Now things are getting really interesting though as Ishida reveals that it was Ginjou who attacked him. The prediction Ginjou was up to no good turns out to be completely correct and it looks like he and Tsukishima were working together. I don’t think anyone is really that surprised though, as it’s not the most original twist. My guess is that the first time Tsukishima stabbed Ginjou caused him to turn against him and work with Ichigo, then the second time reverted him back to being Tsukishima’s ally. Of course their master plan doesn’t really add up at this point, but I’m sure the bad guys will explain their motives and methods soon. Ginjou mentions “taking Ichigo’s fullbring”, so perhaps they are trying to “farm” his abilities. Making the villain truly believe he is working with the good guys is quite brilliant though, and reminds me of Light’s scheming in Death Note. Kubo might throw in another twist too, but seeing Ginjou’s maniacal laughter confirms a lot already. Ichigo truly has been completely duped this time though, and both friend and ally have turned against him. With both Ichigo and Ishida down, it can’t be long before help shows up, the most likely candidates being Urahara, Isshin, and the mystery shinigami. It’s about time Soul Society, or even the vizards should get involved though, as I have a feeling that these full-bringers are big fish with big agendas. On the other hand, none of the protagonists are going to die of course, so I’m not particularly worried.


  1. I really liked this chapter. This chapter was interesting, exited for the next one. Lately i thought it the manga was a litle slow paced but now it’s back on the track!

    1. The whole stabbing twice to revert to normal may explain why the fullbringers attacked Ginjou without a second thought. Their false memories of being Ginjou’s ally were erased and they were brought back to their normal evil selves.

  2. I get really excited (despite grabbing hair frantically as soon as the chapter ends, wtf why so short!?)
    But at the same time, a little bit scared of getting trolled again (if tsukishima and ginjou turn out to be working for aizen….)
    Not hoping too much but I hope the manga is slowly getting on the right track again. Actually I have dropped it for 1-2 years but after this arc started I pick it up again
    I truly hope kubo will get things right again!! 😀

  3. Honestly, I forgot the Vizards even existed. Kudos for remembering them.

    Does this mean that all of the Fullbringers are villains now? I suppose that’s for the best, since we already have too many “good guy” factions.

    1. All it takes is 1 bad guy to flip the others using his powers. Some of them seemed like pretty nice people so I think they are pawns being used (like Inoue and Chad) and not actually in on the bad guys plans. For all we know Tsukishima and Ginjou might be the ONLY bad guys and they are manipulating everyone else?

  4. Anyone think that Ginjou was the original substitute shinigami that the now-dead fullbringers gave their power to (assuming that story was true)? I assume the sub-shinigami badge that he flashed at the end wasn’t Ichigo’s, right?

    1. Calling it now: Ginjou wanting to “take” Ichigo’s power sounds like he was the original one who “took” powers from other fullbringers, and if he wasn’t evil before that, then it was his newly obtained power that corrupted him (“absolute power corrupts absolutely”). He’s a lot like Aizen in the sense that he’s a powerful being who craves more power.

    2. I agree, Ginjo must be the original Sub Reaper, since he mentioned that fullbring can only work with something he is fond with, namely is pendant and now his badge. I guess it was a lie that the first Soul Reaper died, but I wonder if the other part of the story, regarding the people who gave up their fullbring and were killed, was true. Needless to say, Ginjo looks like another Aizen,albeit, more stupid according to Tsukishima. I’m not surprised that Ginjo is the supposedly dead Shinigami, since this arc is titled “Lost Agent.” Though seriously, something is up with the badges. When Ichigo used Fullbring, his badge changed and Ginjo’s badge still looks the same. I have a feeling Kubo also has a surprise next chapter regarding the badge.

