Ginjou and Tsukishima took pretty much everything from him — his powers, his friends, his accomplishments. That’s brutal. The extent of his power is highlighted further as well, and we finally get a few pages shown from Inoue and Chad’s point of view. It’s nothing shocking since a lot was explained already, but their confusion over Ichigo’s actions is fleshed out through their thoughts. Tsukishima has ingrained himself into their pasts far more deeply than I had thought, and apparently he had done everything from replace Inoue’s brother to Chad’s grandfather with himself. He shows his truly evil side, stating that he will kill Sushi-kun afterwards too, and there’s no doubt left that they are indeed the bad guys.

Looks like the full-bring Ginjou took from Ichigo weren’t a waste either as he is now using them for himself, transforming into some bizarre armor then sharing the power with his allies. I take back what I said last time as well; the Xcution crew should stand a bigger chance against the shinigami now they are drugged up with Ichigo’s powers. Ultimately though, I don’t know if “chance” is the right word, since there’s no doubt they’ll be defeated in the end. The captains clearly still outclass them too and even Urahara is there, so I don’t know how far hacks will last them.

If it wasn’t for Yukio’s upgraded video game abilitu, they still would all be fucked in an instant, as he himself would have been killed twice over. His power allows him to control the battlefield, and Yukio chooses to split everyone up into different “chat rooms”. And as a result, Bleach yet again goes into the usual simultaneous one v. one’s. I don’t know if I’m complaining yet though, because I highly enjoyed seeing Kenpachi slice Giriko completely in half as he was still bragging about his strength. It’s doubtful that he’d be defeated that quickly, but Kenpachi’s ultra violent behavior always spices things up somewhat. As for the rest of this arc, the majority of the fights will probably be dragged out for a while at least as all of the full-bring powers are revealed and Yukio cheats a few more times, and I’m honestly not expecting too much out of this battle (though hopefully Ichigo’s new bankai will be epic). The biggest unknown variable right now is Riruka, and it wouldn’t be too surprising actually if she ended up switching sides, as subtle hints have been dropped here and there in the past few months.

I apologize for not being around during the past 2 weeks; luckily my schedule is clear for now and I’ll be able to catch up soon.


  1. I’ve never liked any of Xcution except for Riruka who, by the way, I also think will switch sides. I said a few weeks ago (for some random reason because she wasn’t even in that chapter lol) that based on the way she acted towards Orihime and her ‘feelings’ for Ichigo, she’s going to play a bigger part than everyone except Ginjou.

    That said, I want all these fights to be one-sided fights. Xcution is made up of a bunch of dicks in my opinion so seeing them all get stomped out would be great. Of course, that’s highly unlikely, but as long as they lose, and lose BADLY, then I’m okay with it.

    Other than that, it’s been far too long since we’ve seen someone cower in fear because of Kenpachi. For instance, remember when he fought Tosen and Komamaru and they were simply baffled about how insane he was? Remember in Memories of Nobody when the guy he fought started panicking after he ran in him? Remember when Ichinose freakin lost his shit because Kenpachi countered his ‘attack’ with barely any effort? I miss those days. I miss seeing people completely dumbfounded when fighting him. Sure the fight against Nnoitora was pretty cool, but it wasn’t the same. Nnoitora wasn’t afraid until the very end. Don’t get me wrong. What he did to that old dude in this latest chapter was boss, but I need more!

    Baby Choo Choo
  2. I still have no idea what is happening!!! Why did they need these powers anyway? Are they trying to take over SS? Did they just want super powers to let them live like pimps in the human world?
    Ignore how bad this is for being the cliffnotes of literally the last arc, its terrible on its own legs. How can we care about lol!evil facebook, if we don’t even know what these people are after in the slightest.

  3. Just when I thought Inoue and Chad were going to be back in action they get knocked out? They got trolled! Even Ishida.

    Other than that I’m actually looking forward to the fight (for once). Especially Riruka and Rukia since like everyone said, Riruka may switch sides.

    Also looking forward to Byakuya vs. Tsukishima and Renji vs. Jackie

    1. Seems that way, doesn’t it? I don’t really claim to understand it myself. If people find they have enough time to do little but complaining, you’d think they’d try coming up with something just a bit more constructive; that and the fact that keep reading Bleach in spite of said comments says quite a bit about them personally. Chalk it up to my being cold if you will, but it hardly even seems worth the effort to even read such things anymore.

