it was funny at first, but it is lame now. FB is not facebook, it is a codename for a special section of SERN. I believe the name is associate with Okarin constant use of operation codename. It is one of those weird god-related name…

    1. They’re both means of traversing world lines – but it was mentioned in (an) earlier episode(s)that D-mails cause the butterfly effect, hence a much greater divergence? Can we confirm that 1% divergence is indeed 0.01 on the counter?

      Froob Mcnoob
    2. Both are a mean of time travel…

      The difference is that D-mail cause Okarin to travel to an alternate worldline while time leap allow him travel back to time in the same worldline. The unexpected effect is Fate seeing how Mayuri’s fate cannot be change.

    3. Main differences:

      – Can only be done by Okarin atm.
      – Transfers a person across world lines if the message had enough influence to change the course of events.
      – The time at which a person enters the world line usually seems to be within ~10 minutes of the same time as the previous world line.
      – Until the “original” Okarin is fully immersed into his body on another timeline, his “current” personality does not affect anything in another body. His D-mail has to create enough of an impact to alter another Okarin’s actions.

      – Implied that it can be employed by anyone, but only Okabe has used it so far.
      – So far, only, shorter periods of time travel have been done, due to the low-memory nature of the device.
      – Does not move someone between world lines; you stay on the same world line. (eg. If he used it in the world line where Akihabara wasn’t moe-culture, he’d remain in that scenario after time-leaping)
      – More direct control, since your “current” personality is transferred over; don’t need to rely on another you to carry out your exact actions.

  15. hi all, first time posting
    regarding why making Mayushii survive will require a divergence, i guess it might be due to the fact that she will die in all the scenarios that SERN finds out about the Future Gadget group, they will kill off Mayushii because she is sort of the useless one. SERN only wants to keep the rest alive to maybe help them build the timemachine. And thus, in all this scenarios, the future gets controlled by SERN and turns into a Dystopia. This in turn means that if Mayushii survives, it means they are undiscovered, SERN doesnt perfect time travel and Dystopia doesnt happen! If you compare this two scenarios, im sure the difference is huge and thus it’s over a 1% divergence :3

      1. that was quite a while ago, i disappeared, but managed to find a timemachine just so i can come to this time to watch Steins;Gate, or was i thinking of playing Go in this era, i forgot, but both are equally good i guess :3

    1. Your theory has merits, but it has flaws as well…

      For example, we learned that SERN begain to focus on Okarin when they hack into SERN headquarter. I predicted that due to the divergence meter Suzuha has, SERN has one of their own, a more sophisticated version of it seeing that they owned the rule in the year 2034. So SERN was aware of Okarin activity when he saved Makise in the first episode.

      Mayuri have to dead because FB deem her as useless and she know too much. A problem that you didn’t consider was why was she killed in a train on her third death. It means it is fate. Like Makise imply, Mayuri cause of death maybe her own birth (aka her life span ran out).

  16. rewatched a bit of the series and some things struck me. Okabe sees the landing of a timemachine in ep1, and its actually Suzuha, which in turn causes Makise dying right after because Suzuha killed her? Okabe received a weird ‘msg’ while in the building, possible Dmail? Okabe sends a Dmail accidentally to Daru talking about Makise dying caused an interference with ‘signal’ of Suzuha’s timemachine causing the long ‘Reading Steiner’ activation due to timespace taking a longer time to fix itself? also causing Suzuha to crash this time round?

    1. I agree that re-watching the series at this point is quite interesting.. you’ll notice many -clues- from a current perspective (assuming you haven’t played the game.

      Froob Mcnoob
  17. Also, one point that really bugs me is that the time leap method allows for the grandfather paradox and such.. ? Since it’s traversing on the same worldline. Although, a simple argument against that could be a worldline switch if an apparent paradox happens.

    Froob Mcnoob
  18. I’m confused0_o at ep1, in the original(is it?) world line, Kurisu died. That was also the same world line that Suzuha landed properly on the roof. Also, the same world line where apparently Kurisu met another Okarin. Then there’s also the blank(although there was an attached file/image) text he received when he ran away from Kurisu which went all static, but I don’t think he switched world lines then. After than he saw Kurisu killed, then texted his 1st D-Mail. Then he switched to a world line where Kurisu wasn’t killed, and Suzuha had an improper landing. Am I right?
    So how could Suzuha be John Titor? She landed at 2010 in the world line where John Titor appeared in 2000. has she been there for 10 years and was going home/year1975 and was going to use the satellite as a ride? I’m sorry if this was discussed before><


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