Poor Ikkaku isn’t aware of Sushi-kun’s overpowered ability to manipulate luck with his fist, but fortunately he’s also badass enough (like Kenpachi) to take some really extreme hits and still be ok. I thought his fight was pretty funny too, especially when he popped his shoulder back into place with just his muscles, and like Rukia’s fight, I’m not sure how it’ll turn out because of the possible heel turn of their opponents. Tsukishima clearly stated that he was planning to kill Shishigawara, and Shishigawara doesn’t seem like a bad person either, so like Riruka there’s a possibility he will switch sides.

As for the other members of the Xcution, they seem to have turned into a bunch of assholes, and their “upgraded” fullbring forms are pretty damn ugly too. I mean, Jackie’s complete form attaches an exhaust pipe to her shoulder and covers her in what looks like motor oil. Even with all their showiness and arrogance though, so far the shinigami have shown that they are truly on a different level, with a lot more class as well (aside from the 11th squad who’s the same as usual). It has only been a year, but the general impression the shinigami are giving off is that they have matured and become stronger. The extent of Yukio’s abilities haven’t been shown yet though, and I can’t imagine all the fights ending as fast as Kenpachi’s, so the hacks will probably will kick in before the end. Regardless, all the shinigami have become cooler in a short amount of time; however, my biggest question is over Renji’s comment that he has been training to fight Aizen for the past 17 months. Given that Aizen was defeated slightly over a year ago, that could mean they are preparing for his return, or that he had escaped from prison already. It’s also possible he was just simply training to be as strong as Aizen, which really isn’t a realistic goal unfortunately. Unless you’re Yamamoto, overconfidence usually doesn’t turn out too well, but I am curious as to what his statement was about exactly.


    1. When I read that I immediately though, “Renji has found himself a better target.”. So far he’s been training to be better than Byakuya. Picking Aizen as the next target will increase the speed of his evolution. That’s a height that he’ll never reach, so it’ll always be in front of him.

      It’s like Bruce Lee; he never said that he’s the best but he never admited to be second best either. Aizen is a good unreachable goal indeed.

    2. Just because Aizen is put away doesn’t mean Renji should slack off. When Aizen turned evil, Renji was pretty much useless. He’s been training so he’s never useless again, essentially. Aizen is just a good target considering how insanely powerful he was.

  1. Renji probably meant he had been training to fight against opponents on Aizen’s level of threat, which was why he stated that these guys were no good. I mean, after being unable to even defeat a single Espada in combat, it’s understandable that he’d want to get stronger and not be a burden anymore.

    Renji is a good character, and I hope with this he can get a little more attention rather than being used a fodder. It is still hard to believe (near-impossible) for him to be at Aizen’s level (even before the transformations), but I hope he it at least at Captain’s level.

    As for Ikkaku, if he has too much trouble, he can use his Bankai. He is in a “chatroom” alone with his opponent, so he shouldn’t have a problem with it…

    1. But he already did. Zero squad. It’s just… nothing has been done with it yet aside from an offhand comment about the Captain from 100 years ago who got promoted to it. it has to be related to the King, at at the end of the Aizen fight, Aizen even made a comment about the King.

      The King and Zero squad… that is the future!

      Or, I should say I HOPE that is the future.

      1. Yeah the final arc should be Aizen coming back with the soul king and Zero squad. Additionally Orihime’s power source should be revealed and if Kubo remembers, the surviving side characters like Nel should have a resolution (like getting killed off)

        Zaku Fan
      2. That was my dream for the end of the Aizen arc. Pretend Ichigo never learned the silly Final Getsuga and goes to fight Aizen. He ends up turning hollow one more time but even so he fails to defeat Aizen. Then the Zero Squad shows up, reveals itself to be a few new faces (and maybe some already introduced characters who were hiding their identity) and defeats Aizen. It would’ve been a nice and somewhat un-cliche way to end that arc. Speaking of Ichigo’s hollow, I feel like it has just sorta been forgotten for this whole arc so far.

      3. Its not been forgotten (especially since the 4th ova, which probably went through kubo, was specifically about his hollow form). Ichigo has only gotten his shinigami powers back for what? 3 chapters? After mopping up the fullbringers, there should be some hints on Zangetsu (who’s also missing since his Final Getsuga form) and Hichigo. Alternatively it might occur during Ichigo’s attempt at bankai.

        Kubo has been foreshadowing Aizen’s return immediately after his defeat so blatantly (other than actually drawing a big arrow and having it say “THIS GUY WILL RETURN DURING SOUL KING”) that only the most dense reader would fail to expect him to show up again.

        Zaku Fan
      4. Well when I said that Ichigo’s hollow was forgotten I mean that he has been living carefree for so long and the thing didn’t take over his now powerless body? I thought he had been trying to gain control over Ichigo’s body from the beginning. I know you could assume that his hollow went dormant or something along with the Shinigami powers but there isn’t really any reason to assume that.

