Initially I wondered why Rukia didn’t lose her powers after transferring them to Ichigo, but that’s explained by Urahara’s specially designed sword. It’s good to see her back, and her relationship with Ichigo hasn’t changed one bit (with an epic kick to the face to remind him of that fact). I gotta hand it to Rukia for scolding him about how he’s become a sissy and a crybaby even after overcoming so much previously. Still though, losing so many years of close relationships with friends and family must have been extremely painful, so Ichigo’s despair made sense. Regardless, it looks like the mood’s improved quite a bit along with Rukia’s arrival, though some of it was probably just Ichigo trying to save face after getting humiliated. A bunch of shinigami have also shown up as well, looking awesome and revealing that they had all contributed reiatsu to recover Ichigo’s powers.

With Ichigo powered up both mentally and spiritually, I highly doubt that the full-bringers will stand that much of a chance, and even if they did, there is a legion of captains and lieutenants backing him up. It seems strange for full-bring to just end like this though as this arc already feels too much like filler, so hopefully there will be another twist. There’s still Chad, and Tsukishima and all the other full-bringers who haven’t spoken a word throughout this chapter, and in addition, Tsukishima’s power is still in effect, so things could become problematic if he decides to flee. Some of the full-bringers could potentially switch sides too, and considering that their back-stories, motives and powers have not been shown, there’s no way Kubo will just kill them off abruptly.


  1. At first I went WTF with all the lieutenants and captains appearing and then I started to go lol. Nice to see the old interaction is still there.
    It’s up to Kubo to finish this arc, although from the looks of it, this most probably will just have decent ending, unless there are some more twists on the way

  2. Its wierd to see all the slight changes in all the old characters, even rukia looks slightly different. It was still cool to see a lot of them come back though, although I’m not sure why the soul society would send 3 captains and 3 lieutenants to deal with the full bringers, seems a bit…….. excessive.

    1. keep in mind that it has been over a year since they were last seen;
      as for all the captains, I guess they came to give reiatsu to Ichigo then stuck around to make sure things went smoothly

    2. Well if you get down to it, There wasn’t really that much of a change to anyone of them. Ikkaku looks alot more muscular, Ken-chan slicked back his spike-y hair, Toshiro looks alittle taller and cut most of his hair(Plus he’s sporting a new scarf which might be covering a scar or two), Byakuya has a new Haori which would be easy for him seeing as he’s rich(Plus when the fight with Yammy was over he told Yamamoto he was going to buy a new one anyway)and his eyes look alittle colder then usual, and Renji is just buffer with longer hair. All of which could be possible with in the year and a half they have been absent.

  3. The first thing I thought while reading the chapter was it felt a bit filler, like an excuse for the shinigami to step in and give Ichigo his power. Now that he got his powers maybe the whole hing with Ichigo’s dad will come to light. Also @prooof while I get that its been over a year since they last seen, from a manga point of view I understand the need to mix up designs especially as your art improves however from a canon perspective where shingami’s live for 100’s of year, that change in over a year is a little odd.

    1. After training in the Dangai, Ichigo’s appearance was different, so in the time lapse they could’ve been traininig in the Dangai as well. This could possibly account for their changed appearances.

  4. I’m still confused why Chad and Orihime is still blind about the fact that they’ve been mind-raped and was pretty much heard it from Ginjo and co as well. Yet, they do nothing…something is off. -.-

    1. Because if we got reactions from the peanut gallery, this part would go even slower than it already is.

      …And Kubo’s losing it, but that’s an issue we’ve known about for a while.

  5. Lol, seems like someone told Kubo how much all this Fullbring crap sucked and he turned Ichigo back into a Shinigami again.

    The reason this arc feels like filler is because it was nothing but a failed experiment. I’d say Kubo wanted to go in a different direction with Bleach- atleast for a while- but then the ratings were so bad that he was forced to abandon this arc and go back to what made Bleach originally popular.

    1. Or, it could be like New Coke. Make a new product that is lesser quality than the original, then bring back the original, throw the “classic” title on it, and sell millions!

      Ingenious marketing ploy.

  6. sure he can man, and even if he doesn’t kill them off he’ll forget about them, Nel and Grimmjow where prime examples of said situation. They were awesome, they survived the arc, but they just vanished without a trace from the story…

    1. No ones sure he forgot about them. He even mentioned Grimmjow in a press conference. And if u noticed Kubo-sama doesn’t forget anyone, If they had alittle impact on the story we’ve seen them again. EX: Chizuru Honshō, Mizuiro Kojima, Don Kanonji, Eikichirō Saidō, Hanatarō Yamada, and even Zennosuke Kurumadani(I think that’s spelled right) So there’s no way he’ll forget about Grimmjow. Plus Nel can heal ppl and Grimmjow would probably yell at her and make her do it. Grimmjow has some sense of honor so he might come back sooner or later and help alittle(The Vegeta effect Bad gone good) and he’ll def bring back the vizards too.

