OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「面影ワープ」 (Omokage Warp) by nano.RIPE
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「これが私の生きる道」 (Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi)
“This is My Way of Life”

With tons of relationship problems building back at home, it was pretty slick of P.A. Works to somehow utilize the infamous beach episode to transition away from Ohana and the love triangle she’s dealing with to giving Yuina the proper introduction that she really deserves. Ever since it was revealed that she was the heir to Fukuya which is in direct competition with Kissuiso, I’ve thought that it’s pretty interesting how two people who should be fighting each other somehow managed to become really friendly. Up until this episode I’ve chalked it up to Yuina’s easy going attitude but after certain events, I think I may have been completely wrong.

Instead of just being a popular girl who lives an easy life, I think there’s probably a whole ton of emotion hiding underneath Yuina’s vast knowledge of dialects. Remember, we’re talking about the girl who is never down and is always trying out something new. Those looks that she gave Ohana when the notion of working at an Inn came up or the times she looked dumbfounded when Yousuke nearly popped the question were all things I wasn’t used to seeing coming out of the always happy Yuina.

As we’ve seen just how difficult it can be when you’re the daughter (or granddaughter) of an Okami, it’s pretty crazy how different Ohana and Yuina’s difficult are. Until now, I never thought of the idea of arranged marriages or how one might be forced into doing work that doesn’t interest them. While an arranged marriage probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, it scares me to think about how horrible it’d be to do something you don’t like for the rest of your life.

Which is why I was so impressed when Yuina decided to suddenly jump out of character and start saying things you’d never expect to hear from her. The most care free character in the show giving delinquents a good verbal spanking and turning down Yousuke all in one fell swoop while leaving everyone speechless? Plus it managed to leave a huge cliffhanger for next week to start on! I don’t know about you but I was expecting Ohana to run over and offer to work for the inn or something but the ending sequence kicked in too quickly.

Even though next week’s preview didn’t really provide too much information it feels like things are only going to get more serious. With Yuina being one of the few people who haven’t gotten a proper introduction, I’m excited to see what makes her tick. At the same time, isn’t it nice how other characters like Nako and Minko are still showing up and doing their own things? Whether it’s swimming or avoiding people who are trying to ask you out, it manages to bring another layer to this already awesome show.


ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「はなさくいろは」 (Hanasaku Iroha) by クラムボン (Clammbon)
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    1. Welcome to Yuina fan club. Since massage chair she became top priority for me too. Though, she was interesting since she was first introduced (I mean the way she spoke to Ohana in episode 4).

      Easygoing, yep. But I wasn’t surprised of her answer at the end of the episode. A determined person can be easygoing. But that doesn’t mean that he/she will have a career determined by others. For me, easygoing behavior is a sign of confidence. On the contrary, I typically find un-easygoing people to lack self confidence, thus have important things determined for them by others, when it really matters.

      I like the way the production team pays attention to all the small details. For example, when they were at the elevator and Ohana talked about kappa. Yuina said interesting of Ohana. But then you see Ohana looking at Yuina while Yuina looking straight forward. Basically, they wanted to mention that Ohana couldn’t understand Yuina from what she saw so far (including the evening chat with her fiance), thus in a way interesting/un-understandable for Ohana.

      Anyway, looking forward to have this top quality anime and fantastic and lovely characters.

  1. Yuina was brought up at the ryokan, so being exposed to it so much could have swayed her heavily into not wanting to be stuck there for the rest of her life. I think her hobby in learning different dialects shows that she wants to be elsewhere and tries to do so by speaking differently.
    While Ohana was brought up in the city with a neglegent mother, so now working at the ryokan is a breath of fresh air. The ryokan workers are a small tight knit family which is something Ohana hasn’t experienced.

    There saying is the grass is always greener on the other side.

    1. Rather than Minchi’s swimwear, I’m actually more disappointed with the fact that Nakochi dons a regular sukumizu rather than a sexy swimsuit like the other girls. I know it’s in-character for her shy personality, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t let down. A complete waste for her marvelous figure. XD

      Kinny Riddle
      1. I don’t think that she wears that swimsuit because her shyness. She said she was desperate to swim in the sea and even she brought her competition swimsuit for that, she doesn’t see going to the beach as a way to show her body or something like that, I even doubt she thought about that.

