「暴走」 (Bousou)
“Out of Control”

The girls in Kami-sama Dolls are completely off the chain, be it Utao, Mahiru, or Kuuko. The stuff they do never ceases to amaze me even by anime standards. Structured and predictable progression can’t hold these girls down, as they do whatever the hell they want in any given situation. Homicide? Pssh, oh please. Kakashi going out of control? Not on Mahiru’s watch!

Kuuko took top honors in that regard by taking out Hirashiro and only letting it weigh on her conscience for all of three seconds. I thought she was in a pretty grave situation with a homicide on her hands, but she shrugged it off like it was nothing and even turned Shimoyama into an accomplice. I was so torn between my disbelief on what just happened and her quick thinking in response that I couldn’t help but laugh at how crazy she is. Kuuko must be doing her detective father proud by pulling off stints like this. (lol) Then there’s Mahiru, who was quick to tell Magatsuhi to know its role and not even try to turn on her. Any “normal” person would’ve sensed the danger they were in, but clearly, these girls are anything but normal. “Reckless” doesn’t even begin to describe their actions, as they’re much closer to batshit insane.

It probably goes without saying at this point, but I loved every minute of it. Their unconventional way of dealing with things is absolutely hilarious and continues to stress the series’ impeccable way of combining plot and humor. I don’t know if this was the intention all along, but this ingenious mix in the second half of Kami-sama Dolls has truly been series-defining. The story maintains a serious air and the characters continually escape from it with brief comedic outbursts. Even something like Shimoyama forcing himself on Hibino became funny before long, thanks to Kuuko being an opportunist and trying to make the most of the situation. I almost died laughing at Mahiru mocking Utao too. Anyone who taunts their opponent like that must have more than a few screws loose. The back and forth insults between her and Utao were pretty priceless, especially after learning that Utao was driven by what happened to her cookies. Judging from Kyouhei and Moyako’s reaction, I presume their Kakashi fight looked like two kids on a playground pinching cheeks and pulling hair, which added to the hilarity of it all.

Surprisingly, Kirio showed some real concern for Kyouhei and jumped in trying to help his older brother, but that too was short-lived after he poked out Kukuri’s eye by accident. It did however set things up for Kukuri going berserk in the finale and possibly resonating with Kyouhei after he lost it at the thought of Karakami taking Hibino from him (who was pretty cute with short hair by the way). That was a “crazy good” contrast to Koushirou teasing Kirio and Mahiru freaking out when Magatsuhi took her even further out of Kyouhei’s good books. I’m really starting to think I should recommend this series to other people for its comedic value alone because it’s pretty golden.

Anyway, I hope the finale’s episode title means what I think it does and Kyouhei’s going to open a can of whoopass by taking control of Kukuri again. Maybe Aki will do something too, because his lazy ass was just pretending to be in a bind. He probably think it’s a pain in the ass to be in this story to begin with, further showing just how “awesomely unconventional” the characters are in this show.

* They’re holding out on us for the finale. There were no preview scenes in the ending sequence, only ones from previous episodes.
* Full-length images: 03, 09, 36.




  1. The girls are off the chain…..except Hibino (only thing off the chain about her is obvious), was hoping Shimoyama would succeed in at least getting her clothes off but at least it wasn’t Kyohei who saved her.

  2. It’s funny how Kamisami Dolls ended up being an awesome show, because nobody was expecting something great from the first two or three. But now this is probably one of the best shows of this year.

  3. That was both a lot of adrenalin and a lot of hilarity all at the same time. I knew this series had potential, but I didn’t quite expect it to be in this way. It’s execution is quite unique. I don’t think it’s a ‘balance between comedy and seriousness’ per say; it’s more like both elements are fully integrated and inseparable. That is what makes this show amazing.

    The characterization is pretty good too, with everyone having a few screws loose (and it played both for drama and laughs, sometimes simultaneously). I think it’s amazing how they managed to get it all to work, how it all just seamlessly clicks.