  7. There are still a lot of things that Kubo didn’t explain. For example, which still seriously bothers me, is how did Ginjo know that Rukia once transferred her powers and all that stuff. Well, I guess we may never know. But seriously, Ichigo is back to GOD-LIKE mad powers again; it would be a damn waste if Kubo, in time, lower his powers back to unimpressive again.

    I am shocked about the people that contributed in giving Ichigo his powers back; I mean, Kenpachi, Byakuya, and Toshiro. They likely put an insane amount of power in that sword.

    I do hope that Rukia may talk some sense into Orihime, Chad, and possibly the stabbed Uryu soon. Things would get messy if someone doesn’t tell them that Ichigo is not mad.

    Anyway, there are three people that I hope the Soul Society won’t kill. Which are Orihime, Chad, and Riruka. Why Riruka, well, Ichigo just got a new girl in his harem. It would be a damn shame if Kubo just goes and kills her off.

    I am wondering if Ichigo left his body lying around. It would be stupid if Kubo presented a possible weakness that Ginjo would take advantage of. (sigh) Well, from the looks of it. Rukia was correct about Ginjo taking a small amount of Ichigo’s powers. It doesn’t seem that Ginjo has a good amount of Ichigo’s powers, otherwise he wouldn’t be so shocked when seeing the Getsuga Tensho.

    But seriously, aside from simply cunning, these new villains aren’t even close to Aizen’s level. They are going to be destroyed, now that Ichigo has some backup. Unless, maybe someone new may show up. Or the Fullbringers would take all the regular humans hostage, which I doubt since that is way OOC for Chad and Orihime.

    I can already predict the next chapter. Ichigo gets scolded again for missing, what looks like to me, and destroying that huge building.

    1. He knew becaz he already knew alot about Ichigo’s past. He’s basically been watching him, You would have to expect him to be nearly godlike Not only was he the strongest soul reaper when he beat Aizen(Maybe second if you think about old man Yama) but look who all helped him with their Reiatsu just Kenny and Byakuya alone would be enough. Rukia’s words won’t matter all they need is another cut and the effect would be void and Ichigo is strong enough to make Shūkurō Tsukishima do it(He’s weak Ichigo cut his arm off with ease) Kubo wouldn’t need to kill off the other Xcution(They all were cut to make them attack Ichigo if they were bad the cut would have reveled that I think they are good already just corrupted), I would say that he is still inside his human body(When Rukia first transferred her power he was still in his human body)

      1. Good point. The Xuction are possibly just corrupted, but not really evil.

        Of course, I can’t really imagine how they were able to keep an eye on Ichigo. I mean, according to Shuu, Ginjo isn’t the brightest guy to be sneaky enough to keep tabs on someone for a long while, so he is not Aizen. Not to mention, why on earth did they wait for nearly an year? Why not sooner?

        At this point, I can say that the Xcution are toast. But the only advantage Shuu-chan has is Orihime and Chad. But, I can imagine that Byakuya can just use that super speed to restrain them.

        Code fan
  8. Is that rule about Captains not being allowed to go to the Human World because of their high reiatsu void now, or something? Hmm. That being said, what are they doing there? They gave their reiatsu but that’s not a reason for all of them to visit so suddenly (which cheapens Rukia’s return even more; there she goes, shadowed by other fan favorites). This better have a good reason behind it because I also doubt Tsukishima and Ginjou are that much dangerous that they need so much man-power against them.

    Also, Rukia… Yep, didn’t change at all; she’s ALREADY kicking people around. Again. Besides, Ichigo wasn’t falling apart for nothing, he had pretty good reasons. It wasn’t like he went down cos someone made his icecream fall.

    1. they’re there for the fanfare. my guess is, kubo will send the other fullbringers in to battle them. there’ll be the usual shock factor with the fullbringer’s abilities, making the shinigamis seem like they’ll lose, then they’ll suddenly whip out a skill out of nowhere (though we’ll be lead to believe they learned it within that one-year gap), speak a cheesy one-liner that doesn’t make much sense, and one-hit the fullbringers to kingdom come. y’know, kubo-style.

  9. A manga is not a novel. It does not switch perspectives at the drop of a hat ala Game of Thrones. For characters who do not show up, it does not mean they are forgotten. Until they re-enter the main character (Ichigo’s) perspective, they remain off screen. It really is that simple.

