Ginjou is getting attacked by all his former allies, which I found odd since he should still be their friends. I’d expect some talking and convincing going on before blows are exchanged (unless they had already done that). It’s the same with Ichigo, who should still be Inoue and Chad’s long time friend (and the former’s love interest), so it seems unnatural that they would attack him so readily without trying to figure out what exactly is going on first. They’ve barely spoken so far, and it feels like their memories of Ichigo have also been modified. Sushigawara’s “jackpot” ability to manipulate probability also seems pretty damn overpowered. With the power to change luck, what’s to stop him from making his enemies “just happen” to suffer from a heart attack, making his opponents attacks “just happen” to miss, or causing a natural disaster to “just happen”? He seems like a weak person with a bullshit power, and that’s a really bad combination.

As for Ichigo, he is suddenly able to use Getsuga Tenshou again, though it has little effect on Tsukishima (as expected). He’s managed to fuse the two powers again which is great, but in this case it doesn’t seem stronger than either, and Ichigo also hasn’t mastered the art of manipulating things in his favor either, even if his full-bring is “completed”. I don’t think the full-bringers have all that much reiatsu so I’m not sure how they would stop an attack like Getsuga Tenshou, but unless Kubo decides to explore the mechanics of full-bring interacting with spiritual power I guess it doesn’t really matter. Both Ginjou and Ichigo are outnumbered and up against their friends, putting them in a pretty bad spot. I’m not quite sure how Ginjou suddenly managed to come between Ichigo and Tsukishima and get stabbed by the latter, but it seems Ishida has finally arrived on the scene. We’ll probably be hearing an explanation of just exactly what is going on with him, whether it be what he knows, what he can do, or if he is affected by Tsukishima’s ability (up until now, it’s been hinted that he has not). If Ishida isn’t able to stop Tsukishima and the others though, I can’t imagine Urahara, Isshin, Rukia or some of the other shinigami not showing up soon.


    1. I’ve been waiting for Ishida to do something awesome like he did when he beat Mayuri. Ever since that fight he has become somewhat a comic relief stereotype.

      I hope he is immune and I hope he does some serious damage here.

  1. I thought them fighting was completely natural as has everything else to do with those being cut, so long as Tsukishima has inserted himself in such a way that they see Tsukishima as more important or more valuable personally than Ginjou the n that is what they would do, they just see Ginjou as attacking Tsukishima on a whim similar to how Orihime and Chad see Ichigo attacking Tsukishima who the they consider to be a long-time friend. It would be the exact same case is Chad started attacking Ishida or something, I’m sure Ichigo and Orihime would try to protect Ishida from getting hurt anymore and stop Chad.

    I liked the chapter and enjoyed the action, seeing them release again was cool and now Ichigo is alone, time to see if Ishida is on Ichigo’s side (which seems likely) and if he can help, or else Urahara/Isshin/Shinigami will step in.

  2. The jackpot ability isn’t that overpowered, as it seems to be random, so I guess it can indeed have negative effects in himself. Or maybe, imagine him hitting Ichigo point blank, but rolling really low, not causing any damage at all. I for one, really like that ability. Just as Kubo.

  3. tsukishima is getting really annoying right now. fighting dirty like a sock in the mud. i don’t know where this is leading, but anime fillers have more plot than this current arc!

    ichigo has merged fullbring powers with shinigami powers, so how is he not stronger than tsukishima?

    they bring in ishida to prolong the fight and give fans a glimmer of hope as to plot progression but to me, that just delays the explanation of tsukishima’s motives and source of power.

    not too pleased with the way this is going, unless kubo is making some epic story planning that ties both abilities together.

    what would really throw a spanner in the works is if ishida joins tsukishima’s side! i would ragequit this manga so hard if that happens.

    1. The fact that you’re pissed with a fictional character’s actions shows that Kubo has succeeded for you. Any story needs characters that make you emotionally involved to really succeed (whether positive or negative doesn’t matter).

      You might want to catch the Freezing manga (not the anime) as that manga’s writer does certainly know how to push buttons too.

