No surprise that the first thing Inoue does is heal Tsukishima. His powers don’t just simply tweak people’s emotions, he is intricately weaved into their past. The memories seem to be quite elaborate too and don’t contradict each other either. As Tsukishima explains it, he actually switches other people’s past for an alternate timeline, in which he was the one who helped save Rukia, defeat Aizen, etc. This time Ichigo is the odd one out, and his sudden violent behavior is very troubling towards his friends. Tsukishima wants to “fix” him, presumably by switching his past as well. Regardless, his reality-bending power is ridiculously over-powered, perhaps even topping Aizen’s complete hynopsis or Inoue’s rejection abilities, and it’s odd why he hadn’t shown up in earlier battles. It’s not clear what his ultimate goal is, but at the moment it could very well be that he’s simply a lonely guy that wants to make friends.

Ichigo always seems to end up being used for bigger conspiracies though, and I don’t think he’s getting out of this one without some help. He’s understandably very angry right now, but if he won’t attack his friends, then he’ll just have to get his ass kicked. Tsukishima certainly is screwing around with him psychologically and tormenting him, knowing that he can’t make the hard choices. Maybe Ichigo should just accept the alternate past and add Tsukshima as a friend; after all memory is a powerful thing, and although I don’t see it happening, it would be would be very interesting indeed if he does manage to switch Ichigo’s past. Or maybe Aizen will suddenly show up again and reveal that even the full-bring was actually his creation and everything was just as planned from the very beginning. Given the level of this guy’s powers though, Soul Society is probably involved (unless they are utterly incompetent). The Gotei 13 haven’t been seen in a while though, and we only know that Urahara, Isshin, and the other mystery character are planning something.


  1. i liked the part where inoue and chad were telling him that he defeated Aizen only with Tsukishima’s help. That was pretty LOL when you remember Ichigo was slicing hillsides with just a arm flick. How Tsukishima was supposed to be pivotal in such a crazy power level battle only chad and inoue can imagine.

    Maybe Isshin was carrying a blade that could reverse Tsukishima’s power or something. So far this arc has been pretty straight forward without any backstabs, betrays, double twists, etc.

    Zaku Fan
  2. I have to admit, the recent developments in Bleach are pretty interesting. Was worried for a moment that the arc would get really boring, really quickly, but Tsukishima has shown himself to be quite an interesting adversary for Ichigo. Hope the arc doesn’t lose too much steam before it gets to its end.

    1. I definitely thought at the beginning of the arc that it was going to be terrible. Apart from Ichigo’s terrible new look and alot of the supporting characters being shunned for new ones it’s actually turned out quite interesting. I hope it stays this way.

  3. I never like when Bleach brings in ridiculously OP characters. Like where the hell were they while previous arcs were going on? Like Aizen walking thru the town vaporizing weak folks?

    You can see that going on currently in the anime filler arc. The main villian was a lackey in the science dept and no one thought the original creator of the mod souls might not be involved? Or that he can hold off Kenpachi and Hitsigua (sp) with some ease (2 of the strongest captains)?

  4. Loved when Inoue and Sado thought that Shuu-chan was the one who saved Rukia and defeated Aizen. So far Shuu-chan is my favorite villain in Bleach. He is messing up Ichigo and quite hard in a professional way.

  5. It took me a second to remember who the guy that appeared at the end is. Nice to see he wasn’t forgotten. Though I was a little surprised that a comic relief character has actual power.

      1. But is it a coincidence it happens now? If you think Kubo isn’t hashing ideas, go read Yu Yu Hakusho’s Chapter Black. Hell, read it all. And don’t forget Perona Riruka. Did I mention the time skip?

        …Kubo was likely capitalizing on Perona’s popularity with Riruka. He added a time skip not long after Oda did. And now he’s using an explanation already used last season in Steins;Gate. If we can’t see that he’s struggling to find some kind of direction for Bleach, we might as well stop reading it.

        Actually, that might not be too hard; Bleach has consistently been in the bottom of the rankings. Just last week, it was third to last, with the to-be-canceled Sengoku Armors at the bottom. If you’ve noticed, for the past month or two the story sped up a lot. Why else would he do that but to catch readers’ attention to vote Bleach away from imminent cancellation?

        And yet, readers can still pick apart the story to find the holes and inconsistencies. We could privately tell Kubo, so he can fix them. Yeah… but we’ve done that, and he called us a a bunch of trolls and said his manga is beautifully written and drawn, and that his backgrounds are merely capturing the essence of air. >.>

        I’ve more to say, but I’m going to watch something.

  6. Surprisingly, I’m quite interested in the recent developments so I hope it stays that way till the end (though it most probably won’t).

    Though I noticed the colour spread doesn’t have Nell. I WANT MY NELL BACK, KUBO!!

  7. “Or maybe Aizen will suddenly show up again and reveal that even the full-bring was actually his creation and everything was just as planned from the very beginning. ”

    This is hilarious! Saved for the bigger picture & moment, Aizen is undoubtedly still fresh in our minds.

  8. I’ve got a feeling that the color pic with Aizen/Urahara being chummy means more than it probably does.

    Also, Aizen should have done this in the first place with his ”Complete Hypnosis”. Make everyone think that you’re their friend. I bet you Kubo just realised that and is now aiming to technically rewrite the whole of the manga with Tsukishima being the new Aizen. LOL

  9. I felt that this chapter was arguably the best I’ve seen from Bleach in a while, and it has really gotten me thinking about the past ones. I’m curious as to Uryuu’s condition due to the fact that he was the only one that Tsukishima attacked to the point of injuring. His reactions to the attack also make me wonder if he is in some way immune to Tsukishima’s power.