  2. Yuina the “told him off” FTW!
    Nako the nightswimming kappa FTW!
    Minchi “I wont accept anyone” FTW!
    actually I hope the guy in love with Minchi manages eventually to get to her, and this will free up Tohru for Ohana 😛

  3. Something about Yuina reminds me of people i know that are….deep under the surface just as much as a person who’s a shut-in perhaps. What you see isn’t what you get. It’s an uncomfortable position to try and relate to for me. I’m not 100% convinced she doesn’t want any part of hotels though. Maybe not just his. I wonder if she’s as sheltered as i was originally thinking or if being everyone’s friend has given her a good read over people after all.

  4. The dude’s a pretty bad manager. If I were his boss, I wouldn’t be worried about him ditching to go talk to his fiance, since that isn’t that bad, but from what I’ve seen, NEVER, EVER REMONSTRATE EMPLOYEES IN PUBLIC. That’s a huuuuuge thing that applies to pretty much all managers, and you definitely don’t want the guests/clients to hear that.

    1. I’ve seen a person like that too (my own boss actually) until the said person got told off by one of the recently quit employee’s husband (a loud shouting match too, from what I’ve heard). Since then his temperament’s better

      …that was almost a year ago too, and not @ a hotel of course.

  5. Minko’s phrase “HOBIRON” (horrible subs translates it as “Balut”) was hinted at/semi-explained.

    From what I remember it was ‘Hontoni Bikurishita and Ronri’ (wrong transliteration?)
    It roughly translates to “really scared” and “lonely”, it was only hinted at though.

    1. It’s Rongai (論外 – out of the question), not Ronri (lonely).

      Go and check episode 3 again, Minchi’s notes clearly reads:

      A rough translation would be “Truly surprisingly out of the question” which pretty much describes what Minchi thinks of Ohana’s actions all the time as Ohana never seems to go by the regular conventions.

      Kinny Riddle
  6. The new intro is nice, and I like the song for the New end. I’m not sure what it is about this show, but it’s possibly my second favorite anime last season and this season. Ohana, in a bikini… Nice!!


  7. This episode reminded me that Yuina actually has a high level of emotional intelligence. (And I’m betting that if she’s not good in school, it’s because the work doesn’t interest her) Even though we were introduced to her in a scene that highlighted her EQ, I still fell into the trap of underestimating her because of her carefree attitude. Her attitude towards romance is probably the healthiest I’ve seen in a girl her age. It probably helps that she’s had a lot of practice, lol.

  8. Of all the girls, Nakochi alone not wearing a bikini leaves me disappointed. A waste of her impressive figure, compared to the flat-chests of Ohana and Minchi. Yuina compensates for the let-down a bit. lol

    Anyway, back on topic: At last, Yuina finally gets an episode or two for herself after being so underused for most of the first half of the show. I’ve said it before, this has probably something to do with Tomatsu Haruka’s schedule being freed up now that AnoHana has finished airing. I expect to see even more of her.

    I can totally sympathize with Yuina being reluctant to takeover a family business while maintaining a cheerful facade, since I have a similar situation, where my folks have recently started up on a family business of building and selling houses in a very small town (and no, we’re not really that filthy rich) and intending to pass it on to me and my brothers, but I’m just not interested in their field of work, even though it does helps pay the bills.

    I wanted to see the world more, see how far I can go with what skills I’ve got before even contemplating of coming home and helping out. I’m sure Yuina must be thinking the same thing.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I was pretty sure I was thoroughly uninterested in hearing anything about Yuina until this episode. Now I am 100% sure that I am completely uninterested in her character.

    Lame, get the show back to where it was going (apparently I’m talking to you Takaii…so uhh…make it happen?) and I want to see some actual development one way or the other for Minko.

    1. It is a pity that Yuina is not your type, even more so that you have failed to elaborate as to why she’s “uninteresting”.

      Dude, the show’s 26 episodes long, so suck up to the fact that both your favourite and unfavourite characters will get equal coverage. Even Tomoe got an episode to herself, and that was fun to watch.

      And it is not up to Takaii to decide where and when the story will focus on Minchi. Neither is it fair to other readers to suggest that he should only cover episodes featuring your favourite characters and disregard the rest.

      Kinny Riddle
  10. The ED with the fall leaves reminds me of True Tears’ OP.
    And I love Yuina~! I love the cheerful character but is hiding things (like Kushieda Minori from Toradora)

  11. I’m so glad we finally have a Yuina-centric episode! From the glimpses we’ve had of her before I thought that she was unsuited to be the lady of an inn, but i thought that she was only uninterested in doing serious work, not that she didn’t even want to inherit the career. Though watching this ep it did give a lot of hints to the outburst that happened.

