Tsukishima is a really chill villain, and he gives off a very relaxed aura, somewhat like how Aizen was in the beginning. His abilities are putting Ichigo in a really tight pickle that has frozen him psychologically, and he ends up being unable to do anything besides desperately trying to kill Tsukishima. Ichigo manages to cut off his arm, but Tsukishima doesn’t even seem like he’s in pain, just mildly shocked. Everyone honestly believes that Ichigo is crazy, and for the first time his friends are not on his side and are appalled by his violent behavior. Now he has to face off against Inoue and Chad, and is stuck in a pretty bad situation. Running off is also becoming less of an option, but if hundreds of Bleach chapters have told me anything, Ichigo would never attack them even if just to knock them out temporarily.

Inoue will probably heal Tsukishima too, and there is little Ichigo’s spiderman/power ranger suit can do. If combat is out of the question, Ichigo and Ginjou could try to convince the others that their memories have been tainted, perhaps by proving some discrepancies. I don’t see any ill will from Tsukishima yet though, aside from using Ichigo’s friends as human shields. He just seems to be interested in Ichigo like Aizen was, and hasn’t made an unprovoked attack on him yet; so far Ichigo has made the first strike each time. I’m still somewhat suspicious of Ginjou too, and he could easily have a hidden agenda and probably knows more than he’s revealing.


  1. Option 1: Ichigo negociates his way out of the area.
    Option 2: Ichigo goes berserk and kills all his friends and Tsukishima.
    Option 3: Ichigo goes mad and commits suicide.
    Option 4: The Power Rangers come out of nowhere and saves Ichigo.

    1. lol nice options. I would like to add an option for him and Ginji to be saved by either Ichigo’s dad, Urahara, or Yoruichi (or all three of them).

      Another option would be Ishida saving him assuming he did not get affected, which I think he didnt, and that’s why Tsukishima probably wanted him dead after the critical injury he gave him (far more severe compared to how he lightly stab Inoue and Chad)

      1. Does this suggest that Ishida is capable of dispelling Tsukishima’s technique? Perhaps with his superior perception of reiatsu?

        Or maybe Tsukishima decided that Ishida is as useless as we all believe him to be.

      2. It’s been suggested in a few blog posts now that Ishida, or more accurately Quincy, seem to be immune to Tsukishima’s powers. Hence, Ishida getting injured instead of getting memory changed. This hasn’t been confirmed, yet, but I think it is highly likely.

        That does bring up a good twist, though. If Chad and Inoue think Tsukishima is their friend now, how do they explain him stabbing and injuring Ishida?

        The further we get in this, the less likely I think Ginjou is the villain. One big issue this chapter was how unaffected Tsukishima was to having his arm cut off. You’d think a “normal” person would be in agonizing pain.

    1. Well, according to what the character’s have said, they remember him as a distant cousin they haven’t seen in years.
      I can’t really see a picture could disprove that. Maybe the lack of pictures, but that would be just as much as a stretch as what is happening now.

  2. This chapter was pretty good~!

    Do you guys remember the filler in which Ichigo and Byakuya’s squad were filming a movie? The way Inoue and Chad were standing was quite similar to how they were with the supposed role-playing villian Rangiku! XD (It just came to me while reading)

    Its a pity if Ichigo won’t attack, because it seems like if he would attack them, they would become normal, =.= thats just what I think…

    From my point of view, Kubo is preparing for an awesome comeback of the SHINIGAMIS!!! XD

  3. Screw Ichigo’s friends! They are hardly any help at all even if they are convinced! Why cant he go to Urahara’s shop (to ask Urahara and Yoruichi for help) or better yet his DAD! his fasha! (austin powers joke) But seriously, his dad is captain class and so is Urahara (with knowledge even greater than Aizen) and Yoruichi, I highly doubt that the three of them would be affected by Tsukishima. Or is it because of what Ginji said earlier on that if he can truly trust Urahara, so he started doubting them? Seriously though, Ichigo is pretty stupid not to ask for their help in the first place and stupid to doubt them after all that they have been through.

  4. Between pages 11 and 13 Ichigo begins to put together that Tsukishima has captured everybody. If Ichigo could just think straight for a minute or two he would probably be able to piece together what is actually happening.

    Personally, I’m still waiting to find out how Ikumi Unagiya really fits in to all of this. Also, I’m wondering if Kaoru Unagiya’s father is either Ginjo or Tsukishima.

    Beyond all this, I keep feeling that Sosuke Aizen is tied to these events some how as a creator/mentor/father figure to either Ginjo or Tsukishima or both.

    This arc feels a lot like the start of the Arrancar arc, which was also slow as it introduce characters and situations.

    1. I assume you mean Ishida as at the moment he seems to not be affected. I’ll see your assumption and raise you that Ishida is in fact a Quincy, not a shinigami, an entirely different power. If i had to guess myself, i’d say the more likely explanation is the one mentioned above. Ishida’s super heightened ability to sense and analyze reiastu.

      That is, if he truely is unaffected at all. It seems likely, but we’ve all read the Aizen arc. Kubo’s gonna Kubo.

