As predicted, Ginjou and Tsukishima spends a little time explaining their methods, gloating, and bickering (I have to admit though, their plan was pretty good). As predicted, they wanted to develop Ichigo’s powers then take them away for their own uses. And finally, as many people predicted, the mystery shinigami was indeed Rukia. But Rukia suddenly stabbing Ichigo right through the chest — now that was unexpected. As soon as I saw her, I remembered what happened 400+ chapters ago and hit myself for not thinking of it before. Shinigami ability transfer, how could we have forgotten.

This chapter certainly brought back a wave of nostalgia and got me pretty pumped up all of a sudden. Things aren’t quite the same of course, for example Rukia definitely looks different, so much that I almost didn’t recognize her, and it looks like she finally got that promotion to lieutenant. Ichigo’s shinigami form has also been altered: there are more curves on the end of the blade that make it look like a cleaver-battle axe cross, the strip cloth is gone, replaced by a short chain, and his attire has also changed. That’s probably explained by the fact that his power was transferred from someone else, and that he also has remnants of other types of powers mixed in probably explains it. The first time they did it, Ichigo’s zanpakutou also looked different from Zangetsu, and now he also has/had hollow, FGT, full-bring forms. Of course the question now is whether Ginjou and Tsukishima and their full-brings can deal with reiatsu-based powers along with a very pissed Ichigo, but with Urahara and Isshin on the scene too, I don’t really think they would be able to do all that much.



    It feels like the plot is finally going at a pace I want it to be. Bleach is going to take a 2 week break so I’m guessing Kubo intended to do this? Show Rukia, have Ichigo his Shinigami power back then make us wait for 2 weeks? Haha

    Ichigo sure looks confident in his Shinigami outfit. His full-bring looked out of context in Bleach universe so it’s nice to see him gt his power back.

    And Rukia looks good. Her full body panel is a bit weird but her close-up panel is stunning. And yes, chapter 1 all over again!

  2. I actually had to go back to chapter one and re-read it. I’ve been pretty peeved with bleach since it’s continued after Aizens defeat, hopefully this move will get it back on track.

    1. I can’t believe nobody else is mentioning this, she clearly still has her own sword sheathed, so what exactly was that sword she stabbed him/did the transfer with?

      I guess it being Isshins sword/made of Isshins reiatsu makes the most sense since you can see him carrying a sword that looks just like it in chapter 454, but then why was Rukia the one that stabbed Ichigo?

    1. Well no because Rukia’s badge had the symbol and number for the 13th division, which is the division she was already in that had a free spot for her to be promoted. I don’t think think is strong enough to be a captain.

      Otherwise, fantastic milestone chapter for this arc, cannot wait for what is to come next!

      1. Not that I’m a fan of Renji but one of the weakest Lts? Tell me which ltn you think stronger than Renji? You have Hisagi, Kira, Rangiku, Hinamori, Iba, Nemu, Nanou, Yashirou, Ōmaeda and Isane. The only Ltn I can think of stronger than Renji is Hisagi and maybe Yahirou as we simply don’t know how strong she is, she never fight only rides Kenpachi’s back. I find all the other extremely weak…

      2. Renji just yells “Bankai” or “Howl Zabimaru” and then gets Pwned in just about every major fight. I’m not saying he is the weakest but for sure at the low end of the skill level for Lts.
        Sasakibe, Isane, Ise, and Yachiru have not really shown us if they are strong or weak. Rangiku, Kira, Nemu, Momo, and the others are pretty strong/talented. I would put Renji and Oomaeda

    2. Earlier it has already been mentioned that Renji would be a possible candidate for a captain position, also because of his bankai. At that point he said he wouldn’t want to be promoted.

  3. Rukia is cute and stunning! Even “Death & The Strawberry 2” made me gasp when I read it! XD Since Rukia is now the Lieutenant of the 13th division, it means that Byakuya gave her the permission, right? That means she has proven herself!

    Anyone noticed that she kinda looks like Nozomi with her hair short?

    Also, did you notice Prooof, that Rukia is wearing the Kuchiki gloves? XD

    1. “Anyone noticed that she kinda looks like Nozomi with her hair short?”

      That was exactly what I thought, I was wondering wth is an anime-filler char doing in the manga. It took me a few seconds to realize it was Rukia.