      (sigh) Orihime, Chad, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. IChigo and Ishida suddenly get cut and your standing there as if “this is for your own good.” Even stupidity has LIMITS.

      code fan
      1. To virox

        – sorry, I should have been more specific, regarding the badges. What I meant was, when Ichigo used his fullbring on his badge, the skull symbol changed into an X due to the after affects. Ginjo’s badge symbol looks completely like the same ordinary badge substitute badge with a skull. Aside from getting a nice blade out from the badge, the badge’s appearance didn’t really change much when Ichigo used fullbring, meaning, perhaps that the badged-sword may change into a wicked looking weapon like how Ginjo’s badge changed into something so cool.

        code fan
  5. I’ll admit I didn’t see the twist coming, although Ginjou and the Fullbringers were always slightly suspicious which was more-so than the Vizards were. I’m guessing Ginjou was talking about himself when he referred to a half-shinigami that could take in Fullbring powers. Still, I don’t like it, the whole plot just doesn’t make sense and seems more like Kubo leaving plot holes that he could twist around anytime later.

    My main qualm is how weak Ichigo has become. It seems like his Fullbring suit doesn’t even have 50% of his original power. This was the guy that breezed through all the Vice-Captains. He defeated Byakuya and Kenpachi who are like the Chuck Norris of Bleach. The main problem is that Ginjou and Tsukishima were never portrayed as that powerful, so the defeat seems unreasonable. The action needs the shinigami to enter for it to get better.

    1. Ichigo is supposed to be a lot weaker, though. He’s lost all Shinigami powers and just got a handle on Fullbring. If/When he gets his shinigami powers back, these guys would be wrecked faster than two shakes of a demon’s tail.

      1. When you think about it Chad, when he mastered fullbring, wasn’t really that strong. It only took a snap for the 5th espada to put down Chad. Ichigo, when he first fought the 5th, was able to last a good while despite his weakened state.

        code fan
      2. i don’t understand why Urahara or Isshin haven’t put a stop to this Fullbring Foolishness. Isshin apparently has his powers back and Urahara is a captain level shinigami. This shouldn’t have even got this far now that I’ve read these comments.

  6. Poor Ishida. Tries to have a big hero moment, but the universe just isn’t on his side right now.

    Oh well, but that was a rather interesting chapter. Once this arc got past the whole silly training bits, it really started to move in an interesting direction. Hopefully, it’ll keep going. Or, at the very least, if the quality drops again, then an entertaining train wreck wouldn’t be too bad.

  7. People wonder why, if Ginjou’s his enemy, did he give Ichigo his powers back. I think it’s either A, like Prooof brought up, they have a way to take others’ abilities, or B, they wanted Ichigo to be strong so when Tsukishima implants changes his memories, they now have a strong ally for whatever their planning.

    1. You make a common mistake thinking Aizen is main villain, while he is just DISK ONE BOSS(with chance of becoming anti-villain team-up with Ichigo against SK).

      Whatever GInjou wants has to do with Isshin.

  8. LOL, i got blindsided by the twist. Since Kubo seemed for the last few chapters (especially since the last chapter where Ginjou could easily have ambushed Ichigo), to be going for the simple villian = Tsukishima, friend = Ginjou rather than a convoluted double or triple twist, i didn’t expect Ginjou to come out shooting like that.

    Yeah reminds me of that Light Yagami “purposefully lose my memory” trick.

    Nice work by Kubo. The only bad part is the power balance as Ishida, Chad and Orihime seem still seem as weak as before the time skip.

    Zaku Fan
  9. I can’t believe Yukio had once called Ginjo “messed up.” He is even more messed up when back to normal. Ichigo is doomed and would die by his Senpai……… Well I would be surprised that Riruka would be the one that saves the day, the girl does like Ichigo.

    code fan
  10. I don’t know Ginjo’s sword reminds me of Devil May Cry along with the stabbing of Ichigo. I’m thinking Ichigo’s hollow powers might return now that his light has been seriously threatened. I knew Ginjo was really a bad guy when he cut Ichigo’s eyes. He played that role a little too well and it never helped that he resembles Aizen.

  11. I don’t remember the whole “previous substitute shinigami” thing at all, but I was psyched up to see Ishida this week. Then he got 1 shot…

    yeah, needless to say I’m disappointed.

