As things are clearly not going according to plan, Ginjou tries to turn tail and run for it, only to be intercepted by Getsuga Tenshou. Seeing Ichigo rockin’ his new powers is great and I can’t wait to see the bankai and hollow forms, but right now what’s needed are some explanations to all the questions that this arc has brought up. Luckily, this chapter delivers some of that, and it culminates in Hitsugaya’s revelation that Ginjou was a substitute shinigami before Ichigo, a fact which is in-line with the substitute shinigami badge that he was seen holding early on in the arc. Kubo is likely to reveal his motives soon, if not in the next chapter, as well as why exactly he gave up his position. However, there’s also quite a few unknowns surrounding the other full-bringers of course, and Tsushima, Chad, Ichigo’s friends and the rest of Ginjou’s gang remain off-panel and without so much as a mention in the past few chapters.

As for the Gotei 13 who have finally shown up, a quick flashback shows that all the captains gave reiatsu to Urahara’s special sword, and as a result they all transferred some power to Ichigo (I’m assuming that is why his shinigami form and zanpakutou changed). Finally after so many wars and other incidents, Soul Society is now willing to bend some rules when the situation calls for it – a change that Hitsugaya credits to Ichigo. I’m certainly glad the captain commander is finally becoming more adaptive, and his decision here really should have been a no-brainer given all the things that Ichigo has done for Soul Society. It’s about time they gave him a hand when he needed it, and it’s really a wonder why they waited so long before intervening, especially since a former substitute shinigami was involved.


  1. “eally a wonder why they waited so long before intervening, especially since a former substitute shinigami was involved.”

    erm… probably because he is just a small fry *derp*, Captain commander didn’t even consider Aizen to be a grave threat when he was on rampage. all he did was just block him inside his firewall. Why do you think they would bother with someone like Ginjou ?

    1. I wouldn’t assume he’s a small fry when we haven’t seen the extent of his powers yet 😛
      In addition, by “dealing with the situation” I don’t know why you assume that means leading all the captains to do battle as they did against the arrancars. A bunch of full-bringers making evil plans, and the savior of Soul Society (or at least one of them) getting crushed is worthy of some attention from the spiritual guardians of the real world, no? Just look at some of the matters that Soul Society has cared about in the past. My point is that they have been completely ignoring an important issue for a while (at least from what is shown), then suddenly bringing out a bunch of the captains at Urahara’s request — the correct decision yes, but something (not necessarily just giving Ichigo back his powers) should have been done earlier.

      1. They could have planned to deal with full-bringers for long time, there just wasn’t no reason to rush, and Urahara’s request was good timing for them. And he probably owns them now, so it’s win-win for CC.

      2. I was actually under the impression they had no idea anything was going on with Ichigo or Ginjou until Urahara came and told them and/or asked them to donate their powers to the special sword…?

      3. I get the impression that Soul Society took Ginju’s powers OR shinigami powers weren’t anything to be worried about (at the time being). Then somehow in the bleach universe people randomly know about Ichigo and his great powers and watch him from a far plan to use him. I’m guessing Ginju needed Ichigo to learn how to use his fullbring and awaken his full potential in that form and then Ginju takes it from him and regains his shinigami and fullbring powers to be ubber bad @ss somehow.

  2. Continuing the note here… I suppose making the sword takes time? well the time thing in Manga is rather inconsistent you know…

    Yeah would also be interested to find out what happened to the other fullbringers, and their ability to see shinigamis? well, Kubo better be quick about this, many of us are getting impatient…

    And I wonder whether Ichigo still has his Hollow powers (a great way for Ginjo to overpower him?), since besides Byakuya that managed to get in touch with a berserk Hollow Ichigo, I suppose no one can give back his reiatsu for Inner Hollow? Duno man, waiting for more clarification~

    1. Well he did feel Hirako when he got his powers. And unless Hirako is no longer a Vizard, Ichigo probably has a bit of hollow reiatsu again. Guess we’ll see in the coming chapters.