  4. Kubo should have moved more of this chapter to the last and end with him getting stabbed and suspecting that his dad and Urahara got hit with the bookmark power. That would have been a better cliff hanger.

    I think the anime adapatation will be better in bringing out Ichigo’s despair. Kubo could have built more reader rage against Ginjou by having him taunt Ichigo more rather than just the one “you should thank me for not killing you”. So far Aizen is still his best creation at making people rage

    Zaku Fan
  5. Oh god!!!! Rukia is having shorter hairs (which is better in my point of view), Kuchiki gloves and 13th Squad Lieutenant batch… Ok now I will not be surprised if we see Renji and/or Ikkaku as captains in the upcoming chapters…

    But seriously when I first read it I also thought for a second like ‘Huh Nozomi? Why the hell is she here?!’

    Anyhow, it is getting interesting..

    1. Though I disagree with you on the hair (I thought her longer hair was cuter) I have the same assumptions you do about the captains.

      With Rukia taking the 13th squad’s vacant vice-captain role, it is only logical to assume after, what 17 months, the 3 vacant captains seats would be filled. As far as we are all aware, there are only 2 non-captains capable of using Bankai… Ikkaku and Renji.

      I read above someone said Renji is the weakest vice-captain. That is complete garbage. Renji is one of the stronger vice-captains, he just rarely uses his Bankai. He has become somewhat of a comic relief character over the last couple arcs, which is sad. He used to be so much more integral. I hope to see he resurgence.

      And, Ikkaku as a captain… that would just be awesome.

      As far as #3… I have no idea.

      1. The requirements for captain level is must have Bankai and either defeat the original captain or be nominated by 3 or more captains, or complete an examination (something along those lines). Ichigo, albeit a substitute shinigami, can easily meet all 3, I think he probably has… He’s got bankai and defeated Aizen, so he is technically the captain of the 5th squad now…

        Rise~N Seraphim
      2. Ichigo could be a captain power-wise, but not in reality. He has his own life. He is a mere substitute. He wouldn’t be able to take on all of the responsibility that goes along with being a captain.

        If somehow he did become a captain, however, that would really be interesting.

  6. What’s the point of introducing the Fullbring powers in the first place Dx? Sometimes I get so lost with this series because of all the unexplained plots.

    On another note, Ichigo’s despair in this chapter was very depressing.He Finally got his powers back to help his friends, only to get it taken away again, that’s heartbreaking. At least we’ll get to see a pissed off Ichigo :]

  7. Omfg I yelled in joy when I saw Rukia back (and hotter too!). Despite my bias for Rukia, this will also mean the other shinigami should pop up soon!! Woohoo!! And yes, such an amazing wave of nostalgia!!
    And how come I forgot about shinigami power transfer too wtf
    This is the most enjoyable chapter in bleach in a while, and I like the way it’s carried out. Ichigo got his much more badass power after crying and begging to get his power back to Ginjou. Karma ftw
    But maybe the real hassle is getting everyone back to normal. I doubt that would be as easy as killing tsukishima and ginjou now

      1. I sincerely hope he will not have to re-learn Bankai, and I hope the whole Hollowfication/Vizored stuff is in the past.

        One good sign is that as soon as he regained his shinigami powers, his sword was immediately in what I can only assume is Shikai form… albeit different looking.

        At least it has a hilt now. No more callouses.

    1. Why would Ichigo have to learn Bankai again? I don’t think it’s a different sword. It’s probably still Zangetsu, but it changes as he ages. When Ichigo came back from the Dangai his Bankai was different, isn’t that proof enough that Zangetsu will change overtime?

      Cracker Jack
  8. hmm I suppose there’s gonna be a new order after this already? well at least we know the fullbringers do not really stand a chance…

    great we get some link with soul society again, sadly I also cannot bring myself to the fact that rukia is some lieutenant. but it’s reasonable, and we’ll see how this goes… (damn I miss the cute her xD)

    well at least we get a headstart on this, so it had better be good. Kubo-san, I think I’ve been waiting for this for a LONG LONG TIME…

    1. ^ This pretty much sums it up very well. I think this whole Fullbring stuff was to get our minds off track. Bleach is about Shinigami. We allowed ourselves to be fooled.

      But, I couldn’t be happier with the developments of this chapter.

  9. Was ready to drop the manga until i realized it was rukia i was looking at.

    In the first place I’m not too pleased with this arc to begin with an i think they could have handled ichigo getting his powers back better, this way it all seems too convenient.