      Zaku Fan
      1. And the fact that the twilight movies piss me off proves that they are amazing…
        …or that the execution is terrible, and watching it literally hurts me.

        >No. I been following it for 6-7 years. I am not stopping now. Even if it kills me, which it might.

      2. @derp
        Excellent example of failure of understanding context there. Here are some important lessons for you to learn

        Lesson 1:
        Notice sto said “tsukishima is getting really annoying right now. fighting dirty like a sock in the mud” means the poster is unhappy with the “fighting dirty”, casting the character in a negative light which is good for a villianous character

        Lesson 2:
        Notice “Any story needs characters that make you emotionally involved to really succeed” is radically different from “And the fact that the twilight movies piss me off” which implies unhappiness with plot not characters.

        Lesson 3:
        Notice that tsukishima is a villian. You are supposed to dislike him.

        That is all for todays lesson on context and understanding. Hopefully it will help you on your journey to grow out from being a tween into an adult. Good luck!

        Zaku Fan
      3. “tsukishima is getting really annoying right now. fighting dirty like a sock in the mud”
        is the only part talking about a potential character trait.

        “anime fillers have more plot than this current arc!”
        “so how is he not stronger than tsukishima?”
        “give fans a glimmer of hope as to plot progression but to me, that just delays the explanation of tsukishima’s motives and source of power.”
        “not too pleased with the way this is going”

        Most of the original post was talking about the standard plot holes, and general lack of plot progression that has been in bleach since the arancar war. And it actually got worse in this arc.

        No one is saying antagonist isn’t supposed to be evil. The problem is we know less about this guy than we did Aizen, so with no context what so ever. There is no emotion connection when you have no idea why anything is even happening. Nothing we have learned so far even explains why the too factions of Full Bringers fought each other.

        Third, don’t base an argument on part of 1 sentence of a post.The poster wasn’t angry about the villain’s characteristics. He was angry about the low quality of everything happening, including the villain.

  4. I’m surprised that with the merging of the two power types, Ichigo is still so weak. It looks like his level of power is pre bankai level. I can only guess that his shinigami powers are barely recovered or his Getsuga Tenshou isn’t based on his shinigami powers but drawing on his fullbring power.

    Maybe if he pulls a bankai with mask it’ll go up

    Zaku Fan
  5. tsukishima’s fullbring omg…..sooooo overpowered
    and you do make a good point about inoe and chad not talking at all, its understanable that tsukishima’s fullbring alters the memorie but as you said they normally would be more rational about things.


    Ichigo has his reiatsu back so he should be able to see them now, and Kubo already hinted that they are close. I’m guessing/hoping that Tsukishima’s memory hack doesn’t work on Shinigami cuz they are spirits or some bullshit like that.

    Also, how is Tsukishima not reeling from Ichigo’s kick. I can stomach that his sword is an overpowered mindwarping pocket knife that can deflect a Getsuga Tenshou, but the rest of his body is normal human. They were making such a big deal about how Ichigo’s half formed shroud did not protect him completely, so how does Tsukishima in plain clothes take a kick from power suit Ichigo. Unless his suspenders outfit somehow has the same function as Ichigo’s skeleton outfit, this power balance is whack.

  7. One can only hope that the bad rankings Kubo has been receiving for this brilliant piece of storytelling will result in WSJ telling him to finish the damn story. This series like KHR is well beyond its peak and will only get worse with each arc.

    1. He should have just done something with Zero Squad since it was hinted at. I’m not sure where this Fullbring stuff came from, but doing something with Zero Squad and the King would have keep the story going. It does feel very offtrack right now.

  8. totally agree with you bearzerger, finally a precise comment about this. It’s very simple actually, there comes a moment to every hit series when it gets to its peak and after a while it just have to end, and it’s considered a masterpiece and always remembered, until now bleach is just a series which people will say something like “bleach was great until aizen’s defeat, after that it was just boring” or something in those lines.

    1. I’m with you guys. I feel like a lot of different media have this problem of refusing to let good things end while they’re at their peak rather then dragging it on until it’s just a parody of it’s original glory.

