「愛・香林祭」 (Ai – Kourin Matsuri)
“Love – Kourin Matsuri”

If only Minko could have just done what she did last episode. Unlike other anime where a fight between two people in High School turns into an epic battle, I was a little shocked and surprised with how fast relationships were mended this week. As I walked into this episode believing that Minko was stubborn as a mule and wouldn’t allow someone else’s request because it conflicted with her own interests, I wanted to eat my own words as the episode played out.

Besides being completely wrong about taking on the responsibility of leading the cooking team just to impress Tohru, I was thoroughly impressed with how everyone handled herself this week. Instead of continuing the argument that started last week, it was unbelievably mature how they handled Nako’s random request for omelette rice.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was under the impression that Minko was a bad cook. It was probably a combination from back when Ohana made food for the entire staff when things got a bit hairy in the kitchen and all the scenes of Minko messing up while skinning that radish. But watching her cook that omelette and slice it open perfectly really wowed me. But most importantly, it made her point that cooking real omelette rice was impossible. In an actions are louder than words situation, I still don’t understand why she couldn’t have just done this last week!

But instead of just ending it there, Ohana’s ability to bring up the idea of an alternative to omelette rice managed to bring the perfect ending to what started as a really hopeless situation. I’m sure that the cooking team could have done it without her help, but isn’t amazing how Ohana’s touch manages to fix all the problems around her? I’ll be damned before I let someone make fun of her “never give up” attitude.

With only six episodes left, the preview for next week’s episode had my mind racing through all the different things that could happen. As I kept rewinding the first few words about someone getting married (I thought it was Tohru, but as I kept listening I was getting less sure) followed by confirmation that Tohru does have feelings for Ohana, it feels like the drama-storm we’ve been looking forward to is on its way. I have no idea how P.A. Works is going to incorporate Ko, the girl who’s crushing on him, and the new bonds between all of the main characters into all of this; but I better shed some tears by the end.




    1. Cause all the girls were arguing and insulting her and then they ran off. She does not have any time to explain. Then again I don’t think she really cares what people think of her so she won’t bother to chase after them to explain.

    2. I’m with you on this one ! I want Tohru and Minchi to end up together and i’ve wanted that since episode 5 XD gah , too bad he likes Ohana -_-” But i guess there’s stil a chance (i still have hope XD)

  1. I may be biased because I adore her seiyuu, but I was okay with minko’s behaviour, overall. She’s not great at expressing herself, but she has her reasons.

    Also, it’s either “could have” or “could’ve”, please. It’s *never* “could of”.

  2. “If only Minko could of just done what she did last episode.”

    Sorry to nitpick, but “could of” is actually incorrect. When you hear it spoken out loud, it does sound like someone saying “could of”, but what he or she is actually saying is “could’ve”, a contraction for “could have”. I don’t mean to go all grammar-crazy on you, but that’s a big pet peeve of mine, aha.

  3. NOW I’m starting to feel sorry for Minko. She was just so adorable at the end of the episode and considering her personality that must’ve taken quite a bit of courage ahaha. Too bad Tohru is so oblivious to her feelings. Rage.

    I also think its Enishi and Takako getting married. And about Tohru having feelings for Ohana I wonder how that’s going to be revealed next week. For some reason I can’t really picture him saying it out loud yet. I’m guessing Minko’s going to be the trigger.

    I also wonder how they’re going to incorporate Ko back into the storyline. So great to see HanaIro on the roll again after the bland midseason.

  4. WOW!
    1. Yuina is a master of behind the scenes diplomacy, directing Nako to Ohana and Minko’s “kitchen”, and delicately throwing a word or two every few minutes to direct conversation.
    2. Minko is simply hopeless with communicating, she could have explained whole “inadequate equipement” situation from the start – if she could, that is…
    3. Ohana as usual has “miracle touch” and helps mend relationships!
    4. Minko finally has confessed! (In a great chef’s way, no less!)Now I cant wait for Tohru’s response, because I trust previews less than politicians promises before elections…

    1. I’m pretty sure she did explain it last episode, something like she took it off the menu because they couldn’t make it properly or well with the equipment they have. Perhaps it wasn’t in full detail or it was overshadowed by her scolding about involving your love life with your work.

    2. Minko mighthave confessed with the omurice, but Tohru just took the ketchup writing to be a normal service for the dish (after seeing LOVE also written on a neighbor’s omurice).

  5. I could have stopped watching after ep.13 and started watching here again and have been fine. This is the big hell storm of love polygons colliding with misunderstandings and those mating with unrequited love and that(what ever that makes) gives birth to a schism in the hearts of all who are caught in-between!!! Ohanna’s bringing the sh*t, tohru is bringing the hit, and Minko is bringing the fan. These combine to make ultimate drama! Lol oh man can’t wait for this cluster f*ck of emotion! And like snake always says, necessity is the mother of invention.