    1. It is not convenient. I think Isshin and Urahara was expecting Ichigo drop out your defenses and decides what he wants: to get power to defend your friends or just to be a normal teen.
      However, Ginjou and others appear and Urahara and Isshin needed to hurry to get the powers of Ichigo back. And Ichigo was ready to get your real power back.

      Sorry for my bad english.

      1. Fair enough but my beef is why did they wait till now to do something about it. Not too sure about the timeline in the manga but why didn’t they give him his powers when there was no threat to his life. They could have skipped this whole fullbring arc which I’m still trying wrap my head around.

    1. Interesting theory. I have no idea why his sword looks different, and if Zangetsu is gone or if he has simply regained his old abilities with a new look.

      The fact that he went insta-Shikai leads me to believe the latter. I wouldn’t be halfway stunned at all if he busted out Bankai… though I’m not positive how strong these Fullbring guys are in comparison to a Shingami. I’ll assume since Ishida was beaten so easily they are at least vice-captain level.

  10. YES, a Bleach chapter worthy of some praise after a long while. It actually made look forward to the next chapter, unlike previous chpaters.

    I was kinda peeved when Ichigo was demanding Ginjou to give his power back. It made Ichigo sound like a whiny, bratty kid begging for his toy back from the playground bully.

    And I totally predicted Rukia’s shinigami transfer 10 chapters ago =D

    Ichigo’s new shikai looks like one of the swords he was using when he was training with Zangetsu to learn bankai, way back in the SS arc.

    1. Well yeah, of course. He had his last bit of hope taken from him and all his friends were gone too. It was a total breakdown, if you noticed, he probably cried for the very first time since his mom died, with tears and all that.

  11. It’s good to see Rukia back, and with a haircut too. Seriously, the only thing i didn’t like about the old Rukia, was her hair. Glad it’s changed. Some might miss it, tho. But i won’t.

  12. His new outfit is different than a basic shinigami one, and taking into account how Uruhara ask Isshin if he was ready to take his son’s future away, I’m wondering if what just happened is an introduction of Ichigo into the royal guard.

  13. I have a very strong feeling that Ginjou is tightly connected to Aizen it would make perfect sense as to why they would go to extra length to transfer their fullbring to Ichigo on the other hand Rukia seems cheerful i dont think she smilled like that in a while.

  14. I’m really starting to think there’s a double standard here, when some anime does something like this, a lame/empty plot just to make a deus ex machina and continue with the main story, the haters appeared from behind trees, under rocks and hell breaks out but in this case is like “kudos kubo, you did it again”, I really don’t want to count how many weeks have gone away since the start of this arc but with just the 3 or 5 pages that involved urahara and isshin during all this chapters we could have come to this exact place with the same exact doubts.
    And before anyone starts with the “you hater, go die” or something along those lines. I’m just stating a point, you can agree or disagree with it, but the important part is the reasoning to get to that opinion and an elevated discussion.

    1. IMO it wasn’t that bad of a plot, it definitely was not bleach-like which alot of people disliked (especially me). It depends how Kubo introduces these fullbringers into the main plot thats going to happen from here on.

      I don’t think anyones said anything about Ichigo’s friends/sisters, they’re still under the control of the enemy unfortunately so this may not go away as quickly as we’d like.

      Also, I hope that this fullbringer arc to this point only takes 3-5 eps in the anime, very unlikely tho 🙁

  15. I glad that Isshin, Kisuke, and Rukia have returned, plus Ichigo has his powers back. So if Ichigo’s friends and family get cut by Tsukishima’s fullbring again, they will go back to normal. Let’s hope that they do go back to normal cause I can’t see Ichigo’s friend and family against him.

    Megan M.Rickard
  16. Though I do indeed like how Rukia has a new hair cute, which looks cute, I am sort of saddened that she became a vice-captain. Now she is forced to wear that stupid limiter, which cuts her powers, by 80 percent. (sigh)I sure hope, with only 20 percent, Rukia is able to fight Chad and Orihime and convince them that Ichigo is not mad. I hope that Kon would come out around this time, I miss his stupid actions.

    Needless to say, I’m sure Ichigo’s fullbring training must had upgraded his powers, since it becomes evidently clear that Ichigo is also using his real body with this new Shinigami form.