      5. Probably Hichigo did go wherever Zangetsu went. Two things support this.

        First Hichigo’s first appearence was with Zangetsu and prior to Ichigo gaining Shinigami powers Ichigo’s life seemed totally normal (ie he was never under threat of being taken over prior to being stabbed by Rukia).

        Secondly, Hichigo and Zangetsu’s relationship where they seem to be part of each other. Their dialogue seems to point at them being parts of the same being

        Zaku Fan
      6. … and they (Hichigo and Zangetsu) have clearly revealed when they merged that all they cared about was Ichigo’s welfare. They greatly opposed Ichigo’s plan to learn and use the Final Getsuga Tensho because they knew Ichigo would lose his powers, along with his means of protecting his loved ones. Ichigo’s pretty obsessed with protecting everyone around him and they knew it.

  2. I dont think we should read to much into what Renji said at least not right now. I really want to see Byakuya fight to RNS and learn more about this whole substitute shinigami plot. It seems like theres alot of history to be told.

  3. Renji could just mean that he’s been training to defeat Aizen ever since they found out he was an enemy. He might’ve just included the time before Aizen was imprisoned. Anyone know how long it’s been since Ichigo infiltrated Soul Society?
    Anyways, I was also expecting Byakuya’s fight this chapter. It worries me that they haven’t shown it yet considering his statement of defeating Tsukishima quickly. They better not suddenly show a panel of Byakuya having lost.

  4. To be fair to the Xcution members, they’re what…less than hundred years old, and still human?

    Shinigami are over a hundred, have zanpakuto and kido, and let’s be frank, they’re captains and vice-captain level. The Xcution are basically fodder at this point with the exception of maybe two of them.

  5. so Jackie gets pretty much trolled like King Bradly knocked whose name I can’t seem to get in my head. Yeah not surprised what I am surprised is how Sushi even GOT close enough to strike Ikkaku though I don’t think he’ll be able to do any serious damage either, most full brings will probably lose without doing much damage to their shinigami opponents.

  6. its interesting to note that their fullbrings now resemble ichigo’s in that it pretty much covers their entire bodies now. like i think it was chad that said a couple chapters ago that ichigo is always clad in power and thats the power xcution wanted to steal

  7. I think after the Aizen battle, Renji took an objective look at himself and found that he was consistently beat up like fodder even though he had bankai. Probably his pride got so hurt went intensive training (heck maybe even with pointers from the more powerful captains or yama himself). Probably very much like toshiro who got played by Aizen the worst.

    As for Ikkaku, i’m guessing Shishigawara will start hero worshipping Ikkaku. Its been shown that he wants to be a badass but sucks at it. Who better than Ikkaku (cause Kenpachi would just cut him a bit for “fun”)

    Zaku Fan
  8. I noticed that at the end of the chapter, we got to see some of the new characters and how they’ll look in the anime. I saw Daisuke Ono there somewhere for sure! I think he’s going to voice Tsukishima.
    Does these pictures mean that the fillers are about to end? I have no idea because I don’t watch them.

    As for the manga chapter itself, I thought it was decent and very interesting. And it is as you said, very interesting to read Renji’s comment. I certainly hope that Aizen will be gone forever, but we all know Bleach…

  9. I wouldn’t dwell too much on what Renji said. I’m just so glad he powered up over the years. He was strong to start off with and he became even more stronger and I am proud of him. Reminded me of how Kenphachi finished off Giriko.

    That aside FB sure doesn’t get much love from Kubo. I hope he spares Yukio and Ginjou, my fav FB

  10. The blog title reminds me of Battle Realms.
    Ugh. Shouldn’t all the full-bringers be dead by now? I mean, shinigami-level captains have to actually have limiters to not crush humans with their reiatsu.

  11. Part of me wants to see another level beyond Bankai because that can keep future battles fresh, we wouln’t really know what’s going to happen. But part of me also wants Bankai to be the peak so this series doesn’t fall into Dragon Ball syndrome and its endless power levels.

    1. Maybe the bankai users can learn the ultimate technique of their bankai? like Ichigo Muugetsu and Byakuya Imperial Scene (wings and things) that way we have some kind of power up, but still having Bankai as the peak power.

      Bankai Segunda Etapa?

  12. I LOLed hard at Ikkaku’s method of connecting his shoulder back. XD It was just too funny and just so….Squad 11.

    Maybe what Renji was really talking about is simply getting closer to being able to fight Aizen. The training could mean so many things, though we probably won’t be seeing it. I’m interested to see how Yukio’s ability becomes the hax needed for the Xcution to even the odds against the Shinigami.

    1. Don’ bet on it. Kenpachi released himself from the computer game world by simply one shotting his opponent and Yukio is too busy with Toshiro now and he’ll probably be joining the rest of the fullbringers in unconscious or death(?) soon

      Zaku Fan
  13. why can’t we just take the fact that Renji saying he being trained to fight aizen is just too show how noob the fullbringers are? just let them show off lah, it wouldn’t be long as we know anyway… well that would be some time later…

    nice fights, but should end faster. more intersted about what actually happens after this, unless Kubo wants to tell us the fullbringers are not the next main opponent of Gotei 13…


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