      1. I really agree there. At this point, most people are just saying how they hate bleach because of how it is going to run in the next 10 years. People will likely spill trash until something exciting happens, like Ichigo’s hollow coming out of control again.

        Code Fanboy
      2. Bleach has plenty of flaws, but if you read the chapters in bulk, instead of one at a time I find it more enjoyable 🙂
        The art is pretty good too (again, just reading one chapter per week will make it look like a whole lot of wasted space)

  4. yeah I don’t think most of us are interested to see the lengthening of this meaningless fight. but Ichigo… well that piques my interest too, and I just don’t see why his Hollow powers (if any) would be needed here. haiz, saying about fighting a substitute shinigami…

  5. I would be rather pissed if Tite Kubo doesn’t make Riruka switch sides, just having the sad ending of her die when she regrets being the enemy when she can get along great with Rukia. Ichigo needs to get to make his harem bigger so he can get at least 15 girls. (1 and 5 is Ichigo so you know)

    I am rather shocked that Ichigo’s power can give this much of an upgrade. If Ichigo can master how to use this, he can become the next Orochimaru from Naruto- I say this because Orochimaru can give people his power freely so Ichigo can do the same when he learns how the master this giving fullbring.

    Needless to say Ginjo may have an advantage. It does make me wonder if Ishida would switch sides in the last moment. As we all know, he was cut by a certain someone before getting healed.

    I would enjoy to see how Orihime and Chad react to this when they “wake up” from this nightmare. They were easily manipulated and saw Ichigo as the enemy. We can all imagine that an interesting drama would appear when that happens.

    I am wondering if Ichigo’s hollow powers returned. Seeing how he also got a boost from the Vizards, it is possible. I do wonder what are they doing right now- the Vizards would be useful at this time since the captains and vice-captains have limiters on.

    At this point, I’m guess it is Jackie vs Renji. Jackie would likely have her boots covered in Renji’s blood.

    Needless to say, I was expecting more from the “King Bradley” dude and his “time” power- like maybe reversing time before getting killed. It’s obvious that Tite Kubo based his character off of a FMA oldie. I guess, to avoid plagiarism,Kubo needed to kill him right off the bat.

    It’s safe to assume that Ichigo may have some trouble with his Senpai. I only see fullbring powers so far. So where are his Shinigami powers? I guess Ginjo was telling half of the truth to Ichigo. It could be true that the goal was to restore the Shinigami powers of a sub reaper- but that wasn’t Ichigo, the main goal was to restore Ginjo’s powers.

    Code Fanboy
    1. Eh, I dunno about that one. Kenpachi’s already a beast, so unless his sword is really weird and doesn’t fit his fighting style at all, a Bankai would probably make him too powerful. Personally I’d be happy just to see his Shikai, even if it’s only once, before the final arc concludes.

  6. This part is interesting because this is how bleach is supposed to be.

    BUT FOR GOD SAKE tell me this is a joke, Human against shinigami.
    Byakuya could destroy ichigo with his reiastu alone. Ichigo could beat kenpachi without bankai. They said that ichigo’s fullbring is not as powerful as his shinigami’s power so what the fuck are they going to do with it?

    Forget about power, let’s say they have enough; How old are they? Rukia has more than 100 of battle experience with all kind of monsters. Kubo made a mistake with this. he should keep a human vs human fight with ishida and the others.

    1. Meh, no real telling how powerful the Captains have become since the battle with Aizen, so saying that Byakuya could “destroy” Ichigo with his reiatsu alone is a stretch, especially given how much stronger Ichigo’s become. He’s already seriously powerful even with just his Shikai, never mind his Bankai and his Final form beyond that.

  7. Prooof you are finally back! I was worried about you, I already checked if you are still in the list of current writers : / But you are baaack! I’m really happy to see you : DDD
    So, about the chapter, I’ve read again the chapters where Ichigo got the Substitute License (chapter 181-2 – Bleach was so different back then!) and I am totally impressed because there’s a hint there (besides Ukitake’s words) that connects here. I really didn’t expect it. After this I would be totally disappointed in Kubo if this turned out just a regular fight, I know I said it before but they are human. I want another twist! Riruka is good opportunity for one… : )
    Update: Just read the next chapter, I’m totally excited, can’t wait till next week : DD


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