    Though I cam curious though, in how Orihime and Chad are reacting to all this. I find it strange that they are staying silent for so long. Not to mention, what is Ginjo going to do with Chad and Orihime; like Ichigo, I’m sure Ginjo is going to have plans to absorb their powers if they may a sudden retreat, unless Urahara, the mad scientist, is able to do something about their memory problem.

    Also, I know it’s kinda late to say this, but WAAAAHH Rurika say it ain’t so. Don’t tell me your evil and you actually turned back to normal. But this may also be interesting. Ichigo’s ability to attract girls never cease to amaze me. Maybe for the first time, he may actually attract a female enemy and make her join his side.

    Well, needless to say, the Fullbringers are toast. With Urahara, Isshin, Rukia, and the return of the Strawberry Grim Reaper, there is no way they are going to have a chance to fight back. The playing field is now even up. Though I do wonder if Ishida would switch sides, now that Shuu also cut him just moments ago.

    Code fan
  17. Very niice chapter.
    If Ichigo looks pretty badass in that form, I’m very interested to see what he would look like in Bankai.
    As for Rukia, I’d much prefer her longer hair but I’m liking the new look (very slowly)
    I’m not gonna get my hopes on how its gonna go from there so all I can do is wait patiently and see what Kubo dishes out.

    1. maybe the sameway he looked when he fighted Aizen (pre-mugetsu) if you noticed there is a chain in his zanpaktuo(zangetsu?), maybe this is the way his shikai looked before going bankai and after his training with little zangetsu/hollow.

      obvously without the fullbrings remnants

  18. Lol best chapter in a long time, the whole full bring arc has felt like filler frankly. But man, I was just geeking out at Rukia coming back, and Ichigo’s powers coming back. I jus those we get to see what happened tot he rest of the companies… And the vizards… And Nel… And with Ichigo’s father… Yeah Kubo kinda missed the point of a time skip…

  19. Please make this time ichigo use his full potential, not only spam gtesuga tenshou in every form, when he had the hollow mask he could have used abilities like Cero and so, and never used one, with the fullbring he can do many things now, i like to see some alternative to kidou from ichigo.

    1. Also, they make Ishida look so bad, Ishida Did hold his own against the 4 espada, if he could hold Ulquiorra for a while i definitely think he can put a even fight with Tsukishima or even Ginjou, even more after 2 years.

  20. Kubo has been changing things up. Like making Xcution ‘evil’ when every other group Ichigo has joined (a.k.a. Soul Society and Visored) has been ‘good’. Like painting Tsukishima as the only antagonist (a.k.a. Aizen) and Ginjo as the protagonist trainer (a.k.a. Urahara and Shinji) when Tsukishima and Ginjo were both antagonists.

    As far as I’m concerned, “Rukia’s back” is too obvious. Kubo has yet to drop the other shoe how Rukia is involved with Urahara and Ishida to rob Ichigo his future as mentioned at the end of Ch.448 and beginning of Ch.449. We’ll probably have to wait several more chapters for what ever Urahara was powering up in Ch.449.

    Kubo has either been troll’n or there is going to be the mother of all 90 degree hairpin turns in the story.

  21. If it is so simple to get Shinigami powers, why didn’t they do this earlier? And I wonder why Isshin didn’t stab Ichigo. Anyway it’s nice to see Rukia again. I’ve missed my arrogant tomboy. ♥

  22. There are chapter names we don’t forget
    “Death and Strawberry” was one of them. When I saw the name of this ch. it became so clear (I was wondering why I couldn’t realize it was way more easy to get Ichigo’s power back, just stab a zanpakutou on him and that’s done!)

    And now, it seems we have a bit of Kuchiki on Rukia, at least in the style.

  23. I’m confused… why did Ichigo see his dad and Urahara-san again (which turned out to be Rukia)? Are Ishin and Urahara actually on the scene? And does Ichigo get the full extent of his previous powers back now?

    1. Isshin and Urahara aren’t in their soul forms, they’re still in their human forms so Ichigo can see them. In addition, his fullbring training allowed him to regain his ability to see ghosts however I’m not exactly sure as to how he saw Rukia considering he got his fullbring powers taken away… Oh well, answered your Isshin and Urahara questions

      Rise~N Seraphim
  24. Maybe it’s the time now to show us a zanpakutou named Engetsu, instead of old man Zangetsu inside Ichigo? There is alot to explain about how Isshin knows of getsuga tenshou and the final one. Be it or not, next chapter should be interesting.

