「バカとテストと召喚獣っ!」 (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu!)
“Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings!”

God, why couldn’t have all the episodes been this great? Not only were there a bunch of laughs, but throw in some good romantic aspects and a BAMF-transformation and you get an episode of Baka Test that doesn’t disappoint.

I’m actually really sad that I won’t get to hear Taketatsu Ayana playing the role of a crazy lesbian who’s willing to kill to be with her precious Onee-chan~. Not only was it always a treat whenever she would leap into action but paired with Kubo (and I can only think of one reason WHY she’s paired with him) it became one of the longest running jokes that will probably never come to fruition. I can only imagine the look on Akihisa’s face if he figured out just why Kubo likes to be around him.

I’ll admit that I’m going to hold on to this hope that Minami will eventually be the one who will win Akihisa’s heart. However, after watching Himeji suddenly gain the confidence to let her true emotions just flow right out of her, I’m beginning to see why so many of you like her so much. I suppose I wasn’t fond of how fake she always seemed, especially when it came anything about Akihisa. It’s almost like she was trying to play the role of the damsel in distress because she was too chicken to do something by herself.

In the end, that sudden out-of-character outburst was probably what finally pushed me over the edge. The timid girl who only loosens up when she gets drunk not only stood up for her first crush that’s dumber than a fly but proved to him that her words weren’t just fluff — I can’t imagine a guy who wouldn’t be a little touched after hearing some of the things Himeji said.

After building up to that terrific ending with Akhisa head-bashing the life out of our two summer idiots, I don’t think there was a better way to close the show. Loosely illustrating how much closer everyone’s relationships have become, it makes the perfect jumping stone to launch a third season. Will that third season come? Only time will tell.


ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「エウレカベイビー」 (Eureka Baby) by 麻生夏子 (Asou Natsuko)
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If you skipped the latter part of the ending sequence since you thought it would be the same, you were totally mistaken.

Final Impressions:

When the second season of Baka Test started, I was hoping that it would avoid all the problems that its first season had. Specifically, I’m talking about all the less than stellar episodes in-between the amazing ones. Be it a problem in pacing or adaptation, there were certain episodes that felt like they were just going on for way too long. At the same time, there were so many better arcs that could have been made even better with a few more episodes. Specifically speaking, anything dealing with the flashbacks were done so well that it surprises me the same show could have such stark differences.

The crowning moment for this series, at least for me, was and will forever be episode 8. In a show that’s described as stupid funny with idiots, Minami’s back-story is so amazing and heartwarming that I’d probably get a little teary if I tried to watch it again. The writing behind being stuck behind a language barrier and not being able to overcome it was good, but the twist at the end when Minami figured out what Akihisa was trying to say still makes my heart tinge at how sweet it was.

Just like a bunch of other shows this season, Baka Test had its fair share of problems along the way. I’m still a little peeved over how many episodes were spent on that silly peeping tom arc. I’m sure there’s more than enough material that could have been used in its place, but we’ll never know now. Honestly, when you have such a good story in place why waste so many episodes on a single side story?!

However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun watching all those silly episodes. The amount of humor varied from episode to episode, but I feel confident in saying that nothing was ever boring. Some jokes may have been a lot weaker than others, but there was always at least one thing that would make me laugh out loud each episode. For example, Himeji’s drunkenrampage immediately comes to mind when I try to think of the funniest moments of Baka Test.

All in all, I wish that Baka Test could have been a bit longer. With all the touching flashbacks and genuinely funny episodes, I’m sure there’s still something left that could make all of us fall out of chairs from laughing too hard or cry our eyes out because it’s too touching. While I haven’t heard about a third season, I know that I’d be excited if one was announced.

On that note, using the Takaii’s semi-patented recommendation meter, I would probably recommend this show only if someone had watched the first season. Even though the first few episodes were a really good refresher, I don’t think those emotional scenes would hit as hard without some background knowledge. And if I ruined someone’s opportunity to feel what I felt during certain episodes (episode 8), I’d be pretty pissed at myself.


  1. The second season of Baka Test was really average in my opinion. The first season had plenty of nonstop, genuine laughter, while the second incarnation had… a bit of it. Even though they finally gave Minami’s and Akihisa’s relationship some well deserved development, everything else was really lacking. I can’t help but feel a little let down, especially after wanting to see more of those delicious class battles. In the end, I believe that the first season is almost infinitely superior ;_;

    1. Dw, me too. S1 > S2. Season 2 didn’t really click or kick in anything until half way. I mean, even the REAL Shoukanjuus didn’t pop in till then as well.
      Season Two was rather a lot more gimmicky than anything else for most of it with lots of the girls getting pissed at the guys for even thinking of some other girl for a SPLIT second and switch into yandere. It got a bit much. It’s like “sigh, again??” please come up with better material, you’re wasting my time with repeated jokes.
      Hideyoshi kept me through the first half (the twin pull was the better halves) and then later on in the series when it got back to the character development and even made me a COMPLETE Minami x Akihisa fan, gtfo Himeji. The core essence of how Minami fell for Akihisa cannot make me do anything except root for her. Following this with the Shouko x Yuuji was amazing. Their past was a lot more intriguing than I thought. They’re more complex, have deeper, and darker pasts than the others.
      It did rewire the love triangle, but Season One was about how Class F was trying to prove that studies wasn’t all that important, and now in Season Two, they hardly touched on that plot at all and there was hardly any directional plot/goal that I was kind of hoping for.
      3rd Season? Yeah, guess I’d go for it just cause I’ve come this far ;< and still in hope that something will happen/conclude.

