「しばらく旅に出ます」 (Shibaraku Tabini Demasu)
“A Quick Trip”

After once again getting my hopes up for a romantic encounter that wouldn’t end up going the completely wrong way, I get the feeling that I should stop hoping for the impossible. At least Jirou and Subaru have been upgraded to official best friends, which I guess is one step closer to even better best friends?!

But for another side episode that doesn’t focus on Jirou and Subaru, it was great to watch all the side characters get a chance to interact with Jirou without his love interest getting in the way. I’ve been particularly interested in Masamune since she’s been improving her image a lot since the mishap a few episodes ago. I suppose you could call it the tsundere’s charm, but it’s interesting the way she shows most of her tsun to Kanade while giving most of her dere to Jirou. Since Subaru’s secret has somehow managed to stay under wraps, I have a pretty good idea why Masamune goes through so much effort to hate on Kanade — jealously anyone?

The other thing that I noticed this week is that Jirou somehow manages to get out some of the stickiest situations with barely a scratch on him. I don’t think I’d be able to re-create a fall as spectacular as his, but if I were to accidentally grope a girl while also pulling down their shirt, I’m not sure if I’d be able to make it out of the vicinity alive. The thing is, I don’t think I can give credit to his gynophobia for saving him this time. If anything, it felt like Masamune might have even enjoyed what was going on.

However, I doubt this episode would have been as fun without Kanade coming in and wreaking some havoc here and there. I was starting to get afraid that I was becoming accustomed to her constant meddling but I’m glad that everything she does seems to be different and more interesting than the last. From using her money in rather interesting ways to utilizing that eloquent mouth of hers to make Jirou look like a super pervert, I hope Kanade keeps shooting for bigger and even more embarrassing schemes!

Unfortunately, next week’s episode seems to once again not focus on Subaru but on Kureha but I’m sure it’ll be a good episode especially with lines like “My little sister can’t wear such cute panties!” being thrown in there. And if I’m not mistaken, there may even be a little bit of Jirou’s mom thrown into the story. Who wouldn’t want some more emotional moments?




  1. Hooray for Kanade, master of trolls. I can’t help think that she just wants to build up her own yuri harem. Or it could be my Yuri goggles.

    More Usami is always good too. Its weird how Jirou breaks physics just so he can (accidentally) grope her

    1. “Its weird how Jirou breaks physics just so he can (accidentally) grope her”

      It amazing how he could fall down without any reason, undress her then grope her. How he manage to undress the clothes and the bra in a single fall is nothing short of miracle fall.

  2. Personally, I’m liking that other girls are getting spotlight. As a personal preference, I would actually PREFER for this series to end with a Harem ending, because ALL of the girls are VERY likable, and seeing him reject one would suck.
    I really liked this episode because it shows that while Subaru is the “primary” interest, she’s not the ONLY interest. From what I’m seeing, Usami has a REALLY get chance of hooking of with Jirou if she worked hard enough. Not just that, its almost confirmed that while Kanade does like to mess with Jirou, she like him and would like to be with him as well. So, this could turn messy, especially between her and Subaru.
    Only one needed to fully convert is Nakuru. We know that she does find him very attractive, especially with glasses, so that’s a start. Need those two to develop together as well. And since we haven’t confirmed that this is a 12-13 episode series, who knows, they might get an episode to themselves.

    Tenchi Ryu
  3. This episode felt a little weaker than the previous one, but it was fun nonetheless. The entire episode seemed a little disjointed. It felt like they were trying to cram too many unrelated subplots into one episode, though the characters were fun to watch. I suppose the past episodes were similar in some ways, but the disjointedness seem more noticeable in this episode.

    Jirou is the king of accidental undressing and groping with one swing of the arm. I wonder if he will end up doing this to almost every major character by the end of the anime. Hamster Subaru is cute, I want one for a pet XD. The chasing after Jirou at the end of an episode thing seems to be getting old for me though. I suppose with that much running, his stamina must have improved somewhat.

    What is that cat doing to that rabbit in that preview????

  4. I was hoping to be the first one to point out Ako and Riko’s cameos but oh well. I enjoyed this episode too though I though Kanade was being a bit harsh on Jirou. What guy wouldn’t think the maid look is hot? My favorite bit though is at the end where he and Usami hear that song and then Usami drops her cell and Jirou discovers the ringtone is the same song.
    Embarassing for Bunny but great for the rest of us.

  5. It’s Mirai-chan again! Apparently there’s going to be more of her, I believe, and it could help play up for an eventual appearance on TV for her own series.

    In any case, My Kanade Points just went up again, and it looks like Jirou isn’t as dense as he might seem.

  6. “My little sister can’t wear such cute panties!” yes, but there is also a line about “Oniichan no PANTSU Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!” (I don’t love my brother’s pants at all) just before!
    Oreimo and Onii-chan no koto cameo in 2 sentences, definitly great 😀

  7. I always find it amusing how the male lead in the harem or whatever does the accidental boob grab, and apparently not realizing what it is they’re holding, goes “herpderp wazzthis?” *SQUEEZE SQUEEZE* What else could it be man!? C’mon! lol.

    1. The chances of gropping a girl by falling has such a low chance of occurring that it no one has a reason to believe it happened. normally you’ll grap the shoulder or arm cause they have bones and are more solid and easier to grap.


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