  12. I KNEW IT!!!

    For several chapters I’ve been waiting for Ishida to show up and reveal that Ginjou is the one that attacked him, and it finally happened! Too bad Ishida didn’t get a chance to do anything more.

    Now I’m waiting for Ginjou to reveal that he’s really Aizen and has been using his shikai (or even bankai) to fool Ichigo and everyone else, and this whole arc has been an attempt by him to gain power equal to the power he lost when the Hogyoku (sp?) abandoned him. Hopefully I’m wrong about this one…

  13. Wooooo, best chapter in a while
    although this was a twist it was one of those times where u kinda saw it coming, yet still completely dazed into it :p
    And on a anothe note it was kinda funny how ishida got instantly slashed down lol
    Hoping some old characters comes, wondering how they’d a tinny bit older XD

  14. What I found amusing is that while Ginjou’s plan, like Light’s scheme in Death Note, was undoubtedly clever, it seem pointless because Ichigo, Chad, and Inoue would all be too thickheaded to see through the deception even if Ginjou didn’t alter his own memory. The only person smart enough to perhaps see through it if Ginjou didn’t alter his own memory would be Ishida, but he found out the truth and was taken down long ago. So Ginjou’s memory alteration ruse was probably an unnecessary risk.

  15. I guess it’s finally time for the cavalry to arrive. Isshin, Urahara and the mystery Shinigami is first choice. I would so love if all of the Gotei 13 step in by the end of this arc, plus the Vizard. An appearance of Shinji would be awesome!

    Next chapter is 99% an explanatory chapter. Ginjo and Tsukishima will explain their ulterior motives with Ichigo, and the end of the next chapter will be the backup stepping into the fray. I want to see how well the Xcution team does against the likes of Urahara and Isshin.

  16. There are only two characters that could possibly pull me back into the positive side with Bleach 1) Nel who can to an extent freely tranforfrom child to adult form and 2) Grimmjow. Neither character died per se but both kick ass.

  17. I still say the real idiot is Ichigo
    (Imaginary conversation)
    Ginjou: Follow me.
    Ichigo: Sure mysterious stranger, who could possibly be a crazy stalker. I have every reason to trust you since you pointed out that my dad has secrets, and that my spirtitually aware sister is meeting a guy, that on numberous occasions has saved either the lives of me or my friends. By the way I’m uber obsessive and protective of my friends so they make for golden hostages. I’m just going to throw away all my trust in then and put it in you. (phone rings) Whats that my friend has been hurt in an odd fashion even though he is basically the hollow hunter of the city? Well it must be because I wasn’t strong enough, so in order to get stronger I’m going to follow this complete stranger to what could possibly be a rape dungeon, and do whatever he tells me to.

  18. I know that I am commenting a lot but there are so many things bothering me, like why did Ginjou dress like Tsukishima? Was Ginjou thinking “If I go and attack someone I need to be wearing something other than the same stand out clothes that I normally wear.”

    1. Looking at that previous chapter again, I highly doubt that Ginjou dressed like Tsukishima to take down Ishida, since the facial features were all still Tsukishima’s. It’s more likely that Ginjou and Tsukishima double-teamed Ishida, and Kubo just kept Ginjou hidden for the surprise in this chapter.

      1. Your assumption makes no sense:

        Tsukishima goes in from the front, why would he go behind him to slash him especially considering Ishida is way superior in the speed area in this case? Ishida was reacting to Ginjou sneaking up from behind.

  19. Lol at ishida, not even lasting one whole chapter. Poor guy, especially after being MIA for so long.

    Next chap will probably flashback to how Ishida got cut down in the first place. And the cliffhanger will probably be some mysterious person’s foot stepping into the fray. That or Ichigo will undergo some transofrmation.

    While it’s getting interesting, Bleach without shinigami just doesnt quite cut it.