      This latest arc of Bleach is just riddled with horrendous story telling assuming you can even call what they’ve been doing storytelling. I feel like they’re obviously trying to build up to something bigger, but I can not think of a worse way to do it. They drag everything and instead of explaining anything relevant, they explain all the pointless bits and pieces and tack on even more questions. This isn’t so much a mystery anymore as much as it is an ugly cock teaser that doesn’t put out…

  9. Exactly, Also to clarify before someone starts criticizing our opinion saying we’re just haters or something like that that I really liked bleach, until this Arc that is, I really believed and still do that it had arrived to its climax and the end had come, and this is just disappointing and Kubo declaring another 10 years of this is even worse.

    1. Now now, to reply on you comment about the 10 years thing. Bleach is really too good of a manga to end. I mean, I would feel like a piece of me just left knowing that bleach is no longer in my life.

      code fanboy
  10. I think you should pay close attention to Tsukishima AFTER the getsuga attack. He looks pretty beat up, and there is no way he could keep up with ichigo so he would have pulled some ace out of his sleev,e had ginjou not stepped in.

  11. Who knows, it may not be Rukia. Tite Kubo is always keeping everyone at a good surprise. Perhaps it is a new character, a girl to boot, to go along with Ichigo’s harem. Though I am curious if Tsukishima is really helping Ichigo, since the guy notes that despair is helping Ichigo get stronger. Ichigo has a huge mixture of negative emotions during his life. Guilt, from the death of his mother. Inferiority, from the numerous times where he was weak compared to the insanely strong people. And now betrayal, because in a sense his friends are now fighting him. Mmmm, perhaps we would know the results the next chapter since Tsukishima now stabbed Ginjo, leaving everyone to fight against Ichigo.

    code fanboy
    1. I agree! It is totally weird how much Tsukishima knows about Ichigo. I half believe that Urahara is going to show up and be like “Thanks Tsukishima, Ichigo’s ready again.” And then do some crazy kido thing that will bring back his Shinigami powers. This was Urahara’s plan the whole time! Friends were never in danger! Ichigo just needs something to protect to get his powers back.
      Then, once Ichigo has his shinigami powers, we will get to see the Soul King! I think this is the most redeeming outcome for this arc.
      I <3 Bleach.

  12. Ishida showing up might change things, if Ichigo hasn’t killed Tsukishima and then given into despair and hollowfied before Ishida gets there.

    What I’m curious about is Tsukishima internal dialogue on page 14 ending with him commenting on how its over for him.

  13. Bleach has been getting worst and worst for a while now. How many main villains can Kubo come up with that just smirk all the time and pull off illusions on people? Also, the chapters are short as crap. Just swooshes and slashes with little dialog (except a few chapters ago). I can understand if the artwork was detailed but its not. Every chapter is just 15 or so pages and the story gets absolutely nowhere.

      1. I kinda agree. It makes people want Kubo to make a villain that actually uses a lot of sheer power rather than brains. That’s the sad thing about Ichigo, he has a lot of power yet zero in tactics. The opposite of Lelouch from Code Geass.

        code fanboy
  14. Everyone is against Ichigo, and Ginjou just got stabbed. Things are not looking good for our protagonist. What wil happen to ichigo now??

    I have an idea, maybe this is all an illusi-, oh wait, that’s been done alread-, oh wait, it’s Bleach.

      1. Spencer said protagonist. I could be wrong, but both Gin and Tousen betrayed Soul Society making them antagonists.

        Now, Gin did partially redeem himself by attempting to assassinate Aizen, but he was still a bad guy who did a lot of bad things. You could say he dedicated his whole life for the one chance to take out Aizen, but then we get into the whole moral argument of “Ends Justifying Means”.

        Spencer also forgot someone really big in Naruto who died… Show Spoiler ▼

        But he is absolutely right. No protagonist in Bleach has died outside a flashback. If they took out Chad or, may we all be so lucky, Orihime I might give it some slack. Hell, even some random Lieutenant would be something. No, not a one.

