For whatever reason, the shinigami’s training in the past few months has paid off, as they are now beating up the full-bringers left and right without breaking a sweat. Perhaps I overestimated the Excution as well however, and even Renji defeats Jackie easily. In the end though, she turns out to be a more honorable character and sacrifices herself to save Renji. I suppose it is possible she would have become a good guy as well later on too if she had not killed herself.

Yukio on the other hand turns out to be a total asshole like Ginjou and Tsukishima. He’s one of those messed-up little kids with an innocent front and a nasty history. Luckily, Hitsugaya is showing him up like the brat he is, and I like how he remains unfazed in the face of Yukio’s taunts. It used to be that Hitsugaya was the one talked too much in fights and got his feathers ruffled to easily, so it’s nice to see that he has matured somewhat.

Yukio’s ability is overpowered like I thought, but his character just doesn’t add up. He has a ruthless personality and doesn’t hesitate to cause the death of his parents, and he seems like a smart guy — yet I don’t understand why he doesn’t simply place the shinigami in a separate dimension then erase that dimensions completely. It’s his game and his rules, but it seems Kubo has crippled his choices just for the sake of showing “real” battles. I felt that Jackie threw her life away too rashly as well, and there was no flashback for her (aside from an implied sob story), so I guess her character ends here. At this point I care little about any of the full-bringers though and it honestly wouldn’t matter that much if the rest of them were just trashed. At this rate, that may indeed be what happens as the shinigami show who’s boss. Regardless I’m sure the Xcution have a tortured backstory that will be shown later, explaining how they came together and what they are really trying to achieve.


  1. Honestly, I like the fast pace things are going. It just means that we can get this arc over with faster.

    The Fullbring power was never really interesting (or even consistent) to begin with. Assuming this entire arc was an excuse to give Ichigo back his powers, it would be better to quickly move on to more pressing issues, such as the Zero Squad.

    1. Yea I agree with you. The fullbringers never had any back story to them, but had the perfect timing to show up and ‘restore’ Ichigo’s powers with a power up. The entire arc is probably something to lead up to the next arc, considering that all the shinigami had trained so fast that the hundreds of years they’ve lived pale in comparison in the recent months for them, and then proceeding to the real world to step on the fullbringers like its a daily affair. (or maybe its just an excuse for kubo to set the story (and his mind) straight, which i would prefer over an arc of random fighting)

    2. I’m all for the fast development as well. Shounen manga in general is filled with all kinds of ‘Let’s make this enemy sympathetic in his moment of defeat’-flashback moments, it’s refreshing to see that for once an arc goes quickly and swiftly. None of this, “Oh noes! They’re so strong! What will we do? We will beat them with sheer force of will!” expounded over multiple chapters. Also none of the “Please develop Stockholm Syndrom around this enemy, because he is oh so tragic.” expounded over multiple chapters.

      Just clean defeat for all the minor characters and a some interesting battles over the big bads.

  2. Renji’s such a joke. The first half of the chapter was terrible.

    The second half… I mean, the way Yukio loses was just underwhelming.

    And what’s with these spontaneous, sympathetic flashbacks? If these two get one, then why doesn’t Giriko? It’s probably because he’s not pretty enough.

    1. You haven’t read a lot of shounen manga’s have you? Making the enemy sympathetic is one of the main staples of the genre in general. You’ll get used to it and start skimming enemy flashbacks instead of actually reading them by the time you’ve reached your third series.

      1. Do you just accept every vapid trope thrown at you? Whether it’s a staple or not is irrelevant; it’s stupid and poorly done.

        You don’t retroactively give characters history. You show a flashback before a fight/climax so you actually develop an attachment during the important stuff. What’s more is that these barely even qualify for flashbacks. They’re fleeting pity panels designed to make us try and care for characters that had close to no importance to begin with.

        “Here’s one image of Jackie crying! Now we have all the set up for dynamic character development and have her save Renji!” (I’m still waiting for Giriko’s consolation flashback btw.)

        And why would I just skim over flashbacks? If the author had any amount of talent then he or she’d make it both relevant and interesting.

  3. well in Yukio’s case of keeping the shinigamis there can be two ways:

    one is like what we see, and what Kubo emphasises, one-to-one fight in different dimensions, and cripple Yukio’s potential abilities. or else, like Prooof mentioned, Yukio can just dump the ahinigamis (and if possible, the Fullbringers, as if he cares) into dimensions and kill them, and we’ll have plenty of Renjis forcing their way out, ending this in a stroke…

    I suppose dragging chapters is nice, and we support Kubo, so let’s be patient, yes? looking forward to next chapter…

  4. Kūgo Ginjō = Shinobu Sensui. If bleach didn’t have hints of yu yu hakusho, then this should show that the show has a bit of yuyu in it. But seriously, were it not for the recent inclusion of the captains, this could be looked at as filler. Funny how the filler arc they had this season felt more canon-like than the actual canon arc.