  25. Rukia looks good without those longer bangs she had but, on the other hand, she now looks like Hanatarou and Mizuiro’s love child.

    And I’m not happy she’s back now; at all. I wish the Karakura gang had more time to themselves without any shinigami butting in, even if it’s Rukia. Also, the fact that Isshin, Urahara and Rukia only decided to move and give Ichigo’s powers back when he finally got some by his own accord pisses me off as well; did he have to fall down enough to get involved with the wrong people for Urahara and Isshin to move? How come Isshin didn’t notice earlier how badly Ichigo felt? And why couldn’t he have been nicer to his kid when he showed up? Ichigo was in pieces 😐 And we know that doesn’t happen that often.

    Rukia’s appearance so soon and in such a small situation like this was cheap for me; was expecting much, much more. This way, it only looks like she’s Ichigo’s babysitter – the one that shows up as soon as he meets danger for the first time in a year and a half; not his comrade.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one that thought she looked like Hanatarou, especially with the gloves/arm things.

      Also kind of disappointed we’re already back to shinigami, the human gang barely got to do anything yet and they were already starting to get pushed aside by the fullbringers (who will go back to being good guys because they really weren’t in on the gambit, right?).

      1. Most likely; I kinda like Riruka. She’s cute in her tsundere moments, which is rare for me as I hate tsunderes.

        I just wish Ichigo would stop being coddled every time. At the first sign of danger, bam, babysitter is back.
        I don’t like the shinigami part of Bleach 😐 Simply by the fact that it arrives and suffocates all the other characters that were already there.

  26. I did NOT see that coming. And I’m quite pleased with how this whole arc is working out now. The baddies’ intricate plan was especially interesting, the nostalgic callback to Ichigo’s and Rukia’s first meeting was brilliant, and the addition of Isshin and Kisuke promises all manner of badassery.

    The part where Ichigo thinks even his own dad has been turned against him and asks him as much – the look on his face really broke my heart.

  27. To be honest, I am quite glad that Ginjo is the enemy. Ginjo seems to be very manipulative, much like Aizen. However, according to Tsukishima, he is a more stupid and arrogant version of the evil Aizen. This is a complete repeat of how Aizen was to Momo. Aizen gain the highest degree of trust and betrayed Momo, and Ginjou did the same. Though I am worried in how powerful Ginjou has become. Though Ichigo’s fullbring is indeed weak, compared to his original powers, the fact is, this is still Ichigo’s power Ginjou grabbed. If Ginjou is lucky, he may likely have again Ichigo’s insane growth rate. I’m sure that many people, such as the Vizards, will surely see this as a threat. This is based on Ichigo’s hollow powers. With any luck, perhaps Shirosaki would go berserk in Ginjou.

    Code fan
  28. Seems like Ichigo is the only main (young) character that didn’t have a new hairdo change. Honestly, I’m not liking the changes at all so far. Inoue is definitely cuter with her bangs and Rukia seems if she just decided to cut her hair off with her sword or something. I wish Ichigo will grow his hair again like in the previous arc :\

  29. i loved this chapter, best in a while, but for some reason ichigo’s new powers five me the feeling its temporary once again, i.e arc 1 and his fullbring, its clearly not his own power, due to the fact that someone put their reiatsu into whatever that sword was (isshin? rukia?) a more hopeful take on it for me would be that the sword was used to jolt his reiatsu awake like his fullbring did and therefore the power is permanent but who knows, 2 weeks till next chapter. NOOOOOO!

  30. One thing that’s been bothering me is that Ichigos new Shihakusho looks irregular. Perhaps the sword that Rukia pierced Ichigo with was actually something to allow him access to the Royal Guard. Also, for some reason, I believe that this whole ploy was ACTUALLY Kisukes work as usual. For some reason I think Kisuke will end up being the bad guy. He’s always been the center of these ridiculous plots, and also sealed Aizen… wherever the hell that was. I think Kisuke is the next Aizen. But, as far as the fullbring arc goes, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be similar to the Bount arc- the fullbring powers probably relate to some terrible thing the Soul Society did hundreds of years ago or some BS. The new chapter is great, but I’m curious as to why his Zanpakuto changed forms. If you recall, Isshin got his powers back, but nothing was ever mentioned about them CHANGING… and his final is the same, or parallel with Ichigos. I’m still yet hopeful for Kubos deliverance of Ichigos new powers and the Royal Guard… Of course, maybe they’ll turn bleach into one of those immortal series like one piece where at 500+ chapters they’re still only halfway done with the series.

