Yukio may just be a wannabe Aizen, but it’s still good to see someone cutting him down a few notches, both physically and verbally. Just as it was with Aizen, I always get a high amount of satisfaction seeing an arrogant person being put in their place. Hitsugaya is so much cooler too than he was the last few times we saw him, and I like how he offered to spare Yukio’s life in exchange for closing the pocket dimensions. It’s probably going to devolve into a battle of wills between them, but I can’t see Yukio giving in easily with his personality, unless he’s broken further. It would be nice if Hitsugaya actually killed him though, because at the moment he’s just giving Yukio more chances to pull tricks.

There’s more ass-kicking dealt out by the shinigami all around, as Ikkaku shows he’s not in the 11th squad for no reason. I swear he’s a miniature Kenpachi, and his brute force antics are just as amusing to watch (just look at that headbutt). Sometimes it feels like they enjoy getting hurt as long as it means they get a decent battle. It’s not clear how Ikkaku managed to “outluck” Shishigawara’s jackpot ability (as he explained, its effectiveness may have dropped as he used it repeatedly) but it was still a pretty good fight. Watching the two of them made me realize how violent Bleach actually is though, and I think some of that is lost because it’s drawn as manga. There’s an awful lot of coarse language too, and if this was a live-action movie, it would be solidly inside the R-rated region. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but I do wonder if I’m getting too bloodthirsty watching these action series, always hoping to see bloodier, more violent, and more intense battles. I’m also rather curious as to what the average age group that reads/watches Bleach, as the shounen manga demographic includes those in the early teens.


      1. >It’s one of the three top manga in Shonen jump.
        No its not, and I am tired of everyone saying that.
        It is called one of the big 3 because it helped Shonen Jump become one of the top magazines – a decade ago!
        Bleach’s popularity has plummeted since then.

      2. @derp…

        you may be tired of it, but it’s popularity was hardly “a decade ago!”
        it’s called the big 3 because, wait for it, it WAS Shounen Jump’s top 3 as recently as last year.

        in 2009, Bleach was the 3rd best selling manga period, in Japan, behind the expected One Piece and Naruto.

        in 2010, Bleach was in fact Shounen Jump’s #3 in sales.
        IT WASN’T SHUEISHA’S #3 (it was Shueisha’s #4, behind Kimi ni Todoke which is in a different magazine. and #5 overall behind Fairy Tail).
        but it was the top 3 for Shounen Jump.

        yes it has fallen in the first half of 2011.
        to the 9th best selling manga in Japan, so clearly Bleach is in the doghouse.
        it’s Shueisha’s overall #7 and Shounen jump’s #5 behind Bakuman (by 500k copies) and Gintama (by 300K copies)

      3. Yeah, I meant to say half a decade. A decade does not make any sense when Bleach is only like a decade old, and it made it into the top 3 in 2004…. And the boost in shonen jump from the big three happened on 2004/2005.

    1. Dunno. I just want to see how this trainwreck Kubo is doing ends. Anyways, better wasting like 2-5 minutes of your life reading a chapter each week instead of wasting like 20 minutes watching an episode that for sure has boring filler or flashbacks.

  1. “I’m also rather curious as to what the average age group that reads/watches Bleach, as the shounen manga demographic includes those in the early teens.”

    WSJ is a kids’ magazine.

    Also wrong picture.

    1. In Shueisha’s 2011 Media Guide they published the age demographics of Shonen Jump’s readership. The percentages were the following:

      >9: 2.6%
      10-12: 12.2%
      13-15: 21.3%
      16-18: 16.3%
      19-24: 23.1%
      25-29: 11.3%
      30<: 13.2%

      1. @Zaku Fan
        Again you’re comparing a much larger age range to a smaller one.

        Man up and quit crying because your dearest shounen manga are marketed towards children. Why don’t you look up the definition of the word shounen.

        I have no qualms about admitting that I enjoy some shounen series that are made for kids, nothing wrong with that but it’s more childish than anything to deny the reality and to try and depend it’s made for adults.

      2. @RandomGuy It’s merely comparing two different age groups. Whether or not another age group was omitted is irrelevant.

        And I was grouping in ranges of 5, to successfully do that without omitting one group it would require data that these statistics don’t provide. So I would have to…
        Which would be impossible because we don’t have individual data for those ages.

        But anyway who cares, why are you people so defensive about this? Bottom line WSJ is made for young boys, regardless of who reads it. It’s a fact, not an opinion or speculation.

      3. @Jared, just to make you happy

        0-15: 36.1%
        16-29: 50.7%

        Man up and quit crying because your idea on shonen manga audience being aimed at kids is wrong.

        Expectedly, i will be hearing “oh 3 year olds and below won’t read”, with the obvious answer of the definition of what age does someone read manga being undefined

        Then i will hear about “oh 16 year olds are kids”, with the obvious answer of the definition of what is a “kid” aka child.

        Again, don’t think of the people here as idiots and an audience for your obvious superiority complex

        Zaku Fan
      4. Jared, It heavily depends on how you define what age constitutes a kid. If you define it as less than 12 years old, only 14.8% of the magazine’s readership are kids. If you consider under 15 to be kids you get a better percentage 36.1%, but that is still not the largest block percentage of the readership. Its better to call Shonen Jump a teen (13-18, 37.6%), or young adult (16-24, 39.4%) magazine.

        For comparison here is 2010’s percentages:

        <9: 5.1%
        10-12: 25.9%
        13-15: 37.1%
        16-18: 21.4%
        19-24: 7%
        25<: 3.5%

        These numbers put Shonen Jump much more squarely into the Early Teen (10-15,63%), Teen (13-18, 58.5%) or Expanded Teen (10-18, 83.4%) demographics rather than kids (less than 12, 31%) for 2010.