  5. I think… by saying that all captains grew up with a happy family and whatever, Yukio truly pissed off Toushiro, at least he took it like a man (considering all the childish reactions he’s had in the past). I wanna see how Byakuya takes out Tsukishima, also, I’m wondering about one thing… Didn’t Tsukishima attack Ishida, wouldn’t that possibly affect the Ichigo/Ishida vs Ginjou battle? Unless I totally read it wrong or Tsukishima just decided to get cocky and not use his hacks

    Rise~N Seraphim
      1. No no, Kandur, I believe Rise was referring to this.

        But anyway, I think Ishida didn’t “changed” and won’t. I think the Book of End as two abilities. One is the obvious memory ability, the other is just to cut like a regular katana. My evidence is this. Notice that Ginjo was cut here but didn’t return to “normal.”

        As we saw, Ishida was cut in the literal sense, he was bleeding. So he may not change.

        Code Fanboy
  6. Seeing how they are “humans,” it’s obvious whatever background these guys had will be shown as a sad past related to the cruel modern society. It makes me wonder if Ririka also has a sad past and Ichigo would be the dude that will “save” her. It will be likely that Jackie’s and Yukio’s past will be more defined in the anime once it is out, the manga seems lacking with their past.

    Anyway, by the way Prooof, to answer your question about “erase that dimensions completely,” It could possible Yukio had that option now that you mention it. But, as we can tell, all of the Xcution guys are drunk with Ichigo’s power. All I can say is possibly that they just want to test drive their powers on the Shinigami who have limiters on, excluding Ikkaku.I agree with you, I too overestimated the Fullbringers myself; I had thought that all of them would be on the same level as Chad, so 20% powered shinigami would be nothing to them. However, it seems the Xcution people have also overestimated their powers and are going to die, excluding Ririka I hope.

    I am really suspicious on what Kubo was thinking. He did say that he was going to run this manga for 10 more years. Who else besides the Xcution would Kubo plan for his next antagonist. Aizen is POWERLESS, all the hollows in Las Noches, including the Arrancar such as Tier Harribel and her Fracion, have no reason to fight the Soul Society. I am suspicious in who else is going to be the big cheese of the next arc. Anyway, the only thing I am hoping for is who else is going to be included in Ichigo’s harem (by that I mean girls that are interested in him). So far it is Orihime, Nel, Ririka, Lirin, and Yuzu. So far the one with the biggest harem is Kamijo Touma, lets see Kubo beat that.

    Code Fanboy
  7. Loved the sort of “looking back at your old self” feeling that this Yukio vs. Hitsugaya fight had. Like you said, it’s great to see how much the ice captain has matured and grown.

    But yeah, the Fullbringers are shaping up to be very forgettable or one-dimensional characters, so I can’t bring myself to really care about them. Hopefully the final boss(es) in Ginjo and Tsukishima will get fleshed out more, since they’ve had the most interesting aspects so far.

    1. I can agree with you, so far she has been the only one that feels compassion for Orihime when she mentioned about her parents. I can imagine Ririka could have been the same with her parents. I am wondering what Riruka said when “we can use fullbring the moment we were born.” It’s just a hunch, but we can guess Riruka was abandoned as a child due to her strange powers. Like how Kubo made Tier the 3rd espada lived after the war, it is possible we have Riruka live after her fight with Rukia- now that Yukio is dead, I think, his “game settings” should be deactivated.

      Code Fanboy
  8. Dirt girl already pointed out why Yukio did his game in the street fighter style. Combined with someone who keeps harping on how powerful he is, Yukio simply suffers from the same problem as Aizen right at the end. Blind arrogance.

    These character types tend to see themselves as giant house cats toying with mice and have the mindset of “since i’m 100% sure of winning, lets have some fun”. Not to say its unrealistic (RL low self esteem types who get some luck tend to turn into these) but they do tend to show up a lot in shonen

    Zaku Fan
    1. Bad translation, this is perfect:

      Yushima died near the end!
      340 and 341 episodes were great things.
      Reigai’s Renzan Hajokuri destroyed.
      This is the perfect finishing arc.

  9. Ok another Shinigami showing their Over Power against the human enemy
    Way to go Kubo!!!
    Crap no thrills again because Shinigami Team Saves the Day
    kinda like a filler to me why bother….

  10. Is it possible that, Kubo is setting up the Executioners to die in order for them to get their real powers? Their death can lead to two things: 1.) They become hollows and posses all three forms (Executioner, Shinigami, and Hollow), or their souls end up in Sereite albeit more powerful since they’re powers rely on reiatsu (Ishida vs Miyuri anyone?) leading to a possible showdown with the remaining Captains.

  11. I was excited for the fullbring arc because it looked like it was going to be a fresh start with less overpowered characters, but then it was just Kubo giving ichigo his powers back.

  12. Wow, this is a massacre, Xcution had any chance of winning to begin with! The Gotei 13 are way more powerful than before. Nevertheless, I think Kubo might show a little of their background to show in wich direction this is headed. The fact that Renji mentions Aizen toubles me; I don´t know about you guys I can´t take anymore of that bastard.

      1. You just wait, soon the true final villain will step up to the plate compared to whom Aizen is only a small-timer. Don Kannonji is the one who has controlled everything which happened to Ichigo. He trained Aizen, he created the Fullbringers and he’ll soon show that he’s the ultimate evil, by getting a new outfit, a different hairdo and getting rid of his glasses.


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