    2. Instead of comparing and looking at down-sides/up-sides. why don’t you look at it as 2 parts of one whole.. That is what a sequel is right? A continuation of the first.. So look at it from a whole perspective, and in S1 you get stuff you didn’t in S2.. and vice versa.. It all melds together to make one good anime

    3. Man, I hate to revive dead threads but.. I have to admit I’m one of the minority which actually hates this show. The last few episodes of the first season pissed me off so much.. that I can barely take it..

      It’s okay to be dumb as long as you put in effort and are kind? Is there no purpose to being passionate about something and succeed at it? Shouldn’t people dumb at academics but good at cooking focus on that and maybe become a chef as a career? It’s okay for the smart girl that’s bad at cooking and only good at academics to choose to be in the worst class for studying just to be around the one she likes? HATE.

      Man, are these the messages people are sending to young and impressionable children these days? It’s okay to not excel?! Seriously!?

  2. i disagree, while the first season had me on the ropes with laughs, I left it thinking it would be great if they had more character development which we got in the 2nd season. each episode had me grinning most of the time which is a good change of pace considering that when i watch comedy shows they give me a laughs few and and far between

    1. This. Whilst I do think I still enjoyed the first season a bit more I’m really glad that the second season tried to offer something different without straying far from the comedy that made me love Baka Test in the first place. I for one, would really love a third season.

  3. I love that both heroines got the chance to shine in this episode. Mizuki is still a little behind Minami though. I also like that Shouko got a smidge closer to Yuuji as they could converse normally for a few seconds before the chasing started.

  4. I personally like the second season better. It’s got some battles and a lot more relationship development than the first which makes the second season a lot more enjoyable to watch.

    For those who wonder why the second season devotes only one or two episodes to the flashback stories, it’s because the light novel overs them in one chapter each.

  5. wow cant believe this season is over already D:
    Definitely wanted me some more Shouko X Yuuji moments!!!!
    TBH they are one of my favorite couples, I hope Yuuji will
    sign that marriage contract in the near future >_<

  6. So… sad… I want more bakatest… the chances there will be a 3rd season seems minimal though considering how the 2nd season didn’t feel as exciting as the first… I honestly wanted more Yuuji x Shouko and Minami x Akihasa (sorry I am NOT a Himeji fan…), hopefully the 3rd season comes

    Rise~N Seraphim
  7. Well, Hemeji spent the first season trying to get her feelings across, so this episode is more in character with how she was back then compared with how she have been the rest of this season. Himeji have been dragged along with Minami’s tsun antics this season and Minami is mostly concerned with NOT having her feelings found out.

    All the girls going tsun was the main down drag of this season. Other that so was some of the episodes really good and most of them was entertaining enough to not feel like a waste of time.

  8. Really glad Himeji got to shine more this episode after staying being more of a background character this season. Maybe I’m in the minority but if I had to choose I think I’m rooting more for Himeji, I just like how she seems to be more honest and direct about her feelings. She does play the role of damsel in distress but it never came off to me as if it were intentional and calculated. I think it’s fitting of her more timid personality. It was charming that she tried her best to suck it up (with Shouko playing the awesome bodyguard).

    Aki was so cute all embarrassed about calling her Mizuki(-chan). I would love to see some back story for them too when they were in elementary school together (like Shouko and Yuuji lol)and also on the reason why Himeji fell in love with Akihisa in the first place. If there’s a third season hopefully they show even more development.

    1. I also liked Himeji and I like his character as originally is. I also hope that is in the 3rd season the backstory with Aki while attending elementary school. If we return to the same thing here, then I will focus only in the manga and light novels search.
      With Minami have enough for the role of tsundere or yandere, not one more!, For nothing! (not trying to offend anyone, are just my opinions).

      1. I absolutely loved Yandere Himeji in Season 1 but yeah they should turn down the violence next season since I know it turns a lot of the fans off. I don’t really care about the cray cray violence since I never take it seriously in shows like this but the joke can also get a little repetitive (unless you’re Shouko).

    2. agreed, as much as i like minami or himeji for that matter i really do want to know what made himeji fall in love with akihisa. if there is a 3rd season i hope it explains that. although i do like himeji a bit more atm even with minami’s backstory out there

      1. Yeah I got to admit Minami had some really great moments this season that even I contemplated on changing sides, but there are subtle things that just make me prefer Himeji overall. I’ve never been on the “wrong team” in shipping but Baka Test does make me a little confused on who I’m meant to root for sometimes.