    I also like the fact that this chapter really served to provide me with insight into Ichigo’s character. Watching him have to go head to head with his friends had a bit of emotional bite to it which isn’t really something that I tend to expect from Bleach.

    I’m still uncertain of how I feel about this current Bleach arc, but it is actually succeeding in getting me a little excited.

  10. It feels ironic because Inoue doesn’t seem to be in love with Ichigo anymore; otherwise she should be telling Ichigo to stop instead. Guess who was the only person who broke the spell and will come to help? Ishida.

  11. sigh and I thought the constant “Kurosaki-Kun” Inoue was annoying, this one takes the top…when animated this arc will easily be the most annoying arc of Bleach and here’s my prediction; this is not going to be anything deep AT ALL. A lonely guy who wanted friends, yep I agree with you I’d actually be surprised if there is any actual planning in this arc.

  12. I’m wondering if there is a way to suppress the effects of Tsukishima’s ability. I would presume that it would need to be immediately after the “stabbing” and the person that was stabbed would need an “memory anchor” in someone who isn’t under Tsukishima’s spell. Also will the effects work if the person is aware of the ability?

  13. So, maybe this is all a conspiracy to get ichigo kill someone and making him go to hell?
    And inoue, if smart enough, could heal herself and everybody else that was affected.
    Anyway, this is all really boring…

  14. “…at the moment it could very well be that he’s simply a lonely guy that wants to make friends.”

    I am so grateful for this comment. You had me roflmao for a good 10 minutes, simply because I wouldn’t put it past Kubo at this point to use that plot device.

  15. At the rate this is going, Tsukishima will stab Ichigo to alter his memories and hit one or two of Urahara’s protection mechanisms/memory seals. Ichigo will get his memories back and the reiatsu that Tsukishima injects into Ichigo to alter his memories will feed Ichigo’s inner hollow instead giving Ichigo his power back. I only say this because of two plot threads that have been dangling in this series, one from the beginning and one from the start of this arc. Way back in Chapter 19 we learn that Ichigo, when he was little, ran into a hollow trap and woke up dead with his mother’s dead body on top of him and later in Chapter 188 Isshin made the comment to Urahara about not being able to save Masaki that night. Also in Chapter 424, Ichigo comments that he ‘apparently told his friends about his shinigami powers while he slept’ and that they ‘believed him immediately’ during the month he was out cold.

    As always, I still say that Tsukishima is tied to Aizen somehow. I’m beginning to think that Ginjo is tied to Urahara and it is Ginjo who has everyone on the lower floor believing Tsukishima is “Shu” to try (and unsuccessfully) buy time/keep Ichigo busy for Urahara to get there fix the situation and reseal Ichigo’s powers/re-erase Ichigo’s memories.

  16. As soon as Chad and Orohime said Tsu-kun took all the credit of Ichigo’s accomplishments, I raged. I was yelling “Hell No, How dare you take my credit!” Then I realized I was taking Ichigo’s credit away varcariously

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  17. I’m just happy we finally know who is good and bad between Ginjou and Tsukishima. That was getting a little annoying.

    One thing I don’t like about this arc is how weak Ichigo looks. Yes, I know he lousy his powers, but he regained a new ability and it’s not like he doesn’t know how to fight.

    I have an inclination that Ishida is gonna pop up and save the day. his absence from this situation, and past revelations of his injury, lead me to believe his is in some way immune.

  18. I found it a little amusing to hear Orihime mention that the guy was around to help when Ichigo saved Rukia and when he fought Aizen. I was wondering, how the hell would she know that, because first of all. She, Chad and even Ishida weren’t around to see Ichigo save Rukia. While he was busy fighting Byakuya, they were running around searching for him. By the time they made it to the spot, Renji was like several miles away with Rukia and Ichigo had already defeated Byakuya. Secondly, while Ichigo was fighting Aizen, Orihime and group was trying to recover in Hueco Mundo from their confrontation with Ulquiorra and Yammy. The only time they arrived was when the battle had ended and Karakura town was being returned. I know I’m ranting a bit about this, but from my understanding, Tsu’s powers only inserts his presence into other’s past memories. He can’t directly alter them. Actually it still makes some sense, but it just pisses me off that it can just be pulled off. Where’s that memory erasing hollow when you need it?

  19. Just a hypothesis of mine, what if Chad and Ichigo had any serious battle due to Ichigo snapping or some kind of accident then Chad was injured, what will happen if Inoue use her rejection? Will Tsukushima’s ability will also be rejected and Chad’s past will be back to normal? 😀

  20. And once again nothing significant happens in teh 18ish pages.

    Tsukushima gets healed, 1 page. Chad punch Ichigo, 1 page. Tsukushima explain his power.

    The end.

    Yeah…somehow all that took 18 pages.

  21. I like how it’s building up to a point where Ichigo is finding it hard to rely on anyone. So we need Rukia or Ishhin, Urahara, Ishida to come help him asap (Ishida probably, although I do think the mysterious feet belongs to Rukia).

  22. I like the past few chapters. It keeps increasing the sense of desperation for Ichigo by slowly cornering him where he simply runs and when he turns to fight back, there’s no one (not even Ginjo, at least not physically) there to help him. More so when he has to face the very reason he wanted to get his powers back – the people he wants to protect.

    It’s a little more emotion-filled, which adds to the atmosphere created here. To be frank, I’m actually thinking about the Aizen conspiracy theory too. Perhaps he was in on all this, considering the psychological tricks Tsukishima’s using.


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