「生きたい…!望実の斬魄刀 」 (Ikitai…! Nozomi no Zanpakutou)
“I Want to Live…! Nozomi’s Zanpakutou”

Unohana heals Yamamoto after they retreat from the battle, and they learn from Renji that all contact with the captains have been lost. Unohana says that large amount of Hollows have been appearing, and Yamamoto orders Renji to prepare for the invasion force.

In the World of the Living, Ichigo asks his family to let Nozomi stay with them, saying that she lost her family and that Rukia is her only relative remaining. Isshin, Yuzu, and Karin agree, and later go out shopping, while Ichigo and Rukia leave to hunt a hollow. Chad and Inoue go to Ichigo’s house, and they notice that Kon’s attitude had become much more subdued after Nozomi revealed that she was the first Mod Soul.

Ikkaku and Yumichika see Ichigo after he defeats the hollow, and they go to his house. Rukia meets with Urahara, who explains his deductions, but also states that he doesn’t know why Inaba needs Nozomi Inoue and the others keep Nozomi company, and Ichigo goes off to fight another Hollow. Ishida shows up to help him fight it off, and Ichigo asks Ishida about Kon. Later, Renji, Ikkaku, and Yumichika tell Ichigo that they need to question Nozomi as to what exactly is going on.

That night, Nozomi slips outside and is attacked by a hollow. She considers whether it would be better if she wasn’t alive, but Kon tells her that it’s better to live. Nozomi’s zanpakutou suddenly materializes when she decides to protect Kon, and she is able to defeat the hollow.


ED28 Sequence

ED27: 「ハルカカナタ」 (Haruka Kanata) by UNLIMITS
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I may have marathoned the first few years of Bleach, but these scenes from way back in the Soul Society arc shown in the new ending sequence still feel quite nostalgic, and it’s nice seeing them again.



There’s a serious lack of communication, and I don’t understand why Ichigo doesn’t just tell his family the truth. Isshin is a shinigami and like Urahara he probably knows more than he lets off with the silly front. Keeping these kinds of secrets does nothing to protect his family, and makes them worry needlessly as well. There’s no need to lie, and I don’t think they completely buy it anyway.

With Nozomi settled into Ichigo’s home though, this was largely a calmer episode with a slight lull in the fighting. Inoue’s horrendous culinary creations are back, this time in the form of “Choconomiyaki” (though it does seem that she has found a new fan in Nozomi). There’s also a different, quieter, cooler Kon, and I do think that I like him better this way. He quickly reverts to his usual self of course, but his development with Nozomi also finally moves forward as they find camaraderie in their similarities. She barely gives any information to help the shinigami though, and even Urahara is in the dark about her significance to Kageroza’s plans. I don’t know if she just prefers to keep silent or if she simply doesn’t know, but it’s also a little annoying how she keeps getting herself into trouble. Finally though she busts out her shinigami powers, and it seems that all it took was a little effort. Now all she has to do is contribute some information to help deal with this reigai issue so no one else gets hurt.


  1. This filler is so good that I forgot it is a filler. Really, I the beginning I saw Ichigo’s father and his sisters at home and I thought: “oh, great, one more random comedy filler episode”, and then: “oh, wait, this whole arc is a filler”. LOL.

  2. I have been enjoying the little Shinigami thing after the redits. For lasting all of 5-10 seconds they can be quite amusing and this week was no exception. Its not often you see the old man surprised like that.

    Regarding the episode itself the last few weeks the Captain was locked in battle with the 2 dual weilding Captains and they escaped to appear last week with no mention about the conclusion of their fight and now he did as well this week with no mention about their fight. I can’t stand when Bleach has so many big plot holes and never explains what happened. Don’t even get me started on the last arc with “Whatever happened to Nel” and how Ichigo’s dad was a shinigami (and his back story as well)?

    1. Aizen Clone Summoned got his ass kicked, so he ordered them to stop the fight and come to his aid? Implying Captain would have died if not for mayuri pushing him to his limits? Maybe?

      You could probably ask when he had time to give that order.
      If you accepted him being able to get Byakuya’s modsoul and rebuild a body in the 30 seconds it took Byakuya to get to the warehouse after winning, accepting them being summoned realy shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. LOL @ Isshin with his “harem of daughters” line … not a bad little harem tho, if I do say so. I kinda hoped Ichigo’s sisters would look more like they do after the timeskip, not transitioned all the way but changing over. Ah well.

    Actually enjoying this arc but it’ll be nice to get to Fullbring. I hope Kon runs off with Nozomi in the end, since it’d at least give him SOME explanation for where the hell he ran off to.

  4. That new ending was so nostalgic, it actually made me want to go back and watch up to the rescue arc all over again. Back in the golden days of Bleach, sure this arc is quite good but nothing can really compare to the first 60 episodes.

    I’m pretty optimistic for when it goes back to the manga material, I’ve found the fullbring arc to be really interesting

  5. One of the problems highlighted by the dialogue was that Yamamoto never considered that there’s more shinigami than just the captains and vice captains.

    Yes they are all weak as a runny nose but he should at least inform them and gather them into fighting units, particularly Kenpachi’s unit. Now it seems like the rank and file have no idea what’s going on and any reigai could come in and order them around.

    At the very least they could contribute by raising the alarm when a reigai is spotted (like when they were hunting for ichigo and friends) or more could be sent into the real world to battle hollows since they are not going to be effecive against reigai

    Zaku Fan
  6. I don’t quite see the wisdom of an ED that shows the audience remember how much better the animation was back in the first season, but oh well. It kinda made me want to re-watch the first couple seasons again…which really were pretty good.

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