    I’m thinking that Ohana and co may end up helping at the inn (or maybe not as I’d think a large inn would have plenty of spare workers to call on), but i’m not sure what’s going to happen with Yuina so that’ll be interesting to see.

  12. Oh yeah, anyone else wondering why Ohana is on a train in the opening? The shadows of her life at Kissuisou following her while she rides to a new destination… or something? (to ka?) 😀 Foreshadowing ~

    1. It’s not about less or more, or even prettier I think. Yuina and Minko are both extremes, Yuine extremely calm and easygoing, Minko is extremely hard. Now depending on a man’s preference for say + or – women (which is not good or bad) he will pick one of those two because they are extremes. In these terms, Ohana is in the middle, more easygoing than Minko and less than Yuina, have more of the female side than Minko, and more tomboyish than Yuina.

      1. Well, as for my preferences, then its Yuina san 🙂 But it’s not a preferences issue. In marketing it’s called positioning. Examples, Chevrolet in 1980s was the family car, Volx the cheap car (like Toyota for high quality now). Most people will either pick high quality car, cheap car, family car, etc. But less will want something not very high quality, but not very low too so it would be affordable.

        Products with better positions are the ones that have only one attribute (Toyota -> reliable). Products that fall in between, thus have more attributes have more difficulty to find buyers amongst large/main segments.

        That said, since Yuina and Minko have extreme position, thus one attribute (Yuina -> Softy/Easygoing), Minko (Straight/Hard) they are probably to have more fans than Ohana. Generally, this was my main idea.

  13. Hmmm…. with regards to the new OP song, it looks like Ohana is moving from one city/town to the next. Neither wearing the waitress or school clothes… sign of moving? And it seems like she is having flashbacks or memories of the past. She moves away at the end of the series?? back to tokyo??

  14. I must be one of the few people who’s interest in yuina is falling.
    my impression of her now is more of a girl who takes things too lightly and hasnt really done any or little hard work. while she’s right, theres some responsibility that you have to keep.
    her fiance did his job(managing and all), the girls are a bit too hard on the guy and they just quit. unless they were there for a few days and not just that day, I think they quite too quickly.

  15. While an arranged marriage probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, it scares me to think about how horrible it’d be to do something you don’t like for the rest of your life.

    Yes, of course being forced into a job you don’t like is horrible, but excuse me, the arranged marriage is just as bad. Yuina is very young and from her actions I don’t think she feels love towards Yousuke. To spend the rest of your life besides a person you don’t love and having to get intimate with that person is nothing to be played down in my opinion.

    I know exactly how Ohana felt in this episode x3 I’m working part-time as a waitress in a small café and everytime I go into another restaurant I’m observing the waiter/waitresses there as well, in order to maybe learn something new. Also those habits you adapted in work… you won’t get rid of them easily, Ohana ^^

    1. Doing the job you don’t like is ok, you can do it for money if it doesn’t go against your life beliefs.
      When it comes to arranged marriages, the situation may vary. You are probably too young and believe in different stupid things about love. To enlighten yourself, you can read some things about marriage problems of people who are about 10 years older than you – because they represent your most probable future (the situation with marriage stability only got worse for the latest few decades, so don’t be too optimistic). When people have no other strong bonds as well as emotional ones, their life together becomes intolerable once the short-lived “love” is gone (and it usually happens in 2-3 years for married couples). In other words, arranged marriage may be happier than “love” with a person who later becomes intolerable to live with (if you have plans about long-term marriage). Of course, there are arranged marriages with the person who is intolerable from the very beginning – which may be actually quite bad.

      1. I think it depends on the kind of marriage you want to lead.
        I might be spoiled by my parents’ marriage that is lasting now for over 25 years and -what a shock!- they still love each other. I’m fully aware that the divorce rate is high and only gets higher, but so what? If you can choose on your own free will to marry a person you can divorce on your own free will as well and find another love. But if you were forced into a marriage, you are stuck with that person. It’s like an arrangement, a simple contract. You might find it better than the love-and-fail-marriage, but I don’t. Agree to disagree.

