OP15 Sequence

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「高校3年生!装い新たに新章開始!」 (Koukou 3 nensei! Yosoi arata ni shinshou kaishi!)
“3rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!”

It’s been seventeen months since the battle with Aizen, and Ichigo continues life as a normal high school student. His sister Yuzu starts high school as well, and Karin’s spiritual power continues to grow. Ishida deals with the hollows in his place, and Rukia hasn’t shown up in Karakura Town since Ichigo lost his powers. However, he reflects on his life now and is happy to live in peace. With his fighting skills, Ichigo is able to deal with brawls easily, and makes money hiring himself out. Both Tatsuki and Orihime work, and Ichigo also has a part-time job.

Ichigo bumps into a man and helps him recover his bag from a thief. After Ichigo leaves, the man reveals that he knows Ichigo’s name, and that he also has a shinigami badge. Later, a group of delinquents show up at his school demanding for Kurosaki, but Ishida confronts them. Elsewhere, the man Ichigo helped earlier enters a room filled with various other people, and tells them that he found the next substitute shinigami.


ED29 Sequence

ED29: 「Re:pray」 by Aimer
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It feels like a fresh start to the series again with a return to manga material, and is even more so with the upbeat new opening song by SCANDAL. Production is putting more money into the art clearly too, and there’s more detail than I usually see and overall quality feels better. Even though I don’t have a great opinion of the lost shinigami badge arc in the manga, I do find myself somewhat excited to see how the anime adaption will go. After all I did forget a lot of what happened early in the arc, so the content won’t be completely stale.

Many characters we haven’t seen in a long time make an appearance again, especially some of Ichigo’s school friends like Tatsuki and Keigo. The Kurosaki family antics are featured again too, and with Yuzu’s brother complex and Isshin’s inane, silly behavior it’s all pretty amusing. Seeing normal slice of life is a fairly interesting change of pace for Bleach and the comedy is actually kind of funny too, though the pervasive foul language perhaps adds more of a shounen spice to it. There’s not too much else to say about the episode, but I didn’t find the slow tempo here to be a problem. We are gradually shifting into the main plot of course and most of the new characters made an appearance, so things will start to speed up as the weeks roll on.


  1. that’s strange though, here we have Bleach with an anime almost dangerously close to the manga’s latest chapter and is not afraid to go on apparently and then we have Naruto with an anime eons away from catching up to the manga and yet they persist on making lame fillers left and right without even putting any thought in the fillers they make while Bleach fillers are good enough to be compared to the actual story at some points.

  2. Good episode. Ishida and Tatsuki look very hot with their new look. Cannot help but drool over Ishida especially 😉

    I really liked the Ichigo’s monotone in this episode. Really shows how much denial he is in wanting a “normal life”. If him saying he doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future wasn’t hint enough Morita sure did an amazing voicing.

    Also the OP and the ED, like you said, you can tell production is finally putting money into animation. And the ending was bitter-sweet with this whole Rukia thing that is going on in there. But it was a beautiful song and animation.

    Thank you for blogging this.

  3. This is so close to the manga, but they used two chapters for this episode?
    I wonder if they are going to add more slice of life filler into the episodes to make it last longer.
    I honestly thought they would have a filler arc similar to the start of the manga where it was high school buddies chasing hollows… kind of disappointed it didn’t happen.

  4. Yeah, about Tatsuki hair. It like someone just added an extention using photoshop (A two minutes job). I’m sure it was like that in the manga as well. Oh well, I guess we can only blame Kubo for that.

  5. Ichigo! Why you gotta ignore Yuzu like that!? She waited a long time to show you how she looks in her uniform! >: She developed a temper too, apparently.

    That shot of the lion plushie sitting on the shelf in the ending… I don’t know why but that got to me. 🙁 It reminds me of the normalcy of life.

    1. Well the anime sucks now coz of the stupid fillers even though the manga is worlds apart from the anime. But Naruto manga pumps my blood now. Especially the new chapter 559. If you’ve read it you’d know what i mean. 🙂

    2. let’s face it, the respective timeskips destroyed both OP and naruto.

      Naruto is pretty much a copypasta of three same dumb pacifistic ideology morals about peace and love. NO plot, no intensity. Gave up on it about the time the manga characters started defeating enemy fodder WITH HUGS AND LOVE…

      OP post-timeskip turned into one horribly badly paced and horribly prolonged moral anvil about equality of civil rights.

      I’d say out of three, Bleach timeskip was the best.

      1. yeah but did you check out the time slip from “FAIRY TAIL”???………….F#$KING BRUTAL FAIL!!! they straight threw the cast into their 30’S!!!!! and turned everybody else into fat old bastards AHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!

        BROOKLYN otaku
    3. Umm… the first Fairy Tail Chapter post time skip just came out this weekend and they haven’t revealed any of the main characters new Character designs. Add to the fact Erza and Mira the oldest (besides the Master of course) were only 19 pretime skip making them 26 now. With Grey being 25 and Natsu and Lucy being 24-25…
      So… perhaps you should wait to reserve judgement…

  6. I might actually watch this arc. So far, the only Anime I am watching this season is Persona 4… it would be nice to have something else to watch that I will actually enjoy. Waiting a full week to watch a new Anime episode makes me anxious, especially if there is only one. >.<

  7. Two things can happen now:
    1. Alternating the story to the arc (dragging or adding random fights?)
    2. Random fillers here and there (flashbacks?)

    They are 46 chapters behind the manga now….pretty close if you ask me…

    1. which is about 20 episodes worth. So 20 weeks, 5 months of bleach before they catch up to where the manga is RIGHT NOW. Not where it will be in 5 months from now. I expect they will finish the Xcution arc then do a filler arc.

  8. Yogo, what did you expect?! this is shounen. if the trolls didn’t come out to play you know how fast these shows would tank? trolls perpetuate negative/positive feelings thus inciting thoughts finally ending in energy’s being spent towards the program and in the long run equaling REVENUE! but I digress OP RULEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BLEACH SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    but seriously. BLEACH seems to suffer from pacing issues and other inconsistencies ON PAPER, but i feel it does a fine job, making even THIS shit smear of an arc seem like a freshly pressed linen over dat bitch ass, in anime form… to bad they are probably gonna extend this arc for anime purposes with these characters that really lack character

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. I have to say that this is the most excited I have been for bleach in a while. This whole arc reminds me of the beginnings of bleach, and why I really got into it in the first place. I have high hopes for now.

  10. Having dropped Bleach (and Naruto for that matter) ages ago, I only came in to comment on two things:

    1. Scandal’s awesome OP. Just what is it with Scandal specializing with Bleach OPs? Then again, regardless of whether it is overrated or not, Bleach does have that mainstream appeal that helps A-list artists like Scandal sell their records better than your typical “moeshit” titles.

    2. Karin and Yuzu’s sailor uniform. Man is it really been that long since when I last saw them, they were still elementary schoolkids? lol

    Kinny Riddle

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