  3. Weren’t majority of the shinigami surprised when they heard of a ‘substitute shinigami badge’ at the beggining? Why is that if there was one more substitute shinigami long before Ichigo came to SS?

    1. It can be easily explained like they didn’t know about Ginjou or they thought why are they having another substitute, when the last one was a failure as well, or back then Kubo believed that he can end his series sometime in the future. : )

  4. As for why they waited so long i’m guessing there are several factors
    i) Urahara seemed to have sought Isshin’s permission. Its understandable that seeing your kid get out of a dangerous line of work, Isshin might not be amenable to Ichigo having to become a shinigami again

    ii) Red tape. Even if Yamamoto allowed it, he would probably need to get the paperwork done or the chamber would have his ass

    iii) Making the sword itself. Probably Urahara made the blade before approaching Yamamoto but how long it took for him to make it is unknown. Probably imbuing reiatsu was done pretty quick

    Now it seems Ginjou has Ichigo’s pre-time warp chamber level of power + his own. Probably he won’t be able to win a bankaied + mask Ichigo but he could make a good battle vs shikai Ichigo

  5. I wonder what happened to Tsukishima during this battle. Hopefully Kubo didn’t forget him. Or rather I feel that Tsukishima will somehow do something totally new and catches Ichigo and gang off guard.

  6. I’m more interested in the outcome of the Vizards and Arrancar. Alive? Dead? Allies? What?

    Ichigo did think about Hirako when he explored the reiatsu he was given. So maybe Hirako is a captain again?

  7. I’m going to take a wild shot in the dark here and say Riruka is going to help out in some capacity and/or her heart is not fully into whatever it is they’re planning.

    The chapter when Orihime sat down and ate with her (and I totally called it that chapter when I said they were the bad guys lol) got me to thinking that, based on what I know about anime trends, she’s the most likely side character to end up playing an important role in the things to come.

    Just a random thought though because, as you can see, I’m not really basing it on all that much. For all we know, Kubo could decide to kill her off, but I hope not. She seems like a legitimately good person who is caught up in something she doesn’t truly want to be a part of.

    Baby Choo Choo
  8. after going back and looking over old chapters the one where ginjou shows up its called the lost agent and going back alot further when ichigo was given his badge its said, that the soul society has rules for acting shinigami. if one appears and we recognize his existence as beneficial to the soul society. we will give this to that person that is how the tradition goes. so it makes me wonder if maybe ginjou was betrayed by the soul society and thats why he disappeared.

  9. Wait a second. How does someone become a substitute shinigami again? Is Ginjou human or a soul in a gigai? Cuz if giving shinigami powers to a human is against the law, then how did Ginjou become a substitute shinigami in the first place?

  10. I wish Kubo would deal with unanswered questions from the previous arcs.

    1. What happened to Nell?

    2. Whats the deal with his father being a former SS Captain? After dad shows up in last arc to save Ichigo nothing is said to explain whats going on there?

    Even though Ichigo’s “human” mom died I still can’t shake the feeling that she was possibly a hollow/arancar of some type or possibly the Soul King’s daughter?

  11. Interesting direction and not what I thought it would be. Ginjou is like Yu Yu Hakusho’s Sensui. I’ll wait to see the other details that are developed. The story could get refreshed or Ginjou, with all his stolen powers, could be the next Aizen replacement (blah). This is why I liked the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, it was once a month, 60 to 80 pages at a time to see both the direction and details.

  12. This feels refreshing after all the years the manga focused in the war ageinst Aizen. The story is heading in a unexpected direction so I hope it gives some new insight in Ginjou and delivers more than a substitute for Aizen. I mean I can´t take another overpowered lunatic who didn´t even needed his already powerful soldiers.

  13. I surely hope Ginjo is not the new Big Bad. I cannot see him being stronger than Aizen, even with his newly evolved power he got from Ichigo, he still doesn’t seem like much of a threat. Besides, Ichigo looks to be far stronger than him already.


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