  4. Kuuko was awesome at the first half. It was hilarious how she just framed the guy on the spot by making him look like an accomplice. The second half combined hilarious (Kakashi slap fight over cookies!) and intense(Magatsuhi going berserk). Especially loved the stinger with Kukkuri reviving under Kyohei’s control.

    Sleeper hit of the season? Definitely.

  5. Kyohei’s theme has got to be the most badass. Utao’s sounds like a lullaby. Aki’s like some old guitar. All the Hyuuga’s sound like scratching a blackboard (sorry Mahiru, still love you).

    Look forward to Kukuri kick ass next episode.

  6. Seriously, the ANN rating for this show does not accurately represent the gem this show is. Sure it may seem bland? but it gets seriously epic.

    Magatsuhi’s laser attack *meep*. Leaves you wondering what the full arsenal of each of the Kakashi’s is. Great work by Utao to beat the barrier Mahiru tried to put up, that was a nice tidbit of continuity they snuck in.

  7. I was on the edge of my seat with this one – great action.

    Amazingly, while all of the girls are batsh*t crazy. they’re all acting in character.
    Mahiru’s arrogance will not let anything steal the spotlight from her – even her wayward
    doll. In a way, I was expecting her to break down and cry after her defeat, but when
    I thought about it, that would have been a surprise. What this show seems to have
    mastered in its story telling is to lead the viewer into believing that something radical
    with the character is going to happen – and then doesn’t – but underscores the character’s
    traits. They’ve mastered the art of trolled delivery and we’re not disappointed.

    I wonder now (based on the title of the final episode) about Utao’s final role in all of
    this – or for that matter Aki (who is a sly opportunist); Kyouhei taking Kukuri back and
    opening the left hand…

    Who knows, but I can’t wait. It also seems that the other “doll” that no one can control
    will not be further addressed in the remaining episode – hopefully that’ll lead to another
    season with the same staff…

  8. Quite a great episode. Lots of build-up in terms of tension and the humor…Oh, the humor! It wasn’t a ROFL kind for me at some parts, but they were genuinely eyebrow-quirking and yet funny. Mahiru, even if Kyohei doesn’t want you, I’m pretty sure plenty of guys out there are crazy enough (literally) to take you in.

    Kuuko was awesome too, but I love how they build up the tension, left it hanging there for a bit to a short flashback, where the end of that was like the trigger to Kyohei’s desperation and boiling point. Magatsuhi will probably get a double-no, a multiple dosage of what it just administered to Kyohei, where the directors have once again done a really good job of playing up his capabilities and leaving it till the end to what will probably be one of the more satisfying conclusions in this season thus far.

    PS: I love the look from Hibino at around 7:40. Adds a badass dimension to her, aside from being far from helpless and simply playing the damsel in distress.

  9. About time! Now Kyouhai can show these fools how a REAL Seki takes care of business. Can’t wait for the final ep, time to pwn and get some big boob love from Hibino. Hell, after saving her so many times she should be putting out for the rest of her life!

  10. Kyouhei is going to return to frenzy/insanity mode
    Welcome to the new world of anime. Batshit crazy is the new cool. Tsundere is thrown out the window. Sweet and big breast is thrown out the window.

  11. Between kakashi catfight (for the trampled cookies!), Kuuka being awesome (from the iron golf club to her taser to gun…) and Mahiru staring down berserk kakashi it was magnificent. Cant wait for the finale!

  12. I initially thought the fight between Kukuri and Mugatsuhi was very sloppy and disappointing…till I saw the looks on Kyohei’s and Moyako’s faces! That scene made me lol.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  13. Best series of this season period…! Well at least among the one-cour series… this series (this episode in particular) has been a epic win!… cant wait for next episode and really needs a season two! O.o

  14. It will be a while before there is material for that though. This season will use up volumes 1-7 and that only leaves 8-9 right now. With the same pace so would 5 more volumes be needed for another season which would take at least two years. But I guess they might go for a shorter break and slower pace, at least if the current arc resolves in the next volume or two.


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