  20. (sigh) now that I think about, Tite Kubo should really give Ichigo some sort of God-like ability by now. All Ichigo’s fullbring does is the SAME as his shikai. Unlike the King Bradly (ability to use time tell no lies), Moe Shishigawara (ability to manipulate probability), and Orihime (able to reject anything), Ichigo’s power is just plain usual brute force. By now, Ichigo should have gotten something worth having, but well his fullbring isn’t really worth seeing.

    code fan
  21. Wow… now this chapter was actually interesting. I never expected such a thing to happen. Well, ok I did find it a a bit strange in the chapter already the moment he didn’t automatically switch sides. I always thought that it was strange that Ishida was hurt to such an extend by a blade. Cause in all other cases, it seemed like he didn’t need to go so far to ensure a change of heart, which is why I always thought that it was most likely someone else that was involved. Just not Ginjo. How ironic as he really is now playing the bad guy.

    Does this mean I have renewed hope in Bleach. Nah, but if he keeps doing interesting things like this rather than Aizen trolling the crap out of people for the sake of trolling making it incredibly predictable, then I can see something good coming out of this Manga again. Well for the most part.

    Sora no Kaze
  22. This chapter was as good as Bleach has been in quite some time. I know there was a lot of speculation about Ginjou being a bad guy, but I really didn’t expect him to reverse roles at this point. Aizen would be proud haha.

    1. If Aizen didn’t come first, I would have said Aizen was the apprentice here. Ginjou doesn’t over do the trolling. Aizen does… Aizen needs to learn from Ginjou to learn to step it down a bit.

      Though I wonder who’s the big leader… Tsukushima or Ginjou, or the both of them?

      Sora no Kaze
  23. while I did suspect that ginjo is actually the bad guy, I didnt expect it to be both them.
    or kubo might still make another twist and tsukishima is a good guy or at least not evil.

  24. They only focused on ichigo’s power and the fact that ginjo said “taking your fullbring”. I don’t think he was the shinigami, I think they help shinigami with fullbring because they know that the shinigami have more power than human. So they fool the shinigami and take their powers to power up their own.
    It’s just like I said who would give up these kind of power to be mere human.(impossible.)
    They toyed with ichigo to make him have his full power.
    Ginjo said it himself, they can’t evolve anymore so they looked for an other source.(shinigami)

    It’s the second time someone pierce his heart. He is dead now. It could be great if this bring back his hollow to kill these fuckers.

    1. 2 Reiterate…what I mean is….ICHIGO WILL NEVER LOSE “a True lose, that is” IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH IT UP shounen writers, have your LEAD CHARACTER DIE 37-44% percent in. THEN switch it up to a NEW MAIN PERSON…heck you can kill THEM OFF TOO. lets do something different…LETS MAKE MAGIC!!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
  25. hey,the story line going back to soul society arc,first we though Gin is the villain,but after all,Aizen is the final boss.the situation exactly same,
    my prediction:
    dont know how Ichigo get back his shinigami power,and continue power up,Tsukishima tried to kill Ginjo,but he fail to do it and die.The moment before Tsukishima die,Ichigo pop out with his new power and killed Ginjo.when Ichigo used his new power,he will loss all his shinigami power,everything return to normal.after sometime,the new villain appear,Ichigo get back his power…

    haha,if this going to happen,i wont read bleach manga anymore.

  26. Okay I’m confused.

    So the original Ginjo was already planning to train Ichigo so that he could stab him and take his powers.
    But after Tsukishima stabs everyone at Xecution, Ginjo (also stabbed), instead of becoming Tsukishima’s ally, becomes his enemy and Ichigo’s ally.

    This was done to convince Ichigo he’s Tsukishima’s ally in the fullest with no doubt. And apparently getting stabbed twice by Tsukishima’s fullbring disables the spell?

    So Tsukishima and Ginjo were allies from the beginning? This is way too confusing. Does that mean everyone at Xecution were allies of Tsukishima as well?

    And Ishida got attacked by Ginjo? Why?