      2. Marriage is no longer what it used to be a century ago or so. Now it is just a formal union, you sign papers, make some party and gain some responsibilities and rights under the supervision of the state, divorcing is just signing other set of papers after which your formal union is nullified. It is a myth from different movies and stories what you are stick with that person – another myth you believe in possibly due to your age – and it would take you only a few weeks reading some information over Internet to find it out. Many marriages are formally kept just to avoid legal troubles related to divorce, also some duties towards children and relatives. In short, your opinion is somewhat flawed due to numerous fairy tales you saw (or what you probably wanted to believe in). Not all arranged marriages are “forced” in the way you think about it – they are arranged between families which have many in common and may be actually more stable than the marriages which are based only on “love” and later it appear that the newly formed couple has nothing in common. It is not just an opinion, it is based on statistics, which you can also find in Internet. Also, another your mistake is that you make no difference between “arranged” and “forced” marriages. I hope you can understand the difference yourself. Forced marriages indeed often lead to disastrous results and hidden or apparent drama.
        Also, there are marriages that are kept based on the willingness of both spouses, and are not supported by external factors.
        Also, most likely in your family your parents had a lot of emotional bonds, not just short-lived passion. But unfortunately in reality such emotional bonds are mostly absent, which leads to the aforementioned statistics of divorces and even more non-formal breakups of families, as well as breakups of families which had no officially registered marriage.
        Learn to be more detailed in your views, because the views like “every single X is black” or “every single Y is white” are flawed from the very beginning. Do not jump straight to the conclusions.
        Also, you may figure that there are a lot of forced marriages which look like “marriages by love”, in which one or both of the spouses for material gains or other profit pretend to love each other and lie to the others about their actual reasons – it is one of the worst kinds of marriage which is actually quite popular today – so update your outdated knowledge a bit on such types of forced (or profit-only) marriages.

      3. Well, I was talking about Yuina’s case from the very beginning. And I don’t think the arranged marriage is the right thing for her. She’s way too young and she deserves to fully enjoy her youth, fall in love and decide on her own whom she wants to marry.
        It’s okay when you agree on an arranged marriage, when you’re old enough and have enough of romance, emotions or this dreadful illusion called love. But to bind a young girl to a man at such a young age is just wrong in my opinion. In this case, Yuina is strong enough to step up against her family, but there are many girls/women who wouldn’t. And then the marriage is forced.

        And sorry, but statitics don’t impress me. Neither does the “truth” of the internet. And no, I am not interested into researching the matter any further. And no, it will not change my view of life and my believes. Thanks a lot for your pieces of advice, but quite honestly, I don’t like the way you talk to me. It is pretty disrespectful. Let people live, let them make their own decisions.
        Just for the record, my knowledge of marriages isn’t outdated. Like I said, I know the divorce rate, I know that love isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, some people like to marry people for their money and act like they’re in love and some people just stay together to avoid trouble.
        Yes, those people exist. But you should open your eyes as well and see that there are still people who do care for each other, who did find the one they want to stay together with and who do still enjoy each other’s presence. Even in their first marriage. They might be a minority, but they exist. In real life, btw, not just in fairytales. You can read about it on the internet and in newspapers as well. Or just talk to some people. So maybe you should just stop shoving your statistics onto people and simply accept that life and happiness comes along in various ways.

      4. Yes, i know, they do exist, but the statistics gives lower than 10% for the total number of marriages. Also, i can see the marriage problems of my friends, and the number of “happy” families is also close to 10%. That is what you would call “minority”.
        Another your mistake is that you can just have another marriage and be happy. Nope, every “experience” ruins your beliefs, ruins your further “happiness”. The process sometimes can be so slow that you may fail to notice it or wouldn’t be willing to notice (like most people do), but it still exists.
        Let people live, let them make their own decisions.
        It is something they tend to do, over and over again. And they tend to do the very same mistakes from generation to generation. Earlier it was not evident, nowadays you can easily read it over Internet.
        Also, in the show they tend to overdramatize it. The process of arranging a marriage may actually take years to settle everything before the actual marriage.
        but quite honestly, I don’t like the way you talk to me
        It is not surprising. Note that I only pointed to your mistakes in your general view on marriages, I didn’t mention your own beliefs about your own marriage. Also, it is not my first discussion of similar kind, and your reaction is rather typical – and that means that should the discussion fall to the direction of “stop being patronizing !”, I would just plainly mock your feelings and misbeliefs like I did in other similar cases – just for fun – which means that the best way here is just to discuss the possibilities without getting angry about something you read but don’t like for whatever reason.

      5. We’re running in circles, my friend. You give me a statistic and I say “so what?”. It’s the rare things that are most precious.