  6. Having worked in a professional cooking enviroment, everything you do has to be spot on, down to the last piece of carrot. I think the reason that they portray Minko messing up so much is to showcase this level of perfection that goes on in a real kitchen. However, that by no means means she’s a bad cook so much as not able to execute things professionally yet.

    Really looking forward to the next episode. 😡

    Skins Thunderbomb
  7. I had a big laugh at okami’s comment about the temp helpers not being geisha. lol I have to admire a woman who is so seldom rattled. Man you know how when you hear two people you know are going to the same event and they are sure to have a personality clash….Ohana and Minko in the same room during a cooking task was sure to be a hobiron moment. priceless. They don’t even know anyone else is in the room when they get going.

  8. Hmm well this episode actually impressed me. I’m glad they actually avoided all that annoying, needless drama last episode. It seemed to have been solved very calmly and quietly and I liked it.

    I’m probably going to hate next episode though. The TohruxOhana ship is so annoyingly stupid.

    1. I know, because we all know that is just not going to happen. No amount of weird preview can convince us otherwise. I mean come on, the potential drama in square love squeeze in last 4 episode. Nobody in the right mind will fall for that. I doubt I will be please with Ko X Ohana too, since it more like they give us some closure and be on their way. Or worse no closure at all.

  9. Kinny Riddle said:
    K-ON Trivia: That’s Kotobuki Minako (Mugi [blonde, big-eyebrowed, electric piano girl]) as Mizuno, Nakochi’s (Toyosaki Aki/Yui) bespectacled classmate in charge of exhibiting her paintings for their class’ cultural festival performance.

    Is the anime staff of Hanasaku Iroha going for an Mizuno Ami sighting? Because the bespectacled Art Club character just became another member of the Shy Blue-Haired Girl trope. Or at least a blue-haired glassed quiet girl in a school sailor uniform. 🙂 With a name like Mizuno Eri, it’s close.

  10. I kinda wished the show had focused and stayed within the circle of romance, family, and growing up. Minus the slice of life, and side arcs. If the show had continued on with the same drama factor of the first episode, treading along an actual plot line, I think this show would have been better.

    But who knows, they might actually impress us with the episodes they have left.

  11. Poor Minchi, despite her personal effort in decorating Tohru’s omelette rice (she’s so cute when looking so nervous while watching Tohru eat), he STILL fails to get the message, thinking the “LOVE” decoration to be standard fare amongst all the omelette rice.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. Geh, for the first time I feel like slapping Tohru for being so oblivious. But since it’s a decoration for all the omelette….
    And it there’s going to be more Tohru next week. I like
    Hardcore Tohru fan here

  13. It was an enjoyable episode that made me smile, which was a completely underwhelming reaction in comparison to what i was expectating. The problem with those sidestories is that not only the antics are being milked dry, and the show is getting stale, but the qualities that once made this show so great have already vanished.

    Had it kept Ohana’s personal grow as the focus of the storytelling, while making sure every main character had its chance to add something relevant to the main plot, the anime could be one of the best ones this year, and a great example of how slice of life should be done.

    The mini-arcs worked well on the first half because it was the time for the viewer to meet the characters and relate to them. The second half is suposed to bring things to the next level, but they are rather playing safe. Safer than ever. And that killed the potential.

    The show kept stalling Ko’s development without giving us a reward for our patience. After 20 episodes, Ko is just a tool. A souless character, a romance token. Ohana is being dragged in others peoples little problems, which overshadows her family grow and relationships. Those questions are problably getting touched upon the last episodes, but after seeing the True Tears reference, it is not impossibile to not expect something better than just an ending arc.

  14. Sadly Tohru didn’t get the significance of Minko’s love message because when he looked at the other customer, he probably assumed it was just a part of their way of doing things

  15. I still want Ohana & Tohru to end up together! <3 XD

    Tohru met Minchi first before Ohana, He just doesn't have feelings for her at all. Minchi probably worked there a lot longer than Ohana. It even happens in real life, we all had one-sided love before or that person is not interested in you at all. It will be just weird all of sudden he falls in love with her. He gradually starting to like Ohana throughout the show.

    Minchi is obsessed with him that she only get excited when he is involved. When he likes something then she likes it too. Other than that she is not interested. Like that party song she was humming. Other stuff I noticed, I thought it was creepy.

    She is also Hypocritical. Minchi does not stick with her words at all. For example, she is mixing love and work together. Probably next episode, Minchi will snoop to emotional level and be mean to ohana. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.

    Ko wasn't really in show that much or in person. Ohana just dreams about him or mention his name that all. It would be just weird if Ohana ends up with ko now. I do not think they are communicating anymore so most likely he move on.

    I just hope there will be a good ending and not be disappointed.

    1. Guilty Crown, its airing next season and the banner picture is drawn by redjuice who is just the most amajing man since ever. There was a note about it in the sidebar before but its gone now. 😛


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