        Nope, Bleach has the magical Dragonalls we all call Orihime. The whiny, crybaby, “Kurosaki-kun” repeating worse female character of all time who can magically fix any problem. Yes, worse than Sakura… much worse.

        I’m not saying they should just kill off someone for the sake of killing them off. It just makes the series feel weak. Knowing nobody will ever die and the good guys will always win makes it feel far too predictable. I have to admit, when the above mentioned Naruto character was knocked off I was in shock, angry, but at the same time relieved that no one in the Naruto world is invincible like ALL of the Bleach protagonists.

      2. Well Anna you’d be the first. My take on most series is usually… unique. But, if someone agrees with me, or if I agree with someone else, I consider that a very good thing.


    1. Why is this in spoiler? How can you spoil manga?

      Anyhow, as we have seen his sword is used to change your memories, not kill people.

      Do you know something we don’t? How?

    2. I don’t agree… Ginjou seems important for the plot, & why would Kubo-sensei give importance to a character which in gonna “die” within a few weeks?
      I hope there are no fillers in the manga itself? Because if Ginjou died, it WOULD seem a filler. I mean, in fight with Aizen, NOT a single shinigami died. Sensei doesn’t kill off the characters so easily, or thats what I think.

  15. I just read the name of the chapter string that is going on ‘End of the Bond’, true Ichigo can’t get rid of family but maybe we can trim some of the fat from the gargantuan cast. For instance get rid of Chad, possibly Keigo, 2 of the fullbringers, and for the hell of it lets have a character actually die for once that isn’t solely in flashbacks, like Ichigo’s mom.

  16. I really hope that Ichigo’s friends and family go back to normal if and when Ichigo kills Tsukishima. I just can’t see his friends and family turning against Ichigo, not after everything they all been through together. Plus, I can’t wait to see what Isshin and Kisuke are up to.

  17. Kubo should make a Bleach Brotherhood to fix this this…..No word bad enough comes to mind, but I’ve already given Bleach 4 years of my life I’m not quiting til I see an end to this dark tunnel. Bleach ended when Ichigo “facepalmed Aizen” not fought just the facepalm.

    Azul Flamed Samurai
    1. So how do you explain the rest of X-Cution, plus Chad and Inoue, getting affected? Quincies might be immune in some way, but it’s not just ‘normal humans’ Shuu can affect. We haven’t seen him try to use his power on a Soul Reaper or Hollow yet, either.

      1. From my view, I can see that he merely cut Ishida out of the whim instead of using his abilities. Since the book of end can cut like a regular sword, it wouldn’t be too far-fetch to say that Shuu just cut Ishida out of insane murderous tendencies. Not to mention, unlike the gullible and easy to deceive Orihime and Chad, Ishida is quite smart so Shuu may have feared that Ishida would see through his trick had he use the book of end ability on Ishida.

        Though, everything seems so out of place. Shuu and the Xcution just met Ichigo recently, yet they still didn’t explain how they know so much about him, regarding how he lost his powers and so on. Shuu is able to recognize Ichigo’s getsuga tensho yet they just met. This feels like Lirin, Cloud, and Nova again, since Shuu notes that despair is helping Ichigo to get stronger.

        code fanboy
      2. Well, they are still human beings, despite having their powers. That’s why I believe Shuu-chan managed to change their memories, unlike Ishida’s who is a quincy.

        I’m also with you Code, we don’t know a lot of Xcution and yet they know so much of Ichigo. I hope Kubo answers all those question soon, especially why is Shuu-chan against Ichigo. I would laugh if Shuu-chan is related to Aizen.

  18. All this training and new but not-so-new power just to have Ichigo struggle thru another battle with another enemy that doesnt make sense. No motive is explained nor any hints toward why Tsukishima is doing what he’s doing. This arc so far is weak in plot and substance. This arc is meant to chronicle the restoration of Ichigo’s powers and/or showcase Ichigo’s new abilities. So far one of the two has been accomplished.

    I have a question? Can someone tell me what the hell is Ichigo? A Vizard Shinigami Fullbring user? His dad definitley has some explaining to do, lol.


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