    3. Wouldn’t the reason Himeji fell in love with Aki be when she saw how Aki went out of his way to help Minami’s lil sis with the teddy bear? I’m pretty sure it was mentioned by Takaii in that episode’s post.

      1. There are more details in the novels.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        But even from just watching the anime so can you see that Himeji have a very high oppinion of Aki while Minami have a bit of a love/hate relationship apart from being tsundere.

      2. Well unlike Minami’s episode I didn’t see that as one explicitly stating “Yes this is why she fell in love with him” but more like “This is why she is still in love with him” otherwise why would Himeji be paying so much attention to what a boy and little girl are doing…oh wait ._. Also seeing as that episode was based on Aki and Hazuki getting a toy for Minami (where Himeji only shows up for like 10 seconds), I don’t know it’d seem a little unfair since Minami got a full episode/chapter dedicated to her.

        Znail: Yay spoilers I don’t mind. Show Spoiler ▼

        btw Znail, seeing as you seem to have read the LNs already, do you know where Season 2 ends roughly around? I wonder how much more material is left.

      3. Znail: You say that, but how can Minami not have a love/hate relationship with Akihisa when most of his conversation with her mentions how she’s boyish and has a flat chest? I mean, you can’t expect a guy to like a girl if all she does is say he has a small dick

  9. Haven’t finished watching but I know I’m going to miss this show. I liked First season _more_ but second season did what romantic comedy second seasons _should_ do so i.e. Develop the relationships so that the romance isn’t JUST a catalyst for comedy.

    btw: Minami FTW

  10. @Takaii

    “For example, Himeji’s drunkenrampage immediately comes to mind when I try to think of the funniest moments of Baka Test.”

    Hmmm, it’s kinda hard for me to pick- Because I think the funniest things about Baka Test is all the little things they do like the little SD animations, all the visual cues, as well as Akihisa-Yuuji’s black and white moments =D

    But for favorite romantic moment, I’m glad that all three girls got their chance to shine before this season end =D

  11. First season way better. In the second season, you would need to be a machoist to think Yuji and Akisa’s treatment by the girls (who btw are NORMAL friends) is fine. If a normal friend who was female decided to slap me because i look at girls, i would slap her right back. It looked like they realised the problem (or maybe rating were falling when people were turned off) because they started toning it down half way thorough the series.

    Zaku Fan
    1. Actually I have been wondering for the longest time, is anime like that? If the rating drop half way, they can change everything? I thought you draw it first, then broadcast it out. But sometime I sorta feel like they are drawing it fresh every week.
      Do you know about this, Zaku Fan?

    2. I’m not in the animation line so i have no details. However, take madoka for instance. It was known that the writer was approached by the director to see if he would change the script for one of the characters as well as the writer tweeting that the final 2 episodes were in poor quality for broadcast. This points out that the screenplay can be changed even if the series is ongoing and the animation as well.

      Once you can change the animation, even if the dialogue is locked due to the source being an existing work, you can change the entire feeling of the work (example chibi faces saying serious things instead of serious faces saying serious things)

      Zaku Fan
  12. What I find irritating with anime in general is this

    If I like the tsundere, she doesn’t pair up with the main character.
    If I don’t like the tsundere, she pairs up with the main character.

    This trend may continue with Baka to Test.

    There are a few exceptions (ex. Mayo Chiki), but I seem to have the worst of luck.

  13. I LOVE the ending song to Baka to Test Season 2. WAY more than the opening which to be honest disappointed me. I think the opening to S2 was the only thing that I didn’t like about the show(S1 had way better).

    Overall, I like this season and hope for a third. I wouldn’t say it’s far inferior to S1 but hey that’s other people’s opinion. (AND YES, I like Season 2 better than Season 1)

  14. I just don’t like open-ended ending in a triangle situation.
    An acceptable ending would be for Minami to win. Death to Himeji.
    Unfortunately that is never going to happen.
    I have not read the manga if there is one however anyone can easily tell that the creator/creators of this anime prefer Himeji over Minami.
    I would really like if they make Minami stop being a flat chest in season 3, but that is 80 times 900% impossible to ever happen.

  15. Good wrap up. I love the head-kicking as a special attack. The outcome of the battle may have been different if their summon beings were like their normal selves. Both heroines got to show their better side to the baka hero. Yuji/Shouko are getting married. The battles were satisfying altogether. This type of ending is what I expected from these love-triangle animes so I don’t have any complaints about it. For sure I will recommend this show. It’s been a treat reading these posts.

    1. Isn’t it just because he’s embarrassed to call her so intimately now? Show Spoiler ▼

      I finally decided to read the LNs but just as a refresher, if you’re wondering the reason why he CAN call Minami by her first name it’s because she pretty much forced it on him and as we can see it stuck since cause early on she was still just “Shimada”.


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