      1. No, I wasn’t talking about Ishida. It’s just that only now did I realise that most of the characters in the series is a friggin’ Shinigami… (I wonder how did I miss that)

  5. Bleach is getting exciting again -dances-

    I’m VERY suspicious of Ginjou as well. He never had my trust and the way he lured Ichigo even further into the villa made it only worse. Also, he just pushes Ichigo forwards into killing Tsukishima without lifting as much as his little finger himself. He knows Tsukishima way better than Ichigo, his chances of killing that guy should be bigger.

    can’t wait to see brainwashed Inoue go all “Tsukishima-kun…” “Tsukishima-kun!” “TSUKISHIMA-KUUUUNNNNN”

  6. Glad to see Bleach at the bottom of the rankings this week. The characters and plotline are so piss poor its disappointing. I want to love bleach again but I feel like I’m just getting tossed around and trolled. All this time invested and I just want to be able to walk away but I can’t.

    1. Repeating what was already said by many other people and is probably quite clear for most, is neither original nor interesting. “trolling” this topic is also pointless, it is not going to bring something new or unpredictable and if you want just to pick up some “fight”, you may go to some large IRC server and enjoy as much as you can. Otherwise there is nothing new to discuss or argue about here.

      1. Well said, sir, well said. The arc is actually getting better IMO, in comparison to the previous one. It’s probably a sentiment shared by some already, but just thought to point out the positives instead of having to listen to the negatives all the time.

      2. Who said I was trolling? I genuinely feel like I’m getting jerked around by the manga, I’ve read it from it’s initial serialization. I want to give it up but my time invested has me at a loss to stop. I’m just one of those people.

        If I was trolling I would have just been at “LOL BLEACH KUBO CAN YOU BE ORIGINAL?”. or “TROLLOLOL BLEACH IS LAME” It’s getting what it deserves for it’s lackluster plot pacing and character development. It may be on an slight (and I must emphasize slight) upswing but you are deluding yourself into thinking that if someone else isn’t with your same train of thought they are trolling the post.

    1. A part of me thinks the same thing, that Orihime is going to save the day somehow with her powers.

      I highly doubt Orihime of all people is going to go against Ichigo, maybe a small skirmish of defending Tsukishima with her shields but she’s actually waiting to see what he does before turning against him.

      The girls head over heels for Ichigo, and frankly I don’t see anything getting between them with her spirit.

  7. Just waiting to see Ichigo slaughter all his friends and family only to find Ginjo standing behind him laughing his ass off. “How naive you are” and kills Ichigo. Oh noes! Spider man and the Power Rangers comes to the rescue and merge together to form Megaspiderod and stomps on Ginjo and Ichigo. Then we all get the happily ever after we’ve been waitnig for. 😀

    But yeah. Still waiting for Ginjo to break out of his “nice guy” mask and make a fool out of Ichigo only to have Ishida come to the rescue. -.- gonna be a long wait

  8. My guess is that Ichigo’s family and friends aren’t even real; they could be illusions or replaced by imposters. Urahara is probably setting a perimeter in the town for a big fight that’s going to happen again, and he needed Ichigo’s dad to help him do that. As for that mysterious shinigami, he’s probably someone to fill the vacant spot that was in the 13 courts for so long. IDK just a speculation on my part.

    1. No, it is just called the art of mass production – when the show actually has no art value but is mass produced as fast food to entertain the not so picky audience.

  9. or maybe ichigo will descend to madness and will become a villain in this arc… who knows I’m just throwing suggestions out there plus Bleach does f*** with people’s mind (Ex. Aizen) so maybe the end of the arc one of ichigo’s sisters will be the one to stop ichigo’s rage

  10. I feel SO cockblocked by kubo.

    I mean honestly how many WEEKS have we waited to find out who the mystery person urahara and isshin were talking too? I mean really?

    ahhh well….haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of spiderman when ichigo was on the ceiling~

    1. Expect to be block for awhile…Remember when Isshin was revealed that he was a former Shimigami then many moons and orbits around the sun later after the hueco mundo arc he finally comes out to fight Aizen? I’m sure we are going to see the same thing (Although not that extreme.)

  11. Don’t forget about Isshin and Urahara and Ishida. That blade in isshin’s hand looks interesting. Setting up barriers, or perhaps to counter Tsukishima’s ability? I wouldn’t discount the fact that both of them could actually be ultimately antagonistic towards the Fullbrings altogether.

    Chad and Orihime vs Ichigo promises to be rather interesting. One of the reasons why I’m following Bleach more closely now is simply because of the challenges Ichigo has to face, even if it doesn’t look particularly trying (like how he powers up DBZ style again) and its predictable what he might do against them.

  12. Lets think some other way… what if the one who is truly brainwashed is Ichigo himself and Tsukishima is only “cutting” Ginjo’s manipulative powers on the others. If this is true than the one that injured Ishida was most likely Ginjo himself. Remember how he only let Inoue heal him after Tsukishima “cut” her? (well, if I remember correctly…)

  13. Come on guys. There is no way that Ichigo would ever attack his friends even when they are under Tsukishima’s fullbring. Plus, Ichigo could never become a villian, he’s too pure hearted. Isshin and Kisuke are probably going to help Ichigo and Ginjo out. Ichigo will find a way to save his friends like he has in the past.

  14. This chapter really gives me the chills. Everyone talks as if your crazy and stuff. I really think that Tsukishima is somewhat related to what Ichigo’s father and Urahara is doing. LoL but I’m really excited what will happen next chapter

  15. @meg2541 yea but what happens if everyone you know now thinks your crazy and your the only one who knows what is true. I mean Tsukishima could easily have changed everyone’s perspective on Ichigo, I mean recently Ichigo has been OOC and he is more probed to attack and kill now. Not going to lie I kinda wished ichigo would become a villain it would make a good story if done correctly but then again I would miss Ichigo as a hero :'(


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