        Another your mistake is that you can just have another marriage and be happy.
        I didn’t mean it that way, but I do think you can move on. You can find another partner, even if you’ve got enough of marriage. Not in the remote-control/let’s-just-try-once-more-yippieh kind of way, but in the I-work-hard-for-my-happiness-and-I-won’t-give-up-on-it way.
        Some of my colleagues are divorced, but have found a new partner they sincerely love and that they are happy to be with. So what are you trying to say anyways? “Don’t try, because it might (with a probability of 90%) destroy your beliefs and your happiness?” But to miss out on that happiness (however short-lived it might be) just because of the fear of losing it seems paradox in itself.
        And yes, bad experiences do leave a trace on you. But it’s up to you how to work with it. That’s what makes us human and indivdual. And that’s exactly why the statistics on this topic don’t impress me. One person reacts one way, the other totally different.

        And before you misunderstand me, let me say that I don’t think marriages are the non-plus-ultra. You can be very happy with your partner for the rest of your life without ever marrying him/her. But that’s again the freedom of decision an arranged marriage at such a young age can limit/destroy.

        Also, in the show they tend to overdramatize it. The process of arranging a marriage may actually take years to settle everything before the actual marriage.
        Yes, but we are talking about the show. Or at least I was before you decided to enlighten me on the harsh truths of marriage that were oh so unknown to me before.
        You see, I know there are arranged marriages that work out. And the people in it are content. It’s not on me to measure or judge other people’s happiness or content. But then again we are in for the question “Which type of marriage do you want?”. Aaaaaaand I’m sure a girl like Yuina would not be happy being married to Yousuke. But maybe the next episode will slap me in the face and she’s actually in love with him. But then again I think that is the crucial thing that decides whether she’ll go happily into this marraige or not.
        I am not sure if I’m getting my point across to you at all though.

        All I ever meant to say was that an arranged marraige might be just as bad or even worse for a girl like Yuina than being forced into a line of work you’re not interested in.

        Oh yes, it’s also quite funny how you call my beliefs “misbeliefs” without actually knowing what they are. It seems to me you are simply assuming things about me and think they are facts. And you see, that is exactly what I don’t like about the way you talk to me. No need to be so dismissive.

      6. It’s the rare things that are most precious.
        Yes, they are not just a minority, they are rare, it is what I meant.
        So what are you trying to say anyways? “Don’t try, because it might (with a probability of 90%) destroy your beliefs and your happiness?”
        No, with a probability of over 90% you will lose a certain part of your beliefs and potential happiness. The actual amount lost may vary. I didn’t mean “all beliefs”, just a part of them . My point is that people should be more picky when choosing a partner for long-time (and especially life-time) relations, and should not base their actions merely on “love”.
        But it’s up to you how to work with it.
        I would say “how to live with it” – it would be way more correct. The conclusions made from the bad experience is one thing, but the fact that you would have to live with it is quite a different thing, meaning certain negative aftereffect in case of relations (and some other category of things which involve interaction with other individuals).
        … the freedom of decision an arranged marriage at such a young age can limit/destroy.
        It would be more correct to say MAY DESTROY, because in the modern society people may be offered really bad choices afterwards like drugs or other things which destroy their personality (soul), and it means not the freedom, but something else which may be forced on you instead, and it is not certain which way is better.
        But maybe the next episode will slap me in the face and she’s actually in love with him.
        It is exactly what I meant – there is no certainty about it so far.
        About the work (job). I do have a job which I don’t like, but I don’t overdramitize it and don’t lie to myself, like some of my colleagues do, I just do what is required and I do it in a proper way. Their “happiness” is really pathetic, knowing how many efforts they have put into it to lie to the others and themselves about their “being happy” about their job. For the fun of it I a few times made them lose control and attack me uncontrollably with just a few words which returned them back to their miserable reality they tried to forget about – and it comes in handy because they don’t try to force something on me knowing that I could made them go berserk in front of the others with just a few words. It is an example of something way worse than having a job which you don’t like – the way such people live.
        It seems to me you are simply assuming things about me and think they are facts.
        The way you expressed it looked quite single-sided so I made the assumptions from the common meaning of the words you picked, because originally you used the term “arranged marriage”, not “forced marriage” and those terms are not equal. Just look up at your initial post and you will see what i meant. Also, earlier I had similar discussions about similar opinions expressed, with the difference that most of them ended in me mocking the internal insecurities in response to hateful responses made in the style “Do not be so patronizing !”. But people may be different and the content of the discussions may vary, it is interesting to see the arguments and their personal positions.


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