    Anyway, I was starting to wonder why Tsukishima was doing all of this, and now the conclusions as it seems is that this was all a plot by Ginjo to steal Ichigo’s fullbring powers. Hmm…

    1. 1. Ginjou appears in Karakura town.
      2. Ginjou uses his lackey to test Ichigo with stolen bag.
      3. He makes him distrust urahara and isshin and his family.
      4. When Ichigo refuses he and Tsukishima injure Ishida to give Ichigo a sense of threat, relying on his heroic “protect my friends” instincts.
      5. Ginjou trains Ichigo. Riruka has doubts over the whole thing.
      6. As soonas it starts Ichigo is conveniently sent out of the base just as Tsukishima ends up threatening Orihime. Cue more resolve for Ichigo to finish training.
      7. Which leads to Ichigo developing a shroud-form fb. Cue a very convenient scene on the roof.
      8. Chad Gets cut by Tsukishima, but EVERY OTHER fullbringer ignore it and make sure Ichigo is too preoccupied. Riruka gets connection with Orihima and is feeling guilty.
      9. Ginjou arranges himself to be cut by Tsukishima, who inserts memories to Ginjou of Tsukishma being the badguy, so Ginjou DOES NOT EVEN NEED TO ACT AS GOOD GUY FOR ICHIGO.
      10. Ginjou does the whole anger-venting stuff. “I make a hell of cliched villain”. HE THINKS he is good guy hence Ichigo can’t feel anything from the sword.
      11. Yukio fast-forward sthe whole thing so they get Ichigo back at home in time for Tsuki.
      12. Tsuki manipulates ichigo’s bonds to make him desperate.
      13. Ginjou conveniently locates him.
      14. Cue running around charade. Cue Yukio’s “you should remember”, “don’t worry you will be back to normal soon” to Ginjou. Readers were thinking Tsukishima friended FBs like he did with Ichigo’s friends/family – not the case. Either FBs were playing along(minus ginjou) or they were enemied like Ginjou was.
      15. Tsukishima reaffirms Ichigo’s development. “Its over for me”.
      16. Ginjou gets cut by Tsukishima returning to normal how he was before step 9.
      17. Ginjou backstabs Ichigo for some reason wanting his complete FB. Only badge-wielding shinbigami can absorb fb powers. Thus Ginjou is the leader of every FB in the scene who all are evil AND ALSO the “Substitute Shinigami” that he claimed Tsuki killed.

      To SUm up : everything FBs said to ichigo mostly have been lies.

  27. ALSO, this ought to change ichigo’s personality a lot. The badguys PLAYED ichigo’s insecurities, friendship, bonds, personality and goals and Ichigo walked into this because he had them. What will he be and how will he act after this.

    1. In the end it led to Ichigo distrusting his only Ally(Ishida) and getting betrayed by who he thought was his only friend (Ginjou).

      By the end of chapter, Ichigo is already pretty much completely broken down.

      1. That is exactly the most intriguing thing (can I say character development?) in this chapter. It’s not good but it feels very refreshing to see Ichigo, for once doubts his friends.

  28. I think the thought of Ginjo being an ally of Tsukishima crossed my mind once, but it didn’t linger for long. That’s why I was still shocked when I read that twist. Tsukishima’s fullbring only gives the person the feeling that he/she is stabbed, when it fact they are unhurt. Uryuu was, however, hurt.

    At first I really thought that Tsukishima had not “activated” his Fullbring yet after he slashed Ginjo, and that he made Ishida imagine that Ginjo was his enemy. And then I was all “WTF GINJO!?!?!?” and I began to hit my head on the desk whilst waiting for the next chapter. :))

    I never saw this new arc as a kind of letdown, but i admit it HAS gone quite boring without the supernatural happening. Now all I can say is: Damn, it was TOO SHORT!

  29. very interesting twist…but I don,t understand something…the one that attacked Uryu was thushikama not Ginjo…Ginjo coudn,t be because he doesn,t look like that…so maiby uryu has really affected by thusikamas powers and told Ichigo that Ginjo attacked him because it doesn,t make sense any other way


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