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When it comes to chapters that are just page after page of non-stop action, they tend to read too quickly for me to even formulate any thoughts on what’s going on. In this case, the only thing that lingers is the final page with Naruto queuing up a Tailed-Beast Ball, which left me wondering if he finally got the chakra ratios figured out from all the training way back in chapter 520. Odds are that he has, since this isn’t exactly the type of build-up for Naruto to fail now. There’s always the possibility that B will show up in the nick of time, even though he’s probably still tied up with the Second Mizukage. From a progression standpoint, it makes sense to have Naruto handle Raikage on his own and then show B’s fight with Mizukage, but from a sentimental and respectful standpoint, it would be more meaningful to have B come in. That was the first thing that came to mind when it was hinted that the only thing that’s ever scratched the Third Raikage is a Tailed-Beast. B’s already been in control of the Eight-Tails for some time now and has already mastered the “Bijuudama”, so it seemed like the perfect setup for him.

In hindsight, it’s probably better that Naruto continue to show his growth, rather than having B come in and steal his thunder after his Rasenshuriken failed to do the job. Quite honestly, I don’t understand everyone’s level of surprise though, seeing as all the resurrected ninjas have shown to be immortal under the effects of Edo Tensei. Just take Nagato for example, who rose up from the ashes of Itachi’s Amaterasu to fight again. I realize the point they were trying to stress about how seemingly invincible the Third Raikage was, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that they conveniently overlooked the benefits of Orochimaru’s forbidden technique. Anyway, that was just a minor observation, much like how Naruto’s chakra arms sure are “handy”. For one, they’ve finally helped him overcome the need to create a clone just to use the Rasengan — something that I had hoped he’d figure out someday. Granted, it’s still not as cool as the intended one-hand method, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. He’s using the same idea for the Bijuudama too, so there’s even more reason to believe that he has it figured out by doing things his own way.


  1. I think the difference is that when other people “recover” from fatal wounds via the immortality of the edo tensei there is a delay while their body reforms and such, during which they are vulnerable and can be caught and sealed. The raikage however did not have any delay, he was simply fine from the rasenshuriken and continued fighting at full power rendering him unsealable.

  2. Yeah, did they just throw that out lol. And i must admit i’m kinda getting annoyed at naruto’s over cocky nature. Like yeah he’s always been as such, but now its just…well, im sure someone is ganna give it to him soon enough lol

  3. I am wondering if this would work? When naruto first used the Rasenshuriken, it wasn’t what I call promising results. I can already tell that the shadow clone would disappear the moment he tries that.

    Code Fanboy
  4. I was originally hoping for a Naruto and Gaara combo ever since Naruto arrived, but my hopes are dashed. I’m wondering with Naruto showing off his new moves, does he have anything else left in store for his fight against Sasuke?

  5. ehm divine, most likely we are right now seeing one of Naruto’s clones and not the original. B is with the original so there would be no reason for him to appear. Besides Gaara and Oonoki are already dealing with the 2nd Mizukage so there’s really no need for B.

    As for Sage Mode, everyone and their mother is expecting Naruto to combine SM and the Kyuubi Chakra Mode at some point. The two modes each can cover for the weaknesses of the other so they would be a perfect fit. Besides Naruto’s KCM just doesn’t look good. It’s too “white”, it lacks proper contrast.

    1. I dunno what the hell you’re saying.. but Bleach isnt that bad, the story just started to develope. Naruto is great at the moment. In some ways even better then some of the anime’s that are playing at the moment.

  6. ok…uh…i still dont understand how hes still in that form..when like 2 chapters ago he couldn’t even make a kage bushinn. how long has he been in this form?

    when he broke out.
    when he was fighting raikage
    when he was fighting itachi
    when he was fighting nagato…

    1. but you see it wasnt that he didnt have the chakra to due Kagebushinn … its just that like sage mode he cant split his focus and maintain his Kyuubi mode

      the nine-tails gives almost unlimited chakra so he can do anything … except clone himself


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