    As for this chapter, it seems the final Getsuga Tensho side effect is basically the same as extinguishing a candle. Until it gets relit, the deep pool referenced by Rukia is merely just an unlit candle.

    Zaku Fan
    1. wonder why it took them this long to light up the candle. i mean, sure we all know ichigo wanted his powers back, deep down, but didn’t urahara or isshin ask for his consent before making that sword? and what, does this mean ichigo can just spam final getsuga tenshous and have shinigamis infuse their reiatsu in that sword and stab him all over again? and what about that heartfelt goodbye when ichigo lost his powers? and since when was byakuya and ichigo’s relationship that close that he’d be willing to give some of his powers to him? i could understand if it was yoruichi- she trained ichigo and spent time with him. for that matter, where’s yoruichi in all of this?

    2. That comment literally said nothing.
      There are manga that change perspective between chapters.
      And there are novels that follow a single character throughout the entire book.
      I have no idea what that was supposed to point out anyway. Perspective has no affect on a character being mentioned.

      Not to mention, Bleach changes perspective a lot. Started back in the soul society arc.

  10. To tell the truth, Bleach without IchigoxRuka interactions is simply a mindless drag-on never-ending battles. And hey! After Ichigo saving Ruka, they never had a character development!

  11. there’s only one explanation about the re-appearance of the shinigami characters: fanservice. no matter how you try to find a plot explanation, it’s the month of the 10th year anniversary of the manga and it’s a celebration to bring all the more popular characters back. it has been obviously plan from the start of the arc so that it coincide with this issue.

  12. I am shocked in how weak the villains are in the chapter. Ginjo looks really weak from our perspective. (sigh) I was expecting a lot with the Fullbring, but that was a short sad ending for Ichigo’s new power. Needless to say, Mayuri is going to be happy with new corpses.

    Code fan
    Had to say mention that.

    Other than that I’m so glad of Rukia’s return. She really knows how to lift Ichigo up. And her new hair-cut, it makes her look more mature.

    1. If you look closer it probably a mere tattoo, Kenny wouldn’t do that to Yachiru, and Ikkaku himself said he didn’t wanna be anything other then 3rd seat(Yumichika also said it just like he is fine with 5th caz he liked odd numbers and Ikkaku has 3rd)

  14. There must be a twist again, I mean Tsukishima and the others can’t be killed, they are real humans… or am I the only one bothered by this fact? Some Urahara magic thing again, a past-correcting fullbring or some correction fluid in Tsukishima’s book : D

  15. I’m confused. What exactly did the fullbringers like Ginjo do that is so bad? He basically stole Ichigo’s power (ok fine he’s a thief), and messed with his friends’ past. Ichigo’s friends still remembered him and it’s not like anyone got seriously hurt in the long run. Much lower level of villainy than other bad dudes in this series.

    1. No, it’s just becuase Rukia fanbrats are terrified of Orihime ever getting close to Ichigo aka Rukia’s Piece of Meat. Thus they need to hate her and call her wh*re and sl*t because everyone knows that only women who act aggressive and manly are strong and feminist! Nevermind that Rukia likes Orihime a lot, herself!

      And it’s not Orihime’s fault that she AND OTHERS were brainwashed. I’ve seen people bash ichigo’s friends and family and say “they don’t love Ichigo as much as Rukia-sama does” for that, so what can be expected from Bleach fandom. Only Rukia-sama matters, and ichigo and Rukia’s “love story” is the only “important” thing.

  16. hey guys i think i got it!, Tsukishima turning ability works over time!, when he first insert himself in the past of a person it takes hours, maybe few days to this people completely believe it, but when he cut him again the ability or fake past disappear right away, like if someone turn the light off.
    this may explain why orihime and chad werent transformed at once but started to believe little by little that tsukishima was a friend. it also explain why Ishida didnt change at once, and why every other fullbringer and ginjou did “turn off” the fake past instantly.

  17. Thank god that arc is ending, geezus. I mean, whatever, it was fun for what it was but it REALLY felt like filler, and almost seemslike it is with Ichigo getting his powers back like that. Guess he didn’t need to do the training at all. Because he could have gotten them back with or wihtout the training, BECAUSE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME GODDAMN OUTCOME.

  18. If Ginjo can feel Ichigo’s huge reiatsu, doesn’t that mean Ichigo actually got weaker and lost his full power?

    After all Tatsuki as well as Aizen mentioned they couldn’t feel Ichigo’s reiatsu when he was all powerful and in a higher plane or whatever.


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