      5. @Zaku Fan
        >your idea on shonen manga audience being aimed at kids is wrong.

        From Wikipedia: “Shōnen (少年?), shonen, or shounen, is a Kanji word literally meaning few years and generally referring to a typical boy, from elementary school through grade school age.”

        It was never an idea… I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand about this.
        And for your “expected answer” I’ll take it even further and say that nearly no one within the first half of that demographic will be reading manga at all.

        I already said I enjoy shounen manga, If i had a superiority complex I would be saying that shounen is shit and that it’s only for dumb kids. Why do you have to misinterpret what I say and get all nasty and defensive about it? From what I can gather you’re the one with the superiority complex because you can’t admit to the fact that something that you enjoy was originally made for kids.

        And in response to Ultimatecalibur: I would also consider early teens kids but that’s just my opinion.

      6. @Jared, thanks for shooting yourself in the foot by defining what you meant as “kids”.

        Ultimatecalibur: “Early Teen (10-15,63%), Teen (13-18, 58.5%) or Expanded Teen (10-18, 83.4%) demographics rather than kids (less than 12, 31%)”
        Jared: “I would also consider early teens kids”

        Based on Ultimatecalibur’s Early Teen = 10-15
        0-15: 36.1% <-Kids as defined by you
        16-30+: 63.9% <-Not kids, as defined by you

        Lets go back to the original dismissive sentence of "WSJ is a kids’ magazine."
        So is it a kids magazine when the readership is predominantly 16+? (which is not a kid as you admitted).

        Btw Mel Gibson also used the same (silly) type of excuse when he said something similar to "I can't be anti-semitic, some of my best friends are Jews". Your initial post and response to Ultimatecalibur already shows your superiority complex. Backtracking down does not erase said posts (and said attitude).

        As you said to Ultimatecalibur, i say the same to you.
        I rest my case.

        Zaku Fan
      7. @Zoku Fan
        >16-30+: 63.9% <-Not kids, as defined by you
        I bet you at least 90% of those readers started reading WSJ when they were kids. There are several manga in the magazine that have been in serialization for over a decade. The point I've been pressing from the beginning was never that the current reader base is predominately children, but that the magazine is marketed towards them. There is a difference.

        Again, from Wikipedia: “Shōnen (少年?), shonen, or shounen, is a Kanji word literally meaning few years and generally referring to a typical boy, from elementary school through grade school age.”

        Brick wall much.

        And it's really eye-opening that you go as low as comparing me to antisemitism over something as petty as this. You're obviously a disturbed individual that isn't worth any more of my time attempting to make sense to.

      8. I’m _really_ late to the party but w/e..

        Shounen is more commonly used to refer to any one not considered an adult. This age is usually the voting age i.e. 18 in most cases. Of course this varies with usage and does NOT mean there is an age restriction on the readers. Kodomo is more commonly used to refer to children.

        Having said that the 0-18 range is ahead of the 19+ range only by a little bit. It’s pretty well known that SJM targets a younger audience and tries to capture them in for a long time with long running manga like naruto and bleach. This explains the large percentage in the 19-24 range as they are the audience that started reading naruto and bleach when both were at their ‘peak’ popularity.

        This argument over what a “kid’s magazine” means is rather childish immature… and oh so entertaining to read xD

  2. I’ve always liked berserker-type characters like Kenpachi and Ikkaku. It’s really awesome when they throw the “brains > brawn” argument out the window every single time they fight XD

  3. Ikkaku’s level of badassery just shot up a lot, and thus making him one of my favorite characters.
    And I’m happy with Hitsugaya’s character development, as now he is not only bluffing and acting cool while actually being hotheaded. I am satisfied with the threat and precautions he made against Yukio. At least he froze his arms and hands.

  4. I just hope they don’t pull the “oh he did not just die, cos I’m god!” plot twist, as that would be gay. But I have a feeling that it might happen. Things are just going waaay to smoothly.
    Anyway, same picture as last week?

  5. It seems like Toshiro learnt a bit on how to mindfuck his opponents from Aizen from the way he keeps playing the kid like a guitar.

    No wonder Ginjou’s not giving Shishigawara some of Ichigo’s power. With a boost, he might get endless luck instead of a pool of luck that can be used up and thus would need a projectile type person to take him down.

    Zaku Fan
  6. Te problem is that most of these fullbringers are quiet weak. Jackie got squashed by Renji, Yukio got owned by Hitsugaya, and the guy with the eye-patch who’s name I have forgotton got killed in one hit.

    So really the only fullbringer to put up a decent fight has been shishigawara.

  7. I just hope they get to the Rukia and Riruka battle. The only people left are her, Tsukishima, and Ginjo. Knowing kubo, he will get to Riruka before he gets to the battles of the main gold and silver generals of the Xcution.

    Code Fanboy
    1. Also I bet just to keep the arc going for a tad longer,the fullbringers will be like “Now that I have gauged your ability,I shall show you my true powers” Cut to dramatic cinematics where fullbringers rip off their shirt and power up and only to get owned anyway.

  8. I’m pretty sure the 30+ are not represented properly.

    Think about it, some of these series started 10 years – 15 years ago. It is reasonable to think that a lot of the fan base may have grown up but still follow the stories.

  9. I really hope Ishida prove himself worthy in the fight with Ginjou, and to be at the same level of Ginjou and Ishigo.

    He is ichigo most powerful friend and he did hold Ulquiorra for a while, i just hope he get more development


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