    Charles Zi Britannia
    1. Royal Guard uniform eh?

      I have been hoping since the end of the Aizen fight that we will get to see Zero Squad. it is only a matter of time. From what we have been told about it, which is very little, it appears that captains are promoted tot he Zero Squad,, meaning those former Captains are at a level above their peers.

      As far as Kisuke being evil… I’m not so sure. He is too chummy with Isshin and Yoruichi who are both effectively good guys. He is mysterious, mind you. There is still a lot about him that hasn’t been revealed. It is kind of stupid that neither he nor Isshin used Bankai when fighting Aizen. And does Yoruichi even have a Zanpaktou?

      So many questions. But in the end all I really want is Zero Squad.

      1. Now that you mention it, Ginjo hasn’t explain why does he want Ichigo’s power. I doubt it is just for power hungry selfish reasons. I have a feeling Ginjo also has an agenda regarding the Soul King. Like Aizen, perhaps he is trying to gain enough power to be able to kill the Royal Guards. I seriously wish Kubo shows use what the Soul King looks king or at least how many people know what he looks like. So far, only Urhara and Aizen have seen the Soul King. Perhaps Ginjo has also seen what the Soul King looks like.

        Code fan
  31. im not liking this arc too much… but i have to accept i was pretty excited when i saw rukia stabbing ichigo and him in his shinigami form and the title “Death and strawberry 2” at the end of the chapter.. =D ohh the nostalgia

  32. I don’t think this was just a regular shinigami power transfer. It wasn’t Rukia’s own zanpakuto that she cut Ichigo with, it was that sword-thing that Urahara and Isshin charged since who knows when. This is something different.

  33. you know I think it’s his own power. They always said that ichigo can’t control his reatsu. Maybe urahara find a way to take it from all the place ichigo fight.
    Still all this doesn’t explain why isshin looked so down before. About ichigo’s future.
    I don’t think this is just a transfert. Maybe they killed him for good this time.

  34. I love everyone’s new look. Rukia with shorter hair and Orihime with longer hair. I admit that I wasn’t expecting Rukia to be the mysterious shinigami with Urahara, but won’t it be more awesome if Ichigo’s dad transfer his powers instead of Rukia? Maybe now (since it’s the second time) Ichigo has that ability where he can turn other people’s powers and amplify it into his own as one powerful entity of his own level. Oh that gave me a good vibe.

  35. I know that this may be late to add, but it is worth noting. As we recall, Ginjo has a photo of Isshin earlier when he first met Ichigo, which was likely around the time when he was normal. I don’t know how or why he has that. But I’m sure we would find that out the next chapter now that Isshin is here.

    Code fan
  36. OMG. Ichigo x Rukia Forever. At the end of this series there had better be little Rukias and Ichigos running around. Screw Renji… Rukia is too good for him and Orihime is too dumb to be with Ichigo the Aizen-slayer. The look on Rukia’s face whenever she stabbed him was something like: “Be my Valentine.” or “Hey Babeh!”. YES!

  37. That can only be Isshin power. I thing that as his father Isshin can realy give his power to Ichigo and not just do a transfer like Rukia did (that’s why Urahara is involved [some thing to make it forever])
    I don’t like the idea of old Zangetsu being gone forever so as much as i would like to see Engetsu I would love that the conection between the two swords could revive zangetsu though some kind of “sword vital energy transfer”. But in fact I shink that is realy Engetsu :/. That must be the shikai because ichigo can’t surpress his power

  38. I know this is really late to say this, but it is a worthwhile joke to say.

    Naruto imitation -“No way, Ginjo was really that evil. That can’t be true. He loves rammen. Anyone who loves rammen has to be a good guy.”

  39. rukia stabs ichigo with ishhin zankpaktou because ishhin cont because he is not a shinigami and she dont want to lose her power again daa ………
    and the purpose of introducing fullbring is to make the enemy stronger(ginjow)because he have no chance againts shinigami and by absorbing ichigo power he will be stronger.daaa………………………………………………………………………..

  40. i think that ichigo current zankpaktou is not in his shikai state that means that his zankpaktou have two more stage .if his zankpoktou initial state looks like shikai i wonder how his shikai and bankai looks like


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