「最凶の霊骸、 現世に現る!」 (Sai kyou no reigai, gensei ni genru!)
“The Most Evil Reigai, Appears in the Real World!”

Nozomi blasts away the reigai Kenpachi with a powerful attack. After he gets up, Yumichika states that he will fight Kenpachi in order to avenge Ikkaku. Ichigo tells Nozomi that they need to get Ikkaku to safety, but she says that she wants to go help the others fight. All the shinigami ask her to fall back to safety though, and Ichigo tells her to take it easy.

Hisagi and Kira battle the powered-up reigai Hitstugaya. Omaeda fights the reigai Byakuya, but he is easily overpowered. Renji and Rukia attack him as well, and Byakuya releases his bankai. Matsumoto and Iba fight Komamura, and they are joined by Chad. Komamura however releases his bankai as well, and they are beaten back. Kenpachi cuts down Yumichika, then faces off against Ichigo.

All the lieutenants are overwhelmed, leaving Nozomi to face the reigai. She absorbs Hitsugaya’s attack with her zanpakutou, and is able to knock him out. Byakuya tells Kenpachi that they need to take out the surviving shinigami first, and he binds Nozomi. Ishida manage to save her, then accidentally attacks her, but Nozomi is able to absorb his arrows. They decide to charge her sword by directing their spiritual power at her. The resulting attack successfully pushes back the reigai, but Byakuya is able withstand it, though before he can do anything, Yamamoto’s flames engulf him.




These fights are starting to feel a bit rehashed, as this whole arc has been featuring all sorts of combinations of shinigami and reigai pounding at each other. This time it’s a lot of the lieutenants a few of the reigai captains. Luckily, it’s extremely fast paced (perhaps almost a little too much so), and shikai’s/bankai’s are pulled out within the first minute of the battle. The fights also feature a hyper-aggressive Hitstugaya and Komamura that’s quite different from what we usually see, and it’s pretty clear that the lieutenants cannot beat the powered-up reigai captains. At that point they definitely needed all the help they could get, and Ichigo/Nozomi probably should have joined in earlier.

As expected, Arazomeshigure’s power is to absorb the energy of an opponent’s attack and use it for it s own, which turns out to be a very troublesome ability for the bad guys. Nozomi’s attack is ridiculously strong, and it’s able to block a bankai-level attack then defeat a captain in one hit. Not only does it take out Hitsugaya, it can apparently also absorb the attacks of half a dozen shinigami at once, then defeat Kenpachi and a released Komamura all at once. While it’s cool that she’s so powerful, I’m having a lot of trouble believing it. Regardless, it looks like the rest of the reigai captains will show up soon, and there will be another epic battle against Yamamoto. It’s such a shame that this is filler and he won’t be able to releases his bankai.


      1. He’s better off learning from Yu Yu Hakusho since it doesn’t require him to rubberize his arms or wield 3 blades. Maybe he can learn to shoot reiatsu scatter shots or hiei’s 18 slash technique

        Zaku Fan
    1. Not always true in Bleach filler, the Bount arc got worked into canon because it at least fit into the timeline; the ones that interrupt other arcs mid-fight, though, are pretty much non-canon. The Bount arc introduced the other Mod Souls, who surprisingly haven’t shown up again this arc (they haven’t been seen since the Arrancar arc), and a couple of times Ichigo’s flashed back to his fight against Jin. I see no reason why this can’t fit coherently into the main anime storyline, just like Bount fit in between SS and Arrancar.

      Zanpakuto/Beast Swords and Bakoutou arcs, though, were pretty much throwaway, you’re right. :/

  1. I was actually psyched when the Old Man showed up. Wasn’t expecting to see him in the real world. Looking forward to see what happens next week.

    btw… Renji gotta be one of the worst weak ass officers. He always yells for Zabimaru to attack and everyone always dodges it or defeats him. He seriously needs some sort of a powerup.

  2. From a character point of view, its really silly for Renji to not immediately bankai. He knows his captain’s power level and has fought the non-powered up Byakuya. Immediate bankai with the hope of distracting Byakuya long enough for Rukia to do a ambush hit would have been his only chance.

    Same with Chad. Using both arms in fighting Kenpachi would have made more sense.

    Nozomi’s shikai’s strike at the end looked like Yamamoto’s level when he grabbed Aizen’s foot. Both hers and Inaba’s ability (and Aizen’s) is too strong for main character usage

    Zaku Fan
  3. I’m a bit at awe that all those captains got owned by the false captains, yet when a few who did show up in the real world couldn’t even squash those lieutenants right away.

  4. So basically, you have to have luck to get a good type of zanpakutou.
    The lucky shinigamis get the ‘Wobuffet’-like ones: swords that can absorb and release the enemies-attack. Thus making the wielder kind of invincible, even if he/she is experienced with the sword. Other shinigamis (like Ikakku) only have physical types-swords, meaning that they have to practice a lot or use a lot of strength in order to deem their attacks effective.

    1. Yumichika’s fake shikai fails the most. It doesnt do anything at all but add extra blades. Even those extra blades don’t add much to his attacking abilities at all. I don’t understand how he can even survive one hit from Kenpachi

  5. This episode seemed awkward. Poor animations – even for bleach standards. Noizomi attacks are incredibley overpowered. They are making all these captains look too weak. Nextc week may be better.

  6. Ok! I’m about mid episode right now, and I’m pissed off.
    My reason being that they are playing redundant flashbacks. That’s gotta be breaking a rule when something happens in an anime and immediately ~5 seconds later, they show a flashback of it. IT’S F-ing STUPID! Both Bleach and Naruto have been doing this lately and it’s annoying. And before anyone says anything, it’s not just fillers.
    Long story short, if I just saw it 5 seconds to a week ago, I don’t need to see it again for a VERY LONG time, and if I do it better be damn relevant.

    Sorry for nerd rage and text wall. I had to get it out.
    Back to the show.

    1. ha! this pisses you off? you should watch NARUTO then you’ll really be ripping ur hair out!
      “These fights are starting to feel a bit rehashed, as this whole arc has been featuring all sorts of combinations of shinigami and reigai pounding at each other.” i gotta agree..this arc should have been over and done with 2 episodes ago……

      BROOKLYN otaku
  7. Because of this arc in bleach i have stopped watching bleach and skipped over to manga, INCLUDING NARUTO MANGA which is way better. but im starting to lose my interest in bleach, ICHIGO blew my mind when he transformed into the black haired drool worthy upgrade, and then they totally f it up with this mod soul shyt….. they cud have skipped this……


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