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It feels like it’s been forever since I last posted about a music video, but the ending theme for the upcoming Fate/Zero anime caught my attention in all the promo videos and made me want to share the clip that recently showed up on new female artist Aoi Eir’s website. (For whatever reason, they don’t want to reveal her face just yet.)

I found myself rewatching the Fate/Zero character clips just to hear parts of the chorus, so it’s nice to finally hear more of the song. The full version’s floating around the Internet airwaves ahead of its October 19th release date too, having been played over the radio. I’ve included it below for your listening pleasure (and to get it stuck in your head like it is mine). Judging from the season poll, Fate/Zero is one of the most anticipated new shows this fall, so it looks like I’m not the only one who’s going to be hearing a lot of this song.

* Updated with full version of PV.


  1. More to add that this is the most anticipated show this season (next to Guilty Crown). Coming from the lights novels and the mood of this music, the show is going to be deep and awesome.

  2. I’m enjoying this song, but I’m wierded out by the fact that she doesn’t show her mouth. Why!? I must know! Is she missing all her teeth? Is it a harelip? Is she just trying to be wierdly mysterious? Is she the Phantom Stranger?

    1. That’s terrible. It obvious the entire pv is actually a philosphical statement on the state of anime censoring today with the scarf representing the white “light of purity” on japanese tv.

      Well either that or they want to build up the mystery like how the GirlDemo singers did. Or she’s really actually a middle schooler like Claris (LOL!)

      Zaku Fan
    1. Except that even in shots where she isn’t pulling the scarf over her face she is still being obstructed by something (reference 1:09 in the video).

      @Zaku Fan: You are probably right with your second statement, it’s all about hyping her up, but I personally love your first one. Take a stand against censorship! Wear a white scarf!

      1. I should thank you as well because I didn’t even know there was a clip of the PV. That was the reason I even bothered to search for it on youtube :). I’ve been reading this site for.. I kinda forget how long maybe 3-4 years and its still a great site I look forward to more great things to come.

  3. Do you know where you can download the mp3 version of the song? Because I love it, but I only have Blue Avalon, which keeps on repeatedly being mistaken as Memoria (I